Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Reaching For New Heights

"To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind."

In the overall scheme of things like sending probes to Pluto and beyond I do not see it as a “Great Leap Forward” for Western Civilisation in this 21st century to announce an edict, a general principle of understanding not unlike the Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights that with the full backing of the law driven by popular demand by referendum a tacit agreement that it is now societally acceptable that  a gentleman can now legally introduce his private parts into another gentleman’s bottom even likening it to a consummation of Marriage between a Male and a Female. 

The practicalities of same sex Consummation? Well I won’t even dare go there.

Maybe I am being a little too judgemental. I would like to add I also have major difficulty grasping the fundamental understanding, fleeting or otherwise with the connection between homosexuality and being gay, surely one is a full-on human sexual perversion like a fetish for high heels or sexual games but wearing rubber, a cruel human weakness the other an inner warmth and a feeling of well-being.

We could take this one step further and debate Gay Pride. 

We are reluctant to discuss Homosexual pride which is Gay pride but by another name. The waving of the rainbow LGBT flag appears to generate intense Pride, but there appears to be no pride at all in being a Male or Female homosexual, why is that?

In the fable the little boy saw the king was wearing no clothes but everyone was too terrified to comment. I say what I observe whether politically correct or not, like we used to years ago when I was growing up. The subject of men and women of the same sex who shag each other indiscriminately AND it being universally acceptable is bizarre when it should be seen for what it is.

By all means if that what sexually satisfies a person like pleasuring oneself then go for it, it is your body you choose what you would like to do with it but Homosexuality should not be made societally acceptable by law, even animals as a species and of the same sex don’t generally fornicate with each other, neither should cannibalism or grave robbing be acceptable even if people did demand a referendum to legally indulge in same.

It has now become highly political because ALL things HAVE to be inclusive regardless how inexplicable or weird they might appear because it is a vote winner and satisfies the chattering classes whether it be Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder which sparks the debate on whether you can choose which toilet you would prefer to use and puts cross-dressing in the easy reach of everyone. It is Liberalism for liberalisms sake and is lurching out of control.

We THINK we live in a highly civilised society but in the main we are one step away from being mental savages. That is precisely how Trans-dimensional travellers would see us, as primitive natives hell bent on slaughtering each other and many having the morals of Tom Cats but as long as it is ”inclusive” …hey hey that’s OK! 

We as a species are going no-where. Technology and the advancement of Moral awareness are moving away from each other exponentially. The conspiracy theorist or sceptic might ask are the changes being caused by an additive to our food or water, are we being sprayed with chemicals.

The BBC are past masters of experimenting with the weird. They appear to have a warehouse full of these strange people who are brought in to complete the picture of inclusiveness at all costs, be they dwarfs or people born with unfortunate physical deformities, people that should not be paraded on television purely because the BBC is not bound by the shackles of non-inclusivity so is free to celebrate the ‘richness’ and ‘vibrancy’ of the unusual for the sake of inclusiveness, it is quite jarring and obvious a bit like the bearded lady in a circus.

I hope a BBC news producer is not reading this or no doubt there WILL be a Bearded Lady reading the News at Ten or a bearded lady Coroner, bearded lady detective, Bearded Lady Chief Police constables, Lawyers, forensic pathologists, bearded Lady police commissioners and Judges in their TV programmes. 

Criticism, any criticism draws a lot of name calling but name calling is not new, the accused was once punishable by death whether they were Heretics or blasphemers.

Today bigots, racists, Islamophobics, Homophobes and Narnseys are in copious abundance and attract a lot of media attention. It is not a question if same sex marriages should be legal, that is obvious but where are we heading as a supposed intelligent Human species.

"The honourable member for Leicester told our reporter although he and his wife Nathan have consummated their on a number of occasions, they  are unable to have children but were hopeful in the fullness of time of purchasing a small child from Guinea-Bissau once their application for an import licence had been approved.”