Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Charmaine, one of the Queens Swans

Charmaine, formerly one of the Queens Swans 2007-2010

After a severe berating from the kommissars of the European Federation, notably by Gauleiter Angela Merkel, Sarkozy of France is now paying a high price for his intransigence. He had the temerity to order the expulsion of illegal Roma gypsies living in abject squalor in squatter camps to be removed from his country. During his electioneering Sarkozy also promised to do something about the North African immigrant thugs in the Paris slums, it got him in power but he declined to do anything about the putrid situation. 

The UK government should pay particular attention to the punishment being meted out to President Sarkozy as any attempt by our extreme far left socialist politicians to remove illegal Eastern European immigrants found camped along our rivers killing, de-feathering and barbecuing the Queens swans will receive similar attention. 

Assertions were made by a Ms. Viviane Reding, justice commissioner, comparing France’s actions to atrocities committed during the Second World War. Her stupid rant sent Reichsleitung Jose Manual Barroso in a tail-spin and was seen fuming after a heated exchange during a European summit meeting in Das Kapital in Bruges. Sarkozy meanwhile fumed back saying he was also humiliated, well have I got news for him, I am sure Nigel Farage found this little man quite repugnant. When giving speeches at Das Kapital during Farage’s  five allotted minutes to raise a point in the Presidium, Barroso spent all the time grinning across at them like a bear who had been given a liquorice peppermint by a stupid tourist in a theme park.

Ms. Reding, who was made Vice President of the European Federation when it was discovered that women only occupied 85% of the senior ministerial positions, castigated France for the treatment of the Roma Gypsies pointing out that although the prescribed areas of Roma habitation stunk to high heaven and resembled the end result of a explosion of a Taliban IED, nevertheless discrimination was rife in our society and Roma Gypsies had an equal right as any other ethnic race to steal, beg and attempt to run off with other peoples money, Sarkozy it appeared thought otherwise. 

That’s what got him into trouble at the Federations Presidium. Rumour has it Sarkozy accused Ms. Angela Merkel of being a dog faced harridan or a mischievous harpy, however the authenticity of these accusations cannot be confirmed or denied.

Mr. Thorbjorn, previously an ethnic Norwegian but now secretary general of the body that acts as a custodian of Europe’s convention on Human Rights called to an end to this polemic, which in Oxford English means a 'dispute’, why he couldn’t say so in the first place has me totally baffled, perhaps it’s a new word he discovered in a thesaurus Mrs Thorbjorn had put in alongside his egg sandwiches to read while on those gruelling, long haul flights in first class from Oslo to Das Kapital in Bruges, who knows.

The Council of Europe has drawn up a list of standards and obligations towards the Roma population, based on jurisprudence established by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. As far as I can ascertain no-one has yet considered or even bothered to consider the Human Rights of the French people, well not at this stage anyway. In fact it’s quite probable if the truth be known the French people have no rights whatsoever. 

Ms Reding when asked how would she feel living next to a vile, stinking Roma Gypsy encampment, she replied the question was vexatious, facetious and completely hypothetical as she lives in a nice quiet suburb of 50 people of pure white French extraction 200 kms south of Paris which at this present time is totally devoid of Roma Gypsies and swarthy Moroccans immigrants.

It doesn’t end there I’m afraid, a Mr Aurescu, who no-one is quite sure who he is, but has been sighted queuing for his pay packet and expenses every Thursday in the Reichstag foyer, accused France of closing the door on the rights of European citizens to move freely throughout the bloc.

I was heartened to note he chose his words carefully as did the Soviets when describing their sphere of influence.

“We need a new starting point to embark on a more constructive and proactive approach by all governments,” pompously orated Mr Jagland in an interview with the Financial Times. 

Again no-one is quite sure who Mr Jagland is either, but I have been assured he is a close friend of Mr. Aurescu whom I wrote about earlier, who has been seen collecting his wages at the same time. Rumours abound that he is the brother-in-law of Mr Aurescu. Being an observant EU servant this parting comment was quite awesome when he enthused “these problems are not limited to one country” .

That comment alone certainly merits his weighty pay packet. 

I wish I could say something constructive about this circus but I can’t. 

Mr. Aurescu, I thought that comment just about summed up the collective madness gripping Europe.

Anyone seen my phial of Cyanide?

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