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Future Shock Revisited,

Future Shock Revisited, credits to Alvin Toffler

Back in the dream time the time of superstition and ignorance our ancestors sacrificed offerings of other human beings to appease the wrath of whatever Deity was in season at the time. They worshiped the Sun, the Moon and Idols of all shapes and forms. Unbelievably some primitive Desert tribes even considered Cows sacred and still do thousands of years on. Small groups of people with similar racial characteristics formed themselves into tribes for security. They continued to grow, thrive and prosper and established boundaries of their sphere of influence and devised rules for a lawful society and eventually declared their areas as countries distinguishable by race, religion and culture.

The new Marxist architects will say what we see today was nothing more than a societal construct and can and should be ‘deconstructed’. It has outlived its usefulness as we are now entering a New World, a New Age.

A lot has been written about this New World or New Order. The New Order excludes borders and does not recognise races. Its creators see humanity as one but in reality as a first time unproved experiment will cause chaos.

To the civilised people of the Western nations to be proud of one’s race and achievements has connotations of Narnsy Germany or extreme Right Wing Nationalism, the frighteners have been put on. Regional loyalties are seen as non-inclusive and are being bred out of our psyche; they are seen as an unhealthy moral attitude that will not be tolerated in this New Order. Racial differences are quite acceptable South and East of Europe though initially they are only tolerated at present.

We have reached equilibrium. Since WW2 invasions of other countries, except for the invasion of Tibet by China have ceased. The Wests ‘Coalition of the willing’ still practises incursions into sovereign countries though not in the traditional warring sense you must understand or to directly steal their lands but to establish Democracy, our own particular style of democracy.

The Wests special type of Democracy is quite unusual in that its leaders spy on and imprison their own people for alerting the public of their criminal activities or who make a remark that offends another person. Yes it is an unusual interpretation of Democracy; it is vastly different from the Democracy the great philosopher Plato envisaged.

What a more democratic way to establish our democracy than to invade another by massive force. Let us call it Shock and Awe; we can possibly terminate the lives of over a million of their people, woman and children at the same time
When a ruler rules it matters not who they rule over. Their role on this earth is primarily to rule over other human beings. It matters not if those beings are Black, White, Brindled or Mottled. Our past Kings and Queens once ruled over a White Christian Anglo Saxon people. Our Present Queen, the Queen of primary colours is seen as the Queen Bee; she is idolised, adored and revered by millions of workers bees who will have absolutely nothing in common with her, her family, her ancestors or her descendants.

She has witnessed and presided over the most unbelievable and disturbing changes in what was referred to as the fundamental, quintessential British character of her country in its long chequered history, I refer to this description in its past tense but as a ruler even she realises it matters not who the people are who she rules over which might explain why not once has she ever expressed the slightest flicker of concern as to the social ravages, concern over areas of her country her people are ill advised to enter, fragmentation and third world Ghettoization taking place in her country.

As a Ruler from a long line of Rulers she will slip into this New Order with scarcely a ripple. It is and always has been a class struggle. Ask why the children of noblemen were never pushed up chimneys or forced to work in mines and the woollen mills or thrust into the workhouse if they fell on hard times

The thrust of the article on the site ‘Representing America’’ surmised, I believe that we subconsciously identify people by their race because we have been trained to do so. I suspect it is the site of an American High school whose students are primarily Negros, I could be wrong. I will counter that by asking have we now got to be re-trained not to identify people by their race. The ignorance of supposed educated people leaves me breathless.

The people who are the driving force behind this New Order are the planners who dress in silk suits and sit in lofty offices in New York, London, Geneva, Brussels and The Hague. They travel the world First Class and rest after a hard day’s work in 5 star hotels. They are in the process of deconstructing this ‘construct’ piece by piece, a society the world has been built up over thousands of years. The two most important elements to achieving a One World are to remove borders and to dilute races by miscegenation and invasion by stealth, in our case by the flood of millions of Non-European immigrants and to destroy loyalties and Patriotism their ancestors have cherished for decades. It is pointless writing a long discord as to who the people are that are responsible.

How on earth would the peasants even begin to understand the political complexities when in their child-like innocence they grieve for people who are on a completely different social scale or who celebrate the birth of a child by a woman they have never met. It has to be explained simplistically otherwise it would be totally beyond their comprehension. I am explaining the basic purpose of these foundation stones of this New Order not who is laying them.

It is like a cancer which if not stopped will be terminal.

The people know there is something very wrong but they are too frightened to raise a voice. The middle of the 21st century Britain will be composed of a pot purée of hundreds of races, cultures, religions and languages all living on one tiny island, and when the Shiites, Shia, Sunni’s and Hindu do what they do best hell-bent on violent sectarian conflict as in Pakistan, Iraq and India any one of these groups in the future who find themselves a minority in our country the murder and mayhem that will follow will be as real and bloody as it was where it spawned.

Wikipedia tell us the New Order or the New Order of Europe was the political order which Narnsy Germany wanted to impose on Europe, and eventually the rest of the world. Well the scheme have been high-jacked by the two of the world’s largest Globalist organisations the European Union and the United Nations, incidentally they do have input from other powerful Marxist and Zionist organizations.

These Federalists might be scoundrels but at least they are honest. This is straight from the Federalist mouths….
Peter Thornycroft later chancellor of the exchequer of the Conservative party Quote:

“No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice that any adequate plan must evolve. The British people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences”

And Ruiz Jarabo Colomer, Advocate of the EU Court of Justice Quote;

“Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and can be restricted without affecting freedom of speech” he was not referring to Deities but something almost as holy, the establishment of a Marxist Dictatorship.

And finally Amato who was Vice President of the Convention on the Future of Europe that drafted the European Constitution, he said

“Europe does not need a Sovereign’ however daring a political project might be it must be hidden, camouflaged. One must act ‘as if’ in Europe, ‘as if’ nations wanted a very few things in order to obtain a great deal. ‘As if’ nations were to remain sovereign in order to convince them to surrender their sovereignty. The Commission in Brussels, for example must act ‘as if’ it were a technical organ in order to operate like a government, that sovereignty lost on a national level does not pass to any new individual. It is entrusted to a faceless entity….eventually the EU. The EU is the vanguard of this changing world the new entity is faceless and those in command can neither be identified nor elected. All we need are a few corrections here and there along with a great deal of cunning”

These are the people along with many others who are looking after your best interests; you are part of their experiment but your race and history is unnecessary baggage.

I will remind the New Order architects, with no empathy with Race, History, Religion, Culture, Tradition and Nationhood you are nobody.

Would you like to take part in this ‘New Collective’ experience, No? Sorry you are now an unwilling participant.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Bring on the Clowns

Bring on the Clowns

The firmly entrenched political parties in Great Britain are determined that any form or signs of Nationalism or Patriotism that attempt to arise from the compliant masses in this country, but do already exist in countries like Israel, Japan, China or a host of other countries, must not be allowed to gain a foothold, that is precisely why Nationalism is always equated to Nazi-ism, the far right and white supremacy.

We have been set on a path where at its final destination there is no place for any racial or ethnic differences to exist. If this means re-writing or editing this country’s unique history or the deliberate blurring of the ethnic identity of the people who are native to these island and instilling guilt in those people who tacitly take for granted what is divinely and rightfully theirs, which is their birthright, then so be it. Have you ever wondered why it is there is no place on any government forms to state you are English?

The Final Solution
for the whole of Europe is being played out in Brussels, The Hague, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Geneva and its nightmarish effect will one day encompass all the nations of Europe.

The day will come to pass when one will be unable to say with national pride, I am French or Belgium, Dutch or German, Spanish or English or even as Kennedy once orated “Ich bin Ein Berliner” because racial and national differences will have ceased to exist. In his book 1984 George Orwell prophesied this disturbing scenario and we are now seeing it coming true like a train smash but in slow motion.

The federalist and architects of this unholy and corrupt alliance or undemocratic union told its peasants that wars by its past Kings, Queens and Princes that had plagued Europe for centuries is the result of stronger countries waging war or invading weaker nations and this union will stop inter nation rivalry and suspicion, thus European wars will be a thing of the past.

They have decided on your behalf that the Final Solution
would be to remove all signs and symbols of Nationalism, Patriotism, Racial and Ethnic differences, pride in one’s national flag, and they would accuse anyone of racism if they publicly admit to belonging to an ethnic racial group.

A Dutch EU politician even said that sport with its flags and symbols, encouraged inter nation rivalry and should cease as it raises the ugly spectre of nationalism.

This is the purpose of the European Union. It is the frightening, dark and brooding world that Orwell wrote of; it will eventually become the world that Aldis Huxley wrote of in his book the Brave New World.

They built a cauldron and into the cauldron mix they threw in a parliament, a justice system, a national anthem, a flag a police force and a department of foreign affairs, they attempted to throw in a constitution too, without success. They then gave themselves parliamentary positions, and strut the world stage like peacocks but the most remarkable thing is that none of its people has given them a plebiscite or a mandate to form this new European entity, or permission to enact legislation and to remove or influence governance and the justice system of the member states.

Many of the government appointed MEP positions are filled by failed politicians, politicians who lost their electoral seats. Peter Mandelson was given one of these MEP positions, he is now EU Commissioner for Trade. Chris Patten, another failed politician was given a position by his chums as the External Relations Commissioner.

These are but two of the unelected people who hold executive positions within the European Parliament and direct thousands of drones that keep the wheels of this pseudo unelected government oiled that one day will rule over the lives of millions of people who have had no say in the formation of this pseudo government that was formed from a diseased spore that was the EEC and that one day will become the dictatorship that will have risen by stealth from the ashes of WW2 to become a political force that is slowly changing the face of Europe.

 ENGLAND, the jewel in the crown of Europe, will be no more; it will become just another of the victims swept up in the Final solution for Europe.
"The top priority (is) to turn the EU into a single political state"
Joshka Fischer - The Times 26/11/98

"The experience begs the question of whether it was ever appropriate to submit the EU Constitution to a lottery of uncoordinated national plebiscites...The rejectionists are an odd bunch of racists, xenophobes, nationalists, communists, disappointed centre left and generally p****d off" - Andrew Duff - MEP (laughably Liberal 'Democrat')

"I confess that I am not a big supporter of referendums. I believe that they are especially impropriate when trying to deal with the intricacies of creating a treaty...Although a referendum might be appropriate for Pop Idol it is unsuitable for examining a treaty" - Chris Bryant MEP and Chairman of the Labour Movement for Europe

When the late lamented Scotsman Robin Cook was questioned about devolution and a Parliament for Scotland, the interviewer said, "That's all very well, Mr Cook, but what about England?"

"England isn't a nation," was the reply, "It's only a collection of regions

Above all, the European Economic Community takes away Britain’s freedom to follow the sort of economic policies we need.’ Tony Blair, 1982

'We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.’ Tony Blair, 1983


“There is no question of eroding any national sovereignty; there is NO blueprint for a federal Europe. There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe, we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears I need hardly say are completely unjustified"

Edward Heath, British Prime Minister 1972.

(Seven Years Later) "The aim was, and is... ever closer political union.

Edward Heath 1979.

The lies of our politicians continue. The total utter arrogance, distain and contempt for the peasantry are breathtaking. Wake up people you are going to lose your country, if you haven’t already. What is happening in the UK is a dreadful social experiment and all the people are guinea pigs.

Judge says ‘The Truth is no Defence’


 Judge says ‘The Truth is no Defence’ (straight out of George Orwells 1984)

If a magnifying glass were held to this floating piece of stellar debris with it’s heaving mass of servile humanity one would find there are only 3 distinct groups of people on this planet whose decisions directly affect the rest of us who number around 5 billion.

It used to be Kings, Queens their loyal Nobles and the Church that held power over the grubby populace, but not any more.

These various groups keep the status quo running smoothly and on an even keel. If you cannot understand how or why a situation is occurring that is affecting the lives of the majority of the people who may guardedly question but accept without voice, then one should at least understand the structure and the position of human beings on this earth.

The first groups of humans on this planet that directly affect all our lives possibly number less than one million. These people are extremely influential. They are the wealthy, the leaders of industry, and the corrupt, traitorous politicians.

Embedded within this group are the faceless people that decide what we read in the newspapers, books, magazines, on the advertising hoardings, and in many cases manipulate our acceptance by premeditated subliminal visual suggestion and twisted misrepresentation on what they portray on the movies and on the TV soapies as being the norm, which in fact has little similarity to real life.

If there is a threat to this cozy system then that person, association or pressure group will be quickly neutralized by slander, unsubstantiated lies or vilification. In extreme cases their leader by just giving forth an opinion can be jailed. There must be no upset to the status quo that keeps the millions of us in our rightful place and to obey without question.

The next groups are the lackey’s of the first group they are the police and the army. The armies are the brave but the leaders of the police are the moral cowards. They say they are just following orders but both groups do the bidding of the first group without question, and by threat or force keep around six billion of the rest us under servile control.

The final groups are the bureaucrats, mayors, councillors and civil servants. They interpret the rules that keep us in our correct place in the planetary scheme of things.

In this group sit the flaccid bewigged judges who in many cases their personal bigotry, politics and dark deep seated psychoses will colour their judgments. They like the clergy are mere mortals, their weaknesses and desires, carnal or otherwise are the same as ours. They sit in judgment of the 5 billion of us.

It is a dire omen for this heaving mass of frightened humanity when a bewigged representative of the law sitting in judgement of the peasants declares in a Leeds court, 'The Truth is No defence’.

So without voice you sit and watch your towns and cities being slowly defiled.You accept it without question. You mistakenly accept your threat to person, reputation and livelihood is far too important to gamble to stop the headlong rush into an abyss that over time could destroy your tribe, your country, your culture, its traditions and religion and most importantly by intimidation and accusations of none existent phobias finally destroy your sense of pride in who you are.

There is no threat to person. The evil, shadowy dangerous liberalists should be ignored, and you should teach your children to be fiercely proud of their history, traditions, their ancestors and their own unique identity.

"Our complex global economy is built upon millions of small, private acts of psychological surrender, the willingness of people to acquiesce in playing their assigned parts as cogs in the great social machine that encompasses all other machines. They must shape themselves to the prefabricated identities that make efficient coordination possible... that capacity for self-enslavement must be broken.”

Theodore Roszak - The Voice Of The Earth

Lord Phillips and Sharia Law.

Lord Phillips

“the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips The country’s most senior judge provoked outrage by saying that Islamic Sharia law could play a role in Britain’s legal system”

“Today on ‘Talking Law’ we are fortunate to be joined by the country’s senior judge, Lord Phillips.

“Welcome to the programme. Your recent comments, which have also been voiced by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, have sparked outrage when you suggest that Islamic law could play a role in Britain’s legal system, can you enlarge on that premise for our listeners.”

“Well as I have previously stated there was no reason why Sharia Law could not be used for contractual agreements and mediation in areas such as family disputes and marriage. I previously stated that it was possible for people to have agreements “governed by a law other than English Law”

“If I might interrupt you there Lord Phillips, may I suggest that Sharia Law in any form or disguise has absolutely no place in a Christian society. Some people might go as far as accusing it of being no more than a barbaric uncivilized first testament desert cult”

“I shall ignore that claim, but I did say it was possible for people to have agreements “governed by a law other than English law”. But I stressed there was no place for Sharia courts or the implementation of punishments by them”

“But could this not be the thin end of the wedge. When our Moslem population soars to say over 10 million would not its followers then demand change from the diluted form of Sharia law that you are advocating at the present time to a full blown version of Sharia Law with polygamy, marriage to children, amputations, the occasional flogging, death to homosexuals and the stoning of females who accidentally get themselves raped.

“Well of course that’s very true, I am not disputing that, but as I said to my wife at the dinner table last night why should we bother we will all be dead by then”

“I find that comment rather startling; so would you agree with me that some time in the future when many of the sitting members in Parliament are of the Moslem faith, Sharia law might be instituted in its fullest form in many of our black townships. I don’t want to appear antagonistic but how do your answer your critics who say you should be sacked and stripped of your knighthood and that you are nothing less than an elitist insipid imposter, a pasty faced traitor to your own people with some critics even saying a job at Mcdonalds should also be denied to you”

“Who has been saying that?

“Well people up my street”

“Well they wouldn’t have that belligerent social attitude if they lived in Bradford or Birmingham or a host of our other English cities would they? I find their attitude rather selfish and racist”

“Thank you Lord Phillips for coming on our programme might I suggest you check your mail regularly for your P45, and parcel up your wig, ermine and red Santa suit and join us all on this planet of ours, including your mate Rowan…….. Can someone show this utter fool out?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Democracy and Socialism

Democracy, the road to Socialism (Karl Marx)

When faced with a rigged Ballot Box what alternatives can a people put into place to force a change of Government? At present our only “Democratic” choice, if it is a choice at all is an opportunity to vote for the Single Party State. Our government does not govern to the wishes of the people who voted for them but is causing untold, possibly irreversible damage to its own country and legislating so-called ‘Race’ laws that are not laws at all, but specifically and skilfully contrived legislation constructed to intimidate and thwart freedom of speech which will eventually destroy the patriotic homogeneity of our people.

What is being inflicted on this country is socially and politically suicidal. Its people are suffering under extreme duress. Its people being the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish, its people do NOT originate from the Sub Sahara, the Coconut Islands of the Caribbean or from the tribal homelands of the Mountains of Peshawar.

Democracy as we know it does not work and I don’t know of any other form of political process that does. Is democracy a yes vote by 51% of the people combined with a no vote by the rest? Perhaps Democracy was the yes vote offered by just 27% of the people that enabled Bliar to democratically to take government, why because the rest of the disillusioned people could not be bothered to vote

What we are seeing in Egypt is a microcosm that is facing many parts of Europe and the UK. Between one or two decades there could be two ‘religious’ factions vying for political control in this country instead of the present system of one single political party masquerading as three and our future democracy could be an “Egyptian democracy”

There is no reason why our future will not be decided along religious lines. At present Egypt has seen the light and closed the Muslim Brotherhood down, regardless of the fact that the Brotherhood won a ‘Democratic election’.

Our government have not yet seen the light but we are going to be faced with the same problem if we do not do something about it now. The Muslim Council of Great Britain can quite easily morph into the Muslim Brotherhood once the numbers to gain government is attained. Once that happens as it did in Egypt following a “democratic election” we could see Sharia Law nationally introduced into this country? The ayes will have it. Maybe it is Democracy that has become corrupted.

There have been many quotations about democracy: “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people and it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote “The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Neither does Capitalism, Socialism or Communism work so we grudgingly accept the lesser of the evils, we go with Capitalism we are safe with that, it is an old friend. As Lenin said “Freedom in a capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.” Perhaps he is implying it is a class struggle which I strongly suspect it is. Orwell got it right we ARE the Proles but sadly we don’t realise it yet.

So the sixty four thousand dollar question is how do you change the system, how do the people remove the financially, self-indulgent despots when millions of pounds are invested to secure a vote for the Capitalists, Industrialists and World shapers? It can only be done by educating the masses as to the big fraud being perpetrated against them but we do not have time for that, perhaps a European Spring? That will not work either.

I certainly do not advocate a communist collective society either. The psyche or temperament of the European particularly the “Real British” is not the same as that of people from the emerging or Third World. We have been civilised for far too long and accepted there is no other true way to govern or be governed other than a ‘Democratic’ way. But no choice at the Ballot box is not the ‘Democratic way’

Referendums if democratically held can also be stacked by the injection of thousands of Euros which the Irish found out much to their horror after voting for the second time for the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty or European constitution which I am sure most voters were initially unaware took precedence over their own constitution. Millions of Euros were invested in a yes vote at the second referendum before the Irish finally came up with an acceptable result which delighted the Central Presidium in Brussels who breathed a concerted sigh of relief when a positive result was announced and confirmation that they had retained control of a renegade occupied satellite country and much to the satisfaction of the Ryanair shareholders meanwhile Ireland plunges into another recession.

So I ask again is there an answer? Maybe the Swiss idea is a starting point. All important national changes are put to referendums. But in any case before any changes can take place the corrupt system has to be dismantled and the political party system that has been causing untold damage has to be removed democratically or non-Democratically.

I have written before a concerted effort by determined people must be made by bringing together all the thousands of pressure groups, EU sceptic groups, more political articles by Bloggers, Patriotic movements and associations that have been threatened, intimidated and silenced by the Statist, authoritarian government. Initially the movement should not be a political movement until it can see that it has commanded a popular following that seriously threatens the Government.

It must be ongoing, relentless and unremitting because it is also our children’s future at stake here. It requires a think tank of very dedicated, intelligent and passionate people. We do not have unlimited time to make the change,
or you will awaken to discover about 3 million plus disciples of Mohammed residing in the country aided and abetted by successive British Governments many calling for Sharia4UK.

I would have liked to have directed this warning to the British Government but seeing they are directly responsible for the dreadful effects of a failed Multicultural experiment I will direct it to the people. If you want to forsee your future by the middle of this century and the future  battle with the Islamists in the UK whose numbers would have by then tripled, then keep your eyes on events in Egypt.
It was Abraham Lincoln who said “Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” The sad fact is many of our people are so disheartened, frightened and cowed by the corrupt system because there is no Democratic choice so they cannot even be bothered to vote.

I will finish by allowing Churchill the last word. He perceived “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” I cannot even begin to criticise that perception; it is a sad fact of life and is a sardonic but true criticism of the political intelligence of the average voter

Islamification of Great Britain.

Britain may be an Islamic nation within 20 years

It has been pointed out that Espionage is the act of PASSING SECRETS TO THE ENEMY. So the American Government's Jihad against Snowden for blowing the whistle on the wholesale spying on its own people does not make any sense................ or does it?

Does it imply that this accusation of espionage was the result of Edward Snowden alerting the American public to the blanket covert surveillance by its Intelligence Services on its own people? If so it must follow then that the American Government must regard its own people as the enemy?

Let us carry this madness a little further. If a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was a practising Paedophile, as opposed to a Practising Homosexual, as an aside why they need to practise is beyond me, and the revelation of this disturbing aberration was covered up and never saw the light of day then it follows that there is no way the identity of current American President who many people are not sure who he is and exactly where he came from except his Grandmother who said he was born in Kenya, has yet been revealed, thus he must have been shoe-horned into that position by extremely powerful people--for a reason.

His madness manifested itself when he recently gave the heads-up for 6 million poor Mexicans many residing illegally to call America home. I must admit I cannot say this is clear or rational thinking on his part, but it is not his decision but a decision by the face-less people who shoe-horned him into this position in the first place not to govern America but to continue an agenda.

Now the USA has sent back close to 410,000 Mexican individuals from the United States in the 2012 fiscal year, almost 55% of them 225,390 people were convicted criminal aliens, so why would Obama give an amnesty to millions of these dangerous people. Once they cross the border they do not automatically become the pillars of respectable and lawful society.

It is the same misunderstanding a Pakistani Muslim male might experience on arriving at Heathrow Airport suddenly and without comprehension regard himslf as British and win the freedom of pursuing under-age English school-children as prey to sate his sexual appetite and to share this sexual enthusiasm with this aging brothers.

Taking this further the current British Prime Minister a Mr Cameron would like to duplicate Mr Obama’s foolhardiness and allow the relocation of potentially 75 million Turks into the UK providing them with homes, jobs, monetary benefits and an infrastructure to cater for any needs they might have as a result of being a minority grouping.

This might cause some people to worry insomuch it will bring the ratio of Muslims to Christians in this country ever closer to equilibrium and furthermore create an unforseen obstacle putting pressure for suitable land being made available to build many more Mosques, Madrassas and Islamic Cultural Centres and Libraries.

Unforseen spin offs would be seen at your local swimming pool, due to the large influx of followers of Islam as they would insist on sole use of the said pool due to their increasing numbers and for the appreciation of the need of a little decorum for the ladies in Burkas, three days a week and not two

But I am pleased to say with the disturbing news comes good news. The British government has published a study with data that shows Islam will not become the dominant religion in these islands for about 20 years so meanwhile the English people will continue to be the majority ethnic grouping in the UK. So that is a relief.

To sum up what is happening here and America is being duplicated at the same time in Europe. The demographics are being deliberately shifted and what we are seeing in Europe including the UK is the deliberate break-up of nation states and it has taken an agonising 60 years to get this far. It was actually explained by the Kenyan born Obama when he said if I want to speak to a European representative I want to speak to one person not to the heads of 44 or so European countries.

Europe is already one country, it has one Government, it has one currency with 10 million disciples of Islam plus refugees from the poorer eastern European countries and representatives of all the tribes of Africa it has already ceased to be a land mass peopled by European races and that is precisely the aim but I do not think it is the ultimate aim.

It would take many words to explain my theory but I suspect the final aim of the “Masters of the Planet” is a massive cull. The immediate danger facing mankind is not global weather change but overpopulation. The earth’s resources are finite. Every year there are more mouths to feed. There is already a huge shift of populations from the poorer countries to the richer countries, Mexico to America, Africa to Europe.

It does not solve the problem it just shifts it and the complications become social, cultural and overcrowding problems. There will be catastrophic consequences if something is not done very quickly. If global change vectors in at the same time the problems will be hugely exacerbated.

A nation cannot be culled that is genocide but a nondescript people can.