Sunday, 24 May 2015

Eire's Jubilation

Eire’s Jubilation.
on the Slippery Slope
or Perhaps the thin Edge of the Wedge 

I said to the young girl in the newsagent “I have just arrived from the far side of Ursa Minor and I would like to purchase a bottle of ink please”. As an afterthought I said with mock humour “while you are at it perhaps you can toss in a couple of quills”

She was a bright girl and immediately realised I was joking about the quills. The ink was a different matter though. She led took me to a tray of Biros. Surprised I said “No! No! No!  I want the ink outside of the pen, like separately in a bottle”

I leaned close , Her perfume was heady; I suspect it was Columbian Poppy. whispered confidentially “before Biros were invented as a lad we used to have inkwells in school and we used to dip things called nibs in them, adding “we also used to impregnate a rolled up piece of paper in the ink and then utilising an elastic band we would flick an inked missile at the neck of the boy a few rows in front” 

She looked at me wide eyed and puzzled no doubt thinking perhaps I do come from Ursa Minor.

Well the quills were just a jest, but as regards the bottle of ink she suggested a visit to a Multi-Global Corporation or do I mean monopoly that put all the small suppliers of office equipment out of business.

She appeared on the surface to be a clever girl, not unattractive, short skirt, slightly dumpy, about 4 foot something, dark eyes with glasses. The good news she was no more than 40 years younger than me, I would have liked to have asked her out but my wife would have had something to say about that as she did about on-line I didn’t. Hang on I will get to the point in a minute.

In one person’s lifetime I am having trouble buying ink, but it is not that that troubles me so much.

So at what point are we with human evolution? Through human endeavour and ingenuity we have sent probes to Pluto
, men have walked on the moon and at the moment NASA are rounding up about a dozen or so people to take a one way trip to Mars all expenses paid. 

But back on earth the long wait is over for Mr and Mrs O’Leary, they were always nervous about their son Eugene and his strange relationship with Francis but the result of the Irish vote means that finally Eugene and Francis can now plan their ‘Marriage’ with the full backing of the establishment and the law.

They both emerged from the closet or lavatory quite a while ago and can now start on the long journey of joyful marital bliss. However there is a minor problem that was pointed out by Mrs. O’Leary and quite rightly so that same sex homosexual married couples cannot produce babies, so in theory they should in time all die out……the same sex couples not the babies.

There were always going to be questions asked by bigoted, homophobic people opposed to same sex relationships, for instance who on their wedding night gets to do what to whom and how. At dances who gets to dance backwards and when introducing your friend what determines who gets to be introduced as the wife or husband and 
being introduced to Royalty who gets to curtsy and who gets to bow, it all has to be thrashed out.

Personally I believe it is the result of something being added to the water. It does not concern me unless Homosexuality is made compulsory. 

With Eugene and Francis the subject of children has not been broached. The chances of Mr and Mrs O’ Leary becoming proud grandparents are looking slim……… extremely slim unless Mrs Flannery the next door neighbour who voted YES agreed to become a surrogate mother, a problem although not insurmountable at age 74 could cause problems. Again with full equality in mind, which of the married male couple will be game enough to attempt to impregnate Mrs Flannery?

Without wanting to appear flippant Homosexuality is not what it’s all cracked up to be, there are distinct disadvantages. However if one does feel the urge to engage in unnatural animal-like sexual practises with one’s own gender then one should seriously consider bisexuality as it immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.

If the question is asked on a trivia night at your local pub, the answer is the republic of Eire was not the first country to break the stifling shackles of Heterosexuality but was the first to do so by referendum. I must admit by the overwhelmingly result of a yes vote and the overwhelmingly positive result on Homosexual couples being allowed to adopt children I was given to doubt whether more people in Eire 
were in a Homosexual relationship than a heterosexual relationship. Two words immediately crossed my mind, Frankfurt and Protocols.

An interesting point here, if a heterosexual couple (married or de facto) on retirement receive a lesser old age pension (because they are living as a couple), will this now apply to a ‘married’ homosexual couple, as opposed to receiving two single pensions.

What is the next logical step for the future I hear you say? Well in 2006 a Sudanese man was caught engaging in a ‘sexual activity’ with a Goat although I prefer not to beat about the bush and dispense with Orwell-like correct-speak and say it like it is, ‘FORNICATING’ with said animal and was forced by a judge to “marry” the goat after “deflowering” her…..after WHAT? The goat apparently acquired the name "Rose" during the elders' deliberations. Dowries incidentally were exchanged. 

You can read the full unexpurgated story here Another man was arrested for also engaging in ‘sexual activity’ with his neighbours Bull Mastiff.

The good lord in his infinite wisdom endowed males and females with distinct but separate, unique and exacting sexual specifications as regards the layout of their private parts and I might add for a very specific purpose, and is not quite the same purpose  as Irish Rainbow couples’ practice with their private parts.

Hopefully Islamic State by the 22nd century will not have swept across the whole of Europe and put to death all the Rainbow people, including those married Irish Homosexual couples who fought for the right to legally fornicate with each other, the Idolaters, Christians, Cartoonists well anyone who does not worship a man who took a 6 year old as his wife. I was heartened to read it was not an uncommon practise in those days as girls matured much earlier. Fair enough I suppose, but for Christ’s sake…SIX?...... FAIR GO!

This world is going mad; Ursa Minor is looking very attractive.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sharia4 Franchises for Sale

Sharia4 Franchises for Sale

Sharia Enterprises and Merchandising Inc .A Saudi Arabian registered company would like to take this opportunity to offer astute investors the opportunity of joining our parent company Sharia Enterprises (S.A) by taking advantage of the offer of a further release of Sharia4 Franchises. There has been a massive take-up of these Sharia Franchises after the initial float of our first Franchise Sharia4UK, with valuable options quickly snapped up for Sharia4Belgium, Sharia4Holland, Sharia4Sweden and of course Sharia4France. Our first float which attracted international attention was of course Sharia4UK.

It was the free publicity given to us by the media during the demonstrations in London following a protest march outside the Danish Embassy in London on 3 February 2006, held in response to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.

We have recently had further interest in Sharia4Norway, tentative inquiries for Sharia4Ukraine and ongoing discussions for Sharia4Denmark.

A Mr Ajem Choudary is at present the spokesman for Islam4UK. His credentials are impeccable. With Omar Bakri Muhammad, he helped form an Islamist organisation, AL-Mushroom. The group organised several anti-Western demonstrations, including a banned protest march in London for which Choudary was summonsed to appear in court. Unfortunately Al-Mushroom was disbanded following the UK government's decision to ban the organization.

We are intensely passionate about Sharia, are you? Then do not hesitate in joining what can only be described as the fastest growing enterprise in Europe and the UK. It is a rock-solid investment that will dwarf all other franchises. It is a complete system that has built an enviable reputation over many decades and has now commenced a long awaited expansion across the whole of Europe. It has always been the preferred ideology throughout Africa and the Middle East and already we are seeing many Christians particularly in African countries many who were initially nervous or reluctant to forsake Christianity for Islam with little persuasion now converting in droves to Islam.

Although at first there was some apprehension about the possibility of social unrest or violence after the float of Sharia4UK, the British police gave us little or no attention, this has given the impetus for interest in the sale of other European Sharia4 franchises.

We would like to emphasise these Franchises are experimental that in essence they are not full-blown Sharia. There is no limb removal or compulsory FGM, lashings, stoning for unbelievers or the hanging of Homosexual Rainbow People at this present time but once Islam is firmly established as the predominate ideology in Europe full Sharia will be implemented.

The work-experience Imam of Sharia4Newham told our reporter they fully expect the Moslem community in the UK to exceed the numbers of Christian believers by 2030. The British Governments own demographers have confirmed it is inevitable due to the unstoppable immigration by people of the Islamic faith combined with the traditional legendary breeding rates of these people. It was pointed out that the timetable of 2030 might appear to be a little overly pessimistic........ or optimistic depending on one's point of view.

We would like to refer you to this interview here:

There are many smaller Regional franchises still available such as Sharia4Devon, home of a little known British singer Mr Billy Blogg, and Sharia4IsleofWight. His initial interest was for Sharia4Barking but unfortunately many of these smaller Sharia enterprises have already been purchased such as Sharia4Oldham, Sharia4Towerhamlets, Sharia4Dewsbury and of course Sharia4Bradford. Once Islam is in the majority in each of these European countries and the UK the smaller Sharia will be combined and incorporated in the Sharia4EuropeInternational.

Our ever increasing popularity can be seen every day by the mushrooming of Mosques throughout the whole of Europe and plans are already in place to build the largest Mosque in the UK outside of Saudi Arabia which will hopefully seat over 20,000 thousand disciples of Allah. Even in one relatively small English City of Bolton, Islam can boast over 21 mosques with plans for many more aided by the valuable assistance of the local Labour council. Muslim cultural centres, Muslim schools, Mad rassers are also in the planning for villages throughout the Brecon Hills and Anglesea.

We did expect that there would be some resistance by the indigenous Britons but there has been little or no opposition to the suggestion of the introduction of Sharia Law throughout the UK. We suggest you to avoid wasting your hard earned capital on earthly Franchises such as McDonalds, Hungry Jacks or Seven Eleven; they might attract immediate monetary profits but not people’s souls.

We hope in the fullness of time the influence of Islam and its traditional home will move to Europe and its importance rival that of Mecca.

For further information a prospectus will be sent on request.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Children of the International Man.

Children of the “International Man
Understanding the fundamentals.

I will begin by stating the bleeding’ obvious; ALL news media is controlled by their owners, the State, and influenced by vested interest groups and huge overseas commercial global organizations all who are directly or indirectly in the process of shaping “Future Man” 

Although purporting to be non-political in a sense that we understand them, they are Global. It is after the election that repayments for these generous levels of donations are called in. The worlds Media is controlled and sanitised to enable power to be kept in the hands of a very few people.

This is the way it has always been, it is called Western Democracy. Western Democracy and Capitalism are corrupt bedfellows, somewhat like a Parasite and its host, or a melanoma spawned from the cancer that gave it birth. The aim; initially in the western world is to remove the concept of Race and traditional sentiments of Nationalism.

On completion we will see the dawn of a new era, the birth of the “International Man”. Although it has been many decades in the planning in past history it has not always been so when regions on earth were defined by race, language and like-culture.

The Western Media is controlled no differently than the media reporting that is censored by Burmese Generals or by the Ruling Chinese Communist Party. In the UK it is more of a velvet glove approach, the major difference being the clever use of subliminal indoctrination propaganda used widely by the Western media, print and Television practised so skilfully and ruthlessly by our National Broadcaster.

For instance, there was deliberate news misinformation by omission of the ethnicity of the offender’s in mass Paedophile attacks and sexual grooming of over 1200 English schoolchildren in Rotherham as the outcry of the indigenous people would directly affect the continuing creation of the “International Man” 

Until we understand that Race does not exist in the eyes of the Globalist and why Islam initially was not mentioned, we will never understand what is taking place within Western society and how its people are being manipulated.

On the internet the true feelings of the many of the public is found in the Internet comments sections, comments which taken in isolation in the public arena would be considered racist, homophobic, islamophobic or utterances liable to alarm or offend and other varied forms of phobia many of which have not yet been collated.

Keeping these comments from the scrutiny of public debate and corralled in the depths of the Internet assures there will be a strict level on freedom of speech that kept within the boundaries of acceptable public free speech allowed by the government but importantly keeping it on the internet it is kept hidden by a deluge of the overdose of information, any damaging revelations of government skulduggery involved in the reshaping of Western society by the invitation of millions of foreign people from around the world is called a conspiracy and people are employed to trawl the internet looking for such revelations by whistle blowers and post accusations of conspiracies but at least on the Internet it is kept free from public scrutiny.

Anyone brave enough to challenge the suppression of free speech is attacking the fundamental bedrock of what the “New Order” is trying to achieve. These are not racism laws at all, they are laws purely concocted to further supress free speech and to silence the anguished cries of the people rejecting the planned creation of “Future Man” so far it is working very well, the people are terrified.

The Government is enacting laws specifically to combat what they perceive as rejection of their “New Order” using the law wrapped up a pretend veneer of morality they throw up their hands in a sickening display of disguised horror and righteous indignation and using accusations of a myriad of phobias and of supposed Racism and of inhumanity to ones fellow man, then invade their countries bomb and kill the civilians using depleted uranium to assure future generations pay for the sins of their fathers.

I was not sitting on a seat at the seaside in Skegness in the 1950’s I was sitting on a seat in a city centre voted as one of the three most liveable cities in the world, it was there where I saw the future. I saw “Future Man” I was not seeing a parade of a homogenous society parading before me, I was watching a Mish Mash of “Transnational Man” I rarely go into a large city so I found this quite disturbing.

I was also in a city I had not visited for over ten years. Of the people that passed me at times I counted one indigenous person in twelve, even then I could not be certain of what my eyes were showing me. I saw people I had only seen in Geographic Documentary programmes; people with Mongoloid features, possibly Han people from Eastern China, some could have been Karen people fleeing Burma and African tribal people, and many Orientals.

This parade would have been quite normal if I was in an occupied Socialist country of Europe, but I was not.

Globalisation which attempts to amalgamate every local, regional, and national economy into a single world system requires homogenising all the people on this earth. The European Union is just a very small cog in an enormous wheel. Diversification on a mammoth scale will hasten the emergence of “Global man”

We have already ceded London to the “International Man” but this was not London.

What was blindingly apparent was although these people were refugees from all parts of the world they only walked with their own tribe, an analogy not unlike Swallows that flock with other Swallows or Herons that do not flock with Sea Gulls even though these people were the “future international man” 

This herd cluster without doubt was due to the hundreds of years of tribal association and like-culture with one’s own kind which no amount of Social engineering can ever change. This is very apparent in many English cities and towns.

I realised the plan for a New Order was well under way and I suspect irreversible. For one who had passed his three score years and ten I was witnessing the birth of the Global Man and it has been painfully slow and insidious.

A simple question is how on earth do you remove from your country a potential enemy of around a guestimate of 6 Million disciples of Allah, whose culture is totally in opposition to ours? This is an overriding question which “Future International Man” will have to contend with.

I will finish by echoing the words of one of the Planners of the “New International Man” a Mr. Coudenhove Kalergi,

In his book Praktischer Idealismus, Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future "United States of Europe" will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation.

He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and coloured races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite
(Miscegenation is alive and well but its “multi-national” stock” are not called Sub-humans but mixed race, it is politically correct as calling Homosexual deviates Gay or Rainbow people) It is Orwell’s world of Doublespeak.


The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals.

This is Kalergi’s vision of YOUR future. But your future at election time is decided by you not by politicians or in Kalergi’s case, Marxist theorists.