Saturday, 4 January 2014

Elegy for a Fallen Fusilier

Elegy for a Fallen Fusilier; with apologies to Thomas Grey.

Sensing danger the masticating sheep as one instantly raise their heads and quickly take a step back; their bodies stiffen momentarily as one of their kin is removed from the flock. They stare expressionless, the threat passes. The remaining sheep lower their heads and continue feeding unaware or unconcerned their destruction is the final destination awaiting them all. 

It may not have been the Qur’an that directly ordered a Nigerian killer to butcher Fusilier Rigby but it is successive British Governments that indirectly put the meat cleaver in his hands. It may not be the teachings of Mohammed that gives the orders for their disciples to rape our under-age young girls but indirectly it is the criminal apathy of the British Police force that look the other way to allow our girls to be sacrificed on the high altar of diversity and allow Muslim youths without fear to trawl the shopping centres and lay unsuspecting traps in their Kebab shops looking for fresh young English prey.

The Islamic colonisation of Europe and the UK is awe inspiring in its relentlessness and it continues unabated.

‘’The fundamental criteria for the establishment of a ‘European Union’ was to destroy European Nationalism. Wars had ravaged Europe for centuries, Nationalism was to blame. It was a small price to pay to purge Nationalism from Europe forever by destroying the ethnic and National homogeneity of all the European people.”

I am the bearer of bad news, this purge is succeeding. It would take too long to explain who the people are behind this restructuring of Europe but be assured the infrastructure for the Internationalisation of Europe is being put in place right now. Their plan cannot proceed without the destruction of the homogeneity of European nations. This is underway at the present.

Its greatest enemy and single threat is the demand for Autonomy for European people by Nationalist, Independent and Patriotic political parties who are continually being vilified by the print Media and TV outlets which explain the vehemence of the BBC to the BNP and to Anti-EU pressure groups like the UKIP.

There are no limits to the depths these people will stoop. Remember the Murdochs press and the Hacking of dead peoples Emails. They are the Carion that carry the news.

The purpose of the Print and TV Media outlets of Europe are by lies; unbalanced and/or negative reporting its aim to assist purging Nationalism from Europe for ever. Exit from the EU would be one step back from the brink.

It explains the Greek Governments infantile, hysterical outburst against the Golden Dawn Party because of the peoples growing support so it is attempting to ban them as a political party. Golden Dawn speak for the ordinary Greek people the incumbent government is only answerable to their foreign political masters and Bankers who make monetary gain and influence out of the status quo which does not benefit the Greek people.

I strongly suspect the pressure on the Greek Government to neutralise Golden Dawn comes from the USA. Their political lobbyists, its war machine and foreign agents had a hand in the initial planning of the birth of the European Union immediately on the cessation of hostilities, the CIA’s dirty fingerprints are all over this anti-democratic subterfuge. Bear in mind both Japan and Europe are America’s front lines.

Jobbik has felt the full force of the brutality of the Hungarian Police who fired live bullets at them during a peaceful protest. Front Nationale are growing in popularity because the people are finally awakening to the European Union end game.

These intensely patriotic parties are the greatest threat to this plan for a Single Europe; if it is not stopped there will be a total amalgamation of European states into a single authoritarian bloc. The initial formation of a ‘union’ of European states was only a stepping stone to this final objective.

A European minister stated in the European parliament that national flags at football matches should be banned. The European song contest will eventually be a ghost from the past; one might say it could not come too soon. The Olympic Games is the epitome of athletic superiority of differing races competing in sport, in time it will be about as valid as the Capitolian Greek Games.

When Europe is made up with an international population then the name will change it will not be a contest between individuals not Nations.

News, Currents affairs and talks is where the heavy Goebbels-like misinformation and brainwashing is carried out but it is also used in the subliminal brainwashing that is televised in drama and soapies. It is also referred to as NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming.

It is a complex subject which I suggest you research as it is being served up to you on a daily basis.

The BBC has been subjecting its viewers to NLP for years. Very briefly its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioural patterns learned through experience ("programming") and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

It is these programmes specifically the BBC should never be trusted televising. If you are continually seeing Non-Indigenous actors on British TV the NLP programming you are being subjected to is to reinforce your belief that this country has ceased to be a Caucasian country…..which it has in many of our English towns and Cities.

The sacred Marxist Mantra; *wrongs must be righted, the "Diversity Quota" must be seen to be filled at all costs*

The NLP goals are for you to believe what the programmers desire you to believe.

To see NLP at work the BBC always manage to include Non-indigenous extras from ethnic minorities who wander aimlessly about the TV studio set for no apparent purpose than to cement in the mind of the viewer that the country is now open to all races even if the drama is a period set at a time prior to colonisation.

I will give credit where credit is due and comment that in fairness the BBC has in the past televised a great deal of magnificent Natural History, Science, Music and Period Drama programmes.

 In contrast it is possible they programmed their English non-NLP unadulterated drama The Last of the Summer Wine on August 29th 2010.

In Upstairs Downstairs the BBC somehow have managed to include completely out of the blue, a turbaned Sikh who now appears to carry the main acting part.

They have managed to sprinkle a few West Indian females in the programme ‘‘Call the Midwife’’ none of them have speaking parts they are there to purely “Dress the set” as does the inclusion of a 50’s telephone a CRT black and white Television or an Austin seven to reflect the fifties Britain, no more no less. The programme was set in the late 30's until the late 50's or ten years after the arrival of the Windrush.

Dr Who can truly boast a cast of international stars and non-indigenous extras, sometimes disguised as scaly aliens from distant galaxies.

How about a BBC Jamaican lady showing ‘White Flighters’ homes in ‘Escape to the country’ it the stuff nightmares are made of. One could call it poetic justice I suppose. One cannot avoid the preponderance of African and West Indian News readers and reporters.

Once Brian True-May was removed as the producer of Midsomer Murders
 black extras are now placed carefully in camera shots in what was a drama about a quintessentially English village.

 Prior to being asked to leave the show Brian True-May the producer caused controversy when he said the “television series was the last bastion of Englishness as it did not have actors from ethnic minorities”.

The episode in Midsomer Murders featured a Begali and his Hybrid daughter, he ran the village Chemist shop, his English wife had been murdered in a previous Midsomer massacre. Why a Bengali and not an English owner? Lets face it Midsomer is referred to as a quintessetial english village it is not as if the chemist shop was situated in the foothills on the Pakistani/Indian border at the Waghha line. it is what the BBC do best it is a celebrationof NLP at work.

In a recent Midsomer Murders episode I viewed it showed an African actor ‘servicing’ a young lady in the village.The latest episode of Midsomer Murder a beautiful young girl is eloping with a Negro.I do not want to take part in a BBC NLP experiment.

Many scripts are deliberately contrived and TV drama is just another vehicle used to instil a political ideology on its people? It is pure propaganda.

 The writers certainly did a number on this show once they had rid themselves of Brian True-May.

Once the viewers are aware that the BBC are using psychological Neuro-linguistic Programming then hopefully no damage is being done.

The 61-year-old was suspended for his comments, which were made to the Radio Times. He was reinstated on the show after apologising for his gaffe but ITV said he would quit at the end of the current series to pursue other projects, in other words it would be beneficial for him if he looked for another job.

Why the change? A study in 2006 found that Midsomer Murders was "strikingly unpopular" with minorities, so I imagine is Carols by candle-light, Sanders of the River and re-runs of the Black and White minstrel show. So what?

In conclusion I am well aware that my mind is NOT being led by a natural course of events on TV drama but rather being cleverly subliminally programmed. Don’t criticise the "nasty Narnseys" for their propaganda, the BBC do it just as well, in fact infinitely better. The BBC still possess much on the history of Germany’s propaganda in their archives.

It is not only Europe’s future that is being played out in Brussels it is the world’s future.