Friday, 1 November 2013

Patriotic Alliances


Britain’s development has been on a steady ascendancey over centuries with huge leap forwards in Astronomy, Medicine, the Arts and sciences; that has not changed it continues. The industrial revolution like a Supercharger gave it a huge kick-start into the twentieth century which saw a massive increase in inventiveness, innovation and technology.

In abysmal contrast the greatest miscalculation which borders almost on the criminally insane with no thought given to its consequences was the result of our government’s actions which saw the beginning of the societal fragmentation of the UK.

One could say 1948 was the commencement of Great Britain’s breakup as a cohesive society with the arrival of the M.V. Windrush when thousands of poor Jamaican immigrants arrived by invitation on Great Britain’s shores intent on calling England home.

The Government was warned of the dire consequences by their own parliamentarians. The Labour Unions protested on the streets, but no-one was listening.

It was like attempting to add water to pure Benzene forcing the people of the UK to mix with a backward society. Its’ effect over time was akin to attempting to try to mix oil and water as the immigrants formed their owned communities and lived their segregated lives guided by their own religions, traditions, superstitions and cultures.

 Little did we understand 60 or so years later it was continuing unabated and was just a small part of a much larger plan?

Prior to the arrival of the people of the Third world we were NOT a collection of communities we were a Nation, we were a fiercely nationalistic and proud nation. Today showing outward signs of both and the Ideological police will be called and you will be charged with any of a multiplicity of crimes enacted specifically to silence resentment to the forced mixing of opposing cultures with questionable standards of behaviour, starting with the charge of Racism.

If that were not enough to awaken our people, the second wave came from Uganda courtesy of Idi Amin. The third wave which was much larger arrived from the Indian Subcontinent and beyond which resulted in even greater restrictions on freedom of expression and speech and even more draconian legislation was introduced to frighten our people to comply with laws that will in time witness our own homogenous destruction.

Thel fourth wave but in-waiting are from the very poor East European nations, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey with 18% of Turks being Kurds, which will signal the death knell of what was once a great progressive land mass called Europe.

But we know all this. The question continually being asked is ‘what is the solution’ is it Partition, is it a White Homeland? Here when I refer to White I imply European as the Europeans like Britons have seen their countries descending into sub-Saharan squalor, violence and decay. The rest of the world, except America, Canada and Australia which about sums up the rest of the First World has not forced its inhabitants to share their country with the rest of the World to the same extent as Europe.

I have always thought our salvation will come from Europe. I place no hope in retaliation from our people; our parliamentarians are traitors that have taken our country down the road towards a totalitarian, authoritarian regime, a fragmented, divided, cowed society. I have no faith in them.

The revolution should start with the dismantling of an illegally formed government called the European Union; the revolution cannot start in a single country, like the UK polls can be rigged. If for example two European countries were to install patriotic governments with Greece and France looking likely candidates and Poland looking hopefully a third withdrew from the EU the rest would collapse like dominoes, there would be such a furore that hopefully people of the UK would also immediately demand an immediate referendum.

As the European youth unemployment continues to rise, as the Immigrant invasion from Syria and North Africa over the Lampedusa highway increases unopposed, as the austerity measures continue unabated, as Paris burns, and the females of Oslo continue to be frightened to venture out after night, as the Moslem dominated areas of Europe call for some sort of Sharia law our time will come, that I have no doubt it is just a matter of being patient.

If a patriotic party should take power in Europe the proverbial will really hit the fan. The Reds/Rabid Socialists/Communists and pond swimmers will take to the streets. If this revolution were successful first there would be sanctions then threats of NATO intervention which will come from the War Cabinet in Washington. It is at this point it is paramount there is a political alliance with Russia it would put to rest Russia’s genuine concern of missiles being stationed near their borders for a start.

Let us not forget Serbia. It was the Jewess Madeleine Albright, Clintons Secretary of State that gave the heads up to bomb Serbia, the inability of Serbia being able to retaliate would be a bit a like America bombing the Isle of Wight because of internal strife.

When confronted by pro-Serbian protesters who called her a war criminal during a recent book signing in her native Prague, she pushed them aside as "disgusting Serbs" a confrontation that went viral on the internet. A racist remark possibly?

The political map of Europe has to be redrawn, forcibly if need be. Georgia attempted to invade South Ossetia but South Ossetia was under Russia’s sphere of influence and had its protection that drove the Georgians’ out quick smart. The American War Machine squealed, the UN fumed but they were not game to do anything about it.

Interestingly enough Georgia which does not have a lot going for it except from a tourist point of view with mineral springs, historical and cultural monuments, folk dancing and some World Heritage Sites a Cathedral and a Monastery desperately wants to be a part of the EU, it is missing out on the drip feed when there is still plenty of room at the suckling teat, so much so that when its president Mikheil Saakashvili gives interviews for international consumption he does so in front of the dreaded EU flag.

I do not think we should vacate our land; we deserve it, our ancestors died for it. OUR people have lived here for well over a thousand years, we should attempt in every way to firmly encourage the invader to leave, how we do it is neither here nor there, it is immaterial.

Maybe what Europe cries out for in its hour of need is another extraordinary strong man. I am of the firm opinion the people responsible for trashing our country should be put on trial for Treason. Europe is not threatening any other country it is trying to survive a crushing alien invasion. Screaming Narnsys is a waste of time. The bizarreness is that the Jews might see a similarity.

But it is of paramount importance that strong alliances are formed and certainly not with a Government that has caused so much death and destruction in the world and has a penchant for invading other countries and killing millions of civilians in the process. Not that there would be an offer. America understands both the Samson option and M.A.D.

Russia has an understanding with Syria, China has an alliance with North Korea; all the Western Nations including Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia have Alliances with America. China also has an Alliance with South Sudan or any country who can supply its insatiable economic needs. 

Most ex- Colonies have Alliances or at least Treaties with their once Colonial masters and Israel has Alliances with anyone whose Governments will use their people to fight for Israel’s survival and supply it with sophisticated weaponry.

There are Alliances and power blocs even within the United Nations. In contrast there are no alliances as such within the European Union as like the old USSR as their leaders are only answerable to the Peoples Central committee in Brussels. An authoritarian government has no need to have alliances with its occupied territories.

if one has to shelter under the umbrella of someone else’s deterrent. Bear in mind “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” We should NOT vacate our land; it is ours by divine right. If we have any option at all it is to drive the invaders out.

“An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.” Phaedrus.

Stand up the person who said ‘ooze Phaedrus?

 So alliances must come always come with conditional safeguards.