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The Unseen hand.

The Unseen hand.

What I do understand, despite the never-ending sanitised propaganda churned out daily by the controlled media in the UK, since settlement Europe including the UK was never a dumping ground for the world’s poor and needy that is presently swamping Europe in unsustainable numbers. 

Post WW2 it was not immigration as we understand the word that triggered vast movements of displaced people from war-torn Europe but war weary Europeans experiencing terrible privations looking for a safe haven and sanctuary in the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

 There was no migration from Africa the Indian subcontinent or the Caribbean Islands on the massive scale as is apparent today; in fact there was NO migration from these countries whatsoever... So who is orchestrating this and why?

Do not insult my intelligence by discussing conspiracy theories denying my proposition that there is a deliberate plan to change the face of the Western Nations and ONLY the Western Nations. When I refer to the Western Nations I refer to the First World that includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 

Two questions need to be asked. Who are the unseen hands that are choreographing this change and are there any benefit to the Nations whose homelands are being shared with the rest of the world? The second question is easily answered. I realise the first question will be wide open for a number of conspiracy theories.

It was the Jewish Marxist thinkers Marx, Engels and the founders of Marxism, Trotsky and Lenin that theorised a plan for a European totalitarian society. The Jewish Left has a rich history of involvement in socialism, Marxism, and Western liberalism and I believe events during WW2 was the trigger that put in place a plan for Europe first put forward many years earlier by the Jewish Marxist theorists.

If Jewish interests are involved they certainly have the power and influence to indirectly effect changes on a global scale, particularly when their influence like tentacles extend right to the very heart of American politics including film, the spoken and written word.

Let us take this one step further. As non-Jews we have no idea of the devastating effect the ”Holocaust” as it has been called, had on the Jewish nation as a result of the systematic purge by the Germans in WW2. Auschwitz Treblinka, Dachau, and Sobib√≥r and other camps took a terrible toll on the European Jew.

After WW2 the cry was loudly taken up NEVER AGAIN. This could only be achieved by the re-design of Europe. This change did not affect the Third World. This vendetta was in retaliation for the events of the atrocities during WW2 and was total and absolute. German expansionism and European Nationalism was the Satan. Europe had to be transformed at all costs, it should have been instigated post WW1. There was never a better time to form this centralised system of government we now recognize as the European Union.

Europe had always been a White monoculture, deeply militaristic, Nationalistic and proud of its past history, traditions and in some cases it’s Empires. National boundaries had always been sacrosanct. In the New Order this all had to be dismantled. This was helped enormously by European ‘Holocaust guilt’ suffered by non-Jews. 

Stages of its birth were the Benelux, EEC, EC, and EU. Each step had a purpose; one treaty was to open Europe’s borders to the world, another to institute a common currency, and a centralised government. The most devastating change was the treaty that allowed free movement of non-European people to displace, fragment and scatter much of its population, sometimes referred to as White Flight.

The smoke and mirrors put out by Brussels of the advantage of a unified Europe was the free movement of people, common agreement on trade, fisheries, agriculture and law. This was not the reason for a unified Europe, otherwise why are over 10 Million Muslims now calling France home and over 5 million give or take a few million residing in the UK and Ireland. The purpose was always the break- up of Europe no more, no less and it has been unbelievably successful.

The European Union in Brussels is the Scorpions administrative nest where the changes are formulated for this New Order in Europe. Understand this and you can then understand Sarkozy insistence that the French people must change and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country." Sarkozy’s insistence of Miscegenation with Africans can only hasten the demise of the French. His ancestry incidentally is Jewish on his father’s side.

While Europe was to being demographically transformed the influential Zionists in America already had many wealthy and politically influential Jews residing in the USA prior to WW2 shaping America’s internal and foreign policies, including that of Canada.

Nationalism represents arguably the greatest challenge to Marxism. “The workers have no country,” declared Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto. With so much social fragmentation and unrest it was an opportune moment to implement that plan.

The plan for a totalitarian unified socialist society was NOT going to be achieved in Europe with Nationalistic European Mono-Cultural societies as it had been since European settlement. Nationalism HAD to be dismantled. Is it the Jewish planners that are working feverously behind the scenes directing American and European policies who are hell-bent on reshaping the Western Nations? 

It was the US secretary of Defence who stated in an interview recently in Australia, ’’We are seeing built in the 21st century a NEW ORDER, the U.S has some responsibility to help lead that but we can’t help dictate that order but we can shape it ’’ and indeed they do in the European sphere of influence.

To silence the peasants a descriptive word of Racist was coined for those who objected to their lands being taken away. It is said a person of colour cannot be a racist. It explains why the accusation of racist is always aimed squarely at the White races and not mixed races or black races, simply because it is NOT their lands that are being swamped with non- indigenous economic tourists diluting the indigenous population and being offered up to the rest of the world.

This accusation of Racist has virtually shut down all opposition to the colonization of the Western Nations, Nationalism has all but been defeated and we are witnessing an Orwellian, totalitarian society in the making. It killed freedom of speech and expression in an instant and any or even denying the ‘’holocaust” would find themselves frog-marched to an Austrian jail.

After the slaughter of over a 1,200 Palestinians, women and children by grossly disproportionate retaliation on the civilian population the Israeli PM said we will not be pressurised by world opinion to stop bombing. With an arsenal of over 200 nuclear missiles, they have also refused to sign the Nuclear non- proliferation treaty and appear to have an open cheque book to purchase American armaments.

The Zionist cry is NEVER AGAIN, even if the homogeneity of Europe has to be destroyed. The destruction of Europe could not have been achieved any other way. In this article when I refer to Zionists I do not refer to the Jewish people, I believe these people I write of  are sometimes referred to as the  Khazarian Mafia.
Islam was never factored in as Islam at the time was never an issue.

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