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While You Slept London 2011

           While you slept. London 2011 Whitechapel

If the intention is to change or reshape a society for whatever purpose you will need the help of the educators, Clergy, radio, TV Broadcast and print media, they shape the peoples minds. With the ongoing criminal revelations of telephone hacking by The News of the World it brings home the incestuous relationship between the press, politicians and Police. If telephone hacking was not enough we now understand how easy it is for newspapers to destroy a persons reputation or to crucify any opposition to its ordered political agenda.

Upset the press and you kiss goodbye to your reputation, whether an individual or a political party. One might criticise Nigeria as being the world capital for third world fraudsters, criminal activity being their second biggest export after oil, but the First World have also mastered the art of criminality of a more subtle kind.

With regards to newspapers, profits are achieved or lost by readership numbers which in turn attract or lose advertisers so spying on people to find dirt where none might exist whether they are B grade celebrities or politicians then one can understand the British press resorting to criminal activity to boost readership numbers and thus why it is referred to as the ‘British Gutter Press’. The Police meanwhile turn a blind eye to this invasion of people’s privacy in return for good press exposure.

Personally I could not give a toss if that disgusting Peter Tatchel has a new homosexual boy friend or whether a vivacious Swedish sex starlet has found she is pregnant with a love child by a vicar, but the viewers of the X Factor and Coronation Street obviously do and those people who have been already been X factored also need their diet of trivia and papers like the News of the world fulfils that need.

It is only when the ‘Murdoch Affair’ surfaced of the cosy arrangement the British government of the day have had with the press and TV to keep a cap on the widespread sexual grooming of young English girls by Pakistani pedo’s for the sake of Social Cohesiveness. Multiculturism, in itself a terrifying destructive social and moral construct created by Socialists politicians and aided by the police hierarchy who are ordered to keep this paedophilia activities by a distinct section of our society under wraps, this poison even spreading to the judiciary when the judge who presided in a Leeds magistrates court over the case of the British National Party who brought this revolting practise on our young children by people of a primitive eastern culture who are so blindingly different to ours to the public’s attention, acknowledged it to be the truth but said the ‘truth is no defence’ pointing out that the truth was likely to incite racial hatred.

As tin pot African dictators have found you cannot control people who retain tribal loyalties. Nationalists are the Patriots, they are the ‘Knights in Shining Armour’ slaying dragons and rescuing Maidens, the cavalry protecting the wagon trains from the marauding Indians, the doctor saving the patient, the ordinary indigenous Briton of Old England repelling the invader, ordinary English men and women who have shown in two world wars unreserved loyalty to their people their country, heritage and their Queen, it is just a pity she does not appear to reciprocate that loyalty to her subjects and seems to be in cahoots with the Marxists intent on shaping an evil future for us all. Meanwhile the Socialist press vilify anyone opposed to the status Quo.

One can dismiss the BBC as being full of Reds, Marxists, Communist and Fabianists and up to a point that accusation is true but we must appreciate that the BBC apart from its world renowned unbalanced and biased News Service does transmits some magnificent programmes whether they be Period Drama, Nature or Comedy. 

It is not the planners, writers, directors or technicians of these shows that are behind the reshaping of the minds but it is the BBC hierarchy, the Dykes and Marrs, indoctrinated Political Interviewers, Senior Programmes Directors, BBC board members and many more. Read their bio, research where they were educated read of their associations.

We know all new programmes have to be vetted by a Negroid run diversity committee to ensure that the cultural mix meets the criteria of a ratio of black to white indigenous actors. It is as important if not more so than the programme itself. It uses the taxpayer funded broadcaster as a vehicle to aid the indoctrination of our people. Many BBC programmes are nothing more than vehicles to propagate a Marxist philosophy. 

The decisions makers at the BBC are politically influenced, for them it is not about programme making it is aiding the painstaking long road to a New Order and no better a vehicle than TV ‘soapies’

You may remember quite recently a producer was actually sacked because for sake of authenticity he ‘neglected’ to employ black actors in the programme ‘Midsomer Murders’ These are NOT programmes decisions but government political decisions. If the truth be known I would not be surprised to find it was the same Negro immigrant that influenced the decision to sack the ‘Midsomer’ producer. 

You will find within the BBC, as in Hitler’s regime and Stalin’s Soviet Russia, in China and Iran, lackeys or political spies are placed in critical positions to ensure that political and ideological propaganda were being followed. The BBC is no different.

The storyline of the programme is secondary; it is the subliminal political message that is of critical importance. The agenda it has to meet is regulated by acts agreed to by our proxy government in Brussels, the Coup de Gras being the hated Gestapo-like 1948 Race relations Act that first spawned political correctness and clamped down on freedom of expression and speech in this country. As there is a financial budget placed on the making of a programme so it has to meet the important diversity model.

For the life of me I cannot even begin to understand how a Congolese Asylum seeker or a Yemeni or Bangladeshi economic migrant would appreciate the subtleties of the very English ‘Last of the Summer Wine or Midsomer Murders, even with black extras. I will not be surprised to see the sudden appearance of a mixed race illegitimate child suddenly appear at Downton Abbey 9 months after an indiscretion by Lady Mary with a visiting Turkish diplomat.

They have to squeeze the hated diversity in somehow if they are to meet the Multiculti guidelines regardless of the storyline. What it does highlight is that due to the people’s criminal apathy this is the England they have chosen to live in and bring their children into. The picture says it all, is it a street scene from Karachi or Mogadishu? No its London, our capital city.

The TV episode when I see a Coloniser carefully positioned in front of camera in the village of Midsomer is the last time I watch Midsomer Murders. My imagination would have been totally shattered, they might just have well have introduced Shrek emerging from a spacecraft after landing on the village green.

I will leave the dear unenlightened readers to return to their normal state of numbing apathy.

The Rape of the Vikings.

The Rape of the Vikings

Do not read this if you are easily angered.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from about the ghastly predicament in which young Norwegians find themselves within heavily culturally enriched districts of Oslo.

Well-off natives can afford to move to safe, pleasant white enclaves, where they may send their children to school among white native speakers of Norwegian. Less affluent citizens are not so fortunate, however, and are forced to endure the humiliation and degradation of the Multicultural behavioural sink in which their political masters have consigned them to live.

The translator includes this introductory note:

This report shows the real consequences of the enormous betrayal of their people by the ruling elites in Norway. Sadly, the same thing goes on in every Western European country today, and on both sides of the Atlantic.

There is something seriously wrong with politicians who actively pursue policies that have such horrific outcomes. Nor is this ground-breaking information that is being presented in this article — it has been going on for a couple of decades now in Norway.
The politicians know it, but they keep their mouths shut and let the vulnerable ‘youths’ pay the price for their betrayal.

As a matter of interest, Finansavisen (which published the original piece) is one of the very few newspapers in Norway that don’t receive press subsidies. Every Norwegian newspaper journalist is subsidized by the authorities to the tune of $75,000 per year. Which is perhaps also why (as far as I know) no other MSM newspaper has covered this story — for them, Norwegian ‘racism’ against non-Norwegians is all that matters.

The translated article:

Norwegian boys in the New Norway

Over the past few weeks, Finansavisen [Financial Newspaper] has focused on immigration and its economic consequences. We have commented on several of these previously. Last weekend the journalists Kjell Erik Eilertsen, Ole Asbjørn Ness and the photographer Iván Kverme left behind their calculators and computers and met with some of the individuals who are growing up in the new Norway. They decided to focus on the youngsters, Norwegian boys, who are growing up in the most immigrant-dense area of Norway — Groruddalen [Grorud valley] in Oslo. And they have produced an article that other media would probably refuse to print.

Groruddalen is an area that covers four neighborhoods: Stovner, Alna, Grorud and Bjerke. All the neighbourhoods have an immigrant population approaching 50 percent.

Finansavisen has made contact with two young boys in the “valley”. One of them, Marius Sørvik, has decided to go public, and his name and picture appear in the newspaper. The other one has decided to remain anonymous. Finansavisen refers to him as “Andreas”. One boy was interviewed twice and the other one on three occasions. They were given copies of the article to read through before it was published, and confirmed that they have been quoted correctly. In addition to this Andreas’ father has read the article and given the newspaper the approval to publish his son’s story.

Two different worlds in 35 minutes

When the decision to travel to Groruddalen was finally made, Finansavisen decided that the journalists should travel there in the manner that most of the youths choose, namely by riding the subway train. The trip from Smestad to Stovner takes approximately 35 minutes, according to Finansavisen, and I guess that during the journey they were shown two different worlds.

When they arrive in Stovner, they hear the voice of “Andreas”:

“A few weeks ago,” he says, “I was entering the schoolyard. They were attacking Lars. There’s a whole heap of them. They always attack as a group. They are dogs, they hunt in packs. They are beating him up. I run in between them and I punch one of them. Then someone comes rushing to and separates us, and yet again I’m being hauled off to the principal’s office, and yet again I am being told that even if they punch us we are not supposed to retaliate. Do you know how insanely provocative such a statement is?”

Finansavisen‘s description of Andreas leaves no room for doubt:

He is sixteen. He is angry. He’s scared. He is brave. He is tired. He wants to tell. He’s got the face of a boy and the eyes of a man.

“I would have gone public with my full identity had it not been for the fact that I have younger siblings. People need to realize what it is like to grow up here,” he says.

Home is a place somewhere in Groruddalen. That’s where he grew up. He spends one week at his mother’s place and the next one at his father’s place. His stepfather is nice. His father is great. His mother is great, but naïve.

That is not the problem. This area is what the problem is.

“My mum told me that it would be good for me to grow up here. I would get to know the new Norway, get to know different cultures.”

Then we are introduced to Marius Sørvik.

He is nineteen. He is articulate. He is brave. He’s scared. He is weak. He is successful. He has dropped out of school. He has a beard. He is too young to have beard. He is pretty in the eyes of young girls. He is only 19, but he has made four movies. He earns money. Right now he is staying with his mum.

He came to Groruddalen from Fredrikstad when he was one year old. Soon he’ll move back to Fredrikstad...

“They are to be pitied”

The boys have difficulties defining themselves, “the others” and animal metaphors are often used:
They both belong to an animal species that is rapidly diminishing in Groruddalen. They do what all animals do: Come up with survival strategies, trying to find a way to show off their feathers in all its glory, run and hide when they are outnumbered.

Human nature: The wish to retaliate: revenge, vengeance, one day they might be the strongest, and not be outnumbered. Them against them, the others. Strangers with Norwegian passports. The ones they were told to be considerate of when they attended elementary school. Their species has as of yet not been officially labelled. For want of a better term, we chose to use the term that Marius uses to describe himself, a young ethnic Norwegian male.

“All the teachers told me, the principal told me, if I had an altercation with them I had to understand that they were to be pitied, that they came from countries where there had been war. I thought that he was joking. Their grandparents emigrated from Pakistan. So if I hit someone no one would scold me because my grandfather had been a member of the Norwegian Resistance Movement? But I believed in it.”

Duped by the school

The elementary school in Groruddalen is a pleasant experience for both of them in the beginning. They sing the songs; they believe in the songs, they live the songs. Then it starts to sound false, the childhood comes to an end, fifth grade:

“You discover who you are,” says Andreas.

“People are different; everything you have learned in school is wrong,” says Marius.
You have the ethnic Norwegian boys, and then there are the others. Faced with these two choices, the two boys chose different strategies:

Marius’ strategy.

He doesn’t lower his head. He refuses to take any crap. He answers back. He’s loudmouthed. He is who he is. It does not matter. But that’s not why they target him. It is an autumn evening in seventh grade. He is playing tennis. When he leaves the court to collect some tennis balls they appear. They are seven or eight Somalis. The beat the crap out of him, he has to get new teeth put in.

Marius doesn’t slow down. He calls a Roma girl a gypsy, something that isn’t appreciated. When her brothers and cousins come for him, he hides in the principal’s office. It has begun.

Andreas’ strategy.

He lowers his gaze, he wants to be like them, talk like them, he alters his language, limits his vocabulary, makes deliberate spelling mistakes — ‘an school’, kebab-Norwegian, buys a soft gun, wants to be like the older, tougher, cool Pakistani guys that have cars and money and no job, why not become a Muslim, become a brother?

He wants to be like them, but he doesn’t become like them, something inside him is resisting.
Fragments: the bad grades in the Norwegian classes, the bad friends, Islam, he notices how they view women, as an object, how they react when he tries to discuss Islam with them, how they talk about respect, but don’t show any respect, how they refer to Norwegians as f***ing Norwegians, whitey, potato; something inside him resists.

He withdraws. They notice that he withdraws. Then it starts.

Constant fear

We learn about the suffering of Marius:

He heads off to school an hour before it starts in the morning. He heads home before it finishes in the afternoon. More episodes, more threats. Fear is not an isolated event, but rather a continuous stream.
In tenth grade he goes to see the doctor and lies about having social anxiety. He is given a medical certificate so he can spend as little time as possible in school. He’s scared. He says that they always come in packs. Says that they always stare when he sees them on the subway when there are twenty of them, and when he gets a girlfriend they cry out to him:

“‘Hey Marius have you got yourself a girlfriend,’ and it’s not the words that are threatening, but the way they are being uttered, do you understand, how they look at me and my girlfriend who starts to cry, do you understand?”

NRK’s “concept” of “our valley”

We are being told that Marius’ fears have subsided, although they can still return:
It has been three years since he graduated from high school. He can still feel a twinge of fear whenever he meets the gangs on the subway, but he doesn’t give a ****, he has made four movies, he says what he thinks, he is who he is, the valley is what it is, he writes op-eds about life in Groruddalen and gets them published in VG and Dagsavisen, he is only nineteen but he has already had a heart attack and he has been interviewed twice by the producers of the Norwegian TV series ‘Dalen Vår’ [‘Our Valley’], Elisabeth Brun (see separate article) to find out if his story fitted in with the story about Groruddalen.

It did not.

“Your views do not fit in with our concept,” she said. That TV series is state-funded propaganda. A documentary where the angle has been determined in advance is no documentary, but a half-mockumentary where they have full control of what is being said. If you are going to tell a story about what a great place Groruddalen is, then you can’t talk to young ethnic Norwegian boys, because most of them will tell you that it is a horrible place.

Worried about murders.

Andreas is also suffering, despite attempts at hiding it as much as possible:

He has withdrawn into himself, although he still has a Muslim friend from a very religious family. Let’s call him Omar. He tries to persuade Andreas to become Muslim. Omar tells him about the judgment and the hell that awaits all those who refuse to submit to Islam in time. Omar tells him that he needs to stop enjoying life, but rather prepare himself for the next life. Forsake. But Andreas says that he is wary of Islam; actually it’s more than that: he doesn’t like Islam, not the strictness, vengefulness, its view of women, all the talk about the chastity of women, hijab, not because they want to but because they have to.

They discuss. The discussions descend into verbal altercations.

“He told me that he was going to kill me. I threatened him back.”

Andreas allies himself with ethnic Norwegians in the motorcycle community for protection, a 1% club.

“Had it not been for them he would have killed me.”

Cowardly Muslims.

Andreas doesn’t deny that he’s still scared. That he lift weights to gain strength. He also says that he’s contemplating carrying a knife, but that he fears the police knife controls. He says that he’s made deals with his friends that they will all stand up for each other. Friends who also lift weights and that are into martial arts.

“Muslims don’t fight you on a one-to-one basis. If you meet them alone they are cowards. If I run into Omar alone, he will just walk past me. If I am alone and meet him in a crowd, the best outcome I can hope for is a beating.”

Marius has lifted his gaze. Now he can start to analyse it all.

“There is a hierarchy, where ethnic Norwegian boys are on the bottom rung on the ladder. They will be targeted unless they accede to their rules, if they don’t they become Norwegian immigrants. If a Norwegian boy gets into trouble, odds are that he has a small family and a tiny social network. Unlike a Pakistani or Somali boy, he doesn’t have a clan of brothers and cousins and uncles who come rushing to his aid in the event of a conflict. Most of the time the only thing he has is a single parent.”

Norwegian is weakness; Norwegian culture is on the way out.

Andreas believes that the Norwegian culture is being squeezed out.

“Nobody wants to be a Norwegian here. Norwegian is synonymous with weakness. This is a feeling that is also being conveyed by the teachers.

“They are afraid. They don’t dare to speak out. You should have a look at the number of principals that have come and gone at Vestliveien school in recent years, and ask them why they left. They don’t have control, but they do everything to accommodate the Muslim students. In home economics classes everybody has to prepare halal meat. 

Immigrants do not have to attend ‘NyNorsk’ classes [literally New-Norwegian, which is a different dialect and a different way to write Norwegian — there are two forms of written Norwegian]. I have to attend these classes. The Muslim girls do not have to attend the physical activity classes; because of course they cannot undress in front of other girls. We have to adapt to their culture. They don’t have to adapt to ours.”

Andreas’ views on girls:

“There is one thing that annoys the hell out of me. They can start chasing Norwegian girls, but we cannot go after theirs. It’s something you learn early on. You just don’t go after a Pakistani girl, but Norwegian girls are available to immigrant boys. Norwegian girls prefer them. I don’t know why. I guess it must be that brown skin. That they are tough, that they have money despite not having jobs. 

They don’t see that they fight in packs, that they are cowards. I asked my best female friend if we could get romantically involved, and she told me that I have the right personality, but the problem was that I’m Norwegian. She wants to become involved with a foreigner.”

He believes that Oslo will eventually become Oslostan.

“It’s not going to happen straightaway, but it that’s the way its going. More and more Muslims arrive here from abroad, and many Norwegians convert. Personally I know of five converts. Here it’s all about Islam; Islam is strong, so why fight it?”

The betrayal and the silence

Andreas says that he feels betrayed. And his conversation with the journalists from Finansavisen is the first time that adults let him speak freely, the first time that he doesn’t have to hold back and place restrictions on himself. He says that he wants to become an actor. He wants to make a movie. Maybe a movie about the real “our valley”. He says that he wants to join the HV youth (the youth division of the National Guard). “He wants the uniform. He craves the authority that a uniform gives. No one messes with a soldier.”

Finansavisen’s reporters suggest that adolescence can be tough for everybody, and they wonder how much of it is actually about growing up in the valley and how much is trauma that many adolescents experience, such as differentness, loneliness and exclusion. They even ask them if they are paranoid — if there really is something to be afraid of. Maybe they have deliberately isolated themselves and gone into hiding and started worshipping imaginary horrors that have replaced reality?

The boys’ response is laughter:

They laugh. They smile. The journalists have not understood.

“It is not imagination when they shout after me, when they threaten me, when they hit me,” says Andreas.

“Are you afraid to walk around alone?”

“I’m not. Not anymore,” says Marius.

“There are many places that I don’t go alone. Especially at night,” says Andreas.

We follow Andreas to the subway station.

“Do you see?” he says, and guides our attention to two immigrants. “Do you see how they stare back?”

He’s right. They do stare. We lower our gaze first.

Once again we hear the animal metaphors that permeate their language:
“They are like cats, says Andreas — cats never back down. They challenge you. I get so f***ing mad.”

The subway train arrives. We get on. After a few stop Andreas gets off. We lean back in our seats and try to let the rattle of the train carriage rock us into a kind of sleep. But sleep doesn’t come.
The subway ride from Stovner to Smestad takes approximately 35 minutes.

Epilogue: After having read the draft, Marius gave us a call.

“You can delete the statement that I can walk around safely.”


“I got beat up on the way home from the pub yesterday.”

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BBC Sports and Stuff

BBC Sports and Stuff. 
(Written a while ago)

Mr Griffen is there any truth in the rumour your dogs are named Ann and Frank?

Most certainly not Mr Marr, and whilst we are on this subject, my two cats are not named Ribbentrop and Goering. I would also like to refute the rumour that each evening after dinner I dress up in a SS officer’s uniform complete with jackboots and march up and down our hallway with arm outstretched singing the Horst Wessel song.

Nor are we organizing concentration camps around the UK or advertising for camp musicians in the near future. I hope that clears the air and puts to rest once and for all any doubts in people’s minds that we are racist or have any Narnsey sympathies.

What is the British National Party’s attitude to asylum seekers?

Of course we are very concerned about the unending flood of asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees, so much so we hope in the future to house new immigrants in rural England. We hope to put to right disadvantaged towns such as Tring, Aylesbury and Tunbridge Wells who have so far missed out on the joys of cultural enrichment and vibrant ethnic diversity.

There are some beautiful villages in Bucks and Hampshire, and rural sleepy backwaters like Virginia Water, Windsor, Hadlow and Paddock Wood where we will also consider building vast new public housing estates and eventually opening up some of our National Trust properties for travellers and Gypsies and hopefully alleviate the overspill of African, Asian and Jamaican refugees in central London. We do not want to be seen as a racist party that discriminates against third world sanctuary seekers and who appear to make the indigenous Britons welfare a priority.

Mr Griffen another concern that was brought up recently at a meeting in Birmingham of the British Association of Asian Mayors is the amount of vacant accommodation across the length and breadth of the land.

That is certainly true that is why we will also be conducting an audit on some of our stately homes such as Penshurst Place and Chequers on that criminal waste of vacant accommodation.

Would the BNP welcome Roma Gypsies?

Yes, good question Mr Marr, An increasing concern is the number of Roma gypsies and their large families fleeing war torn Romania and Hungary, crossing safe havens such as Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Denmark with the intent of making landfall in the UK, a disturbing phenomenon that frankly has the UK authorities totally baffled. With these people 3 bedroom accommodation is not an option that is why we urgently need to investigate alternative placement in National Trust properties and as I stated earlier, stately British Homes and Castles.

Mr Griffen some people regards the BNP as a fascist and racist organization, how do you counter those accusations?

Mr Marr, I note it is YOUR ill-conceived concern that our policies are racist, and that is also a mischievous question your producer has added to your list of questions on your script board, but on the contrary those fears are quite groundless.

Mr Marr, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear we have earmarked your small hamlet where you and your family dwell for development on a massive public housing project similar to London’s Tower Hamlets, but twice as large. Promises of shared enrichment should not be seen as a token promise which rings with empty words, we must be seen to bring multiculturalism to ALL people of the UK, not to just a small cross section of the poor white population.

The BNP, I believe have a repatriation programme in mind.

Yes indeed we have. We will be encouraging dissatisfied refugees to return home; in fact we will be continuing the same programme initiated by the extreme far left Labour Government. Once we extricate ourselves from the Federation of European States the saving will be such that we will make the incentive to these people to leave our country and to return to their country of origin extremely generous, as opposed to the offer of ₤20 and a meal voucher offered by the extreme far left Labour government.

Thank you for your time Mr Griffen.

My pleasure.

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Don't Knock it until you've tried it.

I talk to  Rainbows

Ever mindful of the old adage ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’ I invited Phaedra over to our place to try out this same sex thingy. Anyways were just about to get started when mother burst in and cried out “I will not tolerate this sort of thing in my house thank you very much” and ordered Phaedra to put her clothes back on and leave. I felt so sorry for Phaedra as we had hardly got started.

I was devastated to hear that Tamzin and Tiffany’s same sex marriage thingy had broken up. They had only been married for a couple of weeks and are already filing for divorce. Tamzin confided in me that she has never been able to stand Tiffany anyways; she said she is not interested in this same sex thingy; all she wants to do is lie on her back and eat Maltesers. I was so mad I demanded my wedding present back. It was a water squirty thingy for dampening clothes when ironing stuff.

I decided to get this same sex thingy off the ground in earnest so I invited Phaedra, Tamzin, Charlotte, Sarah, Grace, Elspeth, Rebecca, Patience the two Welsh girls Blodwyn and Myfanwy over, Oh Rebecca changed her mind she couldn’t come she was worried about being labelled a Les Bean. Anyways we all took our clothes off and just as we were just about to start when mother burst in and cried out that she wanted to join in also. Mother is a disgusting woman,

Last night I invited Rhonda round to our place and so as not to confuse mother we decided to do it in the garden shed. Anyways we took our clothes off and were just about to start when Rhonda said “Shhh” well actually she used the S word. I said what’s the matter? She said she had left the torch outside of the shed. I went to open the shed door and found it locked. We banged and banged and banged on the door for ages and ages but to no avail so we put our clothes back on because it was like getting really cold and waited until morning when the neighbour heard us banging and let us out.

I really don’t know whether to persevere with this same sex thingy or not……

Courtesy of Ms Bridgette

Friday, 18 August 2017

What the hell was that?

What was the hell was that? 

It was the moment European scientists had long waited for. It was also the moment that full power was applied to the Hadron Collider. There was a short pause followed by an eerie silence. It was said but not confirmed that it was followed by a sort of soft ‘’pinging’’ sort of sound.

It set off an automatic recording device and in the distance an alarm bell sounded ……somewhere. The querulous words which were recorded were short and to the point “what the fuck was that” those words coincide precisely with the vaporization of both France and Andorra and a bit of Switzerland. The good news reaching Canberra is that there were no confirmed Australian causalities. The end.

10/- from AMAZON. There is a free Kindle download if you are skint.

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The Way We Were .

The Way We Were  

It was back in the 50’s in Redhill. Surrey and for six years I used to go out with the girl next door, I lived at number 9 she lived at number 5. She told me her name was Evie, Evie Widden and I had absolutely no reason to disbelieve her. 

She was always clad in a thick fair Isle jumper and a duffel coat and sometimes a beanie, I wondered if she went to bed dressed like that which gave rise to lingering doubts if it were possible I had been keeping company with a young man for six years which in retrospect could account for her parents apparent unease whenever I came to collect their teenager no doubt wondering why I wanted to take their son out to the movies or to go for a walk over the common, confirming the unease was nothing to do with my non-existent roué reputation with opposite sex. The mistake was highly possible as there was none of THAT between myself and Evie thank you very much.

Times have indeed changed. We live in a Rainbow world, societally and sexually. In the 50’s one might have spoken about free love. I was led to believe there was a lot of it being thrown about but certainly not in my direction nor had I had ever been invited to partake group-wise, but in any case it was definitely not the delights of the flesh shared equally by Evie and myself…… or Nathan if that was his/her name.

Sodom and Gomorrah was talked about incessantly from the pulpit on Sundays by Pastor Dickie but certainly none of my friends were physically Sodoming OR Gomorrahring anyone or anything even in the privacy of their own home, well not that I was aware of. 

Aids were certainly discussed and these supports I speak of were a boon for people with a limp or whose eye sight was failing or who were going deaf;I would rather not discuss teeth if you don't mind.

Now about Marriage. Evie or Nathan did bring it up once but I could not have afforded to keep a pet Rabbit or a Hamster on my wages let alone a wife or partner so it was a non- issue. If I were to fast forward, well the figure I would like to fast forward from I would keep to myself if you dont mind. 

It would now be acceptable for me to ask Nathans parents if I could marry their son. No questions would be asked as who was going to do what to who and how. 

It was tacit thing if you understand me, like you know instinctively what to do when you get on a bike, does that make any sense?

Today Homothingy is not only acceptable but actively encouraged. Personally I think it is a total waste of time and a waste of effort for the male’s reproductive thingy and in the case of the Ladies a criminal disregard for the purpose of her eggs.

There are clubs, street parades; queer Police Associations, perplexing Politicians in Westminster pushing for their inclusiveness in all aspects of life, and queer representatives pushing for the age of consent for boys be dropped to thirteen or is it nine? They even have their own Rainbow flag. Call someone a Queer and you could end up in an Austrian jail for a hate crime and possibly water-boarded by the jailors for a bit of light relief.

Today being straight could put one at a distinct disadvantage, similar to being white and applying for social housing or a free university place. So where are we heading I hear you ask?

Is there a limit, alternatively is there no limit? There were limits years ago. I remember them and Evie…. or whatever he/she was and I respected them. Cougars for instance I knew as Puma-like animals that roamed the plains of America not mature ladies who walked in the shadows of the streets of Droitwich or Crawley or advertised on dating sites on the Internet. 

I thirst for the good ‘ole days when I could refer to the Nigger in the Woodpile or ask the shopkeeper if she stocked Gollywogs and no-one would be offended. I suppose because in those days people from Third World, that’s from North Africa and beyond were not living in my country telling me what I could and could not say and worse still our politicians agreeing with them.

So in 100 years in the future what will our society look like? I could be living in a reserve, like a living Museum and black people can come and look at me and take photos and throw bits of bread at me like I was an endangered species like a Panda. Or Vicky Verky my descendants could be wearing beards and wailing like Banshees from Minarets dotted around my country. 

Well anything is possible. There might be no such thing as an age of consent not if my bearded friends have anything to do with it, and the Anglo Saxon people’s history will consigned to dusty tomes in a Museum. Two comments by our moralistic past leaders:

David Cameron …’’I am proud of what this government has done on equal marriage”
Nick Clegg…………”Now is the time to make history and celebrate the arrival of equal marriage”

Well Cleggie have I got news for you. It is not equal because for starters the male reproductive ensemble in a traditional marriage is not put to the same use as in a homosexual marriage. No it is NOT equal or the same, but it just garners you both a few more votes.

His wife called him a Paedophile. He replied “that is a pretty big word for a 9 year old”.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Who are We?

Who are we?

Let us suppose NONE of the conventional accepted theories on human evolution is true. Let us broaden this out a little. Suppose Extra-terrestrial biological entities manipulated the DNA on already evolving primate creatures to create the Homo sapiens on this planet. No, no don’t stop reading you will miss the best bit. Let us suppose the various human-like entities were NOT triggered as a result of mating between Homo erectus, Homo habilus, Homo-Sapiens or Homo-Sapien-like creatures and Neanderthals.

One must have been in a perpetually comatose state not to know we have been visited for possibly as long as this planet has been in existence. These visitors visiting us right now could have arrived 200 million years earlier well before human-like forms walked the planet. They would not have necessarily come from our nearest star system either.

As a matter of interest at our primitive stage of technology a space shuttle would take years to get to our nearest star. If these visitors came from further afield than our nearest star with 200 million years start on technology they just as well could have come from the far edge of our Galaxy or even another galaxy. Here I will not discuss other universes or even dimensions.

The nearest star to the Earth is Proxima Centauri. A light year is 5.8786 x 10 ^12 miles, hence 4.18 light years is 2.4572 x 10^13 miles. I’ll also assume that the Shuttle would be travelling and it’s commonly quoted orbital speed of 17,500mph. Dividing this by 17,500 gives a travel time of 1,404,145,600 hours which is 58,506,066 days so it would take somewhat over 160,290 years to get to our nearest Star using our current technology.

If our visitors have been traversing the galaxy/s for 200 million years anything is possible and creating various forms of life and experimenting with DNA on this planet is not beyond the realm of possibility. The whole thing could have been an experiment.

The premise is and it is not my premise these visitors were visiting this nondescript planet when evolving primates were unable to walk upright and after 200 Million years these visitors would have been quite capable of experimenting with DNA. As I wrote in the first part of this article there is a worrying similarity in that our ancestors the primates, both had opposable or prehensile thumbs and our DNA was disturbingly close. If a number of different groups of inter-Stellar visitors were capable of experimenting with DNA this could account for human species being of a wide varying colour and more importantly having a huge range of physical differences.

Skeletal remains have been found of early man with extremely large heads. There have been remains found of early man, 7 feet tall which cannot be explained. These were only small in number and found in comparatively small areas. Likewise on remote Indonesian island scientist found prehistoric evidence of miniature humans who shared the earth with modern humans for at least 80,000 years and we are told the earth was one large land mass so the miniature humans could not have walked from their ‘Island’ until the land mass broke up.

If these visitors were ‘experimenting’ with DNA there would have been malformations. Differences in colour were a result of differences in the construction of DNA which could have been the result of experimentation. These failures might have not made the Human-like creatures. Of course it is all conjecture as are a lot of our current beliefs.

Was the Nordic man the result of DNA ‘experiments’ different to that of the Australia Aborigine and did it have nothing to do with who cohabited with who? It appears to make more sense that Nordic or Tibetan man did NOT evolve down the same line as the Australian Aborigine, the Papuan New Guinean, Pygmies or the Dinka People the differences are too great.

I believe there was NO seismic SHIFT in the single path of human evolution as it is debatable whether we did all progress down the same path of evolution.

It is possible in our very early stages of development our forefathers saw the Travellers as ‘Gods from the Sky’ and drew a likeness of them on cave walls, made carvings of them and worshiped them? One cannot know how close the contact between these ‘Gods’ and the primitives were. I do not believe we began our path as human-like creatures having crawled out from the ‘primeval ooze’.

Homo sapiens and Neanderthals or other human-like creatures that once walked the earth could have been given a helping hand in their evolution, their differences created by these Interstellar Travellers fully understanding the science of DNA; I realise it is all conjecture as are all the mystical Gods we have worshiped in the past and still do, be it the Sun the moon, black Cats or creatures like ourselves. We do not know if the visitors from the sky periodically returned to observe the result of their handiwork making alterations here and there or were never far away.

There are many other unanswered questions where speculation is rife but fact is sparse, such as did primitive man move 200 ton boulders, carve them with machinery-like precision before building temples to worship their own God-like entities, a wall so intricately built that one would be hard pressed to get a cigarette paper between the mammoth carved blocs. Did the early pyramid builder questioned his or her supervisor after years of hauling, carving and placing one stone of top of another if there were any real purpose to their lifetime labour other than to build a burial chamber for an earthly king?

But here it gets sinister.

The question is did Extra-terrestrial biological entities manipulate DNA in already evolving primates to create the Homo sapiens on this planet?

There is a lady in the USA who is quite respected in this field and somewhat of an authority on this subject thinks they did and so I suspect does the ‘secret government’. Wiki says “Her name is Linda Moulton Howe and Wiki goes on to say she is an “advocate of conspiracy theories” that cattle mutilations are of extra-terrestrial origin and speculations that the U.S. government is involved.

What Wiki does not say however is the reason she questions cattle mutilations is because in some instances during Post Mortems reveal the animal’s heart/s had found to have been removed without any signs of intervention with any signs of blood, I should add she was not the single witness.

‘Advocate’ by the way can mean whatever you like it to mean. If you do not believe the narrative or questions the paradigm then one runs the risk of ridicule as might Linda Moulton Howe.

This is the problem when one nears the truth, ridicule and denial is the order of the day. It is worth an intelligent discussion rather than a 20 word statement ‘this project is closed’ Has someone got something to hide?

Starts.. Linda Moulton states ad verbatim…” In nearly 37 years of trying to the best of my ability to find out the real truth behind lots of the phenomena and realising that perhaps with good intentions that our government at its highest level in the FDR administration going forward made decisions in the interests of National Security to protect the American citizenry but now some 67 years later I do not think the policies of lies and denial that the fact we are not alone in the universe and there has been an Alien presence on this planet for millions of years and humans are just waking up that NOTHING we have been taught is true.

That is what motivated me, what kept me going and in the process I have become very disappointed and dismayed at what our government has done to cover up what I think is one of the single most important subjects, WHO ARE WE? What is the history of this planet and that is what we are talking about?

April 9 1983 at Kirkland Air Force Base in the Airforce office of special investigations office with Richard C Dodie I was there working on the HBO Project at the time when I thought I was there to get some names and phones numbers of people involved in a very dramatic case in South Dakota, when he reached into a drawer brought out a vanilla envelope and as he was handing it over to me he said, my superiors have asked me to show this to you, you can read it, you can ask me questions but you cannot take notes.

I want you to move from the chair you are in to that chair and he motioned to a big chair that was right in the middle of the room and I was too green then to realise that I was in an office made specifically to video tape and audiotape people at that chair in front of that desk.

67 years after that moment a man that I met described my clothes, my hair, the discussion because he had seen all of the videotape that they had taken of me that day. I did not realise what I am now reading are several pages that began on the front page; all CAPS.

“Briefing paper for the President of the United States of America on the subject of unidentified aerial craft UAC’s the phrase unidentified aerial vehicles UAV’s both two acronyms were used throughout this paper, not UFO’s and as it went back it began into the history of the project side and GRUDGE and what happened to the pilot Thomas Mantell the pilot that was blown out of the air when he was trying to approach a UFO. His plane and body were blown to smithereens by some sort of force.

On approximately the second or third page of this type ; it was all typed there was a paragraph that said Extra-terrestrial Biological entities manipulated the DNA of already evolving primates to create Homo Sapiens (the Latin was used), on this planet and next to the last page of the document there was a series of projects. The top one was Project Garnet. I paid special attention to that name as it was my birth stone.


She concluded, “Now they are hugely revolutionary sentences if one had not been exposed to those concepts before, reading them in a chair on an Air Force base in an Air Force office of Special investigation” Ends.

Could there be something about our origins we are not being told?