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A Message from Erich Von Daniken

A message from Erich Von Daniken

He wrote, “the future gnaws away at our past day after day. In the near future the first men will land on Mars, if there is a single ancient, long-abandoned edifice there, if there is single object indicating earlier intelligences, if there is still one recognizable rock drawing to be found then these finds will shake the foundations of our religions and throw our past into confusion. One single discovery of this kind will cause the greatest revolution and reformation in the history of mankind”

In brief what Daniken was proposing was that proof of other civilizations and visitors from other planets that visit us would negate our belief in Gods, Magicians, the Moon, Black cats and Religions. We are still an emerging species. I have commented before we are not unlike an ants nest on the edge of a 10 lane highway compared to our visitors.

It is no wonder the institutions particularly the powerful Religious Industry Ptd Ltd or those that control what we read and hear were not enamored with him.

An article in the New York Times not a particularly trustworthy newspaper accused him of being a playboy, stealing $130,000, a fraudster, an embezzler, a thief, a forger and a prestige‐seeker. While managing a hotel he was supposed to have obtained money by misrepresentation of his financial situation, falsifying the hotel's books to make it appear solvent, and that his second book Gods from ‘Outer Space’ was written in prison”

Hang on don’t go away there is more. “A liar and an unstable and criminal psychopath with a hysterical character, yet fully accountable for his acts”

Much to the accusers credit he was not accused of being a Pedo but yes it does appear he was also racist. His theory was that the first experiments were not a resounding success. The New York Times saw that as a racist comment, which is strange as there were no races perhaps no tribes. A group of primitive, grunting primates roaming an almost barren earth not unlike Monkeys but they did not constitute races.

When the first paragraph by Daniken  above becomes reality the New York Times has some apologies to make. The moral here, criticize governments by all means but don’t mess with the church.

Carl Sagan wrote of Daniken’s book , "I know of no recent books so riddled with logical and factual errors as the works of Von Daniken." It was earlier Sagan who originally warmed to Extra-Terrestrials was told by the American Military intelligence to shut up talking about bloody extraterrestrials. He duly complied.

Racism had to appear somewhere in the charges and it did. Archaeologists and historians were equally critical, with some pointing to Von Daniken's racism for claims like "Was the black race a failure and did the extraterrestrials change the genetic code by gene surgery and then program a white or a yellow race?"

We were until the experiments took place just another group of Primates. Did the NYT prefer to use the word race instead of group of primates?

A very valid question which should be opened up for comment, a comment made well after the word tribal was swapped with the word Racial. We were not tribes nor races we were a continuing experiment.

Our forefathers and foremothers looked very much like our closest cousin DNA-wise which was the Ape and they we not all shapes and colors of the rainbow but we are, so what happened you ask.

In the order of things it was only recently that females of the species were accepted into this prestigious male club I assume because gender diversity was becoming extremely popular and the females of the species were bitterly complaining accusing the church of being an old boys club and talking about the lack of inclusiveness and they also wanted a part of the action, and quite rightly so.

Religion creates order in the word, it holds humans terrified and in a state of awe. We are terrified of Hell, Fire and the wrath of this God and the afterlife that was to meet us  if we transgressed his Laws. I have written before, the Sumerians also had ‘Gods’, they arrived as Gods and Angels from the sky in Chariots of Fire.

Mr Daniken wrote about them at length, they arrived thousands of years BEFORE Christianity and Islam. Christianity arrived about 8000 years later and merged many of the Sumerian beliefs myths, beliefs, superstitions and symbols into their own religion. But their visitors were real, the primitives also saw them as ‘Gods’

We can believe that Lot's wife disobeyed God's warning by watching the destruction of Sodom and was punished by being turned into a ‘pillar of salt’ and that our God made ladies from the rib of a man, but people cannot believe in “Flying Saucers” No, we have our own Gods why do we need any more?

Now I am not by nature a gullible person but I would find those stories a very hard ask to believe along with thousands of others. So the question I pose is why are the “outer space” visitors who are technically billions of years ahead of us in technology long ago also not believed, but Gods and Wizards are.

Now say for example if one wanted to draw the full wrath of the establishment for denying the existence of a Supreme being first installed in the minds of man at the dawn of time then denying him will be met with ….…well ask Mr Daniken and this Carl chappie.


A Chariot Of the Gods

Friday, 22 November 2019

Percy the Primate

  Percy the Primate

Does this creature even remotely resemble anyone you know?

He should do, he was your ancestor before the experiments took place.

This is a continuation of the article Them and Us.

It did not require too much DNA or genetic tampering by intelligent species many light years ahead of us to use the creatures that were already living on this planet at what we would call the dawn of time and that millions of years later would look much like us today but why don’t the academics want to discuss it? That is a very good question, I am glad you asked.

Percy’s tribe of Primates would have ALL looked very much the same, as did all separate groups of primates they would NOT have differed in skin colour from black to white and every shade in between.

A hominid is a member of the family Hominidae, the great apes: orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans. A hominine is a member of the subfamily Homininae: gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans (excludes orangutans). A hominin is a member of the tribe Hominini: chimpanzees and humans.

It confirms that humans are primates and modern humans and chimpanzees diverged from a common ancestor between 8 and 6 million years ago. There is only about a 1.2 percent genetic difference between modern humans and chimpanzees throughout much of their genetic code.

Now we have established who were our cousins when our visitors arrived let us take this a little further. When our visitors arrived millions of years ago what did they have to work with?

Well it was someone similar to Percy the creature heading this article; they were not going to manipulate the DNA of Chimpanzees or Orangutans, even Apes who are our nearest cousins. These creatures, the Homo Sapien Sapiens would have been the most advanced of all the Primates, their skull was larger and no doubt their motor skills for what was required was more suitable and it was not for climbing trees and no doubt the visitors saw them as the most intelligent of the Primates. There was far less experimenting of Homo sapiens to achieve their aim, whatever it was.

The creature above would have been the most likely candidate for the experiments which included DNA, tampering, Genetic Seeding and Hybridization with other species from other planets. It might sound a little far-fetched but let us take this a little further.

A Hybrid is the offspring of two animals or plants of different races, breeds, varieties, species or genera

“The Humanization Program was a (MAJI) project to see how well beings from another place (planet) could be integrated into our Earth society. It was also an inter-species breeding program on another planet.” Don’t read too much into that paragraph at the moment.

May 30, 2014 Cedarville, California and Klamath Falls, Oregon.

It is highly probable that all life on Earth was seeded by an advanced intelligence from somewhere else in the cosmos. That idea was first proposed by 1903 Nobel Prize chemist Svante Arrhenius, who introduced the concept of “panspermia,” the seeding of life through spores of living cells on different planets.

Then 70 years later in 1973, Nobel Prize laureate Francis Crick evolved Arrhenius's concept to “directed panspermia.” After the discovery that DNA was a double helix molecule that contains the singular genetic code for all Earth life from bacteria and fish to plants and humans, Crick puzzled over why there was only one genetic code for all terrestrial life. That could NOT have happened by chance, he hypothesized. So Crick agreed with Arrhenius that life on Earth was likely seeded and directed by Advanced Intelligences.

The question that goes begging is why Homo sapiens are the only primates on this planet to differ in skin colour from deep black to milky white. Why is it we are the ONLY primates as a collective group that differ in nose, lip, brow, eye shape and even skeletal differences? It would only be explained if our Genetics and DNA was tampered with or subtly fine-tuned, influenced, adjusted, modified, changed or seeded with other emerging species.

In many cases the changes were extremely subtle almost to the point of being barely visible.

We do not know the extent of hybridization that went on but continues today. This present day hybridization is not planned but just a free-wheeling event, but if a friend does not say to the parent the child looks just like you then change has taken place and hybridization is continuing.

I believe this is known but it cannot be made public. Academia is as tightly controlled as the press and influential academics which include Archaeologists, Palaeontologists, and Biologists etc. are reluctant to publish this as it is wise to follow the narrative that has been set as it would threaten their very career with the loss of generous and influential positions within Academia. That is understandable.

It would immediately negate religion which has for hundreds of years become an industry and has held the people on this Earth in some sort of order and awe and created many careers with people masquerading as God’s representatives on earth. The Church and Royalty for many decades vied one another as the most influential, powerful and wealthy, they are intertwined.

The church has played on people fears of the unknown, of life after death of Heaven and hell. But why do people need so many churches and Deities. Usually one God is quite enough for any group of primitive, superstitious people. Did you know there are 34,000 Christian denominations? There are apparently two real Gods, the Christian one and Islam’s God, I don’t really know if they are the same God as they appear to have two completely different concepts of this place called heaven.

I also do not know if the Allah who Mr Patel in Railways Close, Swansea in South Wales prays to is the same Allah as do his relatives in Hyderabad also pray.

I will not dwell on this but if Angel’s, Serpents or Allah’s God apparently who flew to heaven on a winged horse then why is the theory of a far advanced civilization who seeded and made us so different from any other nonsensical theory. It certainly makes more sense and is not as far- fetched.

One gentleman even went as far as to say we all walked out of Africa but tragically no-one laughed even though the world was one landmass at the time and the earth had not yet broken up. Genesis tells us God created mankind in his own image; he created them; male and female.

Why oh why did he make so many different models, it does not make any sense and why not keep to the original plan of making them in his own image.

For those of you that believe in this God Person I do not doubt for on moment there was a Jesus person in biblical times as there are people named Jesus in Mexico today. Also I believe he was a travelling evangelist and attracted a lot of followers and was becoming a complete and utter nuisance to the authorities, so much so they arrested and crucified him along with a couple of his mates.

It was not the manner of his death that made him famous as crucifixion was a common punishment for wrongdoers in those days. No, it was he was resurrected by his Dad and neither of them were ever seen or heard of again.

DNA double helix molecule.

For those of you out there that understands DNA this is the genome “sentence” to make a Homo sapien sapiens and is about 3.2 billion base pairs long and contains 20,000 to 25,000 distinct protein-coding genes

Friday, 8 November 2019

The Message

                                                           The message

The Mother holding on to her little man's hands queueing to enter the showers at the Auswich Camp was too concerned of their existence to notice the sign scratched on the wall on the way to the showers.

The message never got through to 150 plus innocent Christians praying in a church in Sri Lanka either who died in a flash and were not even aware of the cryptic message that was written on the Pastors opened Prayer book as the bomb exploded. Or the men methodically decapitated by God’s creatures in the festering far reaches of this planet who had no time to read any message assuming there was a message to be read.

This sign was also carved on a tree by a traveller that was to eventually die on an unknown track on the long march in China. So were hundreds of thousands of innocent residents of two cities in Japan that died in a brilliant flash, nay two brilliant flashes their shadows burnt in the ground they too never had time to read any message. 

The message was engraved on a belt buckle worn by a person on his way with thousands of others to a Russian Gulag …somewhere, it made no difference, its immaterial.

The message was also not read by the 3000 or so human beings working to earn money to feed their families who also missed the message written in felt pen on the walls of the Twin Towers in New York their clothes still alight as they fought their way to the elevators the flames kept them from entering, or the hundreds of Millions of souls that have died fighting rich men’s wars without ever seeing the sign. The sign which read.


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Woodstock Shagfest

Coming to a town near you
A mini Hajj in Birmingham

                          Or the Woodstock Shag Fest (Sorry wrong sub title)

More than 2 Million Muslims gather for the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The Hajj is seen as a chance to wipe clean past sins and start fresh. Yep you hear right. Christianity on the other had does not really have an equivalent, well not yet. Also I am are not aware if there are any sins that are not exempt like the decapitation of one’s fellow man or say drowning them in a cage slowly, like really slowly, but I only ask the questions.

On the first day of the Hajj, pilgrims walk around the Ka'bah seven times in an anti-clockwise direction while repeating prayers. Again I do not know if there is a penalty for walking around in a clockwise direction and why this is so important, but Allah seems to think so.

In a moment of reflection I have often thought Christians can organize a similar religious outing around Stonehenge or say the town Hall clock in Droitwich, which brings us the Woodstock.

Woodstock was all about love, and I will drink to that. Trouble was no one knew who was going to be loved at any one time. I was never invited to these love-ins but I have been told it was not unlike a huge Shag-fest and love was the driving theme driven by the hatred of wars particularly the one running currently at that time, the Vietnam War with more to follow, like lots of ‘em.

The Woodstock festival 1969 was a protest to pull soldiers from the Vietnam War, which was happening at that time. However, the main focus of the festival was aimed to support love, peace and freedom, but mainly LOVE …with anyone who happened to be standing around idly, minding their own business, ‘praps ‘aving a quite fag.

About the Shag-fest; a couple of surviving witnesses say YES there were births at Woodstock. The concert's medical director told reporters at the scene there were two births: one at a local hospital after the mother was flown out by helicopter; the other in a car caught in the epic traffic jam outside the site crowded with more than 400,000 people but as yet no figures have been released for the number of births AFTER Woodstock for fear of causing panic, mayhem and uncertainty for future Woodstock’s which I imagine births could have run into at least double figures, who knows maybe hundreds….thousands?

Back to the Hajj. I would like to put this into some sort of intelligent perspective. I would like to start by saying we are what is referred to as an intelligent species. An Extra Terrestrial species visiting us might inquire how many Gods do we have and how many do we really NEED and more importantly why they are all different gods when they don’t have any, these are the intelligent species I refer to.

A person who will be pushed forward to answer this question will be a ‘professional religious person’ like the POPE and/or an Islamic person who answers the more difficult questions.

Now there are different rules for ladies and here I will cut and paste so I have my facts right.

An Islamic woman may take contraceptive pills to prevent her from menstruating during Hajj season in order to be able to perform Tawaf. Scholars vary in their opinion whether one should take Pills in Hajj to stop Menstruation or use any other means to prevent menstruation. Some are of the opinion that women can use pills to stop menses as long as it is not prohibited or hazardous to health. There are pills available in the drugstores if you want to stop periods during Hajj or delay periods during Hajj. However, for a better understanding of the matter, please consult a scholar. Also, make sure you use these pills only after consulting a doctor. I have not discovered who slid this regulation in but it has not found favour in Christian Churches as yet. Sorry cannot help you on the pills per se.


f the menses start after entering in the state of Ihram, it does not disturb the state of Ihram and the Ihram remains intact. A woman can relinquish Ihram only after completing all the rituals of Hajj including the ritual clipping of hair. However, she should stay at her hotel/ apartment in Makkah and should not enter Masjid-ul-Haram until she takes the bath of purification. She should continue to recite Talbiyah, Takbir, Tahlil, Istighfar, etc. but avoid reciting verses of the Holy Qur’an. After taking bath for purification, she should perform Umrah.

So there you go ladies, no need to go unprepared is there.

Ah, but this is more like it

Friday, 9 August 2019

Our Visitors or Them and Us

 Them and Us  

All human Sapiens on earth are of the same species. We are also classed as Primates as are Orangutans, Chimpanzees and Apes although they are separate species from us all these groups taken separately look the same. All Orangutans are more or less the same colour, as are all Chimpanzees and Macaque monkeys, Zebras and Buffalos. So the question has to be asked why Homo sapiens aren’t the same colour, even more pertinent a question is why not if “we all walked out of Africa” As an aside it is interesting to note African apes are more closely related to humans than to monkeys.

Our differences encourage questions to be asked. Why does our skin colour range from a very black through to a milky white colour this happens to no other species on this planet unless there is a genetic malfunction in the species. Why the skeletal differences? Were we someone else’s experiment?

In human genetics mitochondrial Eve the matrilineal most recent common ancestor of all currently living humans, is believed to be the most recent woman from whom all living humans descend in an unbroken line purely through their mothers. But who introduced Mitru congia Eve? This theory was later changed as there were some academics that discounted that all Homo sapiens originated from females, the word EVE being the offending word.

I did not go to university to study Anthropology so my success or failure in this discipline and the chance of being selected for generous, eye-watering choice positions within Academia will not be judged or clouded by my NOT following the narrative or NOT by singing from the same song sheet. Academia is as tightly controlled as the mainstream media.

Yes I believe as a species we arrived about 65 million years ago, give or take a million or so years. Fossils have proved that.

This is where it gets a little blurry as does the question are we alone in the Universe. Here again controlled Academia follows the narrative, blindly.

It was a similar situation 100 years ago a scientific person who speculated we were being visited by other intelligent species from another part of the solar system would also have been ridiculed and like a Leper expelled and banished from the scientific community as would have an astronomer believing in interstellar visitors today.

I suspect Einstein was concerned about credibility as well. The misinformation continues. Let us put this in some sort of perspective.

Hubble reveals observable universe contains 10 times more galaxies than previously thought. In fact 1,897,765,423,413 more galaxies than originally thought, now in anyone’s book that is an awful lot of Galaxies.

Keeping this thought foremost in your mind like a neon sign, contemplate “Anything within the realm of imagination is possible”

Now we as Homo sapiens have been here for about 65 million years, but I believe what is being deliberately hidden from us are who were the real “Gods and Angels from the sky”? The question asked is how does this God person service the spiritual beliefs and needs of trillions of different possible intelligences? The question is dismissed with a wave of one’s arm with “cus ‘e's omnipotent in‘ee.”

Another question demanding to be asked if we are made in his image how come we are all different?

Garrisons, Castles Fortresses and Citadels were built to guard the wealthy’s assets. Churches were built in every, village, town and city. WHY? The peasants were expendable their religious loyalties were not. In the overall scheme of things religion was critically important to a well ordered society.

The churches were wealthier and more powerful than Kings or Queens.

Repeating, an astronomer believing in interstellar visitors today would be ostracised from the scientific community and termed a crackpot. WHY?

Back to our visitors; it has been theorized that we as a species we were an experiment by these visitors which makes a lot more sense than one person and his father with minimum help by a few followers organizing such a huge undertaking. Briefly the travelling evangelist responsible was crucified interred, resurrected and never being seen again…… it is a big ask.

Christianity started around 2000 years ago; our visitors have been around for 200 BILLION years. Our earthly home was not built in SIX days. It is almost too silly for words to even debate this subject.

The young man on television is presenting a fascinating insight of our planet and its place in the universe. He bravely hinted that on all these billions of star systems there ‘might’ be other primitive species.

The young man omitted to speculate or even hint that not once in any of these fascinating programmes that intelligent species and there are quite a number of them I might add have been visiting this nondescript blue/green planet floating against an ebon cyclorama without any apparent purpose for billions of years. He follows the narrative. Lovely knowledgeable man, BUT He does not write the narrative he just reads it.

To sum up, there is gathering evidence that these visitors that have been visiting our little planet since the dawn of time and here it is guesswork they used the evolving species on this planet for a purpose, it has been speculated they were used to mine resources.

It has also been theorized other primate species were bought here and seeded with the existing emerging species and a hybrid population evolved. We all are HYBRIDS our DNA was also tampered with to produce a particular specimen which accounts for the huge differences in our human population.

What is really tantalizing is they are still visiting us and live among us. They are not as primitive to travel the galaxies and universes in little metal things we all call ‘Flying Saucers’. 

Think about it if Barney and Betty Hill were abducted by these intelligences and taken to Zeta Reticuli Two which is 39 light-years away even travelling at the speed of light, were separately shown star maps and trade routes and these accounts verified by polygraph tests then they were returned to earth within days so we must theorize about dimension-hopping or portals. Wherever they have come from might be billions of miles away.

But Barney and Betty Hill may have never left our planet but were shown the star maps and trade routes telepathically. Just a thought.

So to sum up why we are not told about this theory, thousands of people have seen these things, as have airline pilots, air traffic controllers, Military people and large groups of people even one American President but this news will never make the main TV news, why is that I hear you you ask?

It is pretty simple. Two things immediately go out of the window. The first is our belief in a spiritual God Person, the other which have more than just touched on, there are other intelligent species billions of years ahead of us populating the galaxies and universe.

What is the purpose of this deception you ask? Religion or spiritual beliefs as we understand it has kept order on this planet for at least 2000 years, it has created fear and awe as regards what is awaiting us in the hereafter and fear selected wrong-doing to this “God person” teachings result in fear of eternal damnation.

To sum up, in the broader scheme of things we as an emerging intelligent species are compared to our visitors as an Ants nest on the edge of a ten-lane highway 
Google "Rachaels Eyes"   Helen Littrell's experience.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Times they are a'changin'

Times they are a'changin'

Australia is sending contestants to the European Song contest regardless of the fact it is not part of the land mass of Europe. Conchita a male person wearing earrings, lippy and false eyelashes with a falsetto voice had also previously taken part as a lady. I paused looked to the heavens and whispered “Where am I”

It was a male person named Bob, Bob Dylan who summed up the state of play in 1964. He was right you know, things were certainly “a-changing” has anyone since asked the question has it been for the best?

Bobby would never have guessed new words would be added to our vocabulary like Spermageddon. *SPERMAGEDDON* what the hell is that you ask?

Well, it is killing those poor little thingy’s that create life before they even start on their terribly short, one-way journey.

I am led to believe there are not a lot of those thingy’s around these days anyway. My friend said that is because certain additives are, well being added to our water and because of our mobile phones are emitting radiation which is placed right next to our privates. I have heard they are experimenting upping this radiation to S9 or even much more. It might kill the production of these little thingy’s quicker but by golly, we will have a more efficient mobile phone system. Makes sense I ‘spose.

Despite the culling of these little thingy’s that create a life I have arrived. Who am I Arthur, Martha, am I a Les Bean, a Homo thingy or both? Am I gender neutral, or Binary something, these things are important to know before I start my journey. I know for certain I am not gay as there are times I feel positively and utterly depressed and miserable. Well, that’s enough about me and my personals.

How about this I could slot myself in a group known as “Genderqueer” also known as non-binary, it’s a catch-all category for gender identities, those transitioning to something else like a bowl of porridge which is really good because it removes any confusions one might have had on exiting the womb. I read they are giving children tablets who are confused about their gender. I almost said sex, the poor darlings who really don’t know whether they are Robin or…. er Robyn.

Personally I like the good old days when one of those little thingy’s of which I wrote of earlier of which we had hundreds and thousands ‘praps millions were allowed to continue their journey and get on with the job they were entrusted to do and not having other people not involved in the process sticking their fingers into other people private business.

The internet abounds with wall to wall porno, you get to choose your own blend there is certainly a rich variety as a Solo artists, with a friend/friends, groups, with the same sex partaking in a variety of antics which we have never heard of involving things only acrobats are capable of.

If I am selected to represent my country in the forthcoming Olympics I might be confronted by questions if I were to be selected to take part in the ladies 100 meters hurdles would I have to have the bits of me that might be protruding removed if only to show good faith. Am I prepared to that just to receive a medal or a hug from my trainer? It is a hard ask, ….if you ask me.

The Times have certainly not stopped ‘a-changin’ they have truly changed. 

The visitors who have been traveling the Galaxies and Universes and praps dimensions would look down on this inconsequential blue/green rock floating without any apparent purpose against a cyclorama of ebon darkness confused by the antics of its inhabitants and whisper “keep going Jack, come back in a thousand years” this species has only just started to evolve.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Inconsistency of Witness Statements.

     The inconsistency of Witness Statements

I thought I would compile a small list to convey to you people out there the enormity of the problem I am faced with. You see I want to believe, I am desperately seeking answers but I am faced with an almost insurmountable task. Fact One which is Indisputable I wish it were not; all religions are based on witness statements which immediately presents a huge problem. Episcopal Church. Church of Latter day Saints. Church of Scientology. Baptist Church. Methodist Church. Church of England. Church of Christ, Roman Catholic Church, Church Of Mary of whatever…Look I won’t go on and on about this.

I found this on Google there are 34,000 (Christian) denominations.

Do all these churches pray to the same God and how do they KNOW it is the same God if no-one is alive today that can prove beyond any reasonable doubt he is? Do you see where I am going with this?

Now with Islam you don’t have the innate luxury of picking and choosing your very own franchise of worship it is a singularity. They are called Mosques, not "Mosques of the Latter Day Saints” or “Mosques of our Virgin Mary” or even ‘Scientology Mosques

It is timely to ask the question who is this Allah person is he the same Allah Mr and Mrs Singh of Railway close, Swansea prays to or is there more than one person masquerading as Allah?

With Islam, you get what you are given there are no franchises up and down the country as with the Christian Church. From a personal point of view I think choice is an inclusive and a democratic thing. Anyway it is not essential if this ‘GOD’ I write of is a singular person.

I would like to take this one step further if I may. If you people out there accept the premise that all religions are based on witness statements and if not please prove me otherwise and whether it is contrary to witness statements by a Mathew, Mark, Rupert or John, then I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Wait; here is the “Biggy”.

If millions, nay Billions of people out there pray to this ‘God’ just on the hearsay of witnesses who are not with us anymore what is the difference in disbelieving the existence of Extra-terrestrials? I am not being funny here. All abductees, although I personally prefer to use the word Contacts have also given witness statements; still with me? What’s more thousands of these witnesses are still alive and will also swear to their own God they have seen these visitors, singularly and in groups.

We do not really know what is going on here. It could be the authorities would much prefer we keep these visitors to our little planet a secret as refuting existence of our traditional Gods; that is Gods everyone is comfortable with would create absolute mayhem. Do you know what I mean?

Supposing and I am only just supposing here, these visitors also have their own Gods, I don’t quite know how to put this without offending people but going one step further supposing these people ARE the Gods and it was our primitive cave dweller ancestors and witnesses who worshiped them. As an evolving species we saw them as Gods and Angels from the sky in their little saucer things, maybe there are no Gods as we understand the word complete with Angels, Heavens and Hell.

We must look at things from all points of view let me explain. Here I am referring to the Christian religion. Let us pre-suppose THERE IS BUT ONE GOD. With all the different franchises why oh why don’t they just all amalgamate. I am sure it could easily be proved to the Tax people it is but one church and there is only one God so a tax exempt system for all places of worship can easily be worked out or even established but they may have to a change the name to the Amalgamated Associations of the Church of God. Inc. It certainly has a ring about it.

As an afterthought I have no doubt in my mind there was a person named Jesus living in the ’Holy Land’ as there are many people named Jesus living in Mexico today but this wandering evangelist and troublemaker was a total pain in the bum for the Roman authorities so much so they decide to get rid of him along with a couple of his mates and Crucified him which was not an unusual method of punishment in those days. 

It was not the manner of his death that made him famous it was that his dad resurrected him; hearsay again? Trouble was he was never seen or heard of again… this very day, I am not sure if I am referring to God or Jesus…or both.

For my Heresy If I were a Roman Catholic I would be prepared to say a few dozen Hail Marys for my impudence, if a non-Catholic I will do a penance….promise.