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The Good Fortune of San Marino

The Good Fortune of San Marino

I am forced to lay the blame squarely at the feet of a one Mrs Regina Windsor of ‘Buckingham Palace Villas’, 1 Buckingham Palace Road. London, SW1. Every morning she is visited by a weak, effete traitorous PM carrying important papers making her aware of not all, but many of the important goings on in her country, she also has to sign things as well. A while ago her ministers colluded to agree to open up Britain’s borders to whoever would like to call Great Britain home and to replace Great Britain’s constitution with a European one.

However France and Holland were not gullible enough to rise to the bait and saw through the shenanigans of the Far Left Socialist machine or Red Regime in Brussels and rejected it out of hand and Brussels was forced to rename this Treaty the Lisbon Treaty which Mrs Windsor was then happy to sign on your and my behalf.

This Mrs R. Windsor I write of has signed numerous Treaties in the past but is also required to counter-sign directives, amendments  and stuff or whatever they call these things these days, agreeing to cede our Sovereign Nation to a foreign power, a pseudo, unelected Government which in my book reads plain treason, but I am a mere mortal, I am one of HER subjects but it is what she is subjecting ME to that irks me. Hang on that sounds grammatically wrong, but who cares?

I take it those of you that are not glued to the television to catch the winner of the X factor, or to watch another riveting episode of Coronation Street with its international cast of actors may have missed the news that the San Marino people have voted in a referendum against joining the European Union of Socialist States and Regions (EUSSR). It was not so much the people who voted against joining who influenced the vote but the people who did NOT vote because they were not interested in voting, similar to the UK elections.

I must tell you about little San Marino. I went there once, actually It was our first Apennine adventure to the mountain Principality. I remember quite clearly saying to my wife as we walked out of a shop with my distressed 3 year old daughter tearfully clutching an expensive Cuckoo Clock which she was determined she should have, “I could live ‘ere you know”

Well you will be relieved to hear little San Marino as the result of a referendum missed out by the skin of its teeth on the greatest cross-cultural experience in world history, an experience Europe is now enjoying to the fullest.

I suspect it was due to their total lack of interest, some may say it was more a question of good luck than good judgment, an opportunity to feast on the all-consuming Cultural Enrichment and Diversity beyond the understanding of us mere mortals., the allness of Truth,

By and large Europe has slipped into a parallel system of government with Shari Law with scarcely a murmur. It all bodes well for Multiculturism.

As a result of the referendum San Marino lost out on being the new home to potentially something like 10 million Soldiers and Wives of Allah, 500,000 Bulgarians, 6 Million Romanians and millions of assorted African and a mixed bundle of Middle Eastern desert economic tourists desperately filling in visa forms hoping to make San Marino their new home; delights that their neighbour Italy have been enjoying for years to the fullest, some might say because of their apathy.

The news item went..

On the 20 of October, San Marino held a referendum on accession to the European Union as a member and although 50.3 % of voters said "Yes" to EU membership and 49% of voters said "No" only 20% of Sanmarinese voters bothered to vote, a turnout below the judiciary average, which is 32%. Because of that, the results of the referendum are invalid and San Marino, for the foreseeable future, will remain outside the EU.

I heard a rumour a girls primary school was also very relieved with the result. With a little more foresight they could have taken the overspill from Lampedusa which France, Italy and the UK with their good fortune are now are going to share.

Now San Marino has a lot going for it. It steers away from foreign wars, is not a member of the Coalition of the Killing, nor is it answerable to the America-Kenyan president and his Jewish Advisors and Lobbyists. It has no nuclear weapons, no money shops and no “Zones Urbain Sensibles“.

As I mentioned earlier, they do NOT have these areas of Zonen das Sensibles Stadtisch (that’s German) in Great Britain because many people in the UK do not speak French or German fluently enough so they are referred to in the UK as “NO GO” areas.

I do not think San Marino even has a Navy; certainly it could not sent a contingent of SAS Marines to guard the Afghan poppy fields or even send a small token platoon to guard the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline, and its only helicopter, I am reliably informed, is fitted with Snow Skis.

Presently I am not sure of its arrangement with the Jewish banker fraternity, although it might have a tenuous incestuous relationship as I suspect San Marino might not only fly a flag of convenience on its fleet of ships like Panama but I ask the question, would it rate as a Tax Haven, a bit like the Caymans, for the idle rich to hide their ill-gotten gains?

Nevertheless I do like their cuckoo clocks and I enjoyed their immense variety of kitchen towels with San Marino motifs and coffee mugs adorned with pictures of San Marino folk dancers although I admit I am not all that a fan of yodelling. In the Audio Industry it is referred to as ‘Howl Round’.

By voting to retain self-government the people of San Marino have missed out on possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to sate themselves sick on a Bacchanalian orgy to the point of vomiting on a diet of Multi-culture and rich Diversity.

Late News…. I have just been reliably informed San Marino is NOT a EU Member but does have special relations with the European Union; those special relations I suspect after this recent referendum is to wisely stay out of the Federation. I would add avoid it like the Bubonic Plague.

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