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Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Plan (Part1

Taking Pride in one's Origins. 

The European Union.

 or Coudenhove-Kalergi’s evil plan for Europe (Part1

Racism is NOT a dirty word on the contrary it is a word that describes a love, a basic human emotion, the intrinsic love one gives tacitly without any pre-conditions and reserved for a member of one’s tribe, kin and culture. This love of Race is not determined by the colour of one’s skin but by the relationship within the tribe. Racism exists with all earthly tribes and cultures.

It is only since WW2 the White races and only the White European Races where its meaning has been altered and vilified to suit a political agenda, and it is only the White European Races that are presumed to be a 'racist' when they attempt to celebrate their racial heritage.

The evil persists. During the French presidential elections, the Socialist candidate François Hollande's pledged to remove the word "race" from the French constitution.

This basic human emotion of love for one’s kind was played upon to encourage young Europeans, Germans and Allies to lay down their lives by the million in two world wars, but 70 years on an evil Marxist Empire has re-defined this word to make it a gutter expletive to suit their evil agenda to blur our identity, to make us ashamed to be of who we are and meekly allow our culture and ethnic identity to be destroyed.

Love is hate, Black is white, war is peace, and truth is a lie. This was confirmed by a British Judge who said ‘The truth is no defence’. Freedom is slavery, but true Freedom is also the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. Try that in today’s Britain then look for a good lawyer………fast.

Meet the Neutered Man: the New European.

Basically Coudenhove’s plan presupposes the notion of Sovereign European Nation States has outlived its usefulness. He saw it as reminiscent of the dinosaur; a relic of a bygone era.

“The old world order of colonial oppression, exploitation of dominions, rival imperialisms and mercenary balance of power diplomacy; of majesties, dictators, privileged minorities, plutocratic monopolists and similar social parasites; the corrupted order responsible for the present world cataclysm, endangering our national safety and peaceful progress,( Militaristic Nationalism) shall never rise again.

A New World Moral Order for permanent peace and freedom shall be established at the successful conclusion of the present war.”(WW2)

From their past performance I would not take the term ‘Freedom’ too literally, it might have a completely different meaning from what you and I understand freedom to be. It was never meant to remain just a Union, but a fully-fledged totalitarian system of  Government with a central authority and a regional political bloc with a sphere of influence that the Hitler’s Third Reich in its heyday would have been proud. 

Things are not going to Kalergi’s plan. There is a niggling problem here. Who will be the new oppressors in Kalergi’s New order, who will be the privileged minority; could they possibly be the Rothschild’s or the American War Machine or both? Is it not beyond the realms of possibility the New World Order he speaks of will be controlled by the same people who are the present the social Elite parasites, the corrupted order that are responsible for the present world instability endangering the worlds safety and peaceful progress.

This New World Moral order has erred badly if we now have permanent peace and freedom. The world is on a knife edge, freedom of speech and freedom of expression is disappearing fast. Exactly who is endangering our national safety and peaceful progress? Invading other people’s countries does not help. Don’t we now have ‘mercenary balance of power diplomacy decided by the country with the biggest stick?

I recognise hypocrisy here. Perhaps Kalergi should have just prefaced his little meanderings by adding ‘We are aiming for a New World Order of oppression, exploitation of Middle Eastern oil rich countries, creating power blocs and mercenary balance of power diplomacy; of privileged minorities, plutocratic monopolists and similar social parasites. If it works leave it alone, paying heed to that adage Great Britain would still have self-rule. 

The Marxist obsession was primarily to destroy all forms of Nationalism and loyalty to the homogeneity of the European Nation States with the reasoning it was the prime cause of decades of Nationalist hostilities. The Architects behind the scenes control it from Washington. Nation States are unacceptable in the New Europe and over time will cease to exist.

Issue of currency, treaties, myriads of agreements, amendments, control of the bloc’s borders, even a National Anthem all give the illusion of legality, credibility and legitimacy of Government, but no-one voted for it. It is called democracy Marxist style. What If a country wanted to pull out of the Union? Well no country has yet tried and I would not to like to be the first country’s leader that dares either.

It has been decades in the planning and immeasurable time, effort and money spent shaping what will be Europe’s foreseeable future. There cannot be a torrent of people migrating across Europe unless borders were torn down; this has been achieved much to the consternation of the countries whose borders they stole. If The UK, Germany or France pulled out of this unlawful union it would collapse like a pack of cards.

Incidentally the power crafting the New Europe still see Germany as their greatest enemy, even though they lost the war they are now the strongest economy of Europe The people creating this New Europe will never forgive them for what they did in WW2 even though they have been paying huge reparations ever since.

The EU National Broadcasters particularly the Far Left leaning BBC play a critical role in Kalergi’s plan; by subliminal broadcasting they are changing the conventional and accepted norms in our society. Acceptance of homosexuality, same sex ’marriage’ and portraying people of colour from primitive societies sexually cohabiting with Caucasian girls as being the norm are pushed continually in mindless soapies.

If you understand the foundation principles of the Frankfurt School for the reshaping of European society I would not have to explain what is happening here.

If Kalergi were alive today he would realise all his planning had not been in vain. Purity of race of Caucasian nations is not part of the BBC‘s agenda but will they fiercely contest it when it applies to Orientals, Tibetans, Africans, Eskimos, South Sea Islanders and village people from the hills of New Guinea.

It is why the word Racist is such an important description to skew or end a debate. Accuse a person of Racism will immediately put this person on the defensive when its meaning has deliberately been altered.

They have achieved the impossible by turning the meaning of Love into Hate. Orwell would be proud. 

If the people of Europe would like to be governed by an eventual centralised autocratic authoritarian 
system of government then accept the status quo. Your leaders have been lying to you. You are expendable for the dream of a New Order for Europe.  Like Hitler’s rise to power in 1934 eighty years on there has been an iron fist in a velvet glove replay for a Marxist take-over of Europe. 

Nation, Nationalism and racial identity are forbidden words in the New Europe.

I am....You are.

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