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the Systematic Destruction of Our Institutions.

Marxism and the Systematic Destruction of Our Institutions.

The institutions that hold a society together:

               Religion                                           Marriage and the Family Unit
               Education                                        Law
               Mass Media                                     Police
               Military                                           Art and Culture

The above is a list of important values of a Society’s Institutions that bind a Nation together but it is Cultural Marxism that is in the process of deliberately taking them apart

The quote is "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man". It is allegedly attributed to the Catholic Order, the Jesuits. With the revelations of the sexual abuse of children by the Jesuits parents must wonder what sort of man the Jesuits will be returning. It was Vladimir Lenin that said “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”. Replace Bolshevism with Marxism and the present state of the nation will start to make some sense.

Lenin was writing the truth but what he was really intimating was the child in many cases will be gently guided, manipulated and politically inspired by his teachers while in their young informative years and can be permanently damaged by their teacher’s far left political leanings, here I refer particularly to the supporters of the UAF. In Lenin’s case his teachers were Bolsheviks. Many of our teachers are far left Socialists but leaning not quite far enough left to be true Marxists.

The church which is an important cultural institution now sanctions same sex “marriages” which is not only insane but cruelly mocking of the sanctity of marriage. We are not heathens but civilised humans. The church has an obligation to uphold the basic morals of a society. So the question is has religion already become a causality of the Marxist plan.

It was a breathy BBC lady reporter that gushingly said at the wedding of a Mr. Elton John and his male ‘Marriage’ partner how radiant they both looked. I cannot hazard a guess how long will it take Mr and ‘Mrs’ John to realise children will not be one of the fruits of the result of their ‘marriage’? I suppose they could purchase a child from Africa, if they have not already. Church numbers are dropping and churches are closing as Mosques sprout up not unlike Japanese Knotweed in a Rose garden. So perhaps marriage and the family unit will follow the demise of the church.

The Law is selective in who it protects. Money and influence does help. Like the Police it is selective in that it protects people of foreign cultures and jails those that complain of their impending destruction and is also a political arm of our Statist Government regardless of the denial.

The Mass Media is another institution which although it has not been destroyed it has been seriously compromised. It is pointless attempting to sell an ideology if you have not a mouthpiece to transmit your ideology. So as a Marxist what is it you want to sell? Read the Marxist Manifesto of the Frankfurt School. It is the destruction of NATIONALISM, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity. The Media are doing a magnificent job of doing just that mainly through mind numbing Television drama and the biased and unbalanced news and lying by omission combined with use of Neuro Linguistic programming, a subtle form of brainwashing.

To reiterate Marxism recognises that the traditional cultural phenomena intrinsic to Western society is the drive for individual acquisition associated with capitalism, NATIONALISM, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity. To the Marxists it is important to first destroy these cultural institutions in order to destroy Western society, at present they are succeeding.

Language is being rewritten; many words now have different meanings. ‘Marriage’ has a different meaning, so has Gay. Husbands and wives are now partners. Words that particularly pertain to Christianity are being phased out like Christmas Time. Christian names are now Fore-names. Worrying is the recent decree to make English a foreign language in our own country. Many English words have now been slotted into the Racist Category including lyrics in nursery rhymes, Hymns, songs, children’s stories and skipping songs. The ever alert BBC bans many lyrics, not necessarily those IT considers racist but lyrics as they did with George Formby’s ‘When I am cleaning Windows’ considering the following words smutty.

The blushing bride she looks divine
The bridegroom he is doing fine
I'd rather have his job than mine
When I'm cleaning windows…,Although Formby's wife Beryl managed to change BBC's opinion

Jeremy Clarkson unwittingly crossed the Rubicon with the N word which as child he would have used many a time when making a juvenile decision. It is important to keep pace with the change and acceptance of language or one will be viewing the world from behind bars. I would suggest to Jeremy in this day and age he checks if his Microphone is live before making utterings.

Education has not escaped the Marxist long march through the institutions. Before indoctrination teachers taught the children the three R’s while parents helped them with the difficulties of puberty and human relationships. Marxist inspired teachers are now teaching very young children the practical use of Condoms and of Homosexuality, transgender people and Lesbians. To my mind this is Paedophilia but without the touching.

The Police have long ceased to be upholders of law and order which is its primary purpose. It is without any doubt a political and ideological arm of the government it now enforces a Social Statist Ideology that is Multiculturism which is an important tool of Marxism to subvert and destroy an ethnic culture. The police are not responsible for the forced mixing of cultures but they do police it forcibly. Further explanation is pointless their position is obvious.

Once you create a Multitude of cultures one Culture has to suffer. It is normally the culture of the host. It has never worked in the past and will never work in the future what it will do is create unrest and distrust among the plethora of opposing diversities and they will retreat into the comfort of their own beliefs and culture and with their own kind. For proof visit Birmingham, Manchester, Oldham, Peckham, the infamous Tower Hamlets and a host of other English Cities and Towns.

Cultural Marxism refers to the Frankfurt school of Marxism that conceives of CULTURE as central to the legitimation of OPPRESSION of the masses (strange assumption). Cultural Marxists use Marxist methods to try to understand the complexity of power in contemporary society like ours and to make it possible to criticise what cultural Marxists propose appears natural but is in fact ideological. Of course Marxism is an Ideology; if they were just trying to understand and criticise there is no harm, but if they were trying to understand it in an attempt to overthrow it then Marxism has to be destroyed, it is them or it is us.

It is possible that when the Communist Manifesto was first published in 1872 by Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels a number our Institutions were oppressive. Here I cite the church, Police and Military here I include the Navy. They considered all the institutions as just a construct by the elite which was oppressive on the people and formed our psyche. The manifesto was essentially Marx's work and was an analytical approach to the class struggle and the problems of capitalism. I hope I am not boring you!

Finally, the Frankfurt School is the name used to refer to a group of scholars who have been associated at one point or another over several decades with the Institute for Social Research of the University of Frankfurt, including Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Wolfgang Fritz Haug and Jürgen Habermas.

These names might sound ethnically familiar, so it was no surprise in the 1930s the Institute for Social Research was forced out of Germany by the rise of the Nazi Party. 

Partially replacing or fragmenting the people native to the land goes a long way in creating fear and resentment thus causing instability which will help in the  destruction of National Unity..

This article above list the Cultural institutions that are being targeted, once these Cultural institutions are destroyed the cement that holds our nation and the Nations of Europe together will send us into an abyss this country has never experienced in its long and chequered history and much blood will be spilled.

Lifted from Wiki…“The work of the Frankfurt School and of Marxist Antonio Gramsci was particularly influential in the 1960s, and had a major impact on the development of cultural studies, especially in Britain. Theorists like Roland Barthes and the Tel Quel group in France, Galvano Della Volpe, Lucio Colletti, and others in Italy, Fredric Jameson, Terry Eagleton, and cohort of 1960s cultural radicals in the English-speaking world, and a large number of theorists throughout the globe used. One of the most famous and influential forms of cultural studies, initially under the influence of cultural Marxism, emerged within the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham, England within a group often referred to as the Birmingham School”.

European Culture…….

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