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The Line that was Crossed

The Line that was Crossed

I write this as an exercise to try and put into some sort of perspective what has taken place in this country since 1948. I have used Japan here as an example as sixty years ago Japan’s demographics would have been not unlike the UK, not identical but there would be a similarity. I will point out here that both Japan and the UK were both fiercely nationalistic nations and both had Empires to prove it. As I write this Japan still is in the main ethnically homogenous and Nationalistic. It was the latent inherited sense of Nationalism, a virtue inherited from centuries past, an ingrained sense of Nationalism that encouraged young men and woman to put their lives on the line in wars spanning centuries including two world wars. Maybe it was a virtue possessed by the grubby masses that governments played on.

Today displaying that virtue would be an act of Racism. What has taken place in the UK since ‘48 without question has been criminal. I would certainly write Seditious by our Parliamentarians and Treasonous by our Prime Ministers and I add knowingly or unknowingly that includes the Monarchy. That is not an over-reaction. If investigated by an honest non-politicised Royal commission it will be found to be fact.

The difficulty would be to find out how to unravel this long running conspiracy and to discover how these people have eluded investigation for so long. How on earth the elite have managed to avoid exposure for so long? I am sure it will be found to be the ultimate spider’s web stretching from Zion to Freemasonry from influential and wealthy American Jews to Marxist Globalist and Bilderberger members of the United Nations who think the world is their Monopoly Board and NATO is their private army and any excursion into a sovereign country is morally legitimate if it furthers their domination of oil supplies and increases their sphere of influence.

It was the dawn of the 22nd Century. ”They should have seen it coming” someone said. Strange comment that as Europe watched it coming for over 60 years and no-one voiced any concern. The news that triggered the social unrest was the revelation the indigenous Japanese in Yokohama had discovered after the results of their latest census they were now a minority group in their own city. There were plenty of warnings as there were in Europe. ’No- go areas’ for Japanese in Kobe and Sudanese immigrant riots in Tokyo plus the black immigrant riots in Nagasaki and Nagoya which should have been a wake-up call. The Japanese had succumbed years earlier and taken well over their quota of third world immigrants due to pressure by the United Nations after Europe had descended into social chaos.

The socialist government explained in the controlled media this ongoing unrest was triggered by unemployment and discrimination in the immigrant ghettos and that continuing immigration of 350,000 a year was essential for a country whose population was aging and an added bonus the immigrants did the jobs the Japanese would not do. There was a violent demonstration by Japanese Nationalists in Sapporo on the North Island of Japan when planning permission had been given for the building of an eighth Mosque.

The authorities are now visibly agitated when a Japanese Nationalist party spokesman blew the whistle on systemic sexual abuse of young Japanese school children over a number of years, news that had been played down by the media on orders of the Police, rape by immigrant Pakistanis in the city of Fukuoka a city once ranked 12th of the world's most liveable cities in 2012, but rampant immigration destroyed any social cohesion the city may have had. Its quintessential Japanese character had taken on the appearance of Mogadishu after a full-on attack by raiders of the al Shabaab Islamist rebel group.

The abuse of its children was the last straw and violent demonstrations against the government to stop further immigration and the deportation of non-indigenous third word immigrants could see a nationalist political party take government at the next election for the first time in 80 years despite successive governments tradition of tampering of the ballot boxes. Although not a general election you might remember in the UK when ballot forms went missing and the Leeds City Council had to launch an investigation after reports that over 2,000 postal votes have not been delivered to people in time for elections.

‘So why did not the Japanese people stop this genocide much earlier’ the man inquired. Simple, the government clamped down on dissent by enacting race and hate laws and laws that might offend minorities. It was a large trawl net that was cast wide to catch anyone who publicly opposed immigration. If it did not infringe a race law then it could certainly breach a hate law, or incitement to either or both or contravene public utterences likely  to offend. It had worked remarkably well in the past and outlawed free speech in Europe, but unlike the Europeans the Japanese socialist authorities did not understand that unlike the United Kingdom Japan is a comparatively small country and it too was full up.

Nevertheless there was a line that could not be crossed and the rape of its children was that line and the excuses from the police and authorities that it was only a small minority of Pakistani immigrants that were into child rape was not going to work this time. …………………….The line had been crossed.

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