Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The First Awakening.

The First Awakening

You can imagine my blind panic on awakening to find things were not as I remember them. During the night I suspected I had travelled through a distortion in space and time and entered a Wormhole or passed through a Gateway, who knows? The first surprise came when on waking I found I had shoulder length blonde hair and breasts.

After further tentative exploration I found there were other changes too; changes I would rather
not discuss, well certainly not in any depth but suffice to say these changes were in the nature of the discovery of ladies personal ‘accoutrements’…and that’s all I am saying.

I lay gazing at the ceiling deciding on a name for my new persona. I have always liked Bridgette. I found Delilah and Persimmon classy names as well. It was something I would have to thrash out with Mother at the breakfast table. Father will be not only surprised with my ‘new found self’ but overjoyed, he always wanted a girl but he will have to stop calling me Nathan.

I was dreading my first day at school in my new role. I would have to try and explain my ‘new found self’ to my teacher. Fortunately Mother came to my rescue and explained this was not about Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder but about an ‘awakening’. She introduced me to the teacher not as Nathan but Bridgette. I also expected some playground ragging by my school friends.

I will certainly not tell Graham about my breasts or his hands will be all OVER the place. I will not be kicking footballs around in the playground either but I shall hang around outside the boys’ toilets with the other girls gossiping and looking for a new set of Face-book friends on my IPhone 6.

I have always admired Elspeth from afar so I will ask her if she wants to be my very best friend; trouble is she has a lisp and I have trouble understanding her.

I explained to Graham I do not have clothes anymore but I do have an extensive wardrobe. How Graham is going to disentangle himself from me is his worry. Because of our previous friendship he is afraid of homophobic name calling.

Graham is coming round this evening to make me an offer for my X box, a skateboard and a set of Basketball cards, one signed by Michael Jordon. Mother will eventually be taking all my school clothes to the school uniform shop to exchange for those of a different shape.

If Graham thinks, because of our previous friendship it gives him the precedent that he and I will become an ’item’ he’s got another think coming.

I was dreading the next few weeks. It was going to be a nightmare. It started with my friend Kylie asking “Is Graham your boy-friend?”

“Not exactly” I replied.

She asked “What do you mean, not exactly?”

I explained “Well it’s a platonic relationship”

She inquired “What’s platonic mean?”

I replied “It’s not unlike a brother/sister relationship”

She mulled this over for a moment then screwed up her face in disgust. Horrified her eyes opened wide, she took a large intake of breath and exploded “ER YUK! That’s illegal innit”

Stupid girl!

It was her friend Rebecca that also asked “Is Graham your boy - friend? “

I said “NO! It’s a platonic relationship” She asked "What’s platonic mean"?

Irritated I explained “Look, a platonic relationship
is a relationship that is 180 degrees diametrically opposed to that of an intimate relationship like wot Rabbits have”

She said she wasn't being stupid she wanted to know what diametrically meant.

I was getting fed up with all this. I was at breaking point after Rebecca's friend Phaedra asked "Is Graham your boy-friend?"

I said “not actually”

She asked “What do you mean not ‘actually’?

I replied “Well there is none of THAT”.

Dropping her voice and nervously glancing sideways she inquired cautiously "None of what?"

I shouted “THAAAAAAAAAAAAT” it was at the behest of my mother she said she dropped her guard once and I was the result.”

A couple of days later the Headmaster called me into the office and asked me what sort game I thought I was playing. I removed my blouse and bra to prove it was not a game and if this exposure did not convince him he would also be the first and only witness to a public viewing of my personal ‘accoutrements’ of which I referred to earlier.

It did not come to that thank heavens as revealing my chest was enough. I left Mr Jekyll the Headmaster dabbing his brow with his hankie.

Things have finally settled down I am relieved to say and I am on a normal footing. Graham is playing things very cautiously and keeping his feelings close to his chest.

It was later I caught Graham looking at MY chest.

I said “Graham you can have a furtive peep, but don’t dwell on them”

Later I caught him looking again.


He turned bright red and said ‘No I wasn’t Bridgette, honest”

With disguised disappointment I inquired “Why not, what’s the matter with them?”

Today in the school canteen he leant over and sniffed me and whispered confidentially “Love your scent Brigitte”.

I replied “what a lovely thing to say Graham. Firstly you do not sniff young ladies and secondly it is perfume I am wearing, scent is something wot dogs chase”.

At the shopping centre he surprised me by kissing me on the… erm escalator of all places; that was a first for me I can tell you that.

I also found out what a pig that “Piggy” Pugsley really is. Without any foundation she scurrilously accused my very best friend Elspeth of being an Essex girl.

Naturally Elspeth hotly denied this disgusting and malicious accusation and brought in her birth certificate and shoved it in Pugsley’s face and said “Look, look it thayth I wath born in Thuthex not Ethex”.

I Inquired of Elspeth what Pugsley’s father does for a living. 

She said “eeth a painter

I inquired ’’Wot Portraith or Landthcaipth?”

She said “Houtheth and there is no need to be tharcathtic Bridgette”.

It was never going to last and I was so enjoying my ‘awakening’. It was just as well the Portal closed as Graham was talking about eternity rings and things.

I had experienced a distortion in Space time. I awoke to find I did not have long blonde hair and a chest of interesting proportions. My ‘accoutrements’ were male in structu
re. ‘Before’ never happened. My ‘Awakening’ was instant.

Space Time has no time as we understand. Another dimension had opened up and for a second I had entered a parallel universe for no more than one beat of butterfly’s wings. Order had been restored.

Will it happen again......…permanently?  I hope so I was beginning to like Graham.