Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Dream or a Nightmare?

A Dream or a Nightmare?  

Somewhere on the Island of Skye.  
Scene one, act one.

It is July 17th 1745 Prince Charles Edward Stewart or Bonnie Prince Charlie is resting after the battle of Culloden. He has managed to elude his pursuers helped by Captain Felix O’Neills and Flora Macdonald, who disguised him as her French maid, by hiding on the moors on the Isle of Skye waiting for the French Frigate L’Heureux to take him to exile in France. 
Fatigued, Charles falls into a deep sleep. On awakening he is sweating profusely and extremely agitated and tells his friends of his terrible dream. He said “if my dream was in fact reality then what the hell am I doing here on this windswept God forsaken place?” 

Flora asked “Tell us Charles what was your dream?” 
Deathly pale Charles said “I dreamt I was on this same island but the year is over 260 years into the future. Scotland, the land my loyal Jacobite patriots died fighting for its independence from England, is about to secede from England and ally itself to France”.
“Dear Charles” said Flora “it is only a dream”

 Charles replied “I realise it was a dream but it appeared so terribly real”.
“It was then my dream descended into a nightmare. England had lost its empire; it lost its world prestige and its naval dominance but worse was yet to come. An army of over three Million dark skinned people from the deserts and mountains of India, Africa, and Arabia and beyond and primitive people from the coconut islands of the Caribbean had descended on England at the behest of the English government which they were in the process of colonising"

“Why should we have any sympathy for the misfortune of our enemies Charles? 
“Flora I wish that was all, can my dream get more bizarre? An African woman is given the title Baroness Scotland and sits in the English parliament representing Scotland.
"There" said Flora reassuringly “console yourself dear Charles that’s indisputable proof it was only a terrible dream” 
History recounts it was then Charles uttered those famous words “Flora dear, if this friggin’ dream was in truth reality then I for one friggin'  welcome exile” He never returned to Scotland.

But it is not is it, it is stark reality. So in another 250 years what is OUR future you might ask? Events in the world at the moment are too volatile to make any realistic prophesy there are too many variables. But I truly believe the birth of a New Order will result in Great Britain as a nation along with our European cousins being swallowed up in a land mass that will stretch from the West coast of Ireland to the borders of Russia, north to the Arctic Circle and South maybe into North Africa. This is the culmination of the fabled “New Order”.

It might be called Europia. Nation states will cease to exist this being its primary purpose. Bear in mind they will have had 250 years to work on this, so far it has only been going in earnest since WW2. It will be a totalitarian collective in essence with a centralised authoritarian government in design. Ballot boxes as we know them would have been consigned to history. I predict it will take various aspects of the old Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. Its judicial branch like China will originate from the Supreme People’s Court somewhere in Europia. Wakey, wakey people!

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