Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Reluctant Racist.


I Have No Control Over This Unexplained Affinity to be With My Own Tribe.

It was only this morning on awakening that I discovered to my horror I was a closet racist. I almost freaked out (My parents used to say I would never amount to anything, this proved them wrong) 

Before the 'awakening' the idea of becoming a Racist was totally alien to me. At the time I was a non-practising Presbyterian……. on my mother's side.

My next door neighbour a Mr Kuczynski was a Polish paratrooper, a Narnsey sympathiser who got left behind after the war. I know for a fact he was and still IS an accredited Type 2 Racist, I sometimes get the impression he is quite proud of his political leanings. He once showed me Hitler’s autograph.

The story goes he was dropped by mistake from a German Dornier over Stuttgart instead of Raleigh, Essex. On his second mission he was dropped on East Putney and was immediately captured.

The order to jump I feel was somewhat premature, a combination of high spirits among the men not taking the mission seriously; the spirits being Vodka made with fermented potatoes, Ethanol and aged for a month, with a 92% ALC, and inattention to basic navigation.  Heavy cloud at the time was also to blame.

Dr Patel my GP confided in me he too was an evil racist although at the moment he is not a practicing Racist, you see he was struck off, not sure why. His wife left him you know; it is a sore subject, he would rather not talk about it, come to think of it neither does his wife. He has to wear a tracking device around his ankle, I don't know why.

I cannot vouch for Mr Adolph Fitler who lives up the road in the big house “Der Eagles Nest” it is all Turrets and Gargoyles and things, he is the long-time Secretary of Les Racistes-Sans-Frontiers. His wife Frau Ingrid Fitler is Chairwomen of the local chapter of the “Friends of the Sudetenland” and a well-known Philanthropist and benefactor of a small wretched diaspora of destitute exiled Germans living in the area.

Frau Fitler told my mother that her daughter Giselle had embraced this elusive thing called vibrant diversity to both of her bosoms and by feminine seduction and wile had enticed an Indian face-book follower, on further inquiries I discovered he was not from Delhi at all but from a Red Indian reservation in Idaho.

I know the Fitler’s younger daughter Helga very well; she wears long plaits and is more into Germanic style Folk dancing. In fact to prove Helga's non-racist credentials she has been actively searching dating sites on the internet for ages and ages looking for a Black Chinaman but to no avail. 

Yes this sickening racist tag is sometimes carelessly thrown around without due care and scant consideration which upsets the eggshell-thin fragile sensitivities of apprehensive Racist people like myself who would love to "come out" but are afraid of the unjust cruel barbs of condemnation by a minority of high-minded moral bigots…or is that a large majority of small minded immoral dwarfs,……… doesn’t matter.

PS. Thus as a closet racist I am not sure IF or WHEN I will be "coming out" .........if you get my meaning. I will let you all know in due course.    

Monday, 14 July 2014

The New Europe.

The New Europe.

While Europe slept a comparatively few extremely influential people decided on my and your behalf to completely change the face of a civilised structured society that has taken hundreds of years to create its unique characteristic differences by overwhelming their homogeneity of race and culture by force of numbers. 

They decided that loyalty to European Nation States and any form of Nationalism was like the Dinosaur it was a legacy of the past; it had outlived its usefulness. We were on the cusp of entering the New World, a BRAVE NEW World or so THEY decided.

Some people did wake from their deep slumber and voice concern that was to be expected, but their numbers were few in comparison and not worrying enough to cause the planners any real concern, nevertheless laws and legislation were very quickly enacted and hurriedly put in place to stifle any resentment from these doubters, they were euphemistically called Race Laws but had nothing to do with Race but all to do with shutting down resentment to the dilution of one’s ethnic difference and loss of the freedom of free speech.

How are they destroying the homogeneity of Europeans?

It was not difficult. One way to destroy an existing species or fragment a tight-knit homogenous group of people is to introduce a foreign species or group of people in huge numbers whose accepted standards of behaviour are completely alien to the existing group and whose culture is threatening to their own.

To put it another way, the most common motivation for introducing a new group of individuals foreign to the existing group is that of economic or political gain. Its purpose is not necessarily to eradicate the existing human species but to merge them seamlessly with the introduced species deliberately ignoring the vastly disproportionate breeding rates. The consequences that might result with animals and birds could also apply to humans; in the past this experiment with animals or insects was employed to destroy a parasitic species that was a threat to the host.

Here we are not just introducing new groups for economic or political gain but to completely change what Europe is a distinct family of nations. To experiment with human society is extremely dangerous as it has never been tried before in such huge numbers so we cannot predict its future, but going by the past history of this planet using animals and birds as an example many will be inundated and will move elsewhere, as humans we will retreat into strictly ethnically aligned Ghettos.

A proportion will by miscegenation even breed outside of their racial grouping creating a new sub group which is already occurring, an undesirable negative consequence for human evolvement resulting in what is termed Mixed Race or Cross Bred human specimens, a commonality that exists with animals.

I would strongly question whether it would improve the human gene pool; I would liken it to marrying second cousins. This could be construed as a Racist comment but it is fact. We are told in this New emerging Millennia the truth is no defence. Already we are being catalogued into sub groups. I have been slotted into White British; Mr. Eboni up the road has been slotted into black British.

Untested experimentation like this could lead to dire consequences for the gene pool of Europeans but will also in the future challenge medical practise when trying to find a match when transplanting human organs between mixed and non-mixed races.

In this Brave New World there are new laws designed to protect the populace from fear and alarm but does it go as far as to protect ME and my family as Britons when I walk around my streets at dusk or unwittingly enter a NO GO area that resembles Soweto, Dhaka or Mogadishu or alert me when I buy food for my family only to discover that the meat was from an animal that was most cruelly ritually slaughtered which causes ME alarm and frankly offends and disgusts ME.

Where do I fit in, have my feelings been factored in as well?

So what is the intended end game? It is difficult to predict as it depends a great deal if the people realise the true purpose of the creation of this giant European Federal Super State. If they do wake up we would have learnt a timely lesson that there are people that walk among us that considers us as Pawns on a Chess Board, a comparatively small group of people who are so powerful and wealthy they are capable of changing the world to suit their own political grand design for humanity.

The European Federal Super State is the precursor to a single unified Europe stretching from the West coast of Ireland, north to the arctic circle, east to the borders of Russia,  and south?…. well that’s anyone’s guess it could be Turkey it could be Morocco. Nation States WILL disappear, one constitution will fit all. In this century if this madness does not stop it will not be Germany playing Brazil in a football world cup but Europia playing Brazil. Frankly I cannot see countries such as Japan and China being invited to join his brave New World, or India or Russia. 

One should look first at its politicians for this treachery and then most importantly the few people that control the Politicians, Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Is it even possible to dismantle this embryo of Globalism? A world-wide financial crash with the Euro going into meltdown might be Europe’s saviour. It is like a cancer; although the seat of the cancer can be cut out, if it has spread through the whole body intervention is not going to help. Any further discourse on Europe’s future is pure conjecture.

I will not speak for these enemies of the people I will let them speak for themselves.

General Wesley Clark (Kanne) a US presidential candidate, said to CNN during the illegal bombing of Serbia: "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states." Clark's father's family was Jewish; his paternal great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Belarus

On February 17, 1950, James Paul Warburg confidently declared to the United States Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” James Paul Warburg (1896-1969) was the son of Paul Moritz Warburg, and a nephew of both Felix Warburg and Jacob Schiff, both associated with Kuhn, Loeb & Company which financed the Russian Revolution through James’ brother Max, banker to the government of Germany.

N.B. (Please note the ethnicity of the above persons.)

Arnold Tonybee a federalist Practitioner said at an international gathering in Denmark, ‘We are at present working discreetly but with all our might to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the hands of the local nation states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands’. Cheysson another federalist practitioner the former French Foreign minister said a few years ago; we could never have constructed Europe by democratic means.

Strobe Talbott, Rhodes Scholar, CFR Director, and Trilateralist,"All countries are basically social arrangements... No matter how permanent or even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary... Perhaps national sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all... But it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible century to clinch the case for WORLD GOVERNMENT."

Saturday, 12 July 2014

“Be not a cancer on the earth –


The last rule “Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature”

I stood on tip-toe behind Pope Francis on his balcony at St Peters looking over his shoulder at tens of thousands of excited pilgrims.This representative of God was about to deliver his weekly address on world peace and unity between all nations. It was only the week before I had stood behind the British Royal Family on their balcony at Buckingham Palace watching their loyal people waving little coloured flags and cheering and wondered in my naiveté how this mass of humanity were are all fed.

The man said “the world is not over-populated it is a myth” he went on to say that the entire world’s population could fit into Jacksonville, Florida. My interest stirred as I had been led to believe the world IS overpopulated. If a country has to import food then it follows that the population numbers are greater than there is arable land to sustain them.

The UK has a highly successful agricultural industry but still has to import 40% of its food. The nations of the East are flocking to the West though lack of food and water at the same time much of the West has to import its food.

Two or three minutes into his address the man I speak of also admitted he too was a man of God, he was an American Evangelist. He again stressed THE WORLD IS NOT OVER-POPULATED. 

I tried to do a quick mental calculation as to how all the world’s population who were now all residing in Jacksonville Florida, were going to find space to build their houses, maybe build a swimming pool or two, garage their cars, boats and trucks and have enough land spare to feed the multitude, build factories and other stuff. This man of God omitted to explain this anomaly to the audience in fact the audience applauded warmly when he announced the news that this problem did not exist in the first place.

Now according to his bible Jesus the son of God was a thorn in the side of the establishment. If he were alive today he would be accused of being a far right extremist, a trouble-maker, a bit like Edward Snowden I suppose. When Jesus performed a number of miracles, fed the multitudes with a few loaves and fishes the religious and ruling establishment were not amused and along with two of his mates they crucified him. 

It is not the crucifixion per se that rated a huge mention at the time as it was not an uncommon for the upper classes to rid themselves of social pests in such as manner. No it was what followed that staggered many people after he was consigned to the ground that God his father, resurrected him.

Now I wanted to get the facts straight so I went straight to Wiki and it read “Jesus was anointed and buried in a new tomb by Joseph of Arimathea, but God raised him from the dead and he appeared to many people over a span of forty days before he was taken to heaven to sit at the right hand of God”.

However what spoiled the whole story for me was he was never heard of again, even to this day, not a trace, nothing, zilch! a bit like watching part one of an exciting movie and never getting to watch part two if you get my meaning. For a man used to performing miracles and things …well what can I say?

I asked two young Mormon Missionaries that appeared at my door one day to enlighten me a wavering believer, as to exactly where Heaven might be located? Not hiding my excitement I gushed openly , ‘is it near Epsilon Bootis, perhaps in the Andromeda Galaxy cluster or is it beyond our furthest galaxy on z8-GND-5296?”. Up until then all the questions I asked they found the answers in their bibles, I did not deliberately ask this question to confuse them or to be smart I genuinely wanted to know. 

They looked at each other puzzled and in consensus agreed they were not absolutely sure on that one.

What has this got to do with over-population you are asking……..hang on, hang on for heaven’s sake I am getting there. If a man of God cannot explain to me why Jesus was never heard of again or cannot even indicate to me a rough location of heaven which is mentioned many times in the bible which every man of the cloth if he knew his stuff should be aware why should I believe his story on over-population or rather the lack of it? There should be mutual trust here.

Now everyone has heard of the Georgia Guidestones. It is a granite monument much like a huge monolith but much smaller. It appeared in 1979, strangely enough in a field in Georgia. No-one is sure who was responsible for this erection but a cryptic message might give one a clue, it reads Sponsors: A small group of Americans who seek the Age of Reason.

There are a set of TEN guidelines or principles engraved onto the stone. I was a little concerned if one of these sponsors might be a Mr Rothschild because he has stated in the past publicly that 500,000,000 people is an ideal number and he usually gets what he wants, he has a lot of influence and clout.

It is the first principle on the Guidestones I find the most interesting that by sheer coincidence it reads “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. The ten guidelines or principles are engraved in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. 

A shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient languages’ scripts: Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Now 500,000,000 souls might sound a lot but the world’s population on Monday @ 2219 pm on the 30th June of this year puts the world’s population clock, with the last three figures changing like a crazy stopwatch every second as 7,175,926,690.

Thus according to the Guidestones and a quick cross mental calculation puts the world population as being over-populated by 6,675,926,690. Now I suspect this mysterious heap of granite, this American Stonehenge heralds an omen, no a dire warning. I am keeping my fingers crossed I am not one of the 7 million odd destined for the cull list.

The earth could still just about accommodate the present numbers with difficulty but combined with the earth’s continuing lessening resources it cannot continue with an ever growing population. I also believe the message that was erected by a small group of Americans who seek to Blah! Blah! Blah! was I believe a small group of people who are quite capable of culling the world’s population to 500,000,000 and it is my belief that these are the same people from the same secret cabal that may have been responsible for reaping vast profits from starting WW1 & 2 and other less significant wars.

The last rule of the Guidestones, “Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature”

Bugger nature Mr Rothschild, if it is you playing silly buggers, you go first.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Europe,the end game

Europe,the end game

If one were to say that 6 million German civilians were vaporised in the Dresden firestorm when in fact the figure was more like 25,000-35,000 the disparity in the figures are of little consequence as it does not detract from the human tragedy of so many innocent people being killed. History tells us Hitler led the National Socialists party, one has to inquire were they Nationalists first and Socialists second because to me National Socialism is a contradiction in terms.

The “Holocaust” figures are very interesting. They certainly cannot be proven; they cannot be refuted because they cannot be debated. One must ask “why cannot they be debated?”.

The figure for the dead of Dresden CAN is proven including those civilians, women and babies that disappeared in an nanosecond without trace through vaporization.

Initially Hitler had the very best interests of the Germans at heart and was only retaking the territory of the Sudetenland that was forcibly taken from Germany for reparations under the surrender conditions at the end of the First World War but he erred, flushed with success he continued into Czechoslovakia and Poland.

I should add the people of Dresden that died on those fateful nights of the 13/15th of February 1945 by 1250 American and heavy British bombers dropping 3000 tons of high explosive followed by incendiary devices creating a firestorm over 1600 acres were not Narnsies, it is quite possible they were not all that enamoured with Hitler at all, but when the sirens sounded that assumed wrongly that the “Target for Tonight” was Dresden not realising THEY the civilians WERE were the target, the excuse being to break the German spirit.

The judges at the Nuremburg trials and the Americans had a future for Europe and it did not include Nationalism any form of Nationalism the “Holocaust” was the trigger. Palestine was given to the Jews by the allies as a home for the Jewish Nation and they overwhelmingly received the thumbs up for rabid Nationalism. It was a bulwark in the Middle East for the United States. The victors also failed to investigate a deliberately planned war crime committed by the allies of the deliberate bombing of the civilians of Dresden. Is it the figures of the dead that determine if or when it becomes a war crime or a crime against humanity?

Down through history it has always been the victor that determines the punishment for the conquered, sets the new rules and writes the history. If the victors had been the vanquished then a number of Allied leaders would have also found themselves in a Nuremberg court situation defending charges of cruelty to prisoners of war that were starved, and particularly those Russians who meted out inhuman treatment to German civilians during the storming of Berlin causing civilians to flee to the security of Western forces.

Obviously people will cry “yes but what about the people who died in the Coventry air raids”. To repeat the figures are of little consequence unless one's relative was victim, and if figures were of any consequence the Dresden deaths cannot be compared to the deaths caused by the air raids on Coventry which killed a total of 1250 people, coincidentally the same number of bombers that launched the firestorm on the civilians of Dresden.

The Nazi government ordered its press to publish a falsified casualty figure of 200,000 for the Dresden raids, and death toll estimates as high as 500,000, but as they were not the victors the figures remain around 25,000-30,000 killed in the Dresden firestorm and for the victors the number of victims of the “Holocaust” to this day remains a perfectly rounded up figure of 6 million.

To contemporary Europe; there will no dispute over borders because there are no borders, Germany will not go to war against Belgium or Poland to threaten Hungary as we are all Europeans. There was always a plan for Europe and the events of WW2 accelerated the transformation. For the Jewish Marxist planners it must have appeared to be an impossible dream to deconstruct Europe from fiercely nationalistic nations prior to WW2 and transform into a pliant, conforming Socialist entity, a collective classless society and all in just 70 years, Marx and Engels would have been proud.

In just 70 years from a family of European nations we are heading directly to a world envisioned by the theoretician and Jewish thinker Richard Coudenhove Kalergin pioneer of European integration who in 1922 founded the ‘Pan-European” movement in Vienna which aimed to create a New World Order based on a federation of nations. His vision for Europe in part has been achieved; it is called the European Union. His visualization was for a “United States of Europe” consisting of a mixed race of people. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government.

It was a Mr Sarkozy President of France from May 2007 to May 2012 who wanted to encourage French people to miscegenate with Africans to form this hybrid dark race of Europeans. Richard’s dream of a Marxist paradise for the UK and Europe is most inexorably slowly coming true.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Manifesto

Written August 2015...

A Manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer whether it be an individual that’s me, a group, political party or government and promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes which the author, that’s me again, believes should be made. It often political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual's life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds.

I preface my Manifesto with the statement that I doubt if there is a political ideology anywhere in the world that enshrines and faithfully provides pure democracy for its people, certainly not in Great Britain or Europe. Its native peoples have been cheated and subjugated; they know it and they meekly accept it, they have been frightened. Freedom of speech is the basis of democracy; it is starkly noticeable by its absence in the governance of the United Kingdom.

The populace are far removed from the silk suited men who WE have chosen to rule over us who are supposed to govern in our best interests; it is just as well we do not know how far we are removed. As ethnic Britons of these Northern Islands the only expression I can use that sums up the situation is this country is it being trashed.

What is democracy? One could say in their childish naivety it is rule by the people for the benefit of the people. Cynics might say the charade of Democracy at election time is characterized by pointing out that ‘my Ace beats your King or 101 beats 99’. Majority rule is often listed as a characteristic of democracy. Hence, democracy allows for political minorities to be oppressed by the "tyranny of the majority" if there is an absence of legal protections of individual or group rights. Something the BNP well understands.

These groups like the National Front, Jobbik, BNP, Golden Dawn and France’s Front National are cruelly persecuted and oppressed by the Media and the institutions which border on the downright hysterical; they are seen as the enemy not the opposition.

The ‘majority’ I refer to are not the average person per se but the voters who foolishly believe the lies of the Media, the Church, the Government and its institutions aided by the brute ‘force’ of the Police and using Far Left educators to corrupt the minds of the young. Sceptics understand pure Democracy does not recognise a Ballot Box but the fleeting suggestion of democracy can be bought as they did with the Irish referendum by huge funding by the EU and lavish donations from Ryanair to produce a YES vote. 

At election time these donations come at a cost to the Ballot Box winner. Sadly skulduggery in politics is a fact of life; it hides behind a thin veneer of something laughingly called democracy.

So should the ‘minority’ that have NOT been duped, that is you and I also use similar deceit for a nobler cause? Most assuredly, my Manifesto calls for a political change despite all the opposition that is ranged before us. Whatever works for my enemies might work for me.

How it works. It is important to appreciate the basic difference between the two political Agenda’s at Election time; the first Agenda is what the voter wants to hear. The second agenda is a secret which even junior political representatives within the party are not privy only the leader and senior advisors.

Agenda One is the winner at election time. It offers the voter everything they have been clamouring for, more of everything, Nurses, Police, crack-down on crime, better roads and British jobs for British workers, lower taxes, more money for the National Health Service and on and on it goes ad infinitum, but sure vote winners are a referendum on Europe and a cap on immigration. Recognize it?

Agenda Two which I repeat is secret is known only to a few very senior members of the party. On taking office the incoming party initially keeps a low profile but adhering to its promise of increasing the number of nurses and Police by a marginal amount and reducing taxes. As an aside as it stands there will be yes/no referendum on Europe and even if there were the Government does not have to abide by the result of a referendum, anyway decisions of that importance under the single party political system rule in the UK come from Brussels not Westminster.

Enter the NEW political party. The new party should exhibit NO extremist views, NO suggestion of Anti-Semitism and certainly NO veiled hints of Racism; even its name Blue Horizon does not hint of Narnsies and its emblem a Dove and its symbol a Rose, bears no resemblance to Swastikas. Perception is everything. It is new born with a totally clean sheet but what you see is NOT what you get.

Agenda one; to repeat like UKIP its main issue offers what the public want that is ‘Out of Europe’ so by default that will be one issue the new party does not have to push as withdrawal from the EU would mean an immediate halt on the immigration from Europe. The withdrawal from Europe must be the priority. Initially there is no objection to Multi-Culturism …..……well certainly not in Agenda one it smacks too much of Racism.

It is imperative, no it is paramount that the office bearers of this new political party are squeaky clean and have never been what the Media like to refer to as members of a Narnsey or extreme Right Wing party. Its leader should possess a statesman-like bearing and it is important that its media spokesmen/women are well dressed and have educated regional-less accents. A thick London cockney accent like that of Billy Bragg will not cultivate any serious political optimism although it might give the impression it is a Far Left worker’s or communist party. 

A leader should have charisma and a natural confidence. He/she should employ two very experienced people as right hand advisors, one well versed in the criminal minds and traitorous behaviour of the Media and the other in the machinations of Politics.

If sensitive information from a new political party were to be leaked to the Media there would be a stampede of journalists and reporters salivating in a collective orgasm, followed by the BBC secreting undercover reporters within its ranks, fondly referred to in the Media as “Doing a Shopland” I should add the Second Agenda takes effect on taking office.

After this new political party takes government and the clamour of frenzied jubilation of freedom has finally subsided and the UK has regained full independence and self-rule Agenda Two which was a secret can be gently instituted.

Firstly the United Nations Pty Ltd (International) © should be informed that Overseas Aid will be drastically reduced, preferably discontinued as Her Majesty emphasised she cannot afford to continue to fritter away her peoples hard earned money into a bottomless Third World pit while she personally is in debt to World Banks to the tune of over a Trillion pounds, she said irritably shaking her head “it is total bloody madness”, the author is inclined to agree with her.

I am sure the United Nations Pty Ltd (International) © will also understand and appreciate Great Britain’s unenviable position as Europe’s number one most heavily populated and most violent country in the Federation but in a strange contrast the most prized destination for the Third World travellers that it cannot accept any more economic tourists, reffos, asylum seekers and immigrants fleeing the Third World as it is full up, pointing out that France is a much bigger country anyway to house these people.

Be aware, any new threat to the status quo will have the past history of its office bearers scrutinized thoroughly by the Media which includes of course BBC Question Time, the secret intelligence services and the political establishment.

On winning government the new Party should call for an urgent Royal Commission of Inquiry into the practises of the BBC similar to the investigation of the News of the World ragloid, questioning whether it is flagrantly breaking its charter regarding the absence of balanced, non-biased and fair reporting including an investigation into the extent of its E.U. funding.

Once the porcine squeals from the Media have subsided the Moslem problem should then be addressed and investigated by our Intelligence Services as a result of their ongoing clear and present danger to Great Britain’s internal security. Investigations should be conducted to ascertain whether Mosques, Madrassas, Muslim only schools and Muslim Cultural centres should be immediately closed down.

The party’s policies must reflect the will of the people not that of Corporations or the Multi-Culti Industry, Race Relations industry, Human Rights industry; Refugee Industry and assorted Asylum Seeker Advocate Appreciation societies, all which should be closed down. It has to be a softly, softly approach but under the surface as ruthlessly pragmatic as any Political party. People like to be led; one has to be cruel to be kind. The new party should be Chameleon-like in appearance in other words which I will repeat, what you see is NOT what you get, unlike the UKIP.

It is critical to understand it is NOT the Far Left that holds the political power in the UK they are just useful, pliable socialist idiots. It is the long established, influential and traditional wealthy Elite and nobility that call the shots as they always have throughout our long history.

In conclusion Multi-culti MUST should be totally dismantled as a wretched nation destroying Marxist political ideology. This can be achieved by rigorous controls and changes to the entry conditions to the UK. By the lack of monetary benefits the UK must be made to appear very unattractive to Economic Tourists and Illegals; Moldova and/or Romania spring easily to mind.

Any asylum seeker that does slip through the net because of outside pressure from the United Nations Pty Ltd (International)© should be given a Temporary Protection Visa and returned to their country of origin as soon as the danger passes, whether or not they have formed a close association with their cat or if they are at risk of returning home as a Rainbow person.

If these changes are NOT put in place with ‘extreme urgency’ the UK’s future will head in the same direction as that of Sweden and other European countries whose demographics and Ethnic characteristics are being changed beyond recognition with Sweden at present swinging perilously close to spiraling into the Event Horizon of irreversibility, their own government entirely responsible for their nightmarish future with their media like ours and Europe’s complicit in their destruction which can only be re-taken by force of arms at the same time its Leaders and Media are placed on trial for Sedition, High Treason and Crimes against the Swedish people.

Finally voluntary repatriation should be made an important ongoing priority offering very generous inducements funded by the savings in the discontinuance of Foreign Aid plus the enormous sums saved through withdrawing from the European Union and all the baggage that goes with it. With the closing of over 1200 Mosques, outlawing of Shari Law and closing of money shops those stragglers that are difficult to dislodge will hopefully leave of their own accord. 

In passing a spin-off would mean there would not be a backlog of over a quarter of a million UK passports of which many could be cancelled while being processed that are at present clogging up the system through overload.