Monday, 8 December 2014

Planned Replacement.

Planned Replacement of the ethnic people?

Shall I put my trust in the UKIP at the next election? Like the Single political party of the UK the LibLabCon I am hoping they have two agendas, the most important agenda at election time being the one the politically naïve public want to hear and a secret one which I hope is advantageous to White Britons. Then there is the prickly subject of Immigration to consider. Figures are vitally important here.

The latest UKIP stance on immigration so Mr Farage tells me, well not me personally is based on numbers of 300,000 out, 300,000 in. It is called keeping a ‘cap on immigration’ which is a real concern to many people. It works like this, 300,000 panic-stricken and terrified White Flighters head for Australia like White Herons heading south for the warmer climes and in return we get 300,000 wide-eyed terrified Somalis heading west like Black swans intent on setting up massive breeding grounds on the Norfolk Broads

It is called keeping the numbers in equilibrium. Nevertheless working on these numbers how many years would it take to completely replace the people of this country with the Third World? Latest I have heard is 70 Years.

Off topic, naturalists tell us that during the whole of the world’s history no White Heron has ever mated with a Black Swan, perhaps their paths never crossed. Isn’t nature ingenious, where was I?

I see a terrible sadness coupled with a terrible likeness between the displaced ethnic people of Tibet and the replacement of the ethnic people of Great Britain. Come to think of it neither the United Nations nor the rest of the world were overly concerned at the time with the plight of the Tibetans replacement either.

It is the numbers that are important on the immigration debate not the colour of a person’s skin thank God, we do not want to appear Racist in the eyes of the world do we? The very last thing we want is the English nation consisting only of White Anglo Saxon people; it may have been the tradition of our fore-people and I choose the word ‘Fore-people’ with extreme care as the last thing I want is to be accused of is being a Chauvinist as I told that woman who I have been living with for more years than I care to remember that references to gender specifics are a thing of the past.

The English sadly are not a hot tempered nation; they are not as volatile as Europeans. For instance I would not be surprised if I heard on the news that it was only a small crowd that had gathered outside of Waitrose chanting in unison “where are our Bacon legs, where are our Pork Pies” after news had leaked out that the government had decreed that Pork Pies and Bacon hind quarters were to be taken off supermarket shelves in time for Xmas so as not to offend the foreign people in the delightfully enriched enclaves of Olde England for the sake of ‘Commoonity and Rayshal coheshion’

“May you live in interesting times" is an English expression purporting to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Actually rather than being an English expression it is an Apocrypha, that got you didn’t it? Apocrypha are statements or claims that are of dubious authenticity. Nevertheless Apocrypha or not maybe we really do live in those ‘interesting times’’ and they really are a curse; the Interesting times that is.

The UKIP should hold their cards close to their bosoms both of them, Cards not Bosoms and avoid commenting to traitorous BBC Inquisitors about immigration numbers full stop but state what many people secretly want to hear and that is to keep England a land for the English and throw up an Israeli high wall all round our coasts even the Isle of Wight and mine the western approaches, or southern for that matter.

This solution might cause the BBC left leaning  interviewer a Mr. Andrew Marr to perspire, get the tremors and possibly involuntarily wet himself. But it has to be said. If Marr’s victim was mentally agile and astute he would counter with the question would he personally be prepared to house a squad of Sudanese boy soldiers or a Congolese Rainbow person and his partner who was sporting a virulent sexual disease in his spare bedroom if only to dodge the bedroom tax.

This would prove Mr. Marr’s true humanitarian and fellowship credentials once and for all, and the BBC’s legendary impartiality and finely balanced reporting in the post-editing suite by letting the question stand.

Anything can happen; in the last Australian election a representative of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party won a seat in the Senate, so by the same token our next election could be wide open. Maybe a rep from the Datsun 120Y appreciation party might score a Green Beige seat in Westminster on 300,000 quid a year.

Has Nationalism got a future I hear you ask? Well it depends whether people want a future or not. One thing is for certain they do not have a country to call their own. The Japanese and Chinese have. Strange that, both China and Japan are fiercely nationalistic does that tell us something? It was Nationalism and Patriotism that helped us win the last war it will be the lack of both of these high ideals that will cause us to lose the peace and claim to our homeland of that I have no doubt. Personally I do see a future for Europe and it is a war on its streets. All the ingredients are there.

The important question, is there an alternative to Western Nationalism? The answer is a resounding NO, but we do have clues as to the direction our future is taking with the loss of self-rule, total surveillance, rampant Paedophilia at the highest levels of society, frighteners being put on freedom of speech and expression. Secret Children’s courts who by stealth steal transgressors children and who have been accused of passing these children to rainbow couples for adoption. An Ideological police Force that protects the Government destructive Ideology of Muticulturism, and child rapists all finely balanced with a rich and diverse population with great untapped potential for recruiting fighters for Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Palestine liberation Front and the Syrian Opposition Coalition, oh and the Kurdish Freedom Fighters.

Apart from the recruiting scheme all these delights have been brought to you by successive British Governments who in the past have caused monumental cock-ups in Ceylon, Ireland, Fiji, India and The Sudan. England is the current target. In conclusion I thought I would include this gem.

The moral crisis of our age has nothing to do with (Rainbow people) gay marriage or abortion. It is insider trading, obscene CEO pay wage theft from ordinary workers, Wall street’s gambling addiction, corporate pay offs to friendly Politicians and the Billionaire takeover of our democracy… Robert Reich. I Wish I had said that. Wakey, wakey people not a lot of time left!

We have had huge success replacing the English Bobby.

Milton Keynes tomorrow.

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