Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The man on the White Horse.

The man on the White Horse

The man on the white horse has always been with us down through the course of history. He once sat atop a grassy hill with his Generals and Aides and surveyed the battleground below; on his command his men would meet the enemy and engage in hand to hand combat with swords, bows and arrows, pikes, flails and battle axes, the wounds would have been horrific.

As wars became more “sophisticated” the leader dispensed with his horse and peered through binoculars sitting atop an armoured vehicle far away from the killing grounds and waited for the moment to order his men into withering machine gun fire. The human cannon fodder hoped their injuries were not serious enough to prevent them from providing for their family on returning home or at very best death did not linger but came swiftly.

The ‘men’ were fathers, sons, husbands and brothers and were told the men they were intent on killing was their enemy. In truth we were their European kin they were not the enemy our rulers told us their leaders were the enemy, nevertheless the peasants were still going to fight each other regardless. The men giving the orders were of the special classes who were ‘Born to Rule’. The nobleman rounded up his farmers, serfs and indentured labourers and supplied a contingent of soldiers for his king. He was not at all concerned if they would or would not return to their wives, families or villages.

We played  football in No-man’s land with our ‘enemy’ we sang Carols with him and as Christmas day ended on command we continued to slaughter each other. He was our 'enemy'

What caused the wars? Did the king decide to increase his ownership of land by invading and taking another country by force, or did the people rise up rejecting being ruled over by a despotic King.

Whatever the reason it was the peasantry that paid with their lives and in days of old it was the wives who also paid a heavy price by bringing up a dozen or so children on their own most times in squalor.
The irony is that hundreds and thousands of our men who died in battles in far-away places emblazoned on our regimental flags have been forgotten apparently their deaths meant little as we were told by one of our leaders who arrived penny-less from the land of Zion that these men as a race did not exist. If this traitor had lived 300 years earlier he would have been beheaded and as his head hit the basket a huge roar would have gone up from the crowd, today we accept his utterances meekly and without question.

That was how it used to be. The special ruling classes are still with us, they continue to decide your destiny on this earth. But do you ever hesitate in your humdrum existence to ask what gives them the right to decide the path and direction of your comparatively short life on this earth. What makes them special classes, why are they different from you? Is it wealth, is it inherited nobility?

These people still control your destiny and even decide if you should have the luxury of a unique racial identification, the descendants of the same people who called on your patriotism, loyalty to your kin, your country and King, your dedication to a Nationalist cause to fight and die for your country. What happens when your country ceases to be yours and is the homeland of every race on earth. Where will your loyalties lie assuming you have any?

Why would you fight for your country when the population is made up of people from every country on earth many who are your enemies? Whose country would you be defending. With a totalitarian society we are told wars would be a thing of the past. In any form of government there will always be those who decide your future, in a totalitarian society that group are quite small but extremely powerful.

Leaders do not sit on white horses anymore nor do they peer through binoculars at the enemy, they sit surrounded by flickering screens while their operate joysticks and dismember the enemy perceived or otherwise thousands of miles away.

Why would your leaders invite an enemy into your camp in ever increasing numbers? Simple, your leaders ARE the enemy.

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