Friday, 17 April 2015

The Church Bans the BNP

The Church of England bans the BNP

A Repost...I am forced to comment further on the blatant two-faced hypocrisy of the Church of England. Now I do not know what the true grounds they had for putting a ban on the BNP although my guess would be they used the tired old accusation of it being as a racist/white supremacist organization. Their quoted reason ‘Activities declared "incompatible" with Church teaching on race equality.’

True we do have race inequality in this country, the inequality is the discrimination against our race; the indigenous race is not equal to the other races that are colonizing our country. This reverse Racism we are experiencing has been accelerating since WW2. It became more apparent since immigration from the third world commenced and has increased on a mammoth scale.

For a moment let us remind ourselves of the saying ‘one swallow does not make a summer’. How many BNP supporters with racist tendencies does it take to make the BNP a racist organization? Does Islam see Christians as equal if not why not ban Islam and the building of Mosques in our country? Let me take this further if I may.

The Church, Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England clergy have for decades sexually abused children and many cases the senior clergy have either closed ranks or covered up this vile practise. Even Nuns were renowned for repeated physical abuse of children. I would like to refer to the ‘Lost Children’.

Children were sent to the four corners of the Empire, many were told their parents were dead when in fact they were alive, put onto farms in places like Australia and Canada and worked like slaves, and in many cases sexually violated. It was decades long institutionalized Paedophilia within the Clergy, and was covered up by senior bishops,  still with me?

So the question that is begging to be asked is how many Paedophile priests does it take to make the Catholic Church a hotbed of Paedophilia ‘Incompatible with general morality?’ 

The same applies the Church of England clergy. One could ask was it institutionalised within the Church as the accusation of Racism being institutional within the Police? 

If child sex abuse is not compatible with church teachings why it did flourish, and when it was discovered why was it covered up and the offending perverts transferred to other Diocese. The Catholic Church particularly has had to pay enormous sums in compensation for this abuse of children and is still paying it to this day.

Now I could say I find the Clergy’s behaviour quite incompatible with human morality and ‘incompatible with Church Teachings’ so should Churches be banned? Who judges the morals of the church, the robed closet perverts? Frankly all I see is blatant hypocrisy when the church pre-judges the BNP morality when they need to get their act cleaned up first before judging the ‘incompatibility’ of a legally constituted political party.

Maybe the C of E should be looking inward and rooting out their perverted transgressors. Incidentally I always thought there was separation between the Church and the State, guess not.

There is a cancer at present that is running s right through our society, it involves the Elite, the Police Hierarchy plus the departments from where their orders emanate. The MSN, print and TV, the CPS, the Clergy, the educators, foreign-born Negro immigrants in token positions in local government and Westminster for political expediency and thousands of special ethnic interests groups, Government incompetence and local council corruption involving of conflicts of interest

Our enemy is a Cancer that is eating away at a once homogenous stable, civilised, cohesive society where a person identified strongly with his fellow man and freedom of speech was not something the government decided on the degree of freedom allowed, our birth-right is something that is acquired or inherited at birth, It is not given out freely to the third world poor on arriving at Heathrow Airport and automatically makes them British whatever the Government might tell them. 

I repeat Birthright refers to something that is acquired or inherited at birth.

Our Birth-right goes hand in hand with Nation-hood. What is nationhood? It is a community of persons not necessarily constituting a state but bound by common descent, language and history. Nationhood shouldn't be dictated or manipulated by a few, but in today’s Great Britain it is being systematically being destroyed for a purpose our people have yet to understand

It is almost like an elite club which not everyone can join, particularly loyal patriots who are not welcome in this New World in the making. Should I worry? No morally bankrupt despotic system lasts forever however democratic it appears on the surface.

To the clergy might I suggest a little more attention to your bible might not go astray, "he who is without sin among you let him cast the first stone"

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