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Rickmansworth Rhapsody

Rickmansworth Rhapsody

Summer was a magical time at Rickmansworth Young Ladies College formally known as Denham Hall; a very expensive College of learning for genteel young Ladies, a college for the daughters of Olde Albion from established families of substance whose parents were the Captains of Industry, Ambassadors, Political figures and leaders of men, many life-long friendships were forged among the boarders at Denham Hall.

By 10 pm in the middle of summer the sun was still shining brightly, filtering under the curtains and reflecting off the dormitory ceiling making it difficult to get to sleep. I am not sure what triggered the conversation but the thrust of the discussion as I remember was ‘When I leave college I want to be’

I was not surprised Tamzin took the lead; I would have been surprised if she hadn’t.

She opened with “When I leave college I want to be a Container Ship’s Captain”

This was followed by suppressed audible groans from the other boarders.

I put the question to Candice.

She answered “I want to be a Film Star”

Tamzin broke in ‘You cannot just WANT be a Film Star Candice, just like Rhonda cannot just WANT be clever”

Rhonda raised her voice and replied irately “There is no need to be personal Tamzin”.

There was a pause. “What about you Bridgette” asked Patience.

I said “I would like to be a Neuro Surgeon”

Tamzin broke in again, ‘That’s going to take a bit of practise Bridgette” followed by a giggle.

This was going to be interesting it was Rhonda’s turn.


“When I leave school I want to be a teacher” It was not met with a groan but rather more like someone throwing up from the direction of Tamzin’s bed.

It was Patience turn. She was the oldest of us. She responded “I would like to be the duty dormitory monitor like Nurse Mayo and throttle the life out of Tamzin”

Tamzin retorted authoritatively “That is not a profession Patience”

Phaedra, Elspeth and Jasmine had refused to be drawn into the conversation.

That was where the discussion ended.

Another beautiful morning greeted the Denham Hall girls; the days were an endless summer. The smell of freshly mown lawns was carried high on the zephyrs of a gentle breeze as did the heavy scent of Rhododendrons which filtered through the open windows. It was the beginning of the weekend. In the huge dining room Miss. Pringle watched over the girls at breakfast time like a circling Sparrowhawk. What will this new day bring?

Well it brought Mr Crisis out of the Science room for a start. It would take too long to explain, but Mr Crisis appeared one day and was offered the position of Science teacher by Miss Sefton due to the retirement of Miss. Myrtle.

The story goes it was eventually discovered that Mr Crisis came from the Constellation of Epsilon Boőtis which is only about 36 light years from earth, so you see it is quite close. He was from the planet Tau Boötis which is one of the planets orbiting Epsilon and he said he was on a Sabbatical. Tau Boötis yes maybe but I do not believe the bit about him being on a Sabbatical that stretches the imagination in anyone’s book.

Tamzin wanted to go to the shopping centre to buy mother a small gift in return for the hospitality of staying for the coming weekend. I pointed out to Tamzin she was not obliged to buy my mother anything as she is my second best friend; ………..that’s Tamzin not mother.

Stung, she said inquired “What do you mean second best friend who is your best friend then?”
Exasperated I said “Patience is. Look Tamzin it doesn’t matter, very best friend or second best friend it really doesn’t matter”.

She looked quite hurt.

We had a couple of hours spare before we were to leave for Scotland so we took a bus to the shopping centre. Tamzin wanted to look round the shops for a small gift for mother. I wanted to go with her in case she bought mother a packet of three triple A batteries or even a meter for testing printed circuit boards or something just as silly.

While Tamzin went into the Jewellers I sat on a seat in the main concourse next to the food emporium. The shopping centre seemed to float on a sea of marble, with the dimensions of a cathedral surrounded by huge windows like a mammoth conservatory or was it a Goldfish Bowl.

As I sat there a lady leading a large furry dog on a long leash passed my field of view. I held my breath for a heart-stopping moment as it paused momentarily to sniff the leg of an elderly lady shopper with a walking frame before it and its owner disappeared into the Food Hall.

I had never seen a dog being taken for walkies in shopping centres before not even a guide dog certainly not sniffing around a food hall. I was still pondering this when Tamzin arrived.

I asked “What did you buy my mother?”

She replied “A Brooch, what do you think Bridgette?”

“That’s lovely Tamzin she will like that, do you know what I just saw?”

“An aeroplane landing?”

“Be serious Tamzin just for a moment. No just I saw a lady walking a dog on a long leash in the food hall”

Tamzin said “well it would have to be a blind dog”

“You mean a dog for the blind”

“Yes that’s what I meant“

I explained “But SHE was leading the dog; dogs are not allowed in shopping centres”

There was a long pause while Tamzin reflected on this anomaly or better still while her thought patterns booted up. She countered with “Well that’s what I said, it proves my point it means the dog WAS blind that is why SHE was leading the dog”

I said “But if the dog was blind why would she bother to bring it to the shopping centre it cannot see anything, why not leave it at home?”

Again Tamzin thought about this briefly then said “Well if she left it at home while she was doing the shopping the dog would keep bumping into stuff in the house all afternoon, that’s cruel.” 

It was a conversation best left alone.

This weekend Father had hired an Executive Jet to fly Mr. Crisis, Tamzin, Elspeth MacDonald and myself to Oban Airport where we were met by Beecham the family retainer and chauffeur who drove us to Invarary Castle. Both Father and Mother greeted us at the main gate.

Even at our earlier meeting Father was very impressed with Mr Crisis. He had previously told father he can move effortlessly between star systems as pure cosmic consciousness, not hindered by the constraints of space, time and distance and can take on the form of the species he comes into contact with.

Delilah, my mother turned to Tamzin and said “Tamzin my dear, Brigitte tells me you want to be a Container ship’s captain when you leave school is that right?”

“Well yes and no” replied Tamsin “you see that was yesterday, I have now decided I want to be a Vet”
I covered my mouth to stifle my giggling.

Tamzin haughtily replied “there’s no need to be sarcastic Bridgette”

Father looked at me, closed his eyes and shook his head.

It was to be an evening of Scottish dancing that had been arranged with a band in the Saloon. When I told Tamzin about the live band that had been hired she pointed it would certainly be a great improvement over a dead one.

Many of our friends were expected including the Mackenzie’s and the Atholls. Tamzin and Elspeth had both brought their Dress Tartans for the event. I assumed Father would find something for Mr Crisis to wear; there would be no need for him to go shopping at TartansЯus in the high street.

I warned Tamzin that tonight there was no way she was going to pull that same trick twice of stealing other girls partners who she preferred to hers by skilfully exchanging her own partner during an tricky manoeuvre during an Eightsome Reel, it was like a three card trick with her, but I was wise-up to her and I warned Elspeth about her too and advised her to watch Tamzin like a Hawk during these formation dances, Elspeth said “I am not that thilly I know what Tamthin geth up to”

The guests began to arrive and were shown into the State dining room. As the drinks were being served the noise level increased, aided by the children separated from their parents. 

The venue for the dance was in the Saloon, much of the furniture had been removed to allow the dancers more room. Here friends met and long separated friends were reunited.

I must say Mr Crisis looked splendid in the Campbell Tartan, the stories he will be able to tell his friends on his return to Tau Boőtis do not bear thinking about.

The band commenced with the Eightsome reel the ‘Marquis of Tullrardine’. Tamzin should have been happy with her partner; Elspeth said he looked as she put it ‘quite hot’. I thought for a moment my partner for the night might be Elspeth before Beecham’s son Raymond asked me to dance. We danced Reels, Waltzes and Quicksteps; I don’t mean with Raymond ALL night but with different partners. Just thought I would get that straightened out.

There was a break of about a half hour when the second part of the evening started that’s when Reginald……. er something or other asked me to dance. I wanted the evening to go on forever but a tormented vision of blind dogs in shopping centres kept interfering with my train of thought.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Who are We?

Who are we?

Let us suppose NONE of the conventional accepted theories on human evolution is true. Let us broaden this out a little. Suppose Extra-terrestrial biological entities manipulated the DNA on already evolving primate creatures to create the Homo sapiens on this planet. No, no don’t stop reading you will miss the best bit. Let us suppose the various human-like entities were NOT triggered as a result of mating between Homo erectus, Homo habilus, Homo-Sapiens or Homo-Sapien-like creatures and Neanderthals.

One must have been in a perpetually comatose state not to know we have been visited for possibly as long as this planet has been in existence. These visitors visiting us right now could have arrived 200 million years earlier well before human-like forms walked the planet. They would not have necessarily come from our nearest star system either.

As a matter of interest at our primitive stage of technology a space shuttle would take years to get to our nearest star. If these visitors came from further afield than our nearest star with 200 million years start on technology they just as well could have come from the far edge of our Galaxy or even another galaxy. Here I will not discuss other universes or even dimensions.

The nearest star to the Earth is Proxima Centauri. A light year is 5.8786 x 10 ^12 miles, hence 4.18 light years is 2.4572 x 10^13 miles. I’ll also assume that the Shuttle would be travelling and it’s commonly quoted orbital speed of 17,500mph. Dividing this by 17,500 gives a travel time of 1,404,145,600 hours which is 58,506,066 days so it would take somewhat over 160,290 years to get to our nearest Star using our current technology.

If our visitors have been traversing the galaxy/s for 200 million years anything is possible and creating various forms of life and experimenting with DNA on this planet is not beyond the realm of possibility. The whole thing could have been an experiment.

The premise is and it is not my premise these visitors were visiting this nondescript planet when evolving primates were unable to walk upright and after 200 Million years these visitors would have been quite capable of experimenting with DNA. As I wrote in the first part of this article there is a worrying similarity in that our ancestors the primates, both had opposable or prehensile thumbs and our DNA was disturbingly close. If a number of different groups of inter-Stellar visitors were capable of experimenting with DNA this could account for human species being of a wide varying colour and more importantly having a huge range of physical differences.

Skeletal remains have been found of early man with extremely large heads. There have been remains found of early man, 7 feet tall which cannot be explained. These were only small in number and found in comparatively small areas. Likewise on remote Indonesian island scientist found prehistoric evidence of miniature humans who shared the earth with modern humans for at least 80,000 years and we are told the earth was one large land mass so the miniature humans could not have walked from their ‘Island’ until the land mass broke up.

If these visitors were ‘experimenting’ with DNA there would have been malformations. Differences in colour were a result of differences in the construction of DNA which could have been the result of experimentation. These failures might have not made the Human-like creatures. Of course it is all conjecture as are a lot of our current beliefs.

Was the Nordic man the result of DNA ‘experiments’ different to that of the Australia Aborigine and did it have nothing to do with who cohabited with who? It appears to make more sense that Nordic or Tibetan man did NOT evolve down the same line as the Australian Aborigine, the Papuan New Guinean, Pygmies or the Dinka People the differences are too great.

I believe there was NO seismic SHIFT in the single path of human evolution as it is debatable whether we did all progress down the same path of evolution.

It is possible in our very early stages of development our forefathers saw the Travellers as ‘Gods from the Sky’ and drew a likeness of them on cave walls, made carvings of them and worshiped them? One cannot know how close the contact between these ‘Gods’ and the primitives were. I do not believe we began our path as human-like creatures having crawled out from the ‘primeval ooze’.

Homo sapiens and Neanderthals or other human-like creatures that once walked the earth could have been given a helping hand in their evolution, their differences created by these Interstellar Travellers fully understanding the science of DNA; I realise it is all conjecture as are all the mystical Gods we have worshiped in the past and still do, be it the Sun the moon, black Cats or creatures like ourselves. We do not know if the visitors from the sky periodically returned to observe the result of their handiwork making alterations here and there or were never far away.

There are many other unanswered questions where speculation is rife but fact is sparse, such as did primitive man move 200 ton boulders, carve them with machinery-like precision before building temples to worship their own God-like entities, a wall so intricately built that one would be hard pressed to get a cigarette paper between the mammoth carved blocs. Did the early pyramid builder questioned his or her supervisor after years of hauling, carving and placing one stone of top of another if there were any real purpose to their lifetime labour other than to build a burial chamber for an earthly king?

But here it gets sinister.

The question is did Extra-terrestrial biological entities manipulate DNA in already evolving primates to create the Homo sapiens on this planet?

There is a lady in the USA who is quite respected in this field and somewhat of an authority on this subject thinks they did and so I suspect does the ‘secret government’. Wiki says “Her name is Linda Moulton Howe and Wiki goes on to say she is an “advocate of conspiracy theories” that cattle mutilations are of extra-terrestrial origin and speculations that the U.S. government is involved.

What Wiki does not say however is the reason she questions cattle mutilations is because in some instances during Post Mortems reveal the animal’s heart/s had found to have been removed without any signs of intervention with any signs of blood, I should add she was not the single witness.

‘Advocate’ by the way can mean whatever you like it to mean. If you do not believe the narrative or questions the paradigm then one runs the risk of ridicule as might Linda Moulton Howe.

This is the problem when one nears the truth, ridicule and denial is the order of the day. It is worth an intelligent discussion rather than a 20 word statement ‘this project is closed’ Has someone got something to hide?

Starts.. Linda Moulton states ad verbatim…” In nearly 37 years of trying to the best of my ability to find out the real truth behind lots of the phenomena and realising that perhaps with good intentions that our government at its highest level in the FDR administration going forward made decisions in the interests of National Security to protect the American citizenry but now some 67 years later I do not think the policies of lies and denial that the fact we are not alone in the universe and there has been an Alien presence on this planet for millions of years and humans are just waking up that NOTHING we have been taught is true.

That is what motivated me, what kept me going and in the process I have become very disappointed and dismayed at what our government has done to cover up what I think is one of the single most important subjects, WHO ARE WE? What is the history of this planet and that is what we are talking about?

April 9 1983 at Kirkland Air Force Base in the Airforce office of special investigations office with Richard C Dodie I was there working on the HBO Project at the time when I thought I was there to get some names and phones numbers of people involved in a very dramatic case in South Dakota, when he reached into a drawer brought out a vanilla envelope and as he was handing it over to me he said, my superiors have asked me to show this to you, you can read it, you can ask me questions but you cannot take notes.

I want you to move from the chair you are in to that chair and he motioned to a big chair that was right in the middle of the room and I was too green then to realise that I was in an office made specifically to video tape and audiotape people at that chair in front of that desk.

67 years after that moment a man that I met described my clothes, my hair, the discussion because he had seen all of the videotape that they had taken of me that day. I did not realise what I am now reading are several pages that began on the front page; all CAPS.

“Briefing paper for the President of the United States of America on the subject of unidentified aerial craft UAC’s the phrase unidentified aerial vehicles UAV’s both two acronyms were used throughout this paper, not UFO’s and as it went back it began into the history of the project side and GRUDGE and what happened to the pilot Thomas Mantell the pilot that was blown out of the air when he was trying to approach a UFO. His plane and body were blown to smithereens by some sort of force.

On approximately the second or third page of this type ; it was all typed there was a paragraph that said Extra-terrestrial Biological entities manipulated the DNA of already evolving primates to create Homo Sapiens (the Latin was used), on this planet and next to the last page of the document there was a series of projects. The top one was Project Garnet. I paid special attention to that name as it was my birth stone.


She concluded, “Now they are hugely revolutionary sentences if one had not been exposed to those concepts before, reading them in a chair on an Air Force base in an Air Force office of Special investigation” Ends.

Could there be something about our origins we are not being told?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Child of Mitochondrial Eve.

I am who I am.

Child of Mitochondrial Eve.

Considering the huge spectrum of different physical characteristics or variability between humans it is worth debating the reason for this but there is a problem, once you start comparing human differences you find by default you will be comparing not only physical differences but skin colour. No-one will argue the point that we are NOT or ARE all the same in physical characteristics as a human species. There had to be a seismic shift in our path of evolution.

One can compare 'differences' between animals, birds and insects with safety but not humans. If Darwin was wrong and hypothesized my ancestors were monkeys I would not feel at all slighted, there is a similarity in that we both have opposable or a prehensile thumb and our DNA is disturbingly close.

While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans Neanderthals and Homo sapiens only evolved about 200,000 years ago, so we have a had a generous time to finally settle on our path evolution. We all had to start somewhere.....I had no choice, I am who I am.

I recently read a condensed article on the origin of man. It was mooted by an expert in this field that there was insignificant mating between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals who were a close cousin of Homo sapiens having DNA over 99.5% the same. Insignificant or not mating is mating.

It was Neanderthals that did not survive evolution and became extinct around 40,000 years ago about the same time we are told the Australian Aborigine appeared in a place now called Australia having ‘walked’ so we are told from Tanzania with all the rest of us which if they were able to walk they would have been wading all the way. Incidentally at that time Tanzania was not a place, and it was going to be extremely difficult to walk as the continents had broken up 75,000 years prior. A true Australian Aborigine has a much closer resemblance to a Papuan or New Guinean than a Tanzanian so the ‘walk’’ for the Australian Aborigine was not possibly as long as we thought it was, so is it all guesswork?

Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late Palaeozoic and early Mesozoic eras. It assembled from earlier continental units approximately 300 million years ago, and it began to break apart about 175 million years ago, so where were the land bridges for the Australian Aborigine to cross enable them to call Australia home?

Now Civilization as we know it is only about 6,000 years old, which is really good news for the Creationist as the bible tells us God created the world 6000 years ago, now that is an uncanny co-incidence in anyone’s book. Homo sapiens who we have to assume were not God’s creatures having appeared around 194,000 Million years earlier did survive; as did the survivors of interbreeding between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens when a distinct human line was established, call it a Mixed-human species.

I cannot see any other reason for such a huge physical disparity between humans that I have to believe that the Negroid races were triggered as result of mating between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, or alternatively if one finds that statement racially provocative it was the fair skinned races that were the result of this mating between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. The more alert of you will note I am having two bob each way with this assumption keeping an arms-length away from any provocative politically-incorrect statement.

Visitors from Gliese 581G who had arrived here faster than the speed of light would not understand the critical importance of ”Political Correctness” and would wonder why it should tread lightly when discussing differences in skin colour, we do not theorise eye shape may have been caused by gazing for lengthy periods at the sun.

Those observant among you will realise I am not discussing race but physical characteristics between two human specimens. One has to be extremely careful where one treads with this subject. 

If these extra-terrestrial visitors I write of that arrived from Gliese 581G from the constellation Libra observed an Australian Aborigine placed side by side with an indigenous Swede they would without doubt naturally assume they were two ‘similar human species’ whose path of evolution ‘was NOT from a common ancestor’ A mixed race person has two common ancestors as does a non- mixed race person. I watched a documentary that stated that “we all are descendants of about 29 hunter gatherer people in a place now called Tanzania”

It gets better; we were told our DNA can all be traced back to one female, Mitochondrial Eve. Where were the other females? Darwin theorised evolution began when we crawled out of the primordial ooze in one basic life form or another; there must have been more than one female-leaning single cell surely. To take it one step further could Mitochondrial Eve be alive and well today as the modern Female and who in her unique way helps to perpetuate the species.

After the initial discovery of the "mitochondrial Eve", the researcher felt uneasy about using the term "Eve" because it caused many to think that she was the only woman living at that time, much like what is written in Genesis of the Bible concerning Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is an interesting point when discussing this subject or astrophysics, God is never mentioned.

I want to strongly stress this personal observation is not meant to be in any way derogatory and has nothing to do with race. Humans were of different colour and physical traits way before we formed races. I am told that we ALL came from Africa, be that as it may.

The physical differences are such that speculation is worth debating without any frenzied name calling. I feel in the name of freedom of expression and freedom of speech I am allowed to debate this hypothesis. To appreciate these huge differences in physical appearance one only has to compare a true Australian Aborigine and a Northern European.

Wiki tells us “results show the genomes of modern humans and Neanderthals are at least 99.5% identical”, but despite this genetic similarity, the two species coexisted in the same geographic region for thousands of years.

Edward Rubin of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who led one of the research teams, found there was no evidence of any “significant” interbreeding between the two. As an aside, a

difference of just .5% defective DNA can cause significant defects which can be passed on to one’s children and have devastating effects.

I suspect that is “significant” guess work on the part of Mr Rubin. He did say however "While unable to definitively conclude that interbreeding between the two species of humans did not occur, analysis of the nuclear DNA from the Neanderthal suggests the low likelihood of it having occurred at any “appreciable” level."

So he is having two bob each way here. To surmise even a low appreciable level means he agrees that interbreeding did occur and from thereon in it was a matter of time and intensity of the breeding to arrive at what Mr Rubin might term an “appreciable” level. Rabbits and Mice are a prime example.

Skin colour has nothing to do with living in the sun but all to do with pigmentation of the skin this is passed on through a person’s DNA and if there was .5% of Neanderthals DNA that was unlike the DNA of Homo Sapiens it could have been this crucial .5% that caused the diversity in human skin colour and physical difference that through mating triggered a human species on a parallel path of evolution. You’re Genes or mixture of Genes will determine who you are and your physical appearance. Big question who gets to decide a humans DNA,   I MAY HAVE THE ANSWER

As I wrote if our ancestors ALL originated from Africa our DNA must have been very close but the discrepancy in skin colour and physical characteristic seem to prove otherwise. Is this the elusive .5% difference?

An insignificant likelihood of mating at any level between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals is all that is needed to have caused the establishment of a distinct human line born with a white OR black skin and with or without Negroid features. What we are being told to believe is the mating between Homo-Sapiens and Neanderthals had little or no effect on our physical appearance. Regardless I must assume there were two similar human species whose path of evolution was NOT from a common ancestry which can be discussed without even referring to skin colour.

Let us approach this from a completely different point of view.
in Part Two.