Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Kingdom for an ‘Norse

A ‘Norse, a ‘Norse, my Kingdom for a ‘Norse

Or an IKEA surprise.

There were two events that shocked and amazed the general public when they exploded on the news networks this week. There was the disclosure that the BBC had been manipulating the news. When I told an acquaintance of mine he blanched pale, stood mute and unbelieving, mouth agape at the news that our very own National Broadcaster, the BBC could possibly be accused of such two-faced hypocrisy and the violation of its charter. Naturally that discovery had everyone surprised and even echoed around the corridors of Westminster, yes even surprising  the Mainstream Media

There was also the revelation that there had been accusations of sexual misconduct or “inappropriate behaviour” by Britains most senior Roman catholic Cardinal as a result he was forced to give in his notice. The Vatican was getting angrier by the minute. Not once have the media explained to me personally or to my people exactly what is meant by “inappropriate behaviour“, even Wikipedia was of no help as to the meaning of ‘inappropriate behaviour’. It is going to take some researching of leaked Papal Newsletters to get to the bottom of this scandal, with a heavy emphasis on ‘the bottom’

Admission of white flight also came as a complete surprise to everyone. The wholesale desertion of our exciting, vibrant, culturally enriched cities and towns by the fleeing white-Britons to safer, leafier villages in Dorset, Devon and Home Counties northwest of London was explained by the MSM simply because people are becoming more affluent thus heading for the country to purchase more expensive rural properties

600,000 White-English have fled London in a decade……er ….after becoming more affluent…..reported the BBC.

The BBC true to form reported the depiction of the change as a ‘story of success’ in which many white Britons had moved out to live by the sea or in the countryside and nothing to do with crime, lack of employment and housing, or the savage transformation of the ethnic landscape.

What is all this fuss about the BBC manipulating the news?

It was Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migration-Watch think-tank who said “it’s surely obvious that the main reason for white flight is because people are not willing to live in an environment which has changed beyond recognition and against their own wishes”

The BBC did not agree with this disgusting, racist, Narnsey-like comment comparing it to recollections reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany

An unexpected positive side effect of escaping to the country was the reduction in the odds of one’s 12 year old daughter-or younger being picked up in the local shopping centre for potential sexual grooming. More importantly and on a more sombre note, the possibility of someone’s young white-female daughter being murdered and served up as fast food in a Kebab shop after being fabulously enriched by dusky sexual predators

Suicide by children I believe is a rarity but because of the imbalance of foreign students in our schools due to the overwhelming numbers of students of third world immigrants this could change. There was the sad news of a 9 year old White-English boy who committed suicide after being bullied by children of the enrichers. 75% of the children at his school were from the third world….. I repeat 75%

Some people might accuse me of indulging in poor taste when I write that on a positive note that until his untimely death he was fortunate in a macabre sort of way it could have been worse, a lot worse in that many English schools that ratio is as high as 100%. For Instance Gladstone Primary school in Peterborough has 440 students not one is White-English. This will in turn one day mirror the population makeup of the UK.

This poor young white boy, aged just nine years old was also told by an "Asian" boy; "My dad says all the white people should be dead" From the mouths of children etc. The Headmaster a Mr Martin Collin when alerted by the boy’s mother of the bullying told the boys distraught parents “You didn't have to come to this school, you chose to come here". What can I add, a big thank you from Westminster perhaps?

A white-English girl who complained to her teacher she could not understand the language of her fellow students she was supposed to do a project with was pulled out the front of the class and accused by the screaming teacher of a racist attitude, the police were called and she spent 3 hours in a cell

In conclusion I write of a Local character reputed to be the last indigenous white person still residing in Hackney who stood dirty, unshaven in threadbare clothes fronting the counter of the Ikea cafĂ©/restaurant in Haringey tending his order for meat balls and Chips. He was a hopeless drunk, arms outstretched adopting the pose of the statue of Jesus Christ on Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro pleading in a tortured, stentorian stage-like voice to the black bearded British-Pakistani behind the counter ‘’I want a n’orse a n’orse my kingdom for a n’orse”

Security was quickly called and the man was pulled unceremoniously pulled along the floor on his stomach and bundled out the side door by Polish security men

On a lighter note perhaps we should discuss assisted suicide. The assistance I refer to is being perpetrated by present and past members of the UK government in aiding and abetting the illegal practise of assisted suicide on its own indigenous people.

I suspect they may have been sedated, no not the politicians but the people by chemicals added to the water supply or perhaps by fall-out from Chemtrails, who knows? as there appears to be absolutely no objection whatsoever to this velvet glove genocide. So far the results are heartening for our government as the good news is that the white-indigenous islanders will be a minority in their own country by the middle of this century- if not before. Choose your political party; choose the time of your demise!

I wanted to write about the IKEA Horsemeat scandal but I did not have time.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Europe: has the die been cast?

 Europe: has the die been cast?

The die for a One Europe was cast many years ago. I was not privy to its planning so any conjecture on its formulation would be pure speculation on my part but I do know to change the political, social and ethnic structure and to destroy by default the quintessential essence that goes to make up a French person, an English person a Swede, a German, a Belgium, Danish or Greek and to convince these nations of culturally and technically advanced people to share their ancestral homeland and mutely accept their ethnic dilution without voice or protest and to convince their females to agree to corrupt their European genetic uniqueness by miscegenation with Sub-Saharan blacks, most if not all of them from failed societies, people whose disturbingly low IQ’s are not allowed to be debated for fear of breaching a number of ‘rules’ that have been enacted precisely for that purpose. It is not by accident they are still evolving and Europeans are developed societies. It would take too many decades for them to rival European ingenuity and expertise that is why they flock here.

These people have deliberately been brought into Europe for a purpose and you can be assured it is not for the benefit of Europeans. In 200 years Europeans as race without swift intervention will go the same way the Incas went.

Many of these ‘rules’ I wrote of are for the sole purpose of stifling by fear and threat any Nationalist and Patriotic feelings for one’s birth-right and the basic human right of free speech. No other person can tell another human what they can or cannot say if you are offended by a remark you return the compliment not resort to the Law books. In more enlightened times duels were fought over offensive remarks, knights did not go crying to the corrupt judiciary for monetary compensation.

The fine tuning of the New Europe is being orchestrated by extremely powerful people
A communist sitting in an Italian jail along with others might well have discussed the initial germ of a communist Shangri La for future Europe along with fascist thinkers but these men were not what we would regard as political movers and shakers like the powerful and wealthy beyond avarice Zionist vultures that control and feed off the ignorance of American people, Zionists that control American politics, media and the armaments industry.

I maintain it is impossible to truly understand what is going on. To the world architects I suspect it is driven by the real fear of overpopulation causing severe stress on the world’s dwindling resources, the looming shortage of oil waiting around the corner and the most worrying the resulting breakdown of society.

The British government can instruct the Police chiefs and media to keep a cap on English child rape by Pakistani immigrants and the socialist government of Sweden can keep the lid in the 100% of rape by immigrants from its past African colonies, this was a worrying admission by a female Swedish Police chief. If this nightmare is not stopped quickly a new word will have to be coined to describe True Chaos.

An interesting fact is one in four Swedish females will be raped in their life. There is also a rape epidemic in Norway. Last spring, the Oslo Police published a report on rape until 2010 in which the perpetrators of rape attacks were described as “predominantly of foreign origin.

So has the die really been cast? Do we know the true figure of non- Europeans in Europe. France has a Moslem population of 8-10 Million, England? Well even the government are hazy on immigrant figures and totally ignorant on illegal immigrant figures. In the UK escalating government costs rise as 25% as all babies born in UK are of foreign origin - mainly Muslim. In Egypt Nasserism dictated no religious or other political movement were allowed to impact government.

The Muslim Brotherhood were banned, but they waited quietly in the wings, today Egypt is not a secular society any more but is being ruled by an Islamic government and are in the throes of being ruled by Sharia Law and the people live with violence on the streets. Europe has a figure of around 16 million Islamists, if I might use the word Islamists judiciously, but when they have the numbers the newly coined word for True Chaos will be used quite universally.

Can anyone convince me that the headlong slide into the abyss can be halted? I feel there are too many variables

Golden Dawn has a 20% following even if they could possibly take government one day the Muslim population in Europe could by then have tripled, and an Egyptian type scenario is not out of the question, but the rape epidemic will continue, we are not dealing with civilised people here. Faceless people are giving your countries away.