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EU Financial Trade and Commerce Plc.

EU Financial Trade and Commerce Plc.

We are an old established company first founded in 1972. We specialise in the purchase of European Countries. We also deal in futures; that is, the futures of the people and their tangible assets that comprise the populations of the countries in our ever-growing portfolio.

At present our portfolio comprises 27 European countries. Our financial base is secure. It is guaranteed by the European banks and generously funded by the taxpayers of the principle governments who have signed the EU Plc Draft constitution or Lisbon Treaty as it is now known.

The population of two of our acquisitions, France and Holland, found some aspects of our company's constitution questionable after discovering it took precedent over their own constitutions. Hopefully, hastily renaming the EU Plc draft constitution the Lisbon Treaty will negate any concerns they may have had.

Our long term commitment is to eventually extend our holdings to include countries such as Turkey and the regions of North Africa and Arabia.

We are at present in delicate negotiations with the Labour Government in London for the purchase of Great Britain; the details of our offer are confidential as is the P.O.A. There are some difficulties arising with on-going talks with London because of external pressure on their government to hold a referendum on the acquisition of its country.

Nevertheless the Brown Labour Government have assured us unequivocally any referendum that might be held will be a referendum on our company's constitution and not on a complete rejection of their incorporation into our company.

The negotiations are proceeding well and we do not expect any problems in future talks with London. Audits of our financial accounts remain relatively free of investigation. When dealing with London the intense lobbying of Pro EU influential British politicians such as Lord Mandelson, Mr. David Cameron and Mr. David Miliband are making their country's eventual takeover and incorporation into our portfolio a certainty.

I am sure you are aware at the same time we are in negotiations with Dublin for the purchase of Southern Ireland. Currently we have been presented with some minor difficulties concerning the finer points of the contract concerning putting to rest their obsession with neutrality and family planning. Hopefully these difficulties will be ironed out within the next few months when the people are once again sent back to the polls hopefully this time returning a yes vote.

Norway can be likened to a nervous bride on her wedding night. Despite two failed attempts by referendum to enter our parent company, the European Community in 1972, and the EU Plc. in 1994, the question of whether or not Norway should once again be approached to join our company has been raised in the past few years in the national Norwegian policy debate. This, however, is not going to have any practical consequences in the immediate future.

We cannot bring you a complete breakdown of the revenue of the combined total assets of the principal countries in our portfolio other than to say that their oil, gas, gold, fishing stocks, agricultural industries etc makes being part of our company a rock solid investment particularly at these volatile times.

EU Financial Trade and Commerce are also aware that the on-going negotiations on the purchase of Turkey appear to be causing unnecessary concern. The concern being that Turkey’s 72 million inhabitants being of the third world might swamp the European countries whose people make up the First world.

Our company Demographers in Brussels have assured us and other countries heads of government that 72 million Muslims spread over 27 European countries would scarcely be noticeable.

Our accountants at the European Union Inc. will be pleased to send you a prospectus on request. Thank you for your interest.

EU Financial Trade and Commerce Plc.

All enquires to EUssr@we

The Royal Wedding and I.

The Royal Wedding and I.
The sign projecting from the side of the small wooden church read “To be reborn you must be saved” or was it the other way round? Doesn’t matter. I repeated that religious text but I did not understand it. I was reminded of that sign the following day when I watched a crow, trying to peck at something moving in the long grass. I walked over to discover what was capturing its interest was a cringing, dirty looking toad. It had not been bloodied but it did appear distressed, not that I have ever recognised a distressed toad before you must understand.

Irreligious people might dispute that we are reborn; though I am sure there is a reference to being reborn somewhere in our bible. Although one does not have to believe everything that is quoted in the bible to be gospel, unlike the Koran. We have ‘born again Christians’ so some people must believe in rebirth. So why should a crow attacking a toad and thoughts of being reborn have me thinking of the Royal Wedding.

Well we have to assume that on death if we are reborn then the toad I speak of in a previous life must have committed a dreadful heinous crime against Gods creatures. Was this toad the rebirth of Stalin or Saddam Hussein? A man or a woman of the cloth spends their allotted time on this earth in the service of God. Will their servitude automatically guarantee them a place in heaven or will it just assure them of a rebirth but way up the social ladder, maybe a duchess or an Earl. Do you see where I am heading here? I hope so; You know I could be in my metallic blue Maserati with an interesting blond by my side with the hood down going for a drive in the countryside rather than writing this, assuming I had a Maserati with a soft top and was not married, etc etc, that is.

I have pointed out to my wife on a number of occasions how fate works and how if she, by the grace of God, had been in a particular pub on a particular day in Tasmania breasting the bar when the Prince of Denmark walked in, as opposed to being ‘down the shops’ wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles of our local supermarket looking for some cheap mince for tea, he may have offered to buy her a drink or two.

Knowing my wife, quite a number of drinks later followed by a rash commitment by this tall fair stranger from Scandinavia is not beyond the realm of absurdity, or is that possibility? she could now be her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mrs Janice Lenore of Denmark. She replied that I was being silly again and that anyway she would have to spurn his advances by reminding him she was a middle aged respectable married woman. I countered with; well he could have said “no-one has to know that, do they?” Stay with me, I will get to the point shortly.

The metropolitan chief of Police, a lady of middle years, but not unattractive with a reasonably slim figure and stockings whose name escapes me for the moment stood outside of Scotland Yard and spoke of a ‘Ring of Steel’ I visibly shivered. The threatening, uniformed men with dark visors and bullet proof vests, cradling sub-machine guns, fingers resting on triggers waited patiently for her order to fire on any smelly peasant coming within 200 feet of the entourage.

A garantued of Rolls Royces, (I made that name up actually), pulled up. I marvelled at the gold braid on the guests uniforms, even little boys had General and Field Marshall’s uniforms on. I was entranced by the ladies hats which I am sure I had seen before at the ‘previous royal weddings’ or was it at ‘The Oaks’ who knows? I loved the pomp and ceremony. They even sang my favourite hymn which I have recently learnt on my Vega five string banjo ‘Oh thou redeemer’ in the key of G and D, no less.

I sat spellbound. I whispered to my wife “do you know dear, I can slip into this sort of life with scarcely a ripple”

My boy made some smart remark about me not being of royalty, I pointed out to him, how does he know I am not illegitimate, conceived by my mother, an innocent servant girl who was both surprised and compromised by the scoundrel wearing the officers uniform of the 17th/21st Hussars sitting right up there next to her Majesty in the royal box. My boy is right though.

When Queen Victoria, you know the one that ruled over an Empire on which the sun never set, was being dragged though the same streets in her carriage, my ancestors position in society would have been very much the same. Their descendants would have been somewhat more affluent but the void between them and us would have been exactly the same.

The peasants, or is that the Queens subjects, pressed forward excitedly and screamed at the royal personages as they passed. What did they have in common with them? Two legs, two arms, two eyes and the necessary equipment to perpetuate the species that’s all. Perhaps they really do believe they are related. From now on in I am being kind to animals and birds; well I did relocate the toad so if I cannot reassure myself of a place in heaven the best I can hope for is to improve my place in society after my rebirth. It’s the horse and carriages, gold braid, Field Marshall uniforms and the chance to meet an attractive woman of class, substance and nobility. I will be deleting this article later. its to do with my wife's self esteem.

The real victims of Multiculturism

The real victims of Multiculturism

The photo above are NOT students from Abbeydale School but from the writers school circa 30's

This letter was written by a past pupil.

 I've just had the most upsetting hour reading forum comments about my old school. When I went there, it was called Abbeydale Grammar School for Girls and it was the second place grammar school in the city - the only one that was better was a fee-paying place. In 1969, it merged with two adjacent schools and became a comprehensive and changed its name to Abbeydale Grange School. Sited on 52 acres of playing fields, woodland and parkland, the environment could not have been nicer.

My sixth form was spent under the new regime, which was barely changed as the two schools we'd merged with were both grammar schools, although having boys around was a bit different (and exciting!). Many pupils went on to Oxford and Cambridge; in fact the whole sixth form went on to further education - Polytechnic, Teacher Training College or University.

All in all it was an outstanding academic institution. In the seventies, I could get a job just by saying I'd been to that school.

Anyway, I was reading comments on the BNP website, and saw this comment:

"...Pictures of this desecrated graveyard should be one very BNP pamphlet along with the one of the pupils at that Yorkshire (?) School - all English in the 1960s, all Asian 40 years later. "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for you" ...."

Well, my school was in Yorkshire - Sheffield, to be exact and I wondered if the commenter could be referring to my old school. I was there in the 60s, and it wasn't 100% English (we had a sprinkling of Welsh and Scots), but I had read a while back that there were a lot of Asians there now. I put in a Google search for "Abbeydale Grange" and saw a link to a forum discussing a campaign to stop the closure of the school - so I went to have a look. I wasn't really prepared for the opinions expressed on the thread and it just hit me like a brick wall. Here are a few samples:

"Why would we want to try and save that dump?"

"Sadly even the dregs of society have a right to send their kids to school. If they shut Abbeydale Grange they'll just send the lowlife to another school and transfer the problem elsewhere."

"Just level it. The school is on its arse, and the teachers all want to leave."

"I understand an interest has been shown by North Korea for use as target practice after registration..."

"That school is a failing school, and full of thickies."

"If all else fails they could build a young offenders institute next to it for ease."

"While I was at the school, the number of children from the UK dropped and the amount of people from different countries rose dramatically. I think there lays the main problem."

"It’s the only school that I get problems from while on the round, getting shouted abuse and getting stones lobbed at me!!!!! So I say get rid." (A postman)

"I've heard it said that Animal Grange is the bowels of the earth and that the kids who go there are just passing through..."

"....An influencing reason for some parents seeking to place their children elsewhere was given as a 'high proportion of ethnic minority people'." (This poster was citing this fact as evidence of racism!)

"Believe me, I'll be the first one to put a brick through the window...all that school did for my lad was cause grief and suffering, thank god I managed to get him transferred...."

"Yes please save this school! Then at least it won’t be merged with any decent school!"

"Just get rid of it and do us all a favour."

"But why don't you just face facts that the school is full of scumbags with no respect for anyone or anything. It's an experiment that's gone completely wrong. It needs to close, end of story."

"They've even have to have police officers at the bus stops at kicking out time because of the mayhem the kids cause."

"When there is an incident on a bus a driver fills out an incident form back at the depot, it is a fact that Abbeydale Grange is way out in front for complaints from passengers and drivers over children from this school then any other in Sheffield."

"There are thirty-five different languages from fifty different countries represented at AGS."

"My son was stabbed there some years ago everything was covered up and kept out of the papers because it was an Asian who did it"

Look at that last comment. "It was an Asian who did it" "Everything was covered up." Yes, my old school has been taken over, colonised, become a hotbed of criminality, and best of all it's hidden - as usual. Even the parent of the stabbed child couldn't bring himself to say "Muslim" - because that's what the criminal was.

The pupils who thought the height of disobedience was a crafty fag behind the bike sheds have been replaced with cheap imports who carry knives and even guns, who throw stones at an innocent postie trying to do his job, whose behaviour is so bad that it produced the invective above, a school so reviled that when federation was offered, not a single school anywhere in Sheffield was willing to be federated with them. The school is now closed. Gone. A chapter of history is closed.

It's just 40 years since I left that school. In 40 years the indigenous have been entirely replaced with immigrants  That's how long it takes.

Is it starting to happen in your area? Your child's school? How long before you get as upset as I did today?

The future in still in your hands......just.

The School role call

Colonisation in the true sense. My search for Rhodesway school came up with:

A Ahmed bs12, it; N Akhtar el, hi; S Alyas el, cp; Z Ayub el, bi, ch, it6; Q Azam el, bi; S Bibi hc12; M Cooper el, ma, ch; S Epton it; R Fish el, cp; A Hamid el, so, bi; N Hussain so, hc12; S Hussain hc12**, ur, so; S Hussain hc12, so; S Hussain it, el, hi; S Hussain ch, bi, el; S Iqbal hc12; M Ishfaq el, bi, ch; N Khan so, el; J Mitchell cp, el; N Parveen so; S Pringle hc12, q rasib it, bs12; J Rawnsley bi, hi; K Rehman it6, so, el; N Rehman it6, bs12; R Saddique hc12; N Shaheen el, it; A Sheikh it, bs12; O Shkembi bs12; A Siddiqui ur; J Singh it6, it, it6, bs12; R Snowden it.

This article I believe was prompted by a report by Nick Davies, 1998 British Reporter of the Year who specialises in social issues and crime. As well as writing for the Guardian he has worked for Granada's World in Action and the BBC. Jack Straw said of his last book, Dark Heart, a journey into the hidden society of crime and poverty in the UK: "This book should be required reading… it will shock many to the quick, that all this could be happening under their noses

The above letter was written by a past pupil. I strongly suggest you visit the URL listed below. It mirrors the situation is many English schools. Read the report on the reason for the slow death not only of our education system but our nation by LibLabCon party. If you have a strong stomach, and strong self control please visit the site below

I would like to add as worrying as the report might be, you might note that the main underlying problem besides poverty, which the reporter appeared too terrified to mention, was because of immigration on a massive, unsustainable scale from the primitive third world which is the main cause of the crime and poverty he writes of, it does not take anyone with the brain of Einstein to understand this, but it does take the bravery of Achilles to write about it.

He has in the past reported for the Guardian and the BBC so the omission is quite understandable and acceptable.

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Final Grant application to British Arts Council

Final Grant application to British Arts Council

My Ref ….. Albion / 5A2/♫/UP/UK /♣ ♂
Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly I would like to say we were again surprised and bitterly disappointed to receive your notification informing us of yet another rejection by your good selves of our recent application for a government grant to fund the staging of the musical “The Stephen Lawrence Story”.

 We are aware there are generous funds which are available and partly subsidized by the EU and allocated by our government, which are set aside to fund new talent such as myself who are entering the fields of art and theatre.

Unfortunately your rejection of my application for a grant to fund the The Stephen Lawrence Story, the Musical’ again shows your total lack of foresight, your backward thinking and blinkered attitude towards new writers and aficionados of the fine arts, literature, theatre and film such as myself.

As a result of your ongoing, narrow minded, parochial attitude you have directly deprived the British theatre going public of an opportunity to experience a rich musical feast showcasing and highlighting the social cohesion, chivalrous, pluralistic nature and the vibrant cultural life and gracious times we are all experiencing in a sophisticated contemporary England which many people take for granted, a sad indictment of today’s selfish, consumer society.

However, we humbly accept your respondents criticism quite rightly pointing out that although the basic concept was considered quite novel and unusual, your board decided the show may have had a limited appeal in many of our vast, sprawling northern black tribal homelands, a criticism that was duly taken on board in the spirit it was offered.

I would like to add, and here I do not wish to give the impression that it is a question of sour grapes on my part on receiving the notification of rejection of my application, as I am by nature a humble person and certainly not a person to harbour a grudge or to make wild accusations, but I strongly suspect that my application may have been blackballed by the board chairman Mr.Chowdrey and the board Director, Dr. Patel. 

So without further ado, we would now like to take this opportunity if we may, to again apply for a grant to offset the expenses involved in the making of a feature film on 70mm wide screen format, utilizing Dolby surround sound.

Here we venture into the unknown with an entirely new and original but experimental concept; a religiose, musical film documentary entitled The Beatification and Canonization of Saint Stephen Lawrence’ a powerful, fast moving and exotic extravaganza of monumental proportions.

You will be pleased to note that our little Film company has now been officially registered as a government multi cultural, multi racial, multi ethnic, multi tribal, multi faith, multi diverse, multi language, multi religious, multi ethos, multi social, multi aware in fact a multi bloody everything employer, and as such we are obliged by law to employ many dancers, actors and extras of colour.

By pure chance this was indeed a strange coincidence and a unforeseen bonus for us as I am sure you can appreciate our unenviable position that we found ourselves in finding it extraordinarily difficult and hideously expensive I might add sourcing and purchasing full size Gollywog outfits.

Again, if you find the title of this epic movie somewhat distasteful I am sure our artistic director would consider a name change to say, ‘Bombs across London’ or ‘ I lost my love at Holland Park Tube Station’ or even Kris Donald, you will always be in our memories, If it means a generous consideration to our application you will find we are very flexible with the film title.

On notification of the success of our application we will immediately reserve the services of two of Hollywood’s heavyweight film stars, the well known Academy award winners Trujillo Escudos and Maria Scari, stars of the recent Mexican blockbuster, ‘Wild Cactus’ a film which the board may or may not be aware, has already grossed well over ₤2,300 at the box office, and here I cannot stress too highly, a sum that only took three months takings at the UK cinema box offices alone!

We, like your good selves, warmly embrace to our bosoms the rich and colourful diversity we are fortunate enough to be blessed with within our gentle, well ordered English society today. Moreover I would like to bring to your attention that this film extravaganza will hopefully be seen by many people of colour thus we have instructed our choreographer to include at least twenty dance routines highlighting Negro rappin
g music’ and people of colour spinning on their heads.

We hope exciting scenes such as this will contribute greatly to the continuing rich kaleidoscope and colourful tapestry of contemporary England and English filmmaking. At the same time I would like to pay a special tribute to other famous playrights such as Gilbert and Sullivan and to pay homage to past film giants such as Gainsborough and J. Arthur Rank, who we would like to emulate. So in our own small way we hope to contribute to the furtherance of the English visual arts and culture.

Rest assured we most certainly will be presenting this film masterpiece at the Cannes Film festival and I am confident in due course it will be nominated for an Academy Award.

I do not wish to appear overly impulsive but I would appreciate a positive decision as soon as possible as our two leading stars have been offered a two week contract on the TV blockbuster ‘Celebrity Survivor’ and are penciled in later in the year for an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

I trust the board members in this instant will look favorably on my application. Thanking you in anticipation.

Your obedient servant, Albion.

Second Application To British Arts Council

Second Application To British Arts Council

My Ref ….. Albion / 5A2/♫/up/BNP/♣ ♂
Dear Sir/Madam,

I was bitterly disappointed to receive your letter of the 9th inst informing me of your rejection of my application for a literary grant to have all my posts to the Front Nationale 
published in hard copy book form. Nevertheless I have been able to secure the services of a literary agent and in due course hope to have my social treatise in many libraries, schools and airport bookshops throughout the country, and in many high class niche booksellers.

 No doubt in due course I expect this literary masterpiece will be closely analyzed and discussed on the BBCs Sunday ‘Arts and Literature’ programme hosted by Cornwallis Shepherd-Blake and I would expect it to be subjected to a ruthless critique in the literary section of the Guardian newspaper.

My publisher expects the first edition to go on sale before Christmas, hopefully printed in 35 languages, including Urdu. Without wanting to appear overly flippant, I feel your negative response towards my initial application for a government literary grant, sadly shows your lack of forward thinking when funding new authors like myself, but that is your loss.

Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity if I may, of applying for an ‘Experimental’ theatre grant, to finance the presentation of a new musical which I and my associates hope will make its explosive debut on the boards of the London Palladium as early as next year, hopefully with the generous monetary grant from your good selves, Although we have not yet received any funding whatsoever for this enterprise from government, the EU, corporate business or any arts council, we feel that on initial rehearsals it shows great promise.

It is most unusual in its basic abstract concept, in that it is a theatrical adaptation taken from interminable BBC News and Current Affairs programmes, studio debates, endless documentaries, untold numbers of Guardian in-depth editorials, articles and interviews regarding the sad demise of one, Stephen Lawrence..

Yes, here at last and on stage and with over one hundred and fifty exotic dancers, breathtaking sets and exquisite costumes …It is the all dancing, all singing,

.......................... “The Stephen Lawrence Show”..........................

Yes, I thought that announcement would surprise and delight you. The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trusts Bursaries and Remembrance days are all very well but we feel far more can be done to highlight the multicultural cohesion and rich diversity we are all experiencing in this wonderful country of ours. If you feel that our request is in bad taste might I respectfully suggest even at this late stage as an alternative we can rename this extravaganza “The Kris Donald Story?”

To be honest one commentator did remark he thought the show might be construed or misconstrued, depending on one’s point of view, as possibly being in bad taste. Another critic, not of the theatre I hastily add, even went as far as to say he found the basic concept, for some unknown reason, quite offensive; a criticism accepted in the spirit it was given, though negative comments like those are always to be expected from people who, unlike myself, are not published authors or devotees of the nouveau theatre.

Be that as it may, and here I would like to plagiarize the saying “one dares to go boldly where others fear to tread”, one should expect and gracefully accept some well intentioned but negative feedback, but it is for you and the literary board to decide whether or not my application will be successful, and I trust it will be judged solely on its artistic merits.

I would like to bring to your attention that in the early planning stages, our artistic director did make contact with the leader of the BBC’s Northern Show Band hoping to utilize their services, but it appears their engagements were penciled in well past the pantomime season. We have commissioned Sir Anthony Lloyd Feather to write the music and have already auditioned hundreds of dancers and players.

Hopefully in the future we expect to take this visual feast and colorful production on the road to many provincial towns and villages, who because of their remoteness have been discriminated against in the past. It is a story that HAS to be told, and as you are well aware it has been told, innumerable times over the years, so much so that we now feel the time is ripe to put into stage production a full blown, rich, colorful extravaganza that factually tells ‘The Stephen Lawrence Story’ We expect to receive similar accolades as those lavished on ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’” and ‘West Side Story” and at the same time cement his untimely demise into English folklore as surely as did King Alfred when he burnt the muffins.

We have already retained the services of over one hundred and fifty dancers; boys AND girls I hasten to add, as we are an equal opportunity employer, we are even employing people of color, yes even blacks, to partake in this wonderful spectacle. Our principle dancer is the world renowned Chantelle Duff who has starred in many New York Broadway hit musicals. Set production is well advanced and the wardrobe people are under extreme pressure, racing against time, making the magnificent costumes.

I trust you will look favorably upon this second application with the forward thinking of your board members who will be directly responsible in no small way to the birth of a musical that will be talked about for many years to come and also help retain the dominance of England’s musical, arts and theatre reputation throughout the world.

I again look forward anxiously to a fortuitous reply. Albion

Monday, 29 October 2012

First Application to British Arts Counci

First Application to British Arts Council


 Dear Sir/Madam ……………………………….. Your Ref. LACBR 12044/Doc.5

You may remember that I wrote to you over a year ago requesting that I might take advantage of the many literary grants being offered to literary grant abusers, I do beg your pardon applicants 
by the literature and arts council board of review to have all my posts to the Front Nationale guestbook published in hard copy book form.

I did explicitly express a desire that I would like to retain photographic jurisdiction of the pictorial content of the front cover. If my memory serves me right I also alerted you at the time I was still agonising over a stylised drawing of a Halal Butchers shop or a recent photo of Plunkit sitting at the wheel of one of his Jags.

You may also like to peruse your archival records to establish that at the same time I also requested a first edition, gold bound copy be presented to a Mr Tony Bliar preferably BEFORE his consigns this wonderful country of ours and its indigenous peoples to the smoking dung heap.

I apologise unreservedly for this late alteration but I have since had a change of mind on the pictorial choice of the front cover and have found a wonderful Reuters press photograph of a large gang of Asian youths attacking a lone white boy.

I feel that this graphic photo conveys a much more realistic visual impact for the revised front cover and would be far more appreciated by our readers and easily recognisable as an important signpost mirroring our contempory English society as we see it today and I am sure you and the full board will concur unanimously with this very important but essential late change. (See attachment)

Unfortunately as I have not heard from you I can only assume there might be some reluctance on your part to look favourably on my application no doubt because of the financial restraints involved in the cost of this gold bound special first edition collectors masterpiece personally signed by it’s author that I had requested be gifted without prejudice to a Mr Tony Bliar.

I do fully understand and sympathise with your reticence concerning the financial limitations and constraints placed upon the Arts Council particularly when our government has to contribute about ₤1.2 Million an hour for our governments future re-location to Belgium and eventually like a nervous naïve virgin delivered into the arms of a waiting corrupt EUSSR dictatorship.

In retrospect I wonder if I might apply for an alternative grant being offered to the oppressed and racially disadvantaged groups within our society of which I am a member, for a place at Peterborough University to enable me to complete a course in advanced Social Studies for my PhD.

I would like to research my thesis entitled “THE RISE, DECLINE AND EVENTUAL DEATH OF A SOVEREIGN NATION” I feel this would rate as important a social document of our countries history as was the Magna Carta, I am sure you can appreciate the subtlety I am trying to convey here i.e. ‘the birth of a nation and the death of a nation’?

I eagerly await a fortuitous reply,

PS. If this second application is unsuccessful, I don’t suppose there would be any chance of any further grants on offer that I can apply for, i.e., bush meat cuisine guaranteed to surprise and delight your friends or even mixed evening classes debating the mental anguish, frustrations and the racist marginalisation experienced by coloured immigrant child rapists and cannibals.

Albion. ………………….. AHW ♫151♣ SD 0104/ UP/ BNP

Attachment as mentioned above. The
newly revised front cover.

Failings of the United Nations Organization

Failings of the United Nations Organization
Since its creation, there has been controversy and criticism of the United Nations Organization. In the United States, an early opponent of the UN was the John Birch Society, which began a "get US out of the UN" campaign and even as far back as 1959, charging that the UN's aim was to establish a "One World Government."

The United Nations was established in 1945 to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems. Well its charter does not include taking sides and carving up the spoils in a number of nasty wars, and picking and choosing what human rights it might or might not champion.

De Gaulle criticized the UN, famously calling it le machin ("the thingie"), an apt name.

There are 5 permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States and it allows a permanent member to block adoption but not to block the debate of a resolution unacceptable to it.

China blocks adoptions concerning sanctions against Iran and on the sending of UN peacekeepers to the Sudan as both countries supply their oil needs, but does agree to sending in an African Union contingent to the Sudan who could not even afford bullets and who stood on the sidelines like spectators at a girls basketball match and did nothing to stop the genocide by the government sponsored Janjaweed. They also block meaningful sanctions against North Korea and get belligerent over any debate on their invasion of Tibet.

The ethnic cleansing of the Burmese Karen people by the Burmese generals has been going on for years; problem is Burma supplies China with oil. The UN looks the other way.

Apart from Russia no western country was critical of the bombing of Serbia and the annexation of part of that country which was handed over by the victors, the US and the British, to form a new Muslim country called Kosovo. Another warring conflict ended in a similar land grab in the Sudetenland 92 years preciously. Perhaps Serbia had seen the writing on the wall.

United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

This Human rights declaration is a complete fiasco. This declaration is criminally ignored where European indigenous people rights are concerned. This declaration emphasizes without any pre-conditions the rights of indigenous peoples to maintain and strengthen their own institutions, cultures and traditions and to pursue their development in keeping with their own needs and aspirations. The overpowering of their societies by deliberate, calculated swamping of its countries is meant to frustrate this. Thus this declaration is negated.

The Government of the United Kingdom, who is a signatory to this declaration, openly and criminally ignores and even threatens its people with incarceration who wish to maintain and strengthen their own institutions, cultures and traditions and to pursue their development in keeping with their own needs and aspirations.

On the contrary it blatantly attempts to weaken and destroy the indigenous people’s pursuit to maintain their own needs, identities and aspirations and even forms government Quango’s for that sole purpose.

Not only do they ignore these basic human rights, they are even attempting to deny an indigenous race exist at all in the UK. This high sounding, moralistic human rights nonsense failed the people of Tibet, the Sudan, Burma and Serbia miserably, but they were not super powers were they. There was no call for sanctions when the coalition of the willing illegally invaded Iraq which was NOT a UN initiative, but over a million Iraqi civilians have paid dearly with their lives and who are still dying because of this discrimination by the UN.

It is imperative that the idea of the formation of a United Nationalist Nations (UNN) is formed without delay to act as a real watchdog for the rights of Indigenous Peoples worldwide, performing the duty that the UN refuses to accept or just ignores. Like the UN it should not be a political party or seen to be a political party or have any political affiliations. It should be formed as a world-wide organization with its own Ambassador and representatives.

It might well be that in 1959 the John Birch society got it right when they said that the UN's aim was to establish a "One World Government." It could be part of an enormous jigsaw aimed at slowly over time forming a one world government. Common Purpose, another part of this complex jigsaw tries to hide its ‘purpose’ behind its charity status. It declares it offers inspirations, knowledge and connections, leadership and development skills and I am sure they do, but why its courses are conducted under Chatham House rules completely escapes me, what have they got to hide?

Common Purpose was founded in 1988 by Julia Middleton. She is also the CEO of CP. She was tutored at the London School of Economics, a hotbed of rabid socialism and Marxism; many of its past graduates are now working within politics. A number of senior BBC staff are LSE educated and graduates of CP courses. Incidentally The LSE was founded by the Fabians Society.

There is enough proof that the day the NWO is a reality Common Purpose will take over the reigns of the civil service. Its tentacles spread large and wide and no doubt it has connections already within the Judiciary, higher echelons of the British police, media, and senior representatives of the existing civil service. Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor, said of Julia: “One of Middleton's great skills is to persuade police constables, youth group organisers, permanent secretaries, FTSE chief executives and head teachers that they can learn from each other and could even cure some of society's ills.” In preparation for what purpose I ask.

The purpose of the UNN should be to alert the world to the plight of indigenous people around the world, including European people, where the sheer overwhelming weight of immigrant numbers will in time assure the displacement and fragmentation of their people and their cultures. The UNN should fill the void where the UN has failed to protect the rights of the indigenous people around the world.

Our successive governments cannot justify turning its back on the rights of the indigenous peoples with the poor excuse that ‘celebrating our traditions and wanting to be recognised as the indigenous group of these islands might provoke and offend the sensitivities of alien people of alien cultures’ That is treason.

We cannot even begin to understand the terminal sickness affecting the Western Nations until we understand WHY this is happening.

Two years on from writing this article the UN Security Council have stood by while two of their voting members Russia and China have vetoed moves by the UN to institute a no-fly zone and to put peacekeeping troops on the ground in Syria to stop the slaughter of civilians that at present total approx. 15,000 civilians.

Regardless who are the aggressors, freedom fighters or terrorists thousands of innocent civilians are being systematically murdered. These two Security Council members use their veto not because of humanitarian reasons but Syria is Russia’s largests arms  buyer and China’s veto ensures continuous uninterrupted supplies of oil from Syria for their growing economy. Let us remind ourselves of Article One of the UN Charter.

The UN Charter states

The Purposes of the United Nations are:
1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;

This is Article One and it is totally MEANINGLESS, The Genocide in South Africa is also being ignored.

Marxist Dogma. Nation States are yesterday’s mistakes.

Marxist Dogma. Nation States are yesterday’s mistakes.


Resplendent in their blue helmets driving their brand new white 4 wheel drive vehicles, paid for by the tax payers subscriptions of the wealthy First World, these saviours from the Free World survey the unpaved, muddy streets of a decaying third world country in crisis. One could ask where they were when over 200,000 females including children were being raped by soldiers in the festering Republic of the Congo, or markedly absent during the mass rape and killing of its own people by the Sudanese government.

Who turned a blind eye when the coalition of the willing tore Iraq apart?

One of our criminal leaders said, quote “At the time I thought it was the right thing to do” and in collusion with others who also thought “it was the right thing to do” hundreds of thousands of non-military Iraqi’s have paid, and are still paying with their lives for a weasel of a man’s blithe assumption it was the right thing to do. A two faced traitor who after being hugely successful in helping to destroy the social fabric of the United Kingdom solely as means of holding on to political power was also instrumental in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians of a foreign sovereign state.

The UN is NOT a vehicle for the unifying nations but a venue for talk-fests by fragmented blocs formed by groups within the UN for the purpose of self interest. China has a seat on the security council, they also rely heavily on oil from the African countries and they use their veto against UN intervention in crisis in their areas of economic interests. Why didn’t the UN human rights committee question China’s invasion of Tibet but was quick to criticise Israel’s response when the Marvi Marmara, with the approval of the Turkish Government, tried to run the blockade of Gaza. There is the South American bloc including Cuba whose self interest is against the devil incarnate, America.

As I wrote in an earlier article in the United States, an early opponent of the United Nations was the John Birch Society, which began a "get US out of the UN" campaign and even as far back as 1959, charging that the United Nations aim was to establish a "One World Government."

It comes as no surprise when walking around our towns and cities we hear a preponderance of languages spoken by European peoples. This is understandable because when we surrendered our sovereignty to Europe, which was agreed upon in one of the myriad of treaties our leaders have signed and in which our people had no say, treaties which were countersigned by our Queen, we were also required to surrender our borders and justice system. Fair enough you might say.

But from which European country did the African or people from the entire Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean, Middle East or the representatives of the army of Islam originate from who like Locusts are now ferociously displacing the ethnic people of this country? This is easily explained. We go back to the UN. If a One Order is the ultimate aim it follows it does not concern the UN to encourage primitive peoples and cultures to dilute more advanced cultures.

Many years ago the Australian Prime Minister Mr Menzies realised Australia had to populate or perish. Post WW2 his government encouraged British people to immigrate to Australia. When that source dried up many European peoples began arriving. The United Nations then vigorously criticised what they regarded as Australia’s ‘White Australia’ policy, but what they were criticising in truth was not the ‘White Australia' policy but the then Mono-Culture of Australia, the European culture. A One Global Order CANNOT EXIST alongside an array of rich mono cultures.

In many Australian cities there are Vietnamese, Islamic and African enclaves. One short term senator predicted the Asianisation of Australia. Watch any Australian news clip, documentary, drama, or advert and one realises her prediction was correct, tokenism is rampant and obvious, but her maiden speech in Parliament sent the Liberals into a saliva dripping frenzy and she was crucified.

I am firmly convinced there is a concerted effort within the UN by the use of pressure to shame affluent western countries to take more and more third world refugees regardless of the terrible upsurge in crime social, and cultural damage it is causing within these once civilised societies.

Civilised Western governments should inform the UN in no uncertain terms that first world sovereign nations refuse to be pressurised any longer or shamed by silk suited, highly paid face-less non entities sitting in the rarefied atmosphere of glass and concrete towers inviting third world savages whose primitive and superstitious stone age cultures are so frighteningly alien to ours and whose voracious appetite to procreate during feasts or famines by the reckless use of the womb will one day destroy the west.

The West IS being systematically destroyed. Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Dubai, Libya, Iran are NOT pressurised to take African, Pakistani, Caribbean, Bangladeshi or oriental refugees, only Europe. The United Nations, like the EU is part of drive for a New order. A new order is the Marxist dream.

This can only be appreciated if one understands what is taking place in the world today, and it is very, very complex indeed and rarely understood by the dumb peasantry who are fed a rich diet of undisguised utter trash laughingly offered up as adult entertainment and receive news from completely unreliable, politically biased sources depending on the newspapers owners political colour and the political party in power at the time. There are many very powerful and influential players in this world shape shifting game.

So I ask are we, the descendants of our Anglo-Saxon forefathers, any different? Hundreds of thousands of European German people in Nuremburg Square were hypnotised by a little uniformed gentleman with a small moustache and sporting a terrible haircut. We too are being hymotised by lies, lies and more lies by a Statist Government and its attendant media. We all spawn from an ethnic European culture; we have magnificent histories, why should we NOT we duped by the creeping creation of a New Order. The difference here is this New Order is not Nationalist driven but Marxist driven.

In the United Kingdom the simple public pronouncement “I PROCLAIM THIS TO BE MY COUNTRY OF ETHNICITY” is now considered a racist comment due to one of many European Directives we are now governed by, and that comment can possibly attract jail time in one of Her Majesties prisons.

Wake up people, just how much freedom of speech are you prepared to sacrifice. You need only look around you to see who is your enemy is and the disgusting and dangerous state our country has been reduced to, you do not have to be brain-dead to see what your enemy has already done to you and your country with your tacit approval at the ballot box.

With regular monotony the devastated parents, sisters and girl friends stand, heads bowed, sob quietly as yet another funeral cortège with the Union Flag draped over the coffins of their loved ones slowly wends its way through the sombre streets of Wootton Bassett. The bitter irony is that the establishment would have you believe the enemy is the British National Party.

The Loss of Childhood Innocence.

The Loss of Childhood Innocence.
The story leaked out that at the young mothers meeting one of the expectant mothers was informed by the hospital after a routine scan that her yet  unborn baby was going to be a girl. Another mother inquired if she had she picked a name for her new baby. She smiled mischievously and said she and her husband had plumped for Aisha. She was asked if under the bizarre circumstances existing in the UK if  that was wise thing to do.

This conversation has been monitored closely by an undercover Stasi State Operative posing as a work experience person at the children’s nursery who quickly alerted the local EU Racial and Thought Police on her mobile. You will be relieved to know the State Police arrived within 2 minutes of the call.

 It was later discovered this mother had already been in trouble with the Stasi State Police (SSP) after she informed the Day-Care authorities that her child was not particularly fond of Halal prepared food. The mother is now serving 3 months in a re-education camp situated on the Isle of Skye. Meanwhile her other three children have also been placed in care of a state re-education institution for Minors of repeat racial offenders.

This came on top of a disturbing revelation that this same Day-Care establishment had recently made history after a 5 year old was carted off after she was overheard to say she much preferred white smarties to black ones. She was later released into her mothers care but with a caution. The Judge ordered neither the 5 year olds identity to be made public nor the charge to be placed on a criminal record as it was her first offence; she was however placed on a good behaviour bond.

The Chief Constable Sir Yausaf Malik said these incidences are becoming more and more common and the State Police will be instituting zero tolerance for crimes of a racist nature. He added these incidences have been getting quite bizarre of late, referring to an Oldham man Mr Bertie Tomkins, who was arrested outside MacDonald’s after ordering a Halal Bacon Sandwich. He had attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by a Lady Policeman Constable Patel using her Taser.

The offender asked the judge for leniency pleading he did not order the sandwich for himself but for his Asian neighbour, he added he had also been sexually abused as a child and was deeply remorseful for his actions. The Judge was not amused. He will be reappearing before Lord Justice Singh for contempt of court.

Now you might think this tale somewhat far fetched but the facts below speak for themselves and I would be extremely worried for my children’s future, a future reminiscent of the future a Mr Orwell wrote about at length. This little tale is in fact reality, it is happening right now because the placid ‘Sheepy People’ have allowed it to happen.

I should point out to overseas readers that the UK’s Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 which was drawn up in Das Reich-Kapital in Bruges which compels all English public authorities, including schools and churches, to monitor children and log the details of racist abuse incidents on to databases.

It was revealed by a Ms. Munira Mirza that at present this database contains the details of “MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A MILLION ENGLISH CHILDREN who have been accused of racism since it became law.” Ms. Munira Mirza (₤82,000 P.A), is an Indian lady living in the UK, temporarily I hope, who was shoe-horned into the position as a senior advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson to help plan, celebrate and comment on Great Britain’s exciting, vibrant, colourful diversity. The one and only criteria for this position as a racist advisor was the applicant should be coloured and not be from these isles.

It appears she has never actually enjoyed any meaningful work before or since leaving Oxford University in 1999 but did leave with PhD in Sociology, or the advanced study of Marxist principles. Her objective as an alien resident is to push the spectre of Multi-culti in this country.

One commentator said the definition of racism can be taken too far, especially with young children who clearly don’t understand the connotation behind the words.” Very observant person I must say!

The shocking statistic, indicative of the madness to which political correctness has sunk under the labour-Tory-Lib Dem insanity, emerged in Freedom of Information replies obtained by the Manifesto club, a left-leaning Socialist civil liberties group.

It has also been revealed that N.U.T. Marxist inspired and indoctrinated teachers in the United Kingdom have been turning in primary and nursery school children as young as three to local authorities for alleged “racist” remarks…..I would like to add it would come as no surprise to me to hear teachers had encouraged children to inform on their little classmates if they overhear any perceived racist comments.

Book burning is another heinous crime the presidium in Bruges is now considering being made legal throughout the Marxist bloc.

So can we say the new bogeyman is not the Heretic the Witch or the Narnsey but the child racist?...... Oh how I love inquisitions! Where’s the kindling?

Fritz Gerlich, a journalist who warned the German people of the dangers of Adolf Hitler in the early 1930s, wrote, “the worst thing we can do, the absolute worst, is to do nothing.” 

Our whole rotten, decaying system in this country needs dismantling. The politicians who have deliberately allowed this country to get to this vile state need to be put on trial. The people who have taken us into illegal wars and who are indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 300 of our young men, need to be put on trial. Do not let us forget the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians including babies that have also been slaughtered.

We have ceased be a democracy. Whatever system we are being ruled by it has been totally corrupted, divisive and extremely dangerous. This monstrous, Marxist edifice that masquerades as a democracy that has changed the face and character of these islands forever by threat, intimidation and legislation, has to be destroyed. At this very moment in time we have a chance to put things right, if we do not then WE the people are choosing the bleak future for our children. Time is NOT on our side

Who are our own people?

Who are our own people?
A while ago there was “intense debate” concerning a rumour, allegation, call it what you will, of members of the armed forces being quizzed as to whether they would fire on their “own people” I remember one comment out of many that was from an ex-serviceman who said it does not work that way in the army. I would be inclined to agree.

The first time I read of this disturbing allegation was on the Green Arrow site posted by a regular contributor, a person whose I would not dismiss lightly. He was told of this by a colleague of his who was a member of the armed forces. In this once green and pleasant land nothing, and I mean nothing, would be too bizarre for me to believe or disbelieve.

The ex-serviceman who commented “It does not work this way” was probably an ex-serviceman like myself, who served in the Military Forces well before welcome diversity and cultural enrichment which was forcibly inflicted on the UK population, long before the bizarre situation that exists today in the UK and could not possibly be foreseen.

The question, put to some members of the armed forces, if it was raised at all, was would you fire on your “own” people? It was not worded that serious action might be taken against a named ethnic group in the event of serious political insurrection, with the possibility that the army would give orders to shoot, because if they did all hell would break loose.

Our government have perfected the art of deception. So shooting “our own” people is Orwellian correct speak and conceals the truth.

Just to refresh your memories the report goes on. In a stunning conversation with a friend, who is a serving member of the Armed Forces, over the weekend, it was revealed that transfers to regiments and other units in the UK on home duties are being undertaken by the MOD based upon whether an individual was prepared to 'open fire' on UK citizens during civil disturbances.

The report continues I found this long and extracted conversation to be both bizarre and frightening. I will state at this point that he is someone that I have known for years, and trust implicitly. The fact that service personnel are actually being asked in special briefing sessions whether they would fire on their own nationals indicates that the rumours about the Army being put on standby are indeed very true.

Let us examine this story a little closer. If it were true, what would prompt the civil contingencies act/ martial law being implemented? Well it does not take an Einstein to see what's coming; it is not if, but when. Now the question here is who are “our own” people?

One might say all the people who live in this country which includes millions of asylum seekers, third world immigrants, legal or otherwise, and economic refugees all of who could fall into this category. People native to these islands might say well it’s pretty obvious; our own people are native born Britons.

What group of people in our society would be such a threat to national security as to cause the government to invoke the civil contingencies act? It is NOT “our people”.

What disturbingly large group of immigrants with a lot of political muscle and huge overseas funding and whom our government are terrified of offending, could threaten the security of this country? What group of people have publicly stated they would like to see Sharia Law implemented right across the country with one rabid Islamic preacher even saying they will not be satisfied until the Crescent flag is flying over Westminster?

France has over 5 million followers of Islam we have roughly 2 million. Their numbers are increasing at rate that by the end of this century there is a strong possibility the UK could be looking at partition.

I predict that one day before the end of this century when the enemy do not get what they want we will have to confront the situation in our country that we see in Pakistan and Afghanistan today, with suicide bombers and ISD’s commonplace in our country.

Already there are many parts of our towns where you will be warned by the residents that you are now entering a Moslem area. A while ago even one of our politicians was cautioned that he had entered an Asian area. This nightmarish event took place in OUR country.

Why the police, when confronted by these primitive desert people, advance backwards is not that they are cowards, but because this is the tactic the Chief Constables are ordered to adopt from the Home Office and then passed down to the officers and men.

In the not too distant future the numbers these people would be capable of bringing onto the streets the police would have no chance of controlling. Once this gets out of hand with looting burning and killing then the police might be faced with no option but to fire on its “own people”

I believe the order is not to shoot English people as they will not be the one’s who will be creating a Pakistan/Iraqi/Afghanistan situation in this country in the future.

Did not a “British” MP threaten to bring 10,000 members of his primitive eastern religious cult on our streets if a foreign politician who was invited into this country, was allowed in? What did our brave government do, it backed down.

A trigger could be action against Iran because of their nuclear ambitions then a full scale jihad will commence against the West, then this scenario would not be beyond the realms of Hollywood disaster movie fiction.

I can walk through any city, town, village or hamlet and I can instantly recognise “my own” people. The authority’s interpretation of “our own” people is something completely different. So shooting ones “own people” can mean different things to different people.

The Intelligence services including MI6 are at the moment keeping watch on 3000 terrorist sleepers in OUR country, what worries me is the 3000 and first terrorist with bomb making facilities they DON’T know about.

Letter from Kabul.

Letter from Kabul.

A formal request by the Al Qaeda network in the Yemen has been received by her Majesties Government for permission to move their headquarters from North Yemen to a recently disbanded 800 year old Anglican church in Walthamstow.

Their application has received the full backing and support of the Somalia’s Al-Shabab, the Muslim Brotherhood and Indonesia’s Jemaah Islamiya terror group.

Reasons given for this urgent request are a blatant, ongoing infringement of human rights violation caused by American drones continually overflying and bombing Al Qaeda training camps and generally harassing and making life an abject misery for their operatives and interfering with the continuity of training. The application was forwarded to London via the ECHR at The Hague.

The UNCHR has also expressed disquiet at the relentless bombing of these training camps by the Americans which have also resulted in the deaths of a couple of innocent civilians.

Initially the application has appeared to have been met with warm approval from HM. Government however before a decision can be finalised advice is being sought from senior representatives of the various Moslem extremist groups based within the UK for their input.

It was pointed out if the application were to be successful there will be a twofold advantage of this relocation in that it would enable Al Qaeda to be closer to their fund raising offices, which have always been traditionally based in Central London, and secondly the move would mean it would be far more cost effective to recruit potential terrorists already residing in the UK rather than to fly them out to the Yemen and Pakistan for initial interviews, which has been the normal procedure in the past, only to find they do not meet the necessary criteria.

A senior human rights lawyer from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) at The Hague pointed out a precedent had already been set by the recognition by Her Majesties Government of the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir group which in contrast has been proscribed as a terrorist group in the USA.

Both France and the USA are concerned that London boasts the envious reputation of the world's premier money-laundry for terrorism. A home office spokesperson confided to our reporter that with Al Qaeda’s request to relocate to the UK, whilst at first glance a move that might sound somewhat controversial even provocative, it does makes a lot of sense and could create a great deal of financial benefit for Great Britain’s Sharia Islamic banks.

The Muslim Council of Britain and other organisations and individuals who support Islamic extremism and who are currently being wooed by Whitehall said they would be delighted with the relocation of Al Qaeda to Great Britain.

Meanwhile President Hussein Obama has promised another surge of 200,000 American troops to Afghanistan to help protect the valuable heroin crop, a financial source that helps fund the war and to maintain the rich lifestyle of the ruling elite in Afghanistan but more importantly to protect the proposed Trans Afghanistan Pipeline (TAPI) from Turkmenistan to India pre-empting any problems that will arise with the severe shortage of oil in the near future, a race that both the West and oil hungry China have huge stakes in pursuing at all costs

from our reporter in Kabul.

EU has been placed in receivership.

EU has been placed in receivership.
I see the EU has been placed in receivership.

You’re kidding!

I most certainly am not. I fully understand your reluctance to give any credence to this information as I have in the past been accused of resorting to childish exaggeration.

What caused it?

Well you see it’s complicated. You can liken it to the American financial crash with Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns and Freddie Mac imploding.

Don’t see it, what’s the comparison?

Well much of the EU member countries tax payer’s money disappeared as swiftly as a UK politician ducking for cover when being questioned about abuse of expenses and second house mortgages, or caught with his trousers down by his ankles in a public toilet for no good reason. The financial breakdown was further exacerbated as a result of MEP’s awarding themselves huge salaries in the 6 figure range and expenses that would keep a dozen pensioners fed for hundreds of years.

They spent millions on first class air travel home and spent lavishly on 5 star hotels. They gave millions of Euro’s to third world countries, like Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and are building a massive underground rail system, and an international airport at Riga. Plans are already in operation to implement a space programme for Latvia.

I have it on good authority the European Particle accelerator which so far cost $790 million blew a fuse on switch-on and hasn’t worked since. So any handy person out there; well what a golden opportunity!

This reckless spending resulted in turning these poor countries into first world countries, and at the same time buggered up the finances of the first world member countries who in turn paid the bulk of the membership fees. Oh and a number of the EU's most senior ministers have hurriedly fled into exile to Argentina.

Have any assets been confiscated?

Well if you are quick there is a sale of EU commission limousines, some office furniture and stacks of flag poles and nondescript flags that flew outside of the EU Commission building, and a hideous water feature that stands near the main entrance.

I think there might even be a statue of Nelson Mandela too.

Oh and a primitif painting of a duck floating on a yellow pond hanging in the main foyer reputedly costing 20 Million Euro’s.

Other strange things are happening. Brussels itself is going broke; few planes are arriving into the country so the airport authorities have opened up the old WW2 grass airstrip off the main runway and the Belgium government have resorted to using its aging fleet of Dakotas for international flights. NATO, the BBC EU Liaison department and Race Relation’s Industry have put their offices on the market.

Oh, and their space programme department have for sale a half dozen slightly used rockets. You will find them on EBay.


Oh yes, it doesn’t end there. The railway line between Brussels and Strasbourg which every month did a full scale removal of all EU paperwork encompassing the process of government hasn’t seen a train for over a week. There is talk to help recoup some of the money they are going to sell that part of the railway system to a non-profit railway enthusiast preservation group.

Belgium will be financially destitute and will have to rely once again on selling Chocolates, Beer and Sprouts for survival.

Rumour has it Brussels is also up for sale.

The high class tailors in the city haven’t had any orders for over a week, the restaurants are going broke and the red light in the red light district has gone out and the working girls have stopped working..... if you understand my meaning.

I believe there is a huge pall of smoke at the back of the EU Commission’s building.


Don’t think so, I believe they are hurriedly burning all the EU financial accounts for the last 12 years.

Its serious then?

Well not really actually.

How come?

Well it appears an enormous unforeseen side benefit of all this madness and mayhem is that all member countries can now return to some semblance of self government, control of their own borders, return to some form of democracy and freedom of speech and dare I say it bloody sanity. Good innit?