Sunday, 15 December 2013

E.U. for Dummies

EU for Dummies

Simply put, the fundamental criteria for the establishment of a ‘European Union’ was to destroy European Nationalism for ever. Wars had ravaged Europe for centuries, Nationalism was to blame. It was a small price to pay to purge Nationalism from Europe forever by destroying the ethnic and national homogeneity of the European people. This will give an indication of the huge opposition which that is ranged against you as a Nationalist.

I will try and explain as simply as possible the driving force behind the deeply troubling and disturbing social changes taking place in Europe and the United Kingdom. I am the boy depicted in the story of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” who during the Kings procession through the streets observed that the King was wearing no clothes and cries out "But he isn't wearing anything at all". The rest of the populace can also see the King is naked but are too afraid to voice an opinion for fear of being ridiculed.

I will try and explain why many of Europe’s cities and towns resemble places one would perhaps imagine portrayed in a Sci-Fi movie. A tale set on a violent alien outpost on one of Jupiter’s moons. A place populated by nondescript inhabitants, travellers with no allegiances, humanoids of varying hues and colours, many with differing physical characteristics with no common uniformity, culture, ethnicity, common descent and history.

Strange apparitions with human characteristics some apparently gender-less totally swathed in black with a tiny slits for navigation whose home planet circles the constellation of Epsilon Bootes. Humanoids, some who it is said it is culturally acceptable to marry within their family and is common for the females to bear four children during birthing. Ebon travellers wearing rag hats and long nightshirts others are wearing headwear reminiscent of Tea Cosies. Welcome to Europe, Planet Earth.

Deception has been played out in one way or another down through the centuries but a mammoth deception of this magnitude has never been played out in the world’s history. So what triggered it? What momentous event or events happened during WW2 that put into effect a plan by on-going trickery to dupe all the nations of Europe and the UK to sacrifice their National Pride and Birthright?

This Satanist conception must have been born during a dark, critical period in recent history sparked by an event allegedly deemed so terrible as to convince a land mass of people to willingly sacrifice their sovereignty and Nationhood? To fool all the nations of Europe was not going to happen overnight and something of this enormity could take a century to implement and it still on-going after 70 years and it has now gained a seemingly unstoppable momentum of its own.

Two questions that need to be asked what was the purpose of the reshaping Europe and who are the faceless planners? Go behind the smoke and mirrors and look past the pompous, orating, snake-oil spruiking silk suited European Kommissars mouthing meaningless phrases I.E “to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital enact legislation in justice and home affairs, and maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries, and regional development, and abolishing borders and passport controls”

That was not the purpose, its ultimate purpose was a destroy all forms Nationalism and for Europe to be peopled by all the worlds races.

Of course the infrastructure above was bound to eventuate during the creation of the ’New Europe’. This creature is well past that stage now with its own flag, constitution, National anthem and Space programme.

By stealth the first tentative exploratory steps of the establishment of the EU was the founding of the European Iron and Steel Community (EISC), born in 1952 and proposed by Robert Schuman and Jean Monet for an eventual to a fully-fledged illegally, undemocratically formed government.

The idiom holds true, Great Oaks from little acorns grow. From an Iron and Steel community to a Government recognised by the United Nations, born with a very sinister purpose.

All treaties, accords, all legislation are nothing more than building blocks to achieve a Singular Europe; it never was going to remain a European UNION. It was putting into place the foundations to eventually achieve a singular European Authoritarian dictatorship not unlike the old USSR. On its completion, Fiscal policies, judicial authority, civil administration or Common Purpose as it is known in the UK will centralise. All Governance including law enforcement, criminal apprehensions, detentions, arrests, the seat of Law making, social structure including education and health will be also be under the control of one central authority.

It was realised this could not be achieved without strict anti-race, anti-hate or intolerance laws. These laws were wholly and solely enacted for no other purpose than to silence any resentment by the people whose lands and ethnic identity was going to be taken from them.

Their agents have infiltrated many influencial positions in the USA the UK and Europe. At the moment the world bankers are busy like cochroaches ready to inflict monetary pain and uncerainty on the Ukrainians as they have done to the countries of Europe.

Step by step, treaty by treaty, legislation by legislation, accord by accord reinforced by the criminal flooding of Europe by unknown millions of people from the Emerging and Third World which was going to ensure that a bland, singular non-ethnic land mass populated by nation-less humans would once and for all establish in perpetuity that Nationalism, regional and ethnic loyalties, borders and alliances will never be an issue in Europe again.

I repeat the sole purpose was none other than to once and for all time to destroy European Nationalism. The "Holocaust" ™ was the trigger.

The concentration camps have long passed into history but we are now witnessing the demise of a European mono-culture. A singular Europe needs no alliances. It was the ultimate pay back by the Jewish Marxist theorists for centuries of perceived discrimination by European governments.

But who would benefit by the destruction of European Nationalism certainly not the races that would be swallowed up. The eternally wandering Jew in their stolen land of Palestine were going to make sure Europe was to pay heavily for past injustices by forfeiting of their lands by wicked deceit to be shared by the rest of the world.

Due to the most inexplicable human behaviour the people of Europe would offer up their own countries without a murmur, but at the same time Super Jews were not about to share their own lands.

Part Two

Let me quote Jewish Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the European Jewish Association who said in a statement “It is revolting that the European Parliament, which was FOUNDED upon the ruins of Holocaust, is using taxpayers’ money to fund an event attended by a person who denies the Holocaust.” The Jews possess what they perceive rightly or wrongly as a victim mentality.

General Wesley Clark (a Jew), came from the Kohen family line who were immigrants from Belarus, his Jewish father was Benjamin Jacob Kanne. Wesley Kanne Clark, US presidential candidate, said to CNN during the illegal bombing of Serbia: "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."……..AKA Multiculturism.

This victim mentality originates from to the time of Christ, the time of the eternally wandering Jew, the time of Cromwell and the Nazi concentration Camps. It is instilled into their young while at school and the indoctrination continues for the rest of their lives. They are fierce, proud Nationalists and an arrogant race-aware nation, an accolade denied to Europeans.

The Jewish deaths at Auschwitz Treblinka, Dachau, and Belsen was the final trigger to set in motion the creation of what was called initially the European Union but nothing was further from the truth, it was all to do with the eventual destruction of homogeneousness of the European people, and it is succeeding.

 It is a graphic understatement to comment it was a brilliant and bizarre strategy on the part of the Jewish leaders to finally come up with their own ‘’final solution” for Europe, by completely changing its demography destroying its cohesiveness and depriving its people of their lands by social fragmentation (white flight)and ghettoization, it is deliberate.

At the cessation of hostilities the judges presiding over the Nuremberg War Crimes with the collusion of the American War Machine were given free reign hanging the guilty and demanding reparations from the German people which to this day are still being extorted when those responsible for the atrocities are long dead, just one of many terrible events that happened almost a hundred years ago.

Unlike the purges of the Russian people by Stalin to the tune of 20 million deaths, Russian deaths have been long forgotten, rarely celebrated and there are no visits by schoolchildren to Museums dedicated to the memory of dead Russians or their deaths portrayed in story form on the silver screen, no they are noticeable by their absence which seems to imply one life might be more valuable than another.

It was after WW2 the monopoly and influences of the Super Jews in finance the written and spoken word the movie industry and the print media meant a fait accompli. The Jewish influence went into overtime it was total. Infiltration throughout American politics was critical and the movie industry ensured at least two movies were made per year depicting stories of the Holocaust coupled with regular outpourings on Television.

I have to admit the very conception of a plan for the death of European Nationalism was a masterstroke. To the Jewish leaders it was personal crusade.

The seat of the New Order will morph from what we recognise today as the United Nations but it will function under a different name. Nations will not be united but will be seamlessly merged to materialise as a one world order, much blood will be spilled to attempt to reverse this madness.

I hope people who research the internet for information on the European Union will read this and realise that the rape epidemic in Sweden, the Pakistani sexual grooming of young UK schoolgirls, FGM, Forced marriages, the torching of Paris the UK riots and calls for Sharia zones in many European cities and towns and NO GO areas for the indigenous people are all negative symptoms as a result of the hideous experiment of Multi-culturism.

Nationalism is the antonym of Multi-culturism. It is good against evil, God against Satan.

A world government is a world without borders, national sovereignty, constitutions, privacy, autonomy, individual liberties, and religious freedoms, private property the right to bear arms, the rights of marriage and family and a dramatic population reduction (two thirds). A world government establishes a slave/master environment wherein the state controls everything. That is the way we are heading.

In conclusion I might point out to the good people of the Ukraine who would dearly love to share in this rich, vibrant colourful diversity to be administered one day by a system of government which they of all people will instantly recognise must also must be prepared to exchange their currency, open their borders, agree to take immigrants from all over the world and graciously accept that in due course that their hospitals will be overcrowded by third world immigrants and their children will be in the majority in their schools.

Their females must also be prepared to run the increased risk of rape by immigrants as the Swedish Females are experiencing and be willing to embrace the paedophile behaviour of Pakistani sexual predators that UK school children have to suffer. As a bonus mixed race children will become the norm. Trust me you will not get a chance to taste it first.

Like the rest of Europe you must be prepared to re-write your children’s fairy stories and adapt your age old customs to conform to political correctness and not to complain when your cities resemble many parts of primitive Africa and not to complain when one day in the future find that YOU are the ethnic minority in many of parts of your own country.

You are staring off with a clean sheet, be patient it should not take longer than 50 years to really take effect. The experiment was a complete success in Western Europe although many of the ordinary people paid a heavy price in return, particularly the parents of the soldier beheaded in an English street or the parents of under-age young school girls groomed for sex by aging Muslims or the parents whose young son was snatched off an English street by a gang of Pakistanis driven around for hours before being tortured then set alight because he was white, or the young girl groomed for sex who disappeared in a Kebab shop and to this day has never been seen again, there was talk of cannibalism.

Ask why the majority of the aboriginal UK public desperately want a referendum to leave the European Union.


To the good people of the Ukraine be prepared for the Loss of many of your freedoms of association, loss of freedom of what you can or cannot say the deliberate blurring of your ethnic identity the sharing of your country with the rest of the world and much more. All are the casualties of the long term plan for the demise of Nationalism in Europe. Be prepared for the births of new sub groups or mixed races like Somali/Ukrainian or Pakistani/Ukrainian and Sudanese/Ukrainian also White Ukrainian and Black Ukrainian.

Friday, 13 December 2013

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

The chief Constable of Kent Dharmsward Khan has ordered another 200 CCTV cameras to be installed along the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells to monitor the unruly behaviour of young immigrant persons of colour.

He told the Tunbridge Wells Mercury reporter that it might appear big brother is watching but pointed out with apparent disinterest and a cursory glance at his watch “if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”.

The reporter who has since been sacked from his job on the Newspaper questioned how does a situation like placing CCTV cameras looking at the more furry extremities of Mrs Khan during sex fit in with his view that if one has nothing to hide then one has nothing to fear as the cameras roll to record the final tense stages leading up to coitus interruptus when Mrs Khan is faced with a critical decision one way or the other how immediate this interruptus might have to occur".

The reporter also pointed out that a frivolous, careless, decision made by Mrs Khan might be a decision she might rue for the next nine months….and beyond. The Chief Constable visibly irritated  spitefully hissed “that is a totally different matter”. The reporter persisted and I suspect it was this second question that landed him squarely as one of the Britain’s recently unemployed

Like a little terrier who had just got his teeth into flesh he inquired of the Chief Constable “Sir, sir  by the same token wot if CCTV cameras were placed in your toilet and Mrs Khan was about to unload the curry from the previous night surely it should be quite acceptable to monitor her  movements if she had nothing to hide?”  He fumed red with rage; sorry he went into a black rage and rang the Mercury editor. 

But the reporter had a valid point didn’t he. Surely cameras recording his wife’s privates during intercourse are surely impinging into her private space as do the Pantiles cameras might to a person of the peasant classes.

You see where I am coming from here? We are being listened to and in many cases watched. The Americans denied hacking Chinese computers as did the Chinese deny hacking American computers. Along came Edward Snowden who blew the whistle on America with proof they had been listening to everyone even their own people as did the Chinese.

The Australians have got into a lot of hot water recently with the Indonesian Government who found out they were being spied on by the Australians I assume at the behest of the CIA, and so it goes on. The Australian prime minister whose name escapes me for the moment said that Indonesia had been spying on Australia and their PM refused to apologise as another 200 asylum boats in Flotilla form left Indonesia for the top end of Australia under the watchful eye of the Australian equipped Indonesian navy.

If you would like a bit of fun on a wet Saturday afternoon try this. I suppose it comes under the classification of Lawful Rebellion. You arrange with say five of your mates to send five figure groups of letters and numbers in Email form. 

GCHQ would wet themselves being unable to crack the code and strongly suspect it is an al Qaida group operating out of South Park, Reigate. An urgent meeting is called with the threat of heads rolling if there is no breakthrough. 

You see Enigma was always going to be eventually cracked as it is a code made by a mechanical device. The same can be said of code by an Electronic device. Random five figure code groups are never going to be cracked because they are not electronic or mechanical, particularly the ones I am suggesting as they do not make any sense either, as they are thought up on the spot. What is important that the people at CCHQ are kept busy?

I was told, but of course it may be an internet myth that we can be spied on via our Skype camera, now I am not one to be lightly spooked but I have a piece of paper covering my Skype camera all the time I am not on Skype. 

My friend is terrified when I broach the subject of Nationalism on Skype, he is convinced we are being watched or listened to. I am aware my phone can be intercepted along with Emails, Post and Skype. 

This is one of the spin offs of being part of a rich, vibrant Multi-culture. It was not in vogue in the early thirties I can assure you, I was there.

All characters or events appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Adoration of the Magi it is not.

Adoration of the Magi it is not.

Wandering aimlessly around the supermarket being subjected to an infernal racket that was masquerading as music we paused at the Pasta section where I offered to physically elevate my wife who on being small in stature was unable to reach the top shelf to retrieve two tins of discounted spaghetti, discounted due to their being past their use by date. I could not help noticing a young lady scavenging at my feet like a Beaver laying the foundations of his/her dam (observing inclusivity compliance).

She was wearing a backless dress wearing a tattoo....., hang on that doesn't sound right…. with a tattoo on her back.
 As I was In charge of the shopping trolley I had time to ruminate over this. 

As we moved on and headed for the brown sugar section I put it to my wife in this world of Apps if say a prostitute were to have a bar-code tattooed on her arm and one was to download a special Apps on their mobile phone then all a prospective client need do is to swipe the ladies arm with a mobile phone to get a price on her favours, he had no need even speak to her. My wife’s brow furrowed as she inquired “what is your point?”

“Well think about it for heaven’s sake” I replied “it’s a win win thing, it saves unnecessary pointless, time wasting, meaningless, patronising dialogue which in turn would cut into a client’s valuable time to indulge in a productive endless variety of recreational sexual activities”. I paused and looked at my wife.

I admit I was certainly not expecting a massive reaction like an British/International Premier League footballer might expect on scoring a goal, 
Extending his arms like a pelican on take-off and sliding on his knees, arms outstretched like the statue of Jesus atop the mountain of Corcovado pleading for deity-like adoration from a hysterical manic crowd, resplendent in their woolly hats and scarves emblazoned in their teams colours, waving little buntings, writhing and rolling like disturbed breaking waves on a deserted beach. ……..iss good innit.

At this point some of you might ask what’s has this got to do with Nationalism. Well frankly nothing but IF when putting the tins of spaghetti into the trolley my wife and I were to discuss the subjugation of the European people, Burlosconi’s latest girl friend or friends, the illuminati the Bilderbergers or the worlds looming food shortage it would have brought me seamlessly to the subject of culling the world’s population. Stay with me on this one!

Google tells me that the World Population in 1900 was 1,650,000,000. In the year 2000 it was 6,122,770,000 and by the year 2100 it will be 10,124 926,000. For Europe, and I do not think the Islamic population is factored in here in 1900 the population was 408,000,000 in 2000 it was 726,777,000 in 2100 674,796,000.

You may notice as the world population increases alarmingly the population of Europe, and I mean Europeans not including French/Congolese or Swedish/Pakistanis decreases. This should ring alarm bells but perhaps Europeans like cattle in an abattoir queuing up to be stunned know their end is in sight so why fight it. Who knows?

But it is inclusivity I am writing about here. We are ALL going together. Yes I know we can log another 10 million hectares of forests and plant more crops, and then when the population doubles again and again we can log another 50 million hectares and so on. It does not work like that.

I remember not that long ago there was a world-wide shortage of paper; it may have been possibly contrived I cannot be certain. At my place of employment we were ordered to use both sides of a sheet of paper and in the Orient the Japanese were panic-buying toilet paper. I thought at the time this would not have been a problem for our Middle Eastern friends as they do not use toilet paper but use their fingers instead, but only on one hand…… it’s a cultural thing. The trick here is to remember not to lick one’s fingers after consuming a meal. That’s a relief I hear you say!

A spectacular financial melt-down might finesse a world famine when the world realises they have been using monopoly money that has no real value, currency notes could just as well be Mr Men playing cards. When you run out of cards more are printed. I would like to write more but in depth on these subjects but it’s all on Google.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

“I no longer recognize the city I live in”

“I no longer recognise the city I live in”

Multiculturism, a rich cultural diversity, a blending of a vibrant “cultural mosaic” or a “salad bowl” a melting pot of ethnic and religious groups all participating in a rich smorgasbord of friendly relationships characterised by tolerance and engagement, people from many countries speaking a multitude of tongues. A market full of colourful diversity, It almost sounds like a description taken from the Nottingham City Council Gazette.

Yes multiculti is a great economic boon to a Nation. I also read somewhere of a particular brand of cigarettes that doctors highly recommend.

Let us study this Multicultural jingoism a little further here are a few snippets from the press. A shell-shocked London was picking up the pieces, as were Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and many other English cities, apocalyptic images that had dominated the news for four nights. We have read in the past of the Handsworth riots, Birmingham riots, the Toxteth riots, the Brixton Riots, Tottenham riots, Bristol and Leeds riots all brought to you by courtesy of a much embraced inter- tribal cross cultural affection-or do I mean terminal affliction. It is going to spell death to ethnic cohesion that has worked so well for centuries on this planet.

I write of a BBC TV programme called ‘Escape to the Country’. In truth its title is a little conflicting as in reality it is a portrayal of the phenomenon of what is known as ‘White Flight’ They asked the young couple why they wanted to leave their London home, the young lady replied London is getting too crowded, the pace is too fast. I suspect she was being deliberately evasive.

What she would have liked to have said as would have many other couples that have taken the same escape route is “I no longer recognise the city I live in” but that is a chargeable offence in the UK today, making a public comment like that would assure her of not making a quick ‘escape to the country’ but would ensure her arms being yanked up tight behind her back, cuffed and unceremoniously removed to the nearest police station by a contingent of the British Race Police in full riot gear.

The interesting point about this programme answers a question that has bothered me for a long while, why do our people fail to understand that this country is being surgically taken apart as an element of a Marxist experiment, when they have the power to remove the people responsible.

So back to the young couple. They had £800,000 to spend on a ‘place in the country’ and I emphasise not an insignificant amount of money tied up in one’s home and this young couple were able to pay cash. The young male was ‘in I.T’ as many of them are. The couple were not married and I suspect the lady had sold her house as well to help finance this escape. Many of these White Escapees also had similar generous assets all looking for a place in the countryside of Hants, Shrops, Bucks Worcs, Berks, Wilts, Somerset and Hamps and further West to Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

I stress most if not all of these couples were young. The villages they were shown around were completely and utterly devoid of cultural Enrichers, even curry houses, kebab shops and the like were markedly noticeable by their absence. It was blindingly apparent that all the villages which were also bereft of Africans, Arabs, Islamists and poor immigrants from the Caribbean. I asked myself why is that. Well these lucky people had the good fortune and where-with-all to escape a Third World look-a-like.

I will get to the point shortly.

These English and Welsh villages I write of have remained free of this effervescent Enrichment for decades and the people living there would have taken up resident as one would retreat behind an impenetrable stockade. They have no contact with the NO GO area; they would not be in a possible Sharia Law area and the Conservative village council would not have earmarked the Nell Gwynne tea shop or Country Women’s meeting hall for a future Mosque or Islamic Cultural Centre.

There are many more of these little English Villages and small market towns that are socially immune from the terminal disease affecting the UK and indeed the whole of Europe. Come election time these people will not be voting Labour, they will not vote for any party that resembles any National Party, who if it were to take power would immediately place a defibrillator on Great Britain’s wounded heart and attempt to kick-start the healing process.

Many of these escapees would not even be aware there is any serious social problems once they are immune from it.

Like noblemen and royalty these people I write of are too far removed from reality to see this country is in deep trouble, there will be more riots once inter-tribal rioting kicks off among our exciting diverse society and when the National Debt kicks in it will affect them as much as the peasants who cannot ”Escape to the Country”.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

EU Wastage (Or now for something completely different)

EU Wastage

(Or now for something completely different)

There has been a great deal of unwarranted negative criticism of the European Union regarding the criminal wastage of European taxpayer’s money. It was not so much the negative criticism triggered by the auditors refusing to sign off on the EU’s budget for the last 18 consecutive years through suspected fraud or even the European occupied counties having their paper currencies exchanged for smaller and less colourful notes, or the British having to surrender their black passports embossed with a Silver Lion and a Unicorn rampant “requiring in the name of her Britannic Majesty to allow the bearer to pass without hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance” blah blah blah and replaced with a nondescript sort of puce one also available to the rest of world who would like to call England home.

A visiting African despotic dictator wanted for crimes against humanity noted a large painting on the wall of the reception area in the European Parliament building in Brussels depicting a stylised picture of a family of primary coloured Moor Hens swimming in the middle of an ever decreasing, or increasing concentric circles depending on the observers point view, on a Dandelion yellow pond.

The African despotic dictator I refer to asked the name of the artist as he would want to commission a similar painting for one of his many palaces. He was told the artist was the second cousin twice removed of the European Arts and Sciences minister and has been painting now for at least six months. The reputed price of said painting was 20 Million Euros. The be-ribboned uniformed African gentleman grinning from ear to ear asked mischievously if it was a painting by numbers job.

He was also very impressed with the Water Feature in the foyer depicting Aphrodite wearing a diaphanous gown squirting water out of a trumpet looking thing surrounded by Angels with a Lions at her feet. When asked about the significance of the Lions he was informed they were not aware they had any significance, it was just the Sculptor had some marble left over.

Then there was that ring thing like an enormous Badgers Sett that tunnelled under half of southern Europe. Its purpose was to discover the origins of Earth, or was it Jupiter? The Hadron Collider which every school child knows detects Higgs Boson. They had already been warned there was a possibility that hurling molecules or was it atoms around at the speed of light could have disastrous consequences for a science that had not been proved or tested and worse still could take out in a blink of an eye most of Southern France, Switzerland and possibly Andorra.

With much pomp and Gallic/Germanic scientific pride resting on this huge scientific event at switch-on an incident that later became known as the 2008 Quench Incident the Hadron Collider vaporised a Chinese made double pole double throw switch which in tandem took out what was thought to be a slow blow fuse rated at 10 amps resulting in the dimming of most of the lights in southern Europe and causing underground tremors in Turkey ……. Not many people know that.

Later investigation found that a unqualified Polish sub-contractor in the absence of a 10 Amp fuse had employed the use of a 1 inch diameter Stainless Steel, round head six inch long Whitworth bolt which happened to be lying around which he substituted in the absence of a 10 amp slow blow fuse. The S/S bolts rating, if it had a rating at all was estimated at around twenty two and a half million Amps or more and would have also failed a trade ‘slow blow’ certificate of authentication.

It does not end there I am afraid. When Croatia became the newest member of the European community its National flag was hoisted with much fanfare and ceremony but later it was discovered another Polish contractor had inadvertently hoisted a marine distress flag in its place signalling “I am abandoning my vessel and requesting assistance”. Why the Croat consular officials did not twig this anomaly have me totally baffled, I suspect too much Cherry Brandy was consumed in the Commissions canteen

‘All characters or events appearing in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.’

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Confronting the Devil you do not know;

Confronting the Devil you do not know; Ripples from the Frankfurt School.

The following paragraph might go a long way explaining what appears to be a series of disturbingly similar but apparently unconnected events taking place throughout the whole of Europe and the UK.

“They have by a painfully slow, insidious subversion occupied our cultural institutions, occupied the media, the education systems and have for decades been at work undermining our nations and indoctrinating our youth, as was set out by the Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt school, and Antonio Gramsci’s long march through the institutions.”

On the surface this subversion appears to be destroying only the nations of Western Europe but in actuality it is devastating the entire ethnic homogeneity of what we refer to as the First World, it is not by coincidence they happen to be only First World Nations which include America, Canada and to a lesser extent New Zealand and Australia.

Wnen I read of riots in the Zones Urbaines Sensibles in Paris I ask myself is this only peculiar to Paris and other French cities, no of course not. The UK is not exempt from this madness either, they have similar districts they call NO GO areas. They coincided with the period when we were alerted our culture badly needed further enrichment.

Whether it be the city of Oslo, Stockholm, Orebro, Malmo, Copenhagen the domination of native Norwegian women by Muslim men is the ultimate evolutionary disaster for Norwegian men; the UK has paid with its fair share of misery with the wholesale Muslim paedophile behaviour or employing political correct-speak ‘Sexual Grooming’ that for years the British Police criminally ignored for the sake of ethnic cohesion to the awful detriment of our own children. 

Is that enrichment of our English culture? As London was the first English city for its people to find they are in the minority Oslo has its first district of immigrant majority. The new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) show that Southern Nordstrand consists of more than 50 percent immigrants. It does not get better.

An unforeseen “enrichment” that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what has been termed "a rape epidemic." Recent police statistics showed that in the capital city of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western males. And nine out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women. Is that enrichment of our European culture?

Before the advent of Forced Multi-Culturism we were a nation not community. We were in the main one tribe so what benefits have been added to our European culture by the subversion of our own cultural institutions and substituted with a vile plethora of ethnically diverse primitive cultures?

I ask again, what advantages if any has Multi-Culturism brought us. I could list hideous transformations certainly not benefits. For instance you can be sure a profoundly enriched enclave will have its fair share of Indian/Pakistani Curry houses, Thai Restaurants, Kebab Shops and at least one or more of over 1200 Mosques squatting like some bizarre out-of-place provocative alien superstructure in the midst of our Christian cities and towns where the strident calls five times by a beared Muezzin awaken Allah’s disciples, howling like a tormented Banshee from the Sumerian netherworld. Madrassas and Moslem Cultural centres abound. Frankly we have managed without this strange form of Cultural Enrichment for over a thousand years. Why are they torturing their own people?

It is a fascinating story and it is the consequence of Gramsci’s long march through Europe’s institutions and is working remarkably well. Politically aware people might voice concern that Europe, and here I include the UK is headed for a future as a single, atheistic, non-Christian society, the trouble is I feel we might have arrived.

The last involuntary spasmodic twitches of rebellion come from National Political parties like Golden Dawn, Jobbik and Front Nationale but belie the fact we might be past the point of no return before a cataclysmic crisis erupts, a crisis the frankfurtians did not factor in when they planned for a land mass of race-less people, automons with no national identity non-thinking, compliant peasants frightened of their shadows. Their solution which affects millions of Europeans was a vicious transformation of Europe. The thinking was that never again would Europe be ripped apart by war. I feel they have horribly miscalculated in their devilish plan.

But who were theoreticians of the Jewish Marxist Frankfurt School? Better still who or what was the Frankfurt School. 

 It was Jewish Marxist theorists who formulated a long term plan for destroying Western faith, values and culture. I suggest you research the internet for further information, Google ‘Frankfurt School’. Gramsci’s plans included ways to undermine and discourage Westerners through the intentional collapse of the existing social structure from within and that is precisely what is happening now throughout the whole of Western Europe.

Basically it was to lay out a plan for destroying Western faith and culture.

Hegemony, as defined by Gramsci is that widely accepted system of values, morals, ethics, and social structure which holds a society together and creates a cohesive people. Western social structures holding society together (i.e. “the hegemony”) include: authority, morality, sexual restraint, monogamous marriage, personal responsibility, patriotism, national unity, community, tradition, heredity, education, conservatism, language, Christianity, law, and truth. It is western hegemony that holds western Capitalism together and vice versa, that is why the theory called for media and communications to slowly co-opt the people with the “counter-hegemony” propaganda message.

These are our values that are slowly being destroyed. I hope people see the pattern here.

Since 1919 Gramsci’s scribbling’s still ripple throughout our society. The Education department  teaches Homosexual relationships to primary school children, makes them aware of male and female sexual perversions, explains personal sexual practises and teaches  the practical use of contraception to primary school children. 

There is pressure to discourage people wearing Christian symbols such as crosses on their person, or even to remove the word Christian from our language, replacing the identifying Christian name for Forename or removing Christ from Christmas. 

It all starts with our children. The Gay pride followers or rather Homosexual pride adherents should be aware that same sex marriages dehumanises human morality and caricatures a society that has lost its way. Gramsci would have been proud of his efforts.

In conclusion let us take a final look at a few of these institutions being destroyed by the continuing ripples of the Frankfurt School.

Morality; The West is totally awash with pornography,and soft porn is appearing more amd more on TV particularly from the National Broadcaster.  who is responsible?

Sexual restraint; with so many under age pregnancies primary school children as young as 5 are now being taught about conception the practical use of Condoms and explanations of ungodly Homosexual relationships.

Education; the sexualising of our children, the rewriting of our history and deleting and even rewording nursery rhymes that might alarm and offend.

Monogamous marriages; same sex ‘marriage’ is the flavour of the month and encouraged by the unions, feminists, the establishment AND some of the Clergy.

Christianity; Symbols and outward signs of Christianity conflicts with British Islam, definitely not encouraged and could be classed as racially provocative.

Law; The CPS appears to be an International body determining British justice. Many of its judgements prove it is a law unto itself. It is a political body, its master is the Government and it is not answerable to what we regard as the traditional rule of law.

Tradition; Racist and non- inclusive.

National Unity; There is none.

Community; Which is being fragmented and diluted by forced Multiculturism resulting in white flight and at worst miscegenation and ultimately over decades the dispersal and death of ethnic nation. We once had a Homeland a nation, we now have a huge collection of alien Communities; I do not remember our people requesting this?

Patriotism; Again equates with racial superiority, Loyalty, Nationalism, Triumphalism and finally Narnseyism.

Language; There are now over a hundred non-English languages spoken in many schools and highly enriched ghettos.

Truth; Does the truth start with our Government or perhaps the Media and end with the last dying breath of biased truth from our National Broadcaster who should be mindful of the saying “If you want to ruin the truth, stretch it” with unbalance and bias if the need arises which they do with journalistic professionalism taught at university or at the London School of Economics by their Far Left Socialist/Fabian political science tutors

No-one is driving this runaway train to hell it now has an unstoppable momentum of its own. It has taken just over one century to get this far ultimately to lay waste to our institutions. Our people slept, they were not even aware of any danger.
From his furnace in Hell Gramsci would have been proud of his efforts

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Smiffield Butcher.


  The Smiffield Butcher.

The documentary was about Smithfield Market. The interview was conducted using the technique where the interviewers face is never shown. To all intents and purposes he could have been a Martian, if he was Martian his English was extremely fluent. The programme was part of a series on London Markets. One programme about Billingsgate Market had already been aired. Wiki tells us “Meat has been traded at Smithfield Market for more than 800 years, making it one of the oldest markets in London”

It was chronicled In the Victorian period “Of all the horrid abominations with which London has been cursed, there is not one that can come up to that disgusting place, West Smithfield Market, for cruelty, filth, effluvia, pestilence, impiety, horrid language, danger, disgusting and shuddering sights, and every obnoxious item that can be imagined; and this abomination is suffered to continue year after year, from generation to generation, in the very heart of the most Christian and most polished city in the world”.

The Cockney Butcher with the bloodied apron said proudly “Me dad worked at Smiffield so did me Grandad” All the butchers in the TV show were indigenous white males although there was one white Female, a meat packer who lasted about a week who left unable to put up any longer with the sexist remarks. She was the first Female employee at ‘Smiffield’ and I suspect the last.

My father took me to Smithfield Markets many years ago; prior to the Landing Barge the M.V. Windrush  over-running our shores. These meat-workers were rough diamonds, real Cockneys, the salt of the earth; what they appeared to lack in education was made up by their genuine typical Englishness and Anglo humour.

The Bloodied Cockney butcher who starred in the programme was asked had the markets changed since he started. He said with the advent of Mega stores, yes business had fallen off. When asked who were his main clientele he said now they were mainly African. By African I felt he was innocently putting these customers into one racial classification of being non-white, tactfully omitting to categorise them as Somali, Congolese, Banglas, Pakis, Eritreans, Moroccans, Sudanese, West Indian, Tunisian, Zambian, Kenyan, Libyan, Nigerian, Algerian, Ugandan, Ghanaians, Botswana’s, Senegalese, Trinidadians, Hottentot, Tristan Da Cunhans and beyond. Oh and probably Pygmies.

I won’t list the Iraqis, Iranians, Kurds, Afghans and East Europeans or we will be here all day. When asked why his clientele had changed he said because ‘many English people had left London’.

I visibly shivered. This would have to be a first surely. This Englishman had inadvertently made two racial remarks in less than a minute, probably in less than thirty seconds! I was starkly reminded of the incident where an English mother of a seven-year-old boy was told to sign a school form admitting her boy was racist after he asked another pupil about the colour of his skin.

Elliott Dearlove had asked a five-year-old boy in the playground whether he was ‘brown because he was from Africa’ His mother, Hayley White, 29, said she received a phone call last month to say her son had been at the centre of a ‘racist incident’.

So the ‘Smiffield Butcher’ was guilty by default. The first comment was undeniably racist and would be obviously uncontested in a court of Law when he replied his main customers were mainly African. The second charge of Racism with the help of a expert Lawyer from the Race Relations Industry with many years experience and with impeccable credentials specialising in obscure Race Laws might have had the second charge quashed when his client unwittingly used the Racist inflammatory words ’many English people had left London’

But mindful of the legal order in a Leeds Magistrates court when a Judge directed the Jury that the ‘Truth is no Defence’ and although the alleged Inflammatory remark was in truth …er’ truthful and both racist remarks might not fall under one of our rich, exciting and diverse Cornucopia of Racism laws it could find itself discreetly sheltering under the umbrella of the New European Union's Intolerance laws, assuming of course the lawyer was conversant with same. I don’t really know.

In the comments section in the Mail-on-Line a ‘lady’ wrote quote “Racism is a hate that one person has for another because of the colour of their skin. It makes me laugh to think a 7 year old child could be labelled a racist, they don’t know the meaning of the word! I have THREE Mixed Race children…………………..Strewth!

For Gods Sake, what IS this ‘woman’ thinking? It is the White race that is declining lady, NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD! Dare I say it, offer your sexual favours to your own people first then if no-one wants them, then and only then offer it up on the free and open market……….. I despair.

I strongly suspect the British Ideological and Racial Police Force is looking into this incident as a matter of extreme urgency.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Patriotic Alliances


Britain’s development has been on a steady ascendancey over centuries with huge leap forwards in Astronomy, Medicine, the Arts and sciences; that has not changed it continues. The industrial revolution like a Supercharger gave it a huge kick-start into the twentieth century which saw a massive increase in inventiveness, innovation and technology.

In abysmal contrast the greatest miscalculation which borders almost on the criminally insane with no thought given to its consequences was the result of our government’s actions which saw the beginning of the societal fragmentation of the UK.

One could say 1948 was the commencement of Great Britain’s breakup as a cohesive society with the arrival of the M.V. Windrush when thousands of poor Jamaican immigrants arrived by invitation on Great Britain’s shores intent on calling England home.

The Government was warned of the dire consequences by their own parliamentarians. The Labour Unions protested on the streets, but no-one was listening.

It was like attempting to add water to pure Benzene forcing the people of the UK to mix with a backward society. Its’ effect over time was akin to attempting to try to mix oil and water as the immigrants formed their owned communities and lived their segregated lives guided by their own religions, traditions, superstitions and cultures.

 Little did we understand 60 or so years later it was continuing unabated and was just a small part of a much larger plan?

Prior to the arrival of the people of the Third world we were NOT a collection of communities we were a Nation, we were a fiercely nationalistic and proud nation. Today showing outward signs of both and the Ideological police will be called and you will be charged with any of a multiplicity of crimes enacted specifically to silence resentment to the forced mixing of opposing cultures with questionable standards of behaviour, starting with the charge of Racism.

If that were not enough to awaken our people, the second wave came from Uganda courtesy of Idi Amin. The third wave which was much larger arrived from the Indian Subcontinent and beyond which resulted in even greater restrictions on freedom of expression and speech and even more draconian legislation was introduced to frighten our people to comply with laws that will in time witness our own homogenous destruction.

Thel fourth wave but in-waiting are from the very poor East European nations, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey with 18% of Turks being Kurds, which will signal the death knell of what was once a great progressive land mass called Europe.

But we know all this. The question continually being asked is ‘what is the solution’ is it Partition, is it a White Homeland? Here when I refer to White I imply European as the Europeans like Britons have seen their countries descending into sub-Saharan squalor, violence and decay. The rest of the world, except America, Canada and Australia which about sums up the rest of the First World has not forced its inhabitants to share their country with the rest of the World to the same extent as Europe.

I have always thought our salvation will come from Europe. I place no hope in retaliation from our people; our parliamentarians are traitors that have taken our country down the road towards a totalitarian, authoritarian regime, a fragmented, divided, cowed society. I have no faith in them.

The revolution should start with the dismantling of an illegally formed government called the European Union; the revolution cannot start in a single country, like the UK polls can be rigged. If for example two European countries were to install patriotic governments with Greece and France looking likely candidates and Poland looking hopefully a third withdrew from the EU the rest would collapse like dominoes, there would be such a furore that hopefully people of the UK would also immediately demand an immediate referendum.

As the European youth unemployment continues to rise, as the Immigrant invasion from Syria and North Africa over the Lampedusa highway increases unopposed, as the austerity measures continue unabated, as Paris burns, and the females of Oslo continue to be frightened to venture out after night, as the Moslem dominated areas of Europe call for some sort of Sharia law our time will come, that I have no doubt it is just a matter of being patient.

If a patriotic party should take power in Europe the proverbial will really hit the fan. The Reds/Rabid Socialists/Communists and pond swimmers will take to the streets. If this revolution were successful first there would be sanctions then threats of NATO intervention which will come from the War Cabinet in Washington. It is at this point it is paramount there is a political alliance with Russia it would put to rest Russia’s genuine concern of missiles being stationed near their borders for a start.

Let us not forget Serbia. It was the Jewess Madeleine Albright, Clintons Secretary of State that gave the heads up to bomb Serbia, the inability of Serbia being able to retaliate would be a bit a like America bombing the Isle of Wight because of internal strife.

When confronted by pro-Serbian protesters who called her a war criminal during a recent book signing in her native Prague, she pushed them aside as "disgusting Serbs" a confrontation that went viral on the internet. A racist remark possibly?

The political map of Europe has to be redrawn, forcibly if need be. Georgia attempted to invade South Ossetia but South Ossetia was under Russia’s sphere of influence and had its protection that drove the Georgians’ out quick smart. The American War Machine squealed, the UN fumed but they were not game to do anything about it.

Interestingly enough Georgia which does not have a lot going for it except from a tourist point of view with mineral springs, historical and cultural monuments, folk dancing and some World Heritage Sites a Cathedral and a Monastery desperately wants to be a part of the EU, it is missing out on the drip feed when there is still plenty of room at the suckling teat, so much so that when its president Mikheil Saakashvili gives interviews for international consumption he does so in front of the dreaded EU flag.

I do not think we should vacate our land; we deserve it, our ancestors died for it. OUR people have lived here for well over a thousand years, we should attempt in every way to firmly encourage the invader to leave, how we do it is neither here nor there, it is immaterial.

Maybe what Europe cries out for in its hour of need is another extraordinary strong man. I am of the firm opinion the people responsible for trashing our country should be put on trial for Treason. Europe is not threatening any other country it is trying to survive a crushing alien invasion. Screaming Narnsys is a waste of time. The bizarreness is that the Jews might see a similarity.

But it is of paramount importance that strong alliances are formed and certainly not with a Government that has caused so much death and destruction in the world and has a penchant for invading other countries and killing millions of civilians in the process. Not that there would be an offer. America understands both the Samson option and M.A.D.

Russia has an understanding with Syria, China has an alliance with North Korea; all the Western Nations including Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia have Alliances with America. China also has an Alliance with South Sudan or any country who can supply its insatiable economic needs. 

Most ex- Colonies have Alliances or at least Treaties with their once Colonial masters and Israel has Alliances with anyone whose Governments will use their people to fight for Israel’s survival and supply it with sophisticated weaponry.

There are Alliances and power blocs even within the United Nations. In contrast there are no alliances as such within the European Union as like the old USSR as their leaders are only answerable to the Peoples Central committee in Brussels. An authoritarian government has no need to have alliances with its occupied territories.

if one has to shelter under the umbrella of someone else’s deterrent. Bear in mind “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” We should NOT vacate our land; it is ours by divine right. If we have any option at all it is to drive the invaders out.

“An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.” Phaedrus.

Stand up the person who said ‘ooze Phaedrus?

 So alliances must come always come with conditional safeguards.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Good Fortune of San Marino

The Good Fortune of San Marino

I am forced to lay the blame squarely at the feet of a one Mrs Regina Windsor of ‘Buckingham Palace Villas’, 1 Buckingham Palace Road. London, SW1. Every morning she is visited by a weak, effete traitorous PM carrying important papers making her aware of not all, but many of the important goings on in her country, she also has to sign things as well. A while ago her ministers colluded to agree to open up Britain’s borders to whoever would like to call Great Britain home and to replace Great Britain’s constitution with a European one.

However France and Holland were not gullible enough to rise to the bait and saw through the shenanigans of the Far Left Socialist machine or Red Regime in Brussels and rejected it out of hand and Brussels was forced to rename this Treaty the Lisbon Treaty which Mrs Windsor was then happy to sign on your and my behalf.

This Mrs R. Windsor I write of has signed numerous Treaties in the past but is also required to counter-sign directives, amendments  and stuff or whatever they call these things these days, agreeing to cede our Sovereign Nation to a foreign power, a pseudo, unelected Government which in my book reads plain treason, but I am a mere mortal, I am one of HER subjects but it is what she is subjecting ME to that irks me. Hang on that sounds grammatically wrong, but who cares?

I take it those of you that are not glued to the television to catch the winner of the X factor, or to watch another riveting episode of Coronation Street with its international cast of actors may have missed the news that the San Marino people have voted in a referendum against joining the European Union of Socialist States and Regions (EUSSR). It was not so much the people who voted against joining who influenced the vote but the people who did NOT vote because they were not interested in voting, similar to the UK elections.

I must tell you about little San Marino. I went there once, actually It was our first Apennine adventure to the mountain Principality. I remember quite clearly saying to my wife as we walked out of a shop with my distressed 3 year old daughter tearfully clutching an expensive Cuckoo Clock which she was determined she should have, “I could live ‘ere you know”

Well you will be relieved to hear little San Marino as the result of a referendum missed out by the skin of its teeth on the greatest cross-cultural experience in world history, an experience Europe is now enjoying to the fullest.

I suspect it was due to their total lack of interest, some may say it was more a question of good luck than good judgment, an opportunity to feast on the all-consuming Cultural Enrichment and Diversity beyond the understanding of us mere mortals., the allness of Truth,

By and large Europe has slipped into a parallel system of government with Shari Law with scarcely a murmur. It all bodes well for Multiculturism.

As a result of the referendum San Marino lost out on being the new home to potentially something like 10 million Soldiers and Wives of Allah, 500,000 Bulgarians, 6 Million Romanians and millions of assorted African and a mixed bundle of Middle Eastern desert economic tourists desperately filling in visa forms hoping to make San Marino their new home; delights that their neighbour Italy have been enjoying for years to the fullest, some might say because of their apathy.

The news item went..

On the 20 of October, San Marino held a referendum on accession to the European Union as a member and although 50.3 % of voters said "Yes" to EU membership and 49% of voters said "No" only 20% of Sanmarinese voters bothered to vote, a turnout below the judiciary average, which is 32%. Because of that, the results of the referendum are invalid and San Marino, for the foreseeable future, will remain outside the EU.

I heard a rumour a girls primary school was also very relieved with the result. With a little more foresight they could have taken the overspill from Lampedusa which France, Italy and the UK with their good fortune are now are going to share.

Now San Marino has a lot going for it. It steers away from foreign wars, is not a member of the Coalition of the Killing, nor is it answerable to the America-Kenyan president and his Jewish Advisors and Lobbyists. It has no nuclear weapons, no money shops and no “Zones Urbain Sensibles“.

As I mentioned earlier, they do NOT have these areas of Zonen das Sensibles Stadtisch (that’s German) in Great Britain because many people in the UK do not speak French or German fluently enough so they are referred to in the UK as “NO GO” areas.

I do not think San Marino even has a Navy; certainly it could not sent a contingent of SAS Marines to guard the Afghan poppy fields or even send a small token platoon to guard the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline, and its only helicopter, I am reliably informed, is fitted with Snow Skis.

Presently I am not sure of its arrangement with the Jewish banker fraternity, although it might have a tenuous incestuous relationship as I suspect San Marino might not only fly a flag of convenience on its fleet of ships like Panama but I ask the question, would it rate as a Tax Haven, a bit like the Caymans, for the idle rich to hide their ill-gotten gains?

Nevertheless I do like their cuckoo clocks and I enjoyed their immense variety of kitchen towels with San Marino motifs and coffee mugs adorned with pictures of San Marino folk dancers although I admit I am not all that a fan of yodelling. In the Audio Industry it is referred to as ‘Howl Round’.

By voting to retain self-government the people of San Marino have missed out on possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to sate themselves sick on a Bacchanalian orgy to the point of vomiting on a diet of Multi-culture and rich Diversity.

Late News…. I have just been reliably informed San Marino is NOT a EU Member but does have special relations with the European Union; those special relations I suspect after this recent referendum is to wisely stay out of the Federation. I would add avoid it like the Bubonic Plague.