Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Peoples Choice

The Peoples Choice
عوام کی مرضی ہے

Although the Islamification of the UK was not the people’s choice, indirectly they are accountable for its implementation. It was our people’s choice at the Ballot Box who placed in charge the treacherous, treasonous criminals who are deliberately responsible for the painfully slow replacement of its indigenous people. Giving the people the benefit of the doubt the native Briton was perhaps genuinely naively complicit in their descent into a minority status.
I could show you pictures of the bomb damage around the East end of London and show you the Phoenix that rose from those ashes called Tower Hamlets. London landmarks like Peckham, Newham and towns like Oldham, Bradford and Peterborough also rose from debris of our bombed out towns and cities and were reborn as foreign enclaves.
I was going to write about Manchester but decided not to bother one can select any one of a dozen English towns and cities and they would all look like a tourist snapshot taken anywhere in the Middle East or beyond. The people are the same the only missing feature in the tourist snapshots are unpaved roads, cattle pulling ploughs, Holy Cows wandering the streets, open sewerage and people scavenging on rubbish heaps.

The rest has been brought with them, child marriage, honour killing, acid attacks, Halal torture of animals, Female Genital mutilation the  common practise of marrying first cousins and much more.
A freeze frame of the Borough of Tower Hamlets in 2011 depict a population of about 254,000 which includes one of the highest ethnic populations of Bangladeshi, which in turn has placed the “White British” in a minority status. The “White British” population is a sub group of 31.2% of the population. Bangladeshis make up 32% of the population of Tower Hamlets.
Another piece of news is that there are 21 active churches in Tower Hamlets affiliated with the Church of England, including also churches of many other Christian denominations. Although the “White English” are now a minority the really good news for the celebration of diversity coming out of Tower Hamlets is that there are now around 40 mosques including Islamic centres, I assume that includes Madrassas.
To explain diversity to a native of the Amazonian Forest, a Hottentot or Mud Person from Mt Hagen in New Guinea it can be explained as thus. Diversity is a potpourri of primitive ‘Third World’ communities of differing cultures and standards of behaviour some still practising medieval beliefs living with a host nation, an advanced society.
They live separate lives even apart from other ethnic groups in their own tribal communities or ‘visible ethnic clusters’. They are particularly suspicious of the people of the host nation but they have to rely on them heavily as an economic life-raft or as a parasite might thrive as it feeds off its host. There are NO redeeming features of Muticulturism, I repeat for the ordinary Briton there are none.
I never ceased to be amazed and saddened at the frailties of human beings when I read of The Ukraine people wanting closer ties with the European Union. The carrot was a loan of 13 Billion Euros being offered from the World and European banks to rebuild its economy. Sound familiar? Spain, Greece and Ireland have also been there before. The people of the Ukraine should understand it is not AID as Russia have offered it is a loan and has to be repaid or the Peoples Presidium in Brussels will institute austerity measures as Greece and Spain found to their horror.

I wish that were all but it is not. It would pay the Ukraine to look closely at the social nightmare affecting the rest of Europe, the race riots, the social fragmentation, particularly the incredibly high number of schools full of children of immigrants. Still sounds attractive? Do you have a constitution? You are also going to have to exchange your constitution with the European constitution or Lisbon Treaty as it is called and open up your borders to the Third World as the other member countries have had to do.

I have saved the best part to the end; you will in a very short space of time be defined to an ethnic grouping called ‘White Ukrainian’. Your next door neighbour could well be a Pakistani Ukrainian or an Indian Ukrainian, Bangla, or even a black Ukrainian. If you are part of the European Union no exemption will be made for you. 

 As a Ukrainian you will be categorised into a sub grouping and your laws and general governance will be made in consultation by a consortium of 21 other countries that will decide your future.
To the good people of the Ukraine I would like to add a word of caution if I may. Looking over the EU wall to what appears on the surface as Western Freedom, democracy and Prosperity which might appear attractive, things are never what they seem and there is no such thing as a free lunch.
You must be prepared in due course to lose your freedom of speech and expression as a raft of cleverly designed laws enacted and emanating from Brussels purely to silence expressing your alarm and resentment as the Sub-Saharan immigrant hordes arrive in their hundreds of thousands and descend on your towns, cities and villages like Locusts as we have experienced in the other occupied European countries. It might be better to stick with the devil you know rather the devil you do not know. Welcome to our world.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Birth of the Shill

The Birth of the Shill.

Most of us understand the meaning of the word Shill. Those of you that don’t and in keeping with the times I will copy a brief definition taken from Wikipedia being the Internet definitive encyclopaedia.

“A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps a person or organisation without disclosing that they have a close relationship with that person or organisation and in online discussion media, satisfied consumers or “innocent” parties may express specific opinions in order to further the interests of an organisation in which they have an interest, such as a commercial vendor or special interest group. In academia, this is called opinion spamming. A shill can also be used pejoratively to describe a critic who appears either all-too-eager to heap glowing praise upon mediocre offerings, or who acts as an apologist for glaring flaws.”

It is common knowledge that there are people that are paid to act as Shills, what is interesting is why Shills were first introduced on the Internet and not the MSM. Prior to the Internet the MSM had the monopoly on the interpretation of news and opinion. Censorship was applied before the paper went to print and the news was sanitised and censored to the satisfaction of the editor who was paid to obey the owner’s desires, somewhat like a prostitute one might say, if you had an opposing view it was never going to get to print so there was no need for the use of Shills.

Overnight this cosy little relationship was turned on its head when the people were freed from the shackles of lies, spin and political propaganda and an alternative voice freed the suppression of speech and allowed freedom of expression which in turn quickly flooded the internet. This was a bad day for the press, governments and opinion shapers. The internet also took many of their readers and it was also another reason newspapers were forced to go ‘on-line’ because of falling circulation. It was also the defining moment the Shill was born.

Shills are even employed by governments to trivialise or make light of information that the public should not be privy to. The Internet being a playground for whistle-blowers the government had to work overtime to dismiss fact as fiction and show it to be of no consequence. Government Shills can be found making comments on Patriotic sites, conspiracy theories, sites such as the ‘truth of 911’, UFO’s sightings, Chem-trails, sites exposing the banking system and in the comments section of on-line newspapers. They are rife all over YouTube. Their comments stand out like a Cuckoo in a sparrows nest.

Most times their comments are usually quite cryptive like this one.." Alex Jones is a pawn of the Russian govt." No doubt the name is a Pseudonym. Click the user name and it will take you to the YouTube homepage. All the favourites and viewing have been removed. There is no evidence of any activity on YouTube.

If Alex Jones is a thorn in the side of the establishment then accusations by a Shill of being a Narnsey or a Zionist Shill is a comment that “may express specific opinions in order to further the interests of an organization in which they have an interest. Whatever your views of him there are a number of sites set up purely to discredit him, and there is a frenzied attack against Alex Jones on Blogs and YouTube and I can understand why, the establishment must revile him. Whatever your personal opinion is of David Icke he is also subjected to attacks by Shills. Why? Because once you start publicly speaking your mind and divulging what the state is covertly attempting to do to its people you too become an enemy of that state. 

I have read comments that Pat Condell is a Zionist spy I assume that is because he is careful never to mention Jews and Zionism, the same reason he is even more careful not to sympathise or warm to the political aspirations of the British National Party, he sits in the middle; perhaps he is having two bob each way. He understands to be accused of being a Narnsey a Racist or an Anti-Semitic is modern day blasphemy, he cannot win he is still accused of being a Zionist Shill. Moslems are fair game as they are about as popular as an infected pus-infected boil.

In general I find Shills are uneducated in that it is all very well to make an adverse comment but it is never debated or backed up in any way. It is just a short nasty negative comment, a bit like someone writing a smutty word on a toilet door, they attempt to sow the seeds of discord through deception, they abound on discussion forums. They are sometime difficult to track down as they rotate accounts.

 It is common knowledge that governments routinely hire internet trolls, shills to monitor chat rooms and disrupt comment sections.Shills and Trolls should be divorced from posters who are of Jewish extraction and who might negatively react to a comment they perceive as anti-Semitic or by a Rainbow person objecting to what they perceive as a Homophobic comment, these are not Shills. 

Israel recently announced a special tuition assistance program for university students who agree to regularly post messages on the internet to combat anti-semitism and anti-Israel propaganda.  A shill attempts to change public opinion by casting doubt in the mind of their readers.  They are as recognisable as a transvestite with hairs on his chest.