Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pax Britannica.

    Pax Britannica

"When the British Empire was the global hegemony (dominant power) and adopted the role of global policeman."

The European Union
The Restructuring of Europe

PART 1. Though not related to the general thrust of this article, the first part is a foreword, I admit rather a long foreword. Like other events in British history it is one person’s account, a person who lived the times. It is an important catalogue of past events to be hopefully held in perpetuity on an archival internet hard drive for all time for future historians to learn where Great Britain erred, a virginal account of Europe’s metamorphosis not sanitised or distorted by clever omissions by shameful state controlled journalists and editors or Euro-Politicians with self-interests.

To recap; It was in 2005 a Mr Nick Griffin leader of the British National Party brought to the attention of the authorities the prevalence of child rape in Rotherham, a town in Northern England. He was unaware that at the time the South Yorkshire Police and Crime commissioner Shaun Wright, (£85,000 PA,) also knew. Wright was the police chief who until recently was still clinging onto his taxpayer-funded job, despite a vote of no confidence by Sheffield City Council). Does it come as a surprise then this man has received a number of death threats? As I write he has yet to front the courts. His deputy, Tracey Cheetham has already resigned from her role.

CHILDRENS SERVICES, the department that attends to the well-being and safety of little children also knew of the systematic rape which has been described as child Rape but on an ‘industrial scale’ by Pakistani immigrants. The authorities brief was to ‘keep a cap’ on this expose for the sole purpose of not upsetting ‘’Community Cohesion’’ which we have since discovered was taking place in a number of English towns and cities.

Figures of victims of child rape swung wildly between 1400 girls and tens of thousands. The Police were also aware of this mass rape as far back as 1978. As I write I understand child rape still continues in the more heavily Multiculturised and Third World enriched regions of the UK a much needed culture they brought with them to enrich us all.

It mattered not that under-age English schoolchildren were being sexually groomed and then chauffeured around the country by swarthy, bearded Middle Eastern men in gold coloured BMW’S and farmed out to sate the disgusting sexual lusts of older Pakistani male immigrants; it was of little or of no consequence to the authorities, social cohesion reigned supreme.

For making a public statement alerting the public of what can only be described as mass Paedophilia Nick Griffin was brought before the Leeds Magistrates court on a charge of ‘inciting racial hatred’ for using the PEE word even though his accusation was true. It was only Mr Griffin’s intervention in the first place that alerted the general public as to what was taking place in a number of our Northern towns and cities.

It was on this day of his trial a statement made by a Leeds magistrate whose name I will omit for fear of causing acute embarrassment when Mr Griffins defence team said they had proof of child rape in our Northern cities. This poker face representative of the law ignoring the accusation of mass child rape declared the truth is no Defence’……… In other words “So what, it is against the law to say that, it is racist.

I am sure he has since deeply regretted making that insane statement. It may have been triggered by the perceived power acquired on donning a very silly curly wig and sporting a red dress. Who knows! But it certainly had little to do with his concern of the well-being of English schoolchildren.

Mr Griffin and Mr Collett were charged in April 2005 after the BBC, by deliberate entrapment and infiltration showed a secretly-filmed documentary The Secret Agent in 2004. Mr Collet branded the BBC "cockroaches" and added: "The BBC has abused their position. He added "They are a politically correct, politically biased organisation which has wasted licence-fee payers' money to bring two people in a legal, democratic, peaceful party to court over speaking nothing more than the truth”.

No-one, but no-one will argue with that accusation. It was a political stunt and was thrown out of court. The BBC’s Charter is to inform, educate and entertain. If people understood there is a Fourth Purpose a reason for the creation of departments within State information services, purposes which are outside of their charter where the use of political skulduggery and subliminal mind control is acceptable.

PART 2. In a previous article ‘Unseen Hands’ I explained whose hands are behind these catastrophic social changes in the Western World and why. The magnitude of the systemic rape of children was allowed to happen for a prolonged period of time and was deliberately and criminally ignored by very Senior Police chiefs.

One might ask why it was ignored. A hands-off approach by the Judiciary, Police and local councils was the order of the day meanwhile the accusation making public the ethnicity of the rapists the accusation of Racism closed off all debate.

The transition to a New Totalitarian Europe devoid of National aspirations is more important than side issues like the rape of English school children or sexual violation of young Swedish ladies particularly with the creation and establishment of the New Europia now in its advanced stages. More importantly the sacrifice of a rich European heritage in exchange for a Totalitarian Europe gave real and purposeful meaning to the mantra of the Jewish cry of NEVER AGAIN.

One cannot create this New Europia if one were to differentiate between races; why any reference to Race, Races or Racial is akin to Heresy and expressions and accusations of Narnsey and of ‘Racial Construct’ are the 21st century buzzwords and why Race laws have been enacted to terrify the people to avoid using such words.

So who are the architects hell-bent on redrawing the new boundaries of Europe? It is the Internationalist Super Zionist. They are extremely powerful, influential and wealthy American/Jewish Moguls. Like scorpions they hide in the shadows in American politics, they decide America’s foreign policy, their influence is huge it reaches to the White house and beyond. They may be found cavorting at Bohemian Grove whist deciding the worlds direction. They are at present busily involved in re-shaping the geopolitics of the Middle East.

Never again was the mantra. It was the ‘Holocaust©’ that was the trigger to reshape Europe. A figure of 6 Million deaths was arbitrary chosen. It is also interesting to note the population of London in 1939 was only 8.2 million, after Nurnberg this figure of 6 million was chosen to instil heavy and prolonged guilt among the Gentiles and this figure has held them in a mesmerising thrall for over 70 years, challenge or publicly deny this figure at your peril, its denial has placed a number of academic deniers in Austrian political jails. The figure cannot be proved; it cannot be refuted, because it cannot be debated. The Jews see enemies everywhere; they even saw their friends as enemies, the people who liberated them.

There is no world-wide industry dedicated to the memory of millions of Russians that died in the Gulags at the hand of Jewish Bolsheviks, and as far as I am aware there are no guided tours or visits by overseas school-children or personal heart wrenching stories or diaries written by victims or survivors, or endless movies reminding us of terrible moments in Russian history, but then powerful Zionists do not control the Russian media.

It is quite understandable the sheer hatred the Zionists have for Golden dawn. They see Nationalism in any form reminiscent of the Third Reich. The Front Nationale and the British National party both tread extremely carefully regarding the Jewish question and apart from the violence by the Communist UAF they are left alone. The Zionist even see a German Swastika in Golden Dawn’s flag when its motif actually displays a Greek symbol from Hellenic past history.

The UAF are the uneducated violent foot-soldiers, somewhat akin to Mosley’s Black-shirts, ‘Trotsky’s bovver boys’, The acronym UAF or ‘Unite against fascism’ is a weird conundrum when one understands the UAF is a splinter group of the Communist Party of Great Britain; Communism being a bed-mate and a close relative of Fascism.

There are UAF Fascist Franchises throughout Europe too; like zombies their supporters mindlessly wave their purple placards alongside banners depicting Lenin and Stalin and sow the seeds of social dissent to keep the dream of a Fascist Europe alive, they are another essential integral cog in the machine that is shaping the New Europe. Their supporters even include Prime Ministers and Politicians. When the Elite are guiding their own countries toward a totalitarian Super State it makes sense to employ the UAF as an ally as stand-over thugs. The mortal enemy of the New Order is Nationalism and it is easy to understand why.

NEVER AGAIN. Never was there a more opportune time after WW2 with Europe in ruins, it was last opportunity when Europe could be surgically dismantled and rebuilt as a Totalitarian State devoid of any ethic identities, boundaries and loyalties all which equate to Regional Nationalism. During its conception flooding Europe with Third Word people was unplanned but was a welcome and unforeseen bonus and is hastening Europe’s demise.

If you do not possess Self- Governance you are someone else’s lackey which in the long term could be doing irreversible damage to your country, of which Europe and Great Britain are now witnessing.
At this point one could question why poor European immigrants, rather than immigrants from the Dark Continent and the Coconut Islands escaping the squalor of Gypsy encampments on the outskirts of Bucharest do not hide in the undercarriages of aircraft or in wheelie bins, hanging onto the axles of lorries, arrange sham marriages with, or make false passports for, Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakian or Slovenia to name just a few choice destinations when invitations are sent out by European Governments in the mail. It will be stating the bleeding obvious, they just walk across all borders, and it was the purpose of the Maastricht treaty, another piece in the giant crossword puzzle.

Things are not going quite to plan and the two Niggers in the Woodpile are the Nationalist Parties of Front Nationale and Golden Dawn. Super Zionists outside of Greece have tremendous influence within Greek politics and by political pressure have managed to have Golden Dawn’s leaders thrown in jail and even tried to ban them as a political party.

We must not forget the assassination of two of Golden Dawns supporters, the assassins have yet to be arrested. We have no idea the threat Golden Dawn poses to the Zionists. The word Terrorist was originally coined by the birth of Irgun and the Stern gang that fought a guerrilla war against Britain for a Jewish homeland but the destruction of Western Nationalism requires a lot more subtlety and patience. The bad news at present is Zionism is winning the battle, only people power and the realisation that they are the expendable sacrificial victims of the New Europe will this nightmare end.

It is important to bear in mind the motivation to speed this restructure is assisted by introducing a differing species or even changing the demographics for economic or political gain. Its purpose is not necessarily to eradicate the existing species but to seamless merge them with an introduced species deliberately ignoring the disproportionate breeding rates.

Purebred naturally evolved region specific human species can be threatened with extinction in a big way through the process of genetic pollution i.e. uncontrolled hybridization or miscegenation (race mixing) introgression and genetic swamping which leads to homogenization or replacement of local genotypes. For local genotypes please read the people indigenous to the region, they are the original Northern Europeans, which do NOT include British Sudanese/Nigerians etc.

If you suspect this is one person’s wild conspiracy theory might I suggest you research the name Coudenhove-Kalergi, he is recognized as the founder of the first popular movement for a united Europe, His plan will have come to fruition when Europe has ceased to be a Union.

The purpose of the breakup of the Nation states of Europe after WW2 and the sole reason for the formation of a “European Union” was to eventually change those independent European Nation States into a single Mono-ethnic totalitarian Society primarily aimed to ensure the death of Nationalism and more importantly never again, for eternity allow the rebirth of National Socialism in any shape or form.

It is a juggernaut that has an unstoppable momentum of its own. Like the stolen land of Palestine from the Arabs it was a legacy promised to the Jewish people after WW2 and Europe was to be the sacrificial lamb. This was the planned retribution born in the concentration camps.

Now 100 years on I weep for you Pax Britannica you are just an obedient and subservient vassal of Europe’s New Order. Like the decay and death of Pax Romana it was self-inflicted.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The man on the White Horse.

The man on the White Horse

The man on the white horse has always been with us down through the course of history. He once sat atop a grassy hill with his Generals and Aides and surveyed the battleground below; on his command his men would meet the enemy and engage in hand to hand combat with swords, bows and arrows, pikes, flails and battle axes, the wounds would have been horrific.

As wars became more “sophisticated” the leader dispensed with his horse and peered through binoculars sitting atop an armoured vehicle far away from the killing grounds and waited for the moment to order his men into withering machine gun fire. The human cannon fodder hoped their injuries were not serious enough to prevent them from providing for their family on returning home or at very best death did not linger but came swiftly.

The ‘men’ were fathers, sons, husbands and brothers and were told the men they were intent on killing was their enemy. In truth we were their European kin they were not the enemy our rulers told us their leaders were the enemy, nevertheless the peasants were still going to fight each other regardless. The men giving the orders were of the special classes who were ‘Born to Rule’. The nobleman rounded up his farmers, serfs and indentured labourers and supplied a contingent of soldiers for his king. He was not at all concerned if they would or would not return to their wives, families or villages.

We played  football in No-man’s land with our ‘enemy’ we sang Carols with him and as Christmas day ended on command we continued to slaughter each other. He was our 'enemy'

What caused the wars? Did the king decide to increase his ownership of land by invading and taking another country by force, or did the people rise up rejecting being ruled over by a despotic King.

Whatever the reason it was the peasantry that paid with their lives and in days of old it was the wives who also paid a heavy price by bringing up a dozen or so children on their own most times in squalor.
The irony is that hundreds and thousands of our men who died in battles in far-away places emblazoned on our regimental flags have been forgotten apparently their deaths meant little as we were told by one of our leaders who arrived penny-less from the land of Zion that these men as a race did not exist. If this traitor had lived 300 years earlier he would have been beheaded and as his head hit the basket a huge roar would have gone up from the crowd, today we accept his utterances meekly and without question.

That was how it used to be. The special ruling classes are still with us, they continue to decide your destiny on this earth. But do you ever hesitate in your humdrum existence to ask what gives them the right to decide the path and direction of your comparatively short life on this earth. What makes them special classes, why are they different from you? Is it wealth, is it inherited nobility?

These people still control your destiny and even decide if you should have the luxury of a unique racial identification, the descendants of the same people who called on your patriotism, loyalty to your kin, your country and King, your dedication to a Nationalist cause to fight and die for your country. What happens when your country ceases to be yours and is the homeland of every race on earth. Where will your loyalties lie assuming you have any?

Why would you fight for your country when the population is made up of people from every country on earth many who are your enemies? Whose country would you be defending. With a totalitarian society we are told wars would be a thing of the past. In any form of government there will always be those who decide your future, in a totalitarian society that group are quite small but extremely powerful.

Leaders do not sit on white horses anymore nor do they peer through binoculars at the enemy, they sit surrounded by flickering screens while their operate joysticks and dismember the enemy perceived or otherwise thousands of miles away.

Why would your leaders invite an enemy into your camp in ever increasing numbers? Simple, your leaders ARE the enemy.

Monday, 6 October 2014

The Unseen hand.

The Unseen hand.

What I do understand, despite the never-ending sanitised propaganda churned out daily by the controlled media in the UK, since settlement Europe including the UK was never a dumping ground for the world’s poor and needy that is presently swamping Europe in unsustainable numbers. 

Post WW2 it was not immigration as we understand the word that triggered vast movements of displaced people from war-torn Europe but war weary Europeans experiencing terrible privations looking for a safe haven and sanctuary in the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

 There was no migration from Africa the Indian subcontinent or the Caribbean Islands on the massive scale as is apparent today; in fact there was NO migration from these countries whatsoever... So who is orchestrating this and why?

Do not insult my intelligence by discussing conspiracy theories denying my proposition that there is a deliberate plan to change the face of the Western Nations and ONLY the Western Nations. When I refer to the Western Nations I refer to the First World that includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 

Two questions need to be asked. Who are the unseen hands that are choreographing this change and are there any benefit to the Nations whose homelands are being shared with the rest of the world? The second question is easily answered. I realise the first question will be wide open for a number of conspiracy theories.

It was the Jewish Marxist thinkers Marx, Engels and the founders of Marxism, Trotsky and Lenin that theorised a plan for a European totalitarian society. The Jewish Left has a rich history of involvement in socialism, Marxism, and Western liberalism and I believe events during WW2 was the trigger that put in place a plan for Europe first put forward many years earlier by the Jewish Marxist theorists.

If Jewish interests are involved they certainly have the power and influence to indirectly effect changes on a global scale, particularly when their influence like tentacles extend right to the very heart of American politics including film, the spoken and written word.

Let us take this one step further. As non-Jews we have no idea of the devastating effect the ”Holocaust” as it has been called, had on the Jewish nation as a result of the systematic purge by the Germans in WW2. Auschwitz Treblinka, Dachau, and Sobib√≥r and other camps took a terrible toll on the European Jew.

After WW2 the cry was loudly taken up NEVER AGAIN. This could only be achieved by the re-design of Europe. This change did not affect the Third World. This vendetta was in retaliation for the events of the atrocities during WW2 and was total and absolute. German expansionism and European Nationalism was the Satan. Europe had to be transformed at all costs, it should have been instigated post WW1. There was never a better time to form this centralised system of government we now recognize as the European Union.

Europe had always been a White monoculture, deeply militaristic, Nationalistic and proud of its past history, traditions and in some cases it’s Empires. National boundaries had always been sacrosanct. In the New Order this all had to be dismantled. This was helped enormously by European ‘Holocaust guilt’ suffered by non-Jews. 

Stages of its birth were the Benelux, EEC, EC, and EU. Each step had a purpose; one treaty was to open Europe’s borders to the world, another to institute a common currency, and a centralised government. The most devastating change was the treaty that allowed free movement of non-European people to displace, fragment and scatter much of its population, sometimes referred to as White Flight.

The smoke and mirrors put out by Brussels of the advantage of a unified Europe was the free movement of people, common agreement on trade, fisheries, agriculture and law. This was not the reason for a unified Europe, otherwise why are over 10 Million Muslims now calling France home and over 5 million give or take a few million residing in the UK and Ireland. The purpose was always the break- up of Europe no more, no less and it has been unbelievably successful.

The European Union in Brussels is the Scorpions administrative nest where the changes are formulated for this New Order in Europe. Understand this and you can then understand Sarkozy insistence that the French people must change and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country." Sarkozy’s insistence of Miscegenation with Africans can only hasten the demise of the French. His ancestry incidentally is Jewish on his father’s side.

While Europe was to being demographically transformed the influential Zionists in America already had many wealthy and politically influential Jews residing in the USA prior to WW2 shaping America’s internal and foreign policies, including that of Canada.

Nationalism represents arguably the greatest challenge to Marxism. “The workers have no country,” declared Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto. With so much social fragmentation and unrest it was an opportune moment to implement that plan.

The plan for a totalitarian unified socialist society was NOT going to be achieved in Europe with Nationalistic European Mono-Cultural societies as it had been since European settlement. Nationalism HAD to be dismantled. Is it the Jewish planners that are working feverously behind the scenes directing American and European policies who are hell-bent on reshaping the Western Nations? 

It was the US secretary of Defence who stated in an interview recently in Australia, ’’We are seeing built in the 21st century a NEW ORDER, the U.S has some responsibility to help lead that but we can’t help dictate that order but we can shape it ’’ and indeed they do in the European sphere of influence.

To silence the peasants a descriptive word of Racist was coined for those who objected to their lands being taken away. It is said a person of colour cannot be a racist. It explains why the accusation of racist is always aimed squarely at the White races and not mixed races or black races, simply because it is NOT their lands that are being swamped with non- indigenous economic tourists diluting the indigenous population and being offered up to the rest of the world.

This accusation of Racist has virtually shut down all opposition to the colonization of the Western Nations, Nationalism has all but been defeated and we are witnessing an Orwellian, totalitarian society in the making. It killed freedom of speech and expression in an instant and any or even denying the ‘’holocaust” would find themselves frog-marched to an Austrian jail.

After the slaughter of over a 1,200 Palestinians, women and children by grossly disproportionate retaliation on the civilian population the Israeli PM said we will not be pressurised by world opinion to stop bombing. With an arsenal of over 200 nuclear missiles, they have also refused to sign the Nuclear non- proliferation treaty and appear to have an open cheque book to purchase American armaments.

The Zionist cry is NEVER AGAIN, even if the homogeneity of Europe has to be destroyed. The destruction of Europe could not have been achieved any other way. In this article when I refer to Zionists I do not refer to the Jewish people, I believe these people I write of  are sometimes referred to as the  Khazarian Mafia.
Islam was never factored in as Islam at the time was never an issue.