Friday, 24 February 2017

conversation between Roger Fairie and his wife Bruce.

A synopsis of a conversation between Roger Fairie and his wife Bruce.
The madness gripping the Western Word in the 21st Century.

At party time in pass-the-parcel there are to be a surprise present in every layer so as not to psychologically scar the little darlings. In foot races there are no winners and no losers.

Pubescent children in their early years at school are now taught about adult sexual perversions, same sex relationships and how to pleasure themselves AND their little friend sitting next to them, male or female if so desired. I can only assume this is in preparation for the future when on reaching age 10 they might be approached by Eastern sexual groomers.

The psychological scarring in actual fact is being done by the teachers in many cases unwittingly ordering the wearing of safety goggles when playing conkers or avoiding swimming backstroke in the swimming pool for fear of killing or at least maiming another swimmer.

It gets better. In one suggested activity, pupils act out every-day actions, such as changing a light bulb while demonstrating a feeling they have chosen whilst undertaking this activity. Their class mates must then guess what feeling that is…I kid you not.

The madness put out by the EU where Britain is likely to adopt a ruling from the European Court of Human rights which says that trans-sexuals must be allowed to take part in sporting events under their new gender, even if they have not yet had genital reassignment surgery or sexual butchery (my words).. Opponents of the ruling have argued that this would give male-to-female trans-Sexuals an unfair advantage.

By the same token and to take this one step further. Perhaps if I identify as a Greyhound I can demand to take part in Greyhound races. I wish that was the extent of it, but no.

Kim Munro is a child-minder in the village of Whiteparish, near Salisbury – an area where ethnic minorities are extremely thin on the ground. She was visited by an Ofsted inspector who took her to task because among the dolls she used for her charges to play with there were insufficient black and brown ones. This, apparently, was indicative of ‘racism’……. Obviously.

This is an interesting one. The story of the Three Little Pigs and their escape from the Big Bad Wolf has been removed from classrooms at an infant's school for fear that it will offend Moslem pupils. I have yet to establish if there are any copies of the Koran in the school library that might offend Christian children or their parents.

And all other children's stories involving pigs, including Babe, have also been cleared off the shelves at Park Road School, Batley. West Yorkshire.

The headmistress, Mrs Barbara Harris, has defended her decision saying that she was aware of the 'religious sensitivities' of her pupils, 60 % of whom are Moslems. (April 2003) what the hell is that percentage now?

Also in 2003 this gem; a Kid's Book called 'Hello Sailor' has been going on sale for Valentine's Day telling about the 'powerful relationship’ between a lighthouse keeper and his seaman pal.

Kate Wilson of Macmillan publishers said: "It's a book you might decide to share with a child to show relationships between men are OK." Well Kate it depends a lot on just what those “powerful relationships” are.

Who is Kate Wilson? Was she the one wearing a neat 3 piece suit and tie topped off with cropped hair who won the EU diversity medal for 2003?

So I must assume that these ‘relationships’ between women are OK also well. Many years ago the expression ‘queer relationships’ springs to mind, what has changed, not much other than these relationship are now gay relationships. It is all in the wording

Wanted Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual. Trans-gendered (LGBT) Community Liaison Officer. Salary £17,412 - £19,056 (plus shift and weekend allowances). Apply to Sussex Police, Brighton Police Station, John Street, Brighton BN2 0LA.rainbow people… Straight people need not apply.…. I can fully understand the requirement for specialist of this nature particularly in Brighton rather than say Knightsbridge or Chelsea……… Beam me up Spotty