Saturday, 9 February 2013

Europe: has the die been cast?

 Europe: has the die been cast?

The die for a One Europe was cast many years ago. I was not privy to its planning so any conjecture on its formulation would be pure speculation on my part but I do know to change the political, social and ethnic structure and to destroy by default the quintessential essence that goes to make up a French person, an English person a Swede, a German, a Belgium, Danish or Greek and to convince these nations of culturally and technically advanced people to share their ancestral homeland and mutely accept their ethnic dilution without voice or protest and to convince their females to agree to corrupt their European genetic uniqueness by miscegenation with Sub-Saharan blacks, most if not all of them from failed societies, people whose disturbingly low IQ’s are not allowed to be debated for fear of breaching a number of ‘rules’ that have been enacted precisely for that purpose. It is not by accident they are still evolving and Europeans are developed societies. It would take too many decades for them to rival European ingenuity and expertise that is why they flock here.

These people have deliberately been brought into Europe for a purpose and you can be assured it is not for the benefit of Europeans. In 200 years Europeans as race without swift intervention will go the same way the Incas went.

Many of these ‘rules’ I wrote of are for the sole purpose of stifling by fear and threat any Nationalist and Patriotic feelings for one’s birth-right and the basic human right of free speech. No other person can tell another human what they can or cannot say if you are offended by a remark you return the compliment not resort to the Law books. In more enlightened times duels were fought over offensive remarks, knights did not go crying to the corrupt judiciary for monetary compensation.

The fine tuning of the New Europe is being orchestrated by extremely powerful people
A communist sitting in an Italian jail along with others might well have discussed the initial germ of a communist Shangri La for future Europe along with fascist thinkers but these men were not what we would regard as political movers and shakers like the powerful and wealthy beyond avarice Zionist vultures that control and feed off the ignorance of American people, Zionists that control American politics, media and the armaments industry.

I maintain it is impossible to truly understand what is going on. To the world architects I suspect it is driven by the real fear of overpopulation causing severe stress on the world’s dwindling resources, the looming shortage of oil waiting around the corner and the most worrying the resulting breakdown of society.

The British government can instruct the Police chiefs and media to keep a cap on English child rape by Pakistani immigrants and the socialist government of Sweden can keep the lid in the 100% of rape by immigrants from its past African colonies, this was a worrying admission by a female Swedish Police chief. If this nightmare is not stopped quickly a new word will have to be coined to describe True Chaos.

An interesting fact is one in four Swedish females will be raped in their life. There is also a rape epidemic in Norway. Last spring, the Oslo Police published a report on rape until 2010 in which the perpetrators of rape attacks were described as “predominantly of foreign origin.

So has the die really been cast? Do we know the true figure of non- Europeans in Europe. France has a Moslem population of 8-10 Million, England? Well even the government are hazy on immigrant figures and totally ignorant on illegal immigrant figures. In the UK escalating government costs rise as 25% as all babies born in UK are of foreign origin - mainly Muslim. In Egypt Nasserism dictated no religious or other political movement were allowed to impact government.

The Muslim Brotherhood were banned, but they waited quietly in the wings, today Egypt is not a secular society any more but is being ruled by an Islamic government and are in the throes of being ruled by Sharia Law and the people live with violence on the streets. Europe has a figure of around 16 million Islamists, if I might use the word Islamists judiciously, but when they have the numbers the newly coined word for True Chaos will be used quite universally.

Can anyone convince me that the headlong slide into the abyss can be halted? I feel there are too many variables

Golden Dawn has a 20% following even if they could possibly take government one day the Muslim population in Europe could by then have tripled, and an Egyptian type scenario is not out of the question, but the rape epidemic will continue, we are not dealing with civilised people here. Faceless people are giving your countries away.

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  1. We must discover just who are these faceless people and we must keep a list and we must use it to end their dream and our nightmare.