Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bradford, "City of Dreams"

Bradford ‘City of Dreams’

Bradfordstan Gateway to the East.

It was a text-book television BBC propaganda festival. It was called "Bradford City of Dreams". For a very brief moment I saw blurred visions of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or was it the temples of Angkor Wat or possibly the Taj Mahal.

No, not so. Bradfordstan along with Peterborough, Newham and many other once recognisable English towns are now blights on the Multicultural landscape. My wife alerted me to the programme cognisant that I love all things inclusive and Muticulti; sorry that was a poor attempt at humour.

The good news for our single party Government who are the successful architects of this deliberate attempt of ethnic genocide using the replacement of its indigenous people, a figure given to us by the commentator whose ethnic extraction will forever remain a secret as she was never featured, but for certain her first language was also something other than “White British", she informed us that 25% of Bradford’s population are not English at all and again 25% give or take a few hundred thousand illegal ‘dreamers’ if they speak our language at all speak it as a second language. 

I am sure the BBC producers will consider my appraisal of their program somewhat negative but it is not all negativity as reflected in the camera shots taken in school playgrounds the really good news coming out of Bradfordstan at this time is that many of its schools are now finally purged of English school-children.

I admit I wrestled with the title ‘City of Dreams’ for a while before being reminded of the Bradford riots in 2001 where more than 300 police officers were hurt during the riot and there were 297 arrests in total; 187 people were charged with the offence of riot, 45 with violent disorder and 200 jail sentences totalling 604 years were handed down. The last rioter was sentenced six-and-a-half years after the events; the number of convictions for riot was unprecedented in English legal history the next highest amount was five for an investigation in London. 

For the indigenous English people who are concerned with their impending replacement, I am reliably informed that Bradfordstan the ‘City of Dreams’ is peopled with approximately 68,000 Pakistanis, 12,500 Indians, 5000 Bangladeshis and 3,000 other Asians but that number could have jumped alarmingly since the last attempted count. I have not factored in another unknown number of illegals serving in Kebab shops and Curry Houses or poor peasant people living a dozen to a house from the Hindu Kush, tribespeople from Gujarat and Rajasthan or failed asylum seekers from Kyrgyzstan.

Ah Bradford the ‘City of Dreams’. The BBC wax lyrical at the very mention of its name, diversification is king. For those of you that remember the English city of Bradford of their grandparents it must now resemble a ‘City of Nightmares’. Giving credit where credit is due during the whole of the programme the BBC did show at least 6 inhabitants of what could be recognised under the rare ethnic grouping of ‘white English’.

So what was the subliminal message the BBC was attempting to convey to its’ X factored sedated viewers? Firstly Bradford along with God knows how many other English towns and cities have ceased to be recognisable as English, these places have been ceded to the Third World, the Emerging World, the Developing World and assorted Failed Basket-Cases of the World all fleeing festering countries that are dependent to function on bribes and nepotism where many of these Third World governments are visibly more corrupt than ours.

You may ask is there a future for the Indigenous English people? Watching ‘Bradford City of Dreams’ I would say the country our parents once knew does not have a future, well not one you would like your children to inherit. 

I trust the BBC will give me ample warning when they are about to document other productions of lost English cities that might come on-line like the erotic tale of  'Rotherham, city of Dreams, ‘Bristol, City of Dreams’, ‘Rochdale, City of Dreams’ ‘Oldham, City of Dreams and ’Peterborough, City of Dreams’. By that time gentle readers because of your collective criminal apathy and National amnesia you will be in the minority then the BBC might do a doco on you. 

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