Friday, 29 March 2013

The Gay Homosexual.

Happy days are here Again.
‘Or the Gay Homosexual.

“Father, I have a confession to make, I have become very fond of Roger and want to marry him’’

In this Twenty First century where anything goes father is most unlikely to reply ‘’well son if you mean what I think you mean then I find your behaviour quite unacceptable, you appear to have acquired the morals of a Tom Cat. I and your mother have brought you up to be a God-fearing Anglican with a balanced head on your shoulders, you disappoint us”

“We sent you to a good school and we urge you, no we implore you to rethink this whole silly idea bearing in mind young Elspeth is going to be shattered to receive this news, her mother told us she is already looking at rings and wedding dresses. You also have our reputation to upkeep. You are the village Scout leader, Church organist and Choir leader, how on earth would we be able to face Elspeth’s parents again? Just because this pianist Elvis John person who prefers to sleep around with strange men does not give you the where-with-all to do the same”

Times have indeed changed. In today’s permissible New World Father might instead inquire of his son if this Roger person has secure employment what his future prospects are, have rings been purchased and have they set a date for their nuptials. It is not yet mandatory that one partner is required by tradition to wear a white suit.

I do not think any questions will be asked regarding starting a family- well certainly not initially. Furthermore father will not give a flying fig to discover this Roger person is in fact a Romanian Big Issue seller. Roger might even score a few extra points after revealing he was holding a much sought after Big Issue seller site in the high street next to the Pound Shop or was it Waitrose?

Alternatively if it was your daughter bearing similar disturbing news then it is something that Mother will have to face. She will no doubt remind her wayward daughter that “Just because this Ellen Degenerate woman decides to take a wife does not signify you have to follow in her footsteps. Frankly I do not think you have thought this one through young lady; for instance who do you expect is going to fertilize your eggs?”

A tricky question indeed and not an answer I would be sourcing although modern mothers are resourceful, very forward thinking, practical people and all bases have to be covered.

Yes the world is rapidly changing and it is parents like us that are nakedly exposed at the front line. With the technological advancements being made at a frightening pace our sons now possess in their hands the awesome ability to send pictures of their genitalia, flaccid or otherwise to a female acquaintance in true colour reproduction at a resolution of 14 Megapixels-or more.

 Or vicky verky a female woman of the opposite species can likewise send similar exquisite pictures on her mobile phone of her privates at a frequency of 2.5 Gigs by return, which by its very default are inaccessible to scallywags, vagabonds, thieves, scoundrels, rascals and opportunists as they are transmitted at the speed of light!

I am not intimating for one moment the boy I speak of would mindlessly send tasteless pictures of his private parts to young Elspeth if only for the fact her father holds down a very senior position at the local police station.

Nevertheless If I had the temerity to be able to utilise this technology, which incidentally was not available to me when I was courting my wife 40 odd years ago and her mother Doris were to have intercepted these dreadful images I have no doubt she would have fainted on the spot causing her husband to immediately apply the vapours and our little liaison would have come to an abrupt end with a parting warning by her mother with her hands cupped around her mouth like a megaphone bellowing as I retreated rapidly down the drive in disgrace, ‘’and- you- are- not- welcome- back, do you hear?’’

I wish that were all but we have not even scratched the surface. Imagine if you will young seven year old Imogen searching for information on the internet for her primary school assignment on the subject on Fairies. 

 One ill-fated thoughtless click on her Pee Cee directs her to some revolting movies and disgusting, wretched images when she unwittingly and without due care and scant attention lands on a porn site hosted by a famous Russian porn star hiding behind the non- de-plume of ‘Miss Fairy lights’, depicting frightening images that would even shock her father to the core, a man not easily affronted having spent many years as a Stoker in the Royal Merchant Marine in foreign climes

I might be accused of being a prude but as I commented to my wife who hurriedly concurred, I am glad we had our children in more innocent times.

As an aside, even at my age being on the wrong side of three score years and a bit I am still on a learning curve. After a number of years being intensely coached by my wife I now can spot a breast enhancement on our Digital Non-3D 55 inch Television of the Lady News presenter, Weather Girl or Female Front-Person at a distance of least 20 feet from my TV screen----without my glasses. So the money spent on my cataract removal was well spent and did not go astray

You just do not want to know how much my hearing aids cost; I have in the past paid less for cars fully taxed and with an M.O.T…………….….and tyres.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Birmingham UK. Central Mosque.

Birmingham UK. Central Mosque.
One of 163 Mosques in Birmingham)

The English city of Birmingham, the home of BSA,(Birmingham Small Arms) was a powerhouse of commerce and industry in the industrial revolution. It evolved from a small 7th century hamlet on the border of Mercia. There is evidence of hominid activity (erect bipedal primate mammals that includes recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related form) in the Birmingham area dating back 500,000 years. The oldest human artefact found within Birmingham is the Saltley Handaxe: a 500,000 year old brown quartzite hand axe.

BSA manufactured military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard chrome process

At its peak, BSA was the largest motorcycle producer in the world. Loss of sales and poor investments in new products in the motorcycle division, which included Triumph Motorcycles, before the Great third World Invasion

Wikipedia tell us the collapse of Birmingham's industrial economy was sudden and catastrophic. As late as 1976 the West Midlands region – with Birmingham as its principal economic dynamo – still had the highest GDP of any in the UK outside the South East, but within five years it was lowest in England. Birmingham itself lost 200,000 jobs between 1971 and 1981, with the losses concentrated in the manufacturing sector; relative earnings in the West Midlands went from being the highest in Britain in 1970 to the lowest in 1983.

By 1982 the city's unemployment rate approached 20%; its immigration intake had skyrocketed. Let us understand what cultural vibrancy had brought Birmingham other than these dreadful figures driven by an obsession by Liberalists to totally change the demographics of a famous English city.

Tension between ethnic groups and the authorities led to the Handsworth riots in 1981 and 1985. October 2005 saw the 2005 Birmingham riots in the Lozells and Handsworth regions of the city, with street battles between black and Asian gangs, caused by an unsubstantiated rumour resulting in two deaths and much damage

A feast of saliva dripping spin from Birmingham City internet site ‘’The Birmingham City Council, further to the Local Strategic Partnership 'Be Birmingham', continue to strive towards a better, more united Birmingham’’.

What does that actually mean? The only way to strive for a more unified Birmingham is by the use of force, intimidation and legislation, or perhaps by bringing in the army. In fact it is this that keeps the warring tribes apart.

There is many Birmingham’s spread across the North of England, not forgetting our capital city where Londoners are now the minority.

Please sit back and enjoy further delights from the traitorous Marxist Hacks at the Birmingham post

…‘’The EDL have successfully exploited concerns about the sex grooming gangs in the north of England, turning the issue into one of Islam versus the West." Also ‘’the far-right group is using recent cases, such as the nine Asian men jailed last year for grooming girls in Rochdale (for sexual grooming please read Paedophilia), to build support, King's College London found’’

There is no comment about the dreadful affect seduction and prostitution will have on these pre-pubescent girls, only to call attention that Muslim Paedophiles are being victimised

No, sorry they have again successfully again highlighted concerns about Paki paedophiles in our Northern cities. There is no regret not a grudging apology to the parents whose 13 year old daughters were made pregnant by primitive Muslim Paedophiles or the dreadful affect seduction and under- age prostitution will have on these young girls. It is of no importance as long as the rich vibrancy of Multi-Culti is not besmirched.

It writes ‘This 'rape jihad', as it has become known, is a significant concern for the EDL. Interest has risen since revelations in the British media about the existence of sex-grooming gangs made up of Muslim men of south-Asian origin."

To the politically correct Hacks at the Birmingham Post I will finish by emphasising, of course it is a significant concern for the EDL and this will also come as a complete surprise, but it is also a significant bloody concern to mothers of young daughters unfortunate enough to live in those ever increasing festering Multi-cultural hell holes and to the indigenous British people who find these alien Eastern cultural practises taking place in a Christian country

I could have been referring to well over a dozen of our English cities and towns. I will not start on Bradford or ‘’Lester’’. I cannot ever imagine what Britain will look like when the Muslim population exceed Britons in large pockets of a number of our towns, when the number of Mosques exceeds the number of churches and when pressure is put on our government consent to allow an initially mild form of Sharia Law in these primitive, Banshee- wailing Mosque-littered occupied territories. If it is of any assurance to my people we are not alone at present this is also being played out in most of the major cities of Europe

To my apathetic kin may I quote just a few figures?
Bradford 78. Mosques.
London 354. 
Sheffield 33 
‘Lester’’ 54.
Bolton 23
Bristol 18.
Dewsbury 25.
Cardiff 17.
Glasgow 20.
Huddersfield 15
Oldham 29.Nottingham 23.
Walsall 15.
Todmorden (can’t say I have heard of it) 6 Mosques

According to the Islamic website salaam, there are about 1689 Mosques in the UK.
In the U.S there are 1209 Mosques

Monday, 25 March 2013

Armies of the Genie

Armies of the Genie

Multiculturism, a new religion? Why not? We bow to the God of Multiculti, our Police Commissioners tip toe with nervous apprehension when faced with the day to day realities on how to accommodate this new religion and are extremely nervous as to how to deal with strange peoples from strange lands bringing with them strange customs.

The Police too have been unwittingly seduced and have been known to kneel in strict observance in reverence to this unholy religion. The ordinary Policeman or Women? Well theirs is not to question why or they will face a disciplinary board faster than their feet can touch the ground.

Our government also seduce its own people to give up their ethnic uniqueness and identity and are encouraged to wallow like swine in this festering mish mash of a violent Multi Culti society.

The island people are speechless and stand in awe, unaware that their day to day perceived freedoms are non existent but they are unknowingly moulded and cunningly crafted to ensure unwanted Multiculturism is thrust upon them without dissent. We are not alone; many western countries are now plagued by the effects of its poisonous tentacles.

“We must embrace diversity and enrichment” shout the New Architects; more expressions from Mr. Orwell’s world of 1984?

But in truth what do these words actually mean? They are just words because in truth these people do not WANT to diversify and third world violence does NOT enrich a civilised nation, the invaders do not even diversify with other imported exotic cultures, thus we see the appearance of Ghetto’s, sorry visible ethnic minority clusters in many of our decaying major cities as experienced in many of Europe’s once peaceful cities. I repeat, it is a cruel illusion.

If approximately 4,000 of our own people who have been murdered by these ‘Enrichers’ who have been invited into OUR country to enrich and share our culture then it IS an illusion.

The establishment and Police will not warn the people of this silent, murder by stealth of its own people because it smacks of institutionalised racism. The lives of our people are easily expendable and any serious dissent can be kept in check by threats of incarceration; a small price to pay to foster uncertainty upon them to meekly accept this new Muti Culti religion.

If our government are forced to bring out strict laws to enforce this Multi Culti religion then it obvious it is unwanted by its own people, just as there are strict laws to protect our people against Murder, Rape and Paedophilia, it is just another evil. What makes it even more obscene is that the government that enforce it are also our own people.

So what is its aim? Like Winston Smith in Orwell's prophesies of 1984 I thought I knew, but it is too complex for me to understand. There are too many variables; it is protean in its concept. I sometimes wonder if the government have unleashed a terrible Genie out of the bottle and they now realise that in the very near future they will not be able to control this evil monster, thus we are seeing our security and intelligence services being beefed up.

They are now employing increasing numbers of these same invaders to help warn and combat the threats, which mark my words, will one day turn our streets into first world killing grounds.

So where are the violent threats coming from, our own people? Most certainly not, but from the very people who are part of this multicultural illusion, the armies of the Genie. Keeping the stopper on the bottle would have saved at least 4,000 of our people’s lives. But it just proves who cares? The perpetrators are STILL in power.

The future Winston Smith might not be surprised to be stopped in the street one day by a officer in a blue uniform, speaking broken English, wearing medals and ribbons for devotion and loyalty to the Federation and on his shoulder a identification patch with the letters EQRG (Eurabia Quick Response Group) surrounded by yellow stars, but by then as Orwell’s Winston Smith found out much to his consternation, it will be too late, he thought he knew who his enemies were too, but the hidden enemy were his own people.


Remember, you read of here first.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Trotsky Dreaming.

Trotsky Dreaming.

I have written articles on this subject before. I do again as it is important for readers who surf the net and land on this site to understand exactly what the rule of this land is once the web of Sedition, Treason and criminal deceit is stripped away and what it is that drives Nationalist loyalties

Individualism or Nationalism is the opposite of Collectivism. On International Business Cultures site their first six words back up my statement where their opening line states; Individualism is the opposite of Collectivism; I maintain a Statist government, a form of government we are ruled under repudiates Individualism, that is why its hatred of Nationalism borders on obsession. This statement below by John Riddle a columnist for the Spectator who worked for the Labour Party, and who returned to journalism after graduating from the London School of Economics where he read Social Psychology (a useful diploma) and was taken on as a trainee producer by the BBC. He became editor of Today in 1998, resigning in 2002 and he has also written for The Guardian. So with those credentials behind him his critique of the BNP and its supporters should not leave me too concerned about his in-depth, non-biased, balanced view of Nationalism, his Alma Mater being The L.S.E, the BBC and the Guardian, say no more!

I will start by lifting a small part of his article, he writes...

Whereas the BNP still retains a ‘sweet affection’ for Strasserism, collectivism, guilds and the like on most of the touchstone issues — Muslims, political correctness, immigration, Europe, capital punishment — there is not much between them. (Strasserism?) refers to the strand of Nazism that called for, and the neo-Nazism that currently calls for, a more radical, mass-action and worker-based form of National Socialism, particularly hostile to finance capitalism from an Anti-Semitic basis. Do I hear the faint but unmistakeable strains of the Horst Wessel? Like many people Mr Riddle does not understand the difference between National Socialism and Nationalism. What did they teach him at the LSE?

People in individualistic cultures (Nationalistic) emphasize their success/achievements in job or private wealth and aiming up to reach more and/or a better job position. In Collectivistic cultures a direct confrontation will be always avoided. Expressions or phrases are used which describe a disagreement or negative statement instead of saying NO would mean to destroy the harmony in the group. This permeates throughout British society today. Marxist/Communist/ Trotskyist/Leninist are all collective cultures. The only comparison between Individualism and Collectivism is that they are direct opposites. How can the BNP retain a “Sweet Affection” for amongst other things collectivism, which is the antithesis of Nationalism, is beyond me?

Individualism versus collectivism.

I repeat, Individualism is “the direct opposite of collectivism; together they form on the dimensions of national political cultures. Individualism stands for a society in which the ties between individuals are loose: everyone is expected to look after himself or herself and his or her immediate family only. At present, the USA is a prime example, the UK used to be. Collectivism on the other hand is the political ideology of far left governments; think China, North Korea and the old USSR, though appearing on the surface to be fiercely Nationalistic, the people are mere peasants, and there was no freedom of thought or expression. That is not my description of true Nationalism. Perhaps I am looking for a utopia that does not exist.

Collectivism “stands for a society in which people from birth onwards are integrated into a strong cohesive ethnic group, which throughout people’s lifetime continue to protect them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty.” here we think of Russian collectives or Mir’s

Reading the previous paragraph explains why Collectivism, the direction we are heading can NEVER work with a Multicultural, Piebald, and Magpie coloured dis-united society. What is happening in the UK and throughout Europe is an insane social experiment that in the long term is doomed to failure, and it is the European people particularly its children and females that are already suffering the collateral damage. Remember voters it is you that put the Mad Men in charge of the Asylum?

Collectivism does on the other hand provide a strong harmony, teamwork and minimizes confrontations usually by the use of threats. There is no good, there is no bad, there is no black there is no white, there are no winners, there are no losers. Also on the negative side, collectivism lacks creativity and openness to opinions. It comes to a saying, “if the whole boat is sailing on the wrong direction, everybody will too. If the boat is rocked by an individual with an opposing view to the collective group; the over-riding demand by the collective group is loyalty to the ruling group. Freedom of expression is the first basic human right to suffer, as we are now experiencing in the UK.

“If the whole boat is sailing in the wrong direction, everybody will too” and that is what worries me. The direction for Great Britain as I see it is if the boat does not reverse direction very soon we will all slide into the dark abyss of a disunited Great Britain which is happening right now. I predict a time quite soon when internet servers will be instructed which sites can or cannot be accessed because of their so called extremist content or anti-government opposition, this site might also be targeted, but like the painfully slow destruction of the UK this type of censorship will also occur very slowly.

As an ethnic Enrichee I strongly advise against uttering out loud any comment that has been catalogued as a thought crime certainly not outside of the safety of ones own home or to anyone but ones family or you will quickly be cruelly parted from your family. The government are now collating these crimes into Sub groups; Gender Crimes, Race crimes, Hate crimes, Homophobic crimes, crimes likely to cause fear and alarm, crimes that might cause personal offence, I.E little 7 year old white boy to little black boy ‘what country do you come from?’ Yes a criminal offence no less.

So you would like to see real change? I am the bearer of bad news I’m afraid. There will be no change while we are governed by three political groups masquerading as three separate political parties supposedly covering the wide spectrum of politics from extreme far left Socialism or Labour Politics, the Lib/Dems safe in the middle ground and supposedly right leaning Conservative party when in fact they all have identical manifesto’s and you wonder why your freedom of speech reaches deaf ears.

I worry that the people after years of indoctrination and misinformation from primary school and throughout their working life might actually prefer slavery to freedom when the line between them has begun to blur, it is something they feel safe with like a mothers love. WAKE UP PEOPLE…. I have a vested interest you see; it is my future we are discussing and yours!

The Face of a NEW Britain

 The Face of a NEW Britain

We are preaching to the converted, how many times have you heard that? Writers post articles like this not necessarily to preach to the converted but rather hoping that people who are drawn to internet sites like the British Resistance and other Patriotic movements that are continually being vilified by the media and National Broadcaster and suspect the government and the establishment are not telling the truth will by reading these articles will have their suspicions confirmed.

We are all horrified at to the rape of our country but what is continually being asked is can the people do anything about it? Can it be reversed? After finding myself in the wilds of London recently, West Norwood actually, patiently waiting in a bus shelter with about 8 assorted Africans or Caribbean I was half expecting a voice to enquire of me ‘’Dr Livingstone I presume?’’

Large blocks of Council apartments stood behind me with African children playing around the perimeter of the tower blocks, the passers-by were all from the third world, there were no white people except my wife and me. I had not deliberately headed to this part of colonized London, The immediate thought was, it is too late this damage is irreversible. I travelled on 4 buses and 4 trains as BR were working on parts of the rail system. That day the sights I saw from the window of the bus and train frightened the hell out of me.

I was visiting my sister who has been in a palliative care home for over 25 years with MS and when she was first admitted to this institution West Norwood was predominately White.I went into the shop next to the bus stop to buy a paper; again it was a Negro shop, so were all the other shops

Later on in the week I went to a little Kent village close to where I was brought up, Wateringbury. I went into a shop to buy bread and found it was owned by a Pakistani, or Indian or Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi, God knows who! But the questions still remain; can anything be done about the dreadful changes taking place in our country?

It will be proved within this century, once the blood has been cleaned away that what European governments and successive British governments have achieved in experimenting with so called ‘Multiculturism’ and ‘Diversity’ amount to blatant human rights violations inflicted on the indigenous European populations and at the same by enacting savage, stifling undemocratic laws curtailing the peoples freedom of speech and expression, freedom to voice genuine concern at the dilution and in our case the destruction of the unique English character, not dissimilar to the atrocities being perpetrated on the indigenous peoples of Tibet by the Chinese, whose culture and traditions are not Tibetan and who are deliberately scattering them to other lands and reshaping the Tibet population.

In this country these experiments have caused terrible social fragmentation and upheaval; ‘No Go’ areas only for the indigenous people in their own land and fear for the safety of their children once out on the streets, especially young females. It is changing the quintessential English character and appearance of many English cities, towns and even villages with eyesores like Mosques and Minarets and the banshee desert wailings of the call to prayer, schools where none of the pupils have English as their first language. Strange black apparitions on the street, humans resembling Crows or is that Penguins? This has not happened by accident but by wilful, criminal design.

The people can rise up but the authorities use the Ideological Police forces that resort to Kettling; shepherding the peasants like the sheep. Incidentally In March 2012 Kettling was ruled lawful by the European Court of Human Rights following a legal challenge, note not made legal by OUR government but by an illegally formed pseudo government in a foreign country.

We witnessed baton charges against our own people when we saw during the protest march of the Countryside Alliance, or the British Policeman who murdered an innocent man walking past a street protest on his way home. This is decaying England in the 21st century. Enlightened people know what has caused this terrible situation but how do we stop it without a democratic election system in this country.

So far what I have written is stating the bleeding obvious; the question still remains how do white people halt their demise and how do we regain self government?

For a start it we must understand this festering edifice that is controlling the borders of Europe, refinancing its debts, arranging austerity packages and threating fines severe if counties do not adhere to the austerity conditions placed upon them by yet another treaty and in the meanwhile looking to expand into North Africa and beyond.

This socialist monster was constructed one agreement at a time, one treaty at a time it cannot be disassembled overnight only by pulling out of one treaty at a time. Don’t look to the English people for salvation; they have lost heart, their courage over 60 years has been shattered, look to Europe.

We must encourage revolt in Europe, we must encourage countries to take control of their own destinies, and we must encourage them they have the backing of many people here even though many are too terrified publicly to voice any opinion.

The European Union must be destroyed first by withdrawing from the Schengen treaty which eliminated all border controls within the occupied European states. I believe the Greek opposition want OUT of this agreement to have more control of their borders to stem the tide of Turks, Tunisians, Libyans, and Moroccans and economic tourists from darkest Africa.

With the epidemic of rape in Norway and Sweden withdrawing from this treaty would go along way in reducing the numbers of violent rapes in Scandinavia by stemming the tide of illegals. It is not the E.U that channels blacks into Europe but the United Nations, a truly globalist entity. The EU just facilitates movement through Europe that much easier.

What terrifies politicians most is the possibility of losing an election and having to work for a living, if enough people complain they have to listen.

If Marie Le Pen were to join a governing coalition in France I would hope she too would look at withdrawing from this mad Schengen Treaty. Although I believe she wants OUT of the EU totally. This monster cannot be destroyed overnight its destruction will come by ONE TREATY AT A TIME.

After its destruction perhaps we can see a little clearer and not be bound by another foreign country telling us who we can or cannot deport and most importantly we can immediately seal our borders …IT IS A START.……………………… THERE IS STILL HOPE.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Unkindest cut of all.

Unkindest cut of all.

There has been a number of third world practises that came bundled with forced Multiculti. Some more Liberal people might argue that what we are seeing is nothing less than an example of the rich kaleidoscope mirroring other exotic cultures that have been brought to our Anglo Saxon Christian shores. Others might say it is Stone Age and effing barbaric. These practises unknown in a Christian country prior to the 40’s that I list are forced marriages, acid attacks, honour killings, Paedophilia and what some might refer to as being on an industrial scale is the practise of FGM or Female Genital Mutilation

The good news for the English females is they are not required to involve themselves in this barbarous practise, which was a relief I can tell you for a Mrs Carter-Brown of The Cloisters, Popes lane, Little Chalfont, an English 28 year old mother of 3. It came too late for her anyway to avail herself of the procedure ….if you get my drift.

I just loved the poster portraying what were obviously two English ladies photographed from the waist down to highlight the practise of FGM when it is performed on pre-pubescent Asian girls and before they become sexually active. God they must think people are stupid …………Pardon what was that?

There has been no mention of MGM although a doctor on a generous contract with the local hospital specialising in this single procedure said on the radio ‘’I have never lost a Penis yet’’ I am hoping like hell when a lad comes of age he sues the hospital for thousands of pounds for sexual mutilation against his will which incidentally has been tested in court and the litigant was successful.

Allow me to do a direct lift if I may.

‘’As many as 100,000 women in Britain have undergone female genital mutilations with medics in the UK (Third World?) offering to carry out the illegal procedure on girls as young as 10, it has been reported. ‘British girls’ (Pakistani) undergo the horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws.’’

Now 100,000 people is not an insignificant figure. To put it into some sort of everyday perspective many people can understand, imagine if you will close to 10,000 female football teams all playing at once at White City, or 100,000 females watching woman’s beach volley ball match or Vicky Verky 100,000 spectators watching 10,000 females watching woman’s football. Hang on the figures are confusing me. It is only then one starts to appreciate the enormity of these figures

For young ‘’British” girls please read Pakistani, are sent on a trip to Pakistan for what will turn out to be 10 minutes of absolute terror and pain.

I continue. ''Female circumcision will be inflicted on up to 2,000 ‘British’ schoolgirls (Pakistani) during the summer holidays leaving brutal and emotional scars'' young Pakistani students (British) some who hoped Clacton would have been their point of destination this year for their summer holidays rather than arriving at Islamabad Airport then suspecting with ominous unease that something was not quite right cry out, in Urdu of course ‘’where the freaking hell are we?’’

There have been no prosecutions against this vile practice
. Although I believe very recently there were TWO arrests. The newspaper report went on to say the ‘West Midland police said a 55-year-old and a 61-year-old were arrested on Friday after officers from the force's public protection unit attended three separate addresses in Birmingham’. They did not report they were investigating cases of Female FGM or the arranging of young British (Pakistani) girls to be sent to Pakistan. Understandable I ‘spose.

Does one feel the police are more interested in booking motorist over-staying their time parked on double yellow lines?

You can rest assured I have it from their highest authority that until the Muslim Brotherhood have the numbers as in Egypt there will be no stoning’s, amputations or ‘angings to complete future Saturday morning Sharia festivities.

Hang on! hang on! You will like this. Speaking outside of Bradford Crown Court after the jailing of crazed sick perverts Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain for a catalogue of offences against young white girls, Chief Superintendent Mrs Angela Williams had to stress that such vile crimes were not just carried out by 'Asian' men. If that were the case I half expected the sexual miscreants before the courts to be named Smudger Smiff and Chalky White, but no.

I should mention for the sake of clarity Lady Policeman Mrs Chief Super Angela Williams (common purpose graduate class of 2005) was shoe-horned into this Senior Police position when it was realised most senior police appointments had been going to visible ethnic people or Blacks. Her husband said although the Police uniform quote, ‘looked good on ‘er’ he had hoped she would have plumped for as job as an Airline Hostess as their uniforms immediately triggered his primal sexual animal urges. He added for some unknown reason her Policeman’s outfit moved him to think of Homosexual parades and motor bikes

Monday, 4 March 2013

Life outside of the European Empire

Life outside of the European Empire

Unlike the USSR, the formation of the EU has not taken a violent uprising to see the birth of a future dictatorship. It is only when it finally casts off the fa├žade of being a European Federation of states formed solely for the benefit of trade and security for all European peoples will it morph into full blown oligarchy, a dictatorship.

Let one member state step out of line as Austria did, and the full force of this dictatorship will be suddenly realised. Serbia was ordered  to arrest Radovan Karadzic and agree to give Kosovo autonomy or don’t bother applying for membership. We don’t like right leaning governments in Austria get rid of it and while we are at it Turkey better lift its Human rights or it won’t get its economy funded by our wealthier members and its Moslem population will not get the opportunity to saturate all of Europe with the followers of Islam. Ireland better get it right the second time around at the polling booths or we will wreck their economy by denying them funding.

These rules of subservience also apply to Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia. It is a pity about Georgia, it will have to wait; if the EU gives them membership it will upset the Russians.

Georgia’s only claim to fame is the oil pipelines that run through its country. Its tourist highlights being the sight of peasants driving their sheep up the hills in the morning and driving them back down again in the afternoon, another dirt poor country that is busting to join the feeding trough of the EU funded by the tax payers of the wealthier countries, so much so its president is always seen posing in front of the EU flag even though its country is not a member.

The people do not seem to realise what their leaders, on their behalf, have agreed to sacrifice. They were never told that over time they would be required to surrender their currency, their sovereignty, their constitution and pay reverence to a new anthem, and accept precedent of EU law over their own.

The Russian version came quickly, the EU version has taken about 60 years to get this far. It has taken this long because it was NOT forged by a revolution but by stealth aided and abetted by treason within the member countries governments. These traitors have no loyalty to their people or country; when wealth becomes meaningless, only power that encompasses vast areas can fill the void.

Human behaviour is quite extraordinary when one can witness people actually agreeing to enslave themselves as did the Russian people. No-one knows for certain just how many of millions of Russian people died listening to the lies of Marxist and Trotskyites. For the Russian people after decades of subjugation they were promised good times for all. The ordinary people were very easily led by educated political hotheads with the skills of oratory deception. But life for the peasant did not get better, the subjugation got a lot worse.

So what we are seeing is nothing new, same lies, different political hollow-men owing loyalties and allegiances to no-one and only motivated by inflated egos and self interests. The terrible deception is still fooling the people. The ordinary peasant will again sleepwalk into another hell-hole aided by the opiate of trash TV and the lies of the media and its traitorous politicians.

In any election it is critical at this point in our history to make a mark on the ballot paper that will ensure that we become once again a self governing country, that we stop this silent, creeping genocide of our people in its tracks.

A mark on a ballot paper at the polling booth is all it takes. A mark for the party that puts its own people first and foremost and who will not kowtow or cave in to threats by foreign interlopers who are only guests in our country and ban Sharia Law, this is a christian country, and to immediately announce self government and stop this madness before it is too late to reverse it.

Right now it can never be this easy, hesitate now and no help will come, by then the rescuer will also need rescuing.

Please bear in mind, for the future of your children and of your country of birth, in any future election and while your pencil is poised above the ballot paper choose wisely, burn your boats and you cannot return.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

To what depths of violence and depravity does society have to sink before respect for human life and compassion for ones fellow man cease to exist? As an example, a person’s politics are at odds with another mans politics so the disturbed, slighted man hits the other man with a claw hammer. We are not talking about the third world here. Does the assailant think for one moment that his violent action will bring about a weakened change in the other person’s political opinions? On the contrary his victim’s views will be hardened. That is how wars start.

Can we say we live in a civilised society when differences of personal opinion are deliberate provocation that can only be settled by mindless violence? I sometimes wonder if we are living in the end times. As time goes by very little seems to be making any sense any more. I won’t even start on same sex marriages.

Most if not all of Africa swims in a blood bath, human life has no value; it got infinitely worse when the colonisers left. This attitude to ones fellow man is being mirrored on the streets of what were once civilised, cultured western nations. No amount of money is going to make any difference to Africa. Remember when hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found moral consciousness at ‘Band Aid’ Geldorf’s Travelling Circus for Africa? Or perhaps the draw was Geldorf’s gyrations which mesmerised the masses?

Remember the pathetic song “Do they know its Christmas? They didn’t even know where their next meal was coming from for Christ’s sake. At least Geldorf got a knighthood out of it, which was nice. What really surprises me that in this mad world we live in Mandela hasn’t been given one……….. A knighthood that is, for his services to terrorism.

No amount of moral conscious money is going to make any difference to Africa; the problem is not the people but their leaders, meanwhile another overweight, grinning be-meddled ‘Out of Africa’ anthropoid, squanders western aid on Russian fighter planes to subdue their own people whilst their army’s rape countrywide with tacit approval of their government, and not a squeak from the feminist you might have noticed.

Is it because the violated women were black? Perhaps Germaine was on yet another mindless air-headed chat or quiz show, and was not too concerned about her bloodied and battered sisters. Perhaps she might write a book about the rape of African children, or perhaps denigrating her fellow man was more financially saleable for her book publisher.

Remember Biafra! I don’t suppose you do. The cause was ethnic rivalry, you know racial stuff. 30,000 killed there. What about Hutus and Tutsis. Doesn’t happen in black countries does it? But who cares.

The swaying arms of thousands of people at yet another rock concert with Bono and Geldorf as the Musical Ringmeisters will herald another small cash advance to Africa’s monsters. They just don’t learn, do they?

So back to the man wielding a claw hammer; am I forced to assume he was also an ‘Out of Africa’ anthropoid? Well it follows. Was it an ex-Darfur militia-mans unconscious reaction, perhaps it was behaviour brought from a dark continent into what was once an enlightened civilised nation by a man who claimed sanctuary from mindless third world violence, and was welcomed in.

Was he a poor immigrant from the festering back streets of kingston, Jamaica's crime-ridden streets where the police fear to tread, so much so they use a private militia and daily killings are normal?

Coming to a town near you?

As I wrote “as time goes by very little seems to be making any sense any more

Requiem for a Past England

Requiem for a Past England
Many times I have heard the phrase ‘life is too short’ and when you have lived more of your life than you have left to live one is inclined to agree.

I have got to an age where I have to seriously consider whether I am too old to take up the violin. I don’t feel old; my brain is that of a teenager but the all-consuming drive to own ‘stuff’ and to impress the opposite sex has gone. That is a good thing as I now consider those youthful impulses as no more than a trivial distraction, being immaterial and of no consequence to ones future. That is the crutch or heavy baggage that one unknowingly carries in their early years.

I served in the British army when Stalin was in power in Russia, when Franco was in charge of Spain, Tito was ruling a ‘United’ Yugoslavia, Chiang Kai Shek was being driven from mainland China into Taiwan and it was another 12 years before the Berlin Wall went up. I was a British soldier defending England, its freedom and its way of life.

Who the hell would I be defending now?

Things change very quickly. I lived in an England when her empire was beginning to crumble. Time passes, now its own children are beginning to lose their sense of racial identity, and indeed the whole country is made to feel guilty of its proud history and ethnic uniqueness and is tragically losing its sense of purpose and direction.

Our leader’s talk of embracing British and British-ness, they tell us we are not English any more and very shortly we will even cease to be British and become European. The England as I knew it will be no more; all this change has occurred in one person’s terrifyingly short lifetime.

In my youth my country did not spawn ‘home grown’ terrorists, the person sitting next to me on the bus was English so was the bus conductor and the driver. Stop and think; what or who caused these catastrophic negative social changes to our once relatively lawful homogeneous society? It was not the people; it was our traitorous narcissistic politicians in collusion with the power hungry, corrupt European federalists.

When my son reaches my age what will my country resemble? If nothing changes the descent into a European authoritarian autocracy will be total and absolute and the England I defended will be no more, the England my uncle died for will be unrecognizable and the England my grandfather, God rest his soul who fought in the boxer wars, would have recognized, would have ceased to exist.

The politicians are still telling the grubby peasants they have the country and its peoples best interests at heart at the same time they are breaking up what was once a ‘United’ Kingdom and eroding the very fabric of a proud nation who feared no-one, who kowtowed to no-one and most certainly did not allow a totally foreign or exotic Eastern culture to affect, influence, dictate, threaten its security, its way of life or its future, and to change the English character of many of its major cities.

What total screaming madness is changing the face of my country?

What have our government done for its own people you might ask? Well they have put in place legal mechanisms to threaten, terrify and silence its own people with incarceration if they dare object to this horror.

This is the country I gave the best years of my youth for. I promised I would make doubly certain that my son did not waste his youth as I did, sacrificing his immature youthful years believing in the lies of ‘home grown’ renegade, lying, and treasonous bloody vipers

The Two Agenda's

More Police on the beat or
The two Agendas

Political parties always have two agenda’s. The first agenda is the one they present to the people before an election; this first agenda is the one that pulls in the votes. The initial agenda is not set in stone, but is the one that the public WANT to hear. The second agenda should be of paramount interest to all parties because it should remain a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET amongst its hierarchy. I will explain. It’s a game of cruel deception practised for eons by political parties. It might account for the reason why some political parties never get to first base.

Patriotic party’s policies should have much more of a Machiavellian approach. The dictionaries definition is “Having no scruples to obtain what one wants, ESPECIALLY IN POLITICS”. (Not my words but my capital letters). It’s a direct lift out of the dictionary. It was Niccolo Machiavelli, a statesman and prominent figure in Florentine republic from 1498, who wrote ‘The Prince’ (1517) it was an analysis of means to achieve political powerat any expense,a doctrine that has blindly guided Bliar, and Cameron for inspiration.

This is exactly what the British Labour Party has done. It will also be the Conservatives approach at the next election. Take a lesson from Mr Bliar he made lying an art form. Once his party was in power, any criticism of his unpopular policies he with countered “I have a mandate from the people” He then proceeded to do what he liked. He did NOT have a mandate from the people to carve the country up into regions nor did he have a mandate to sell this country to a Franco/Germanic alliance. Blatant lying is acceptable in politics..

The libLabCons Party:s FIRST agenda presented to the public would have been promises of unlimited funds for the health system, more teachers, increase in aged pensions, more nurses, more police, a crackdown on crime, and the fast tracking and deportation of illegal Asylum seekers and health tourists. As we all know they have no idea how many Illegal’s are in this country. In fact they have given up; it’s too hard, the gates have been flung wide open, a similar situation exists on the Mexican / American border.

They promised more jobs, but as we know many jobs and businesses have now gone off shore. As regards the crime, in some of our northern black townships, it is spiralling out of control; the police, because of accusations by blacks of institutionalised racism have been castrated and have had their hands tied and are now terrified of arresting blacks so much so they are forced to advertise for black recruits only.

In fact they recruited so many it warranted forming a Black Police Association, just dare try forming a White Police association that’s racist, figure that one out! Of course there is white crime but going by the numbers of inmates in our jails, the blacks are causing a far more disproportionate amount of the crime and murder. No different to America. It does not help when top police chiefs tell their underlings to go easy on Asian crime, whilst sitting back being careful not to make any cross racial waves and wait patiently for the knighthoods. The word hypocrites comes freely to mind here.

To summarize, in this game you never put all your cards face up on the table. It was precisely this politically naivety that cruelled Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in Australia. Her political agenda concentrated on stemming the flow of Japs and Viets into the country to the detriment of her other agenda’s. The Orientals are a very strong pressure group in Australia as are blacks, Asian and Caribs are in the UK. ask Leroy Courtney Phillips.

Patriotic parties should tell the people of more of what they WANT to hear and say far LESS about their more ROBUST policies they have in mind, then once they are in power they can slowly move on to agenda number two. Why? Because then they will have been given had mandate from the people! Take a tip from Bliar and Cameron. It is expected, accepted and its politics.

Now to Labour’s SECOND AGENDA, the one that had to be kept a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET. If the public had got wind of it before the last election, the Labour Party would now be in opposition. Trust me, it’s a game! The agenda, which was really a single issue agenda, was to offer up the United Kingdom to the European Union power moguls as part of a powerful trading and military bloc in opposition to NATO and the United States.

Now this was not going to be an easy thing to do. It meant destroying any sense that the people may have had about their own ethnic origins, loyalties to their own countries, to their flags, their histories and in our case our ‘Englishness’ which it did. On your EEC/EU passport you are not English, but as British as a Pakistani, a Bangladeshi or a Carib. You are made to feel guilty about your history, culture and ethnic origins.

A government think tank realised this could only be brought about through stealth by allowing controlled immigration but on a grand scale hoping this would accelerate the process. But this process got out of control. This ploy was also meant to result in the dilution of the ethnic people’s sense of who they are, which it did. They did not foresee however the rapid increase in crime or the dreadful social problems that would follow.

The reason to join Europe was all to do with the birth of a ‘corrupt’ European power bloc, trade, cartels, globalization, big business, kick-backs to EU burocrats and secret deals with mega corporations, but mainly as a European power bloc in opposition the United States.

It was a long term plan that was formulated by a few very highly influential political leaders, top European bureaucrats and power brokers after WW2. A British politician a Sir Stephen Wall was largely responsible for Britain putsch into the EU. The EU member countries loss of identity did not enter into the equation. The bottom line was profits, vast profits.

If European countries attempted to retain their sovereignties, then it was NOT going to work. Smaller dirt poor European nations view membership of the EU as a welcome invitation to drip feed on a bottomless money pit, however stringent conditions were placed on them for membership to this corrupt club, that is why Turkey is now desperate to become a member but is not too happy about accepting some of the EU’s stringent preconditions re human rights and settling the Kurdish problem. If they do not comply then the gate is firmly closed, a high price to pay as their economies would have been generously bankrolled by the richer western countries.

The European Union is the birth of a huge dictatorship spanning the globe from the west coast of Ireland, north to the arctic, east to the borders of Russia and south to the fringes of the Middle East. Put simply, this country is paying a dreadfully high price indeed for its own sacrifice. This is the start of the prophesied Brave New World. Get used to it people!

Saturday, 2 March 2013



On the 22 June 1948 a boatload of West Indians arrived on board the M.V Windrush at Tilbury, most settled in Brixton. We were told they had been invited into my country by my government to help address the labour shortage due to the decimation of our own male population caused by the war. The numbers were not seen as a threat but what was not taken into consideration was although their numbers were relatively small and seen as sustainable over the short term their breeding rates had not been taken into account and in a very few short years Brixton ‘went black’,

I should point out the establishment do not appreciate references to MY country and MY people it smacks of racism, but apparently not racist when spoken with unabashed pride by the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Samoans, Icelanders, Peruvians and Argentinians, shall I go on? It is Europe and the UK that is targeted for the destruction of its National identity.

The invitation of Third World people to settle in my country has taken on a frighteningly new turn as we are being swamped by immigrants and is now affecting governance by aliens who have nothing in common with our people culturally or socially and who have not been invited in to address a labour shortage but purely to help establish a political ideology, that Ideology being Multiculturism enforced by our political Police, which is now plaguing this country and Europe and whose numbers are now so great as to cause unemployment, over-population, crime and pressures on our infrastructure and in the very near future will create a very serious social crisis. It has been said it is like watching a train smash in slow motion.

Its effect has already been seen by the exodus of 600,000 Britons from London in the last decade, sometimes referred to as White flight.

When the West Indians first arrived much of London was in ruins, I know I used to frequent the bombed sites around St Pauls. It was a time when the British non-hyphenated people were going to build a“land fit for heroes”, but in truth we are having a land built for us by much less advanced societies whose breeding rates are such that they appear hell bent on replacing us, inasmuch that many of our towns and cities are now going “going black”. We can see a glimpse of our future by the backward, overcrowded filthy state of their cities and towns they created then abandoned to flee to Europe and the UK for a better life.

Years ago my young daughter bought two mice. She was assured; as we her parents were they were both female. A very short time later the assurances by the pet shop owner were blown right out of the water when we found that the two females surprised us with a litter of about a dozen young. If that was not enough we found the males were biting the tails off the females, on second thoughts it might have been the other way round. With our daughter crying her eyes out the mice were put in a laundry tub where we lifted each mouse up by its tail one by one examining their private parts sorting the boys out from the girls, a job the pet shop owner should have done. All the mice were returned to the pet shop no doubt re-sold and making a small profit out for the Pet Shop owner

I believe it was a genuine mistake by the pet shop owner, the overcrowding of the UK is NOT a mistake it is planned and deliberate and you the people have voted for it. Do not complain you are complicit.

Although we are a much higher form of animal on this earth we differ little from basic animalistic identity that nature has determined for us in that we all identify as human beings but nevertheless like species of bird and animal keep well segregated. The various species of bird do not flock together but separate into identifiable groups within those species. Black Shags do not flock with white Seagulls or Pigeons with Sparrows. We as humans when separated from each other are drawn together separating into Cultural, Racial, Religious and Ethnic blocs as is happening in many English towns and cities today by non-indigenous residents. The answer could be partly blamed on human beings primeval superstition of religion; I refer to Moon Gods and the like.

When we revert to the natural order of wanting to be with our own identifiable group it is called Racist and the only escape is termed White Flight

Islamists in the main are Sunni or Shia, and live independently but while one group retain superiority in numbers they call the tune. In India, China, Indonesia, North Korea and Japan racial Identity is not blurred or discouraged but nationalistically celebrated and encouraged by the state in stark contrast to most European cultures where it is equated with racism.

I am not going to comment on why this is happening and who is responsible, enough has been written at length and commented on here and on the internet about the subject. It would take a large series of books to cover the topic and this short article cannot possibly cover such a complex and lengthy subject. Might I suggest if you want more information on who is controlling you and in turn your children’s very existence that you try turning your television off and educate yourself with a few books?

In your childish naivety do not think the people you voted for at the ballot box have your best interests at heart, if they did you would not be living in an overcrowded multicultural hell hole with pockets of conquered areas now claimed as Moslem/African/West Indian territory peopled by the Third Worlds dross, with our people blatantly discriminated against and threatened with anti-free speech legislation thus unable to protest.

Our leader’s interests are bought by huge global Corporations, the Media, Pharmaceutical industry the Oil Industry and Unions all who are huge donors in this ludicrous Alice–in- Wonderland farce that takes place every five years. After the election the debts owing the Donors are called in but your life and your children’s lives will not improve one iota. All you have to offer is your unthinking loyalty by putting an X against a name of a person who represents a party who made all these promises, apart from election time you have nothing to offer you are only required to show up at the Ballot box, vote then keep quiet and don’t rock the boat. It smacks of Democracy.

You gave them your vote, what did they promise you? A never-ending cornucopia of good times a-plenty, full employment, more nurses, more police, a crackdown on crime and a curb on immigration. Was it same sex marriages, a broken promise on a referendum on Europe or was it the education system that is sexualising your children or maybe the Bedroom tax?

They lie, they fiddle their generous expenses and conflicts of interests and human greed are an everyday occurrence and considered part of the deal for having an X placed alongside their name. You could inquire so what is the answer? Perhaps in a “Democratic Society” there isn’t one