Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Fact, Fiction and Fantasy.

Fact, fiction and Fantasy

I reminded my wife of the three Effs, she blanched visibly. Yes Fact, fiction and Fantasy. FACT is what the Government avoids telling you, FICTION is what they do tell you, and FANTASY is the world many of us peasants live in, a bit like mushrooms that are kept in the dark and fed with…..well fed with whatever it is they feed them with. We live in a Fantasy world just to escape the harsh realities of the real world.

We pretend everything is fine, that the Sudanese people living next door could even be your relatives, and you are led to believe your local Mayor who comes from Madhya Pradesh is a local and the swarthy person sitting in judgement of you comes from a Coconut island you have never heard of, and you believe it is the England that always was because we are told ad nauseum we are a now a Multi-something society.

We have tried all the modes of Government, Marxism, Communism, Fabianism, Trotskyism, Socialism, Conservatism, Nationalism and some even experimented with National Socialism which enjoyed huge popularity and there are some Isms I have never heard of. We tried a thing called democracy and that didn’t work either. So what is then answer?

What is it about human beings? On a more spiritual note our religious inclinations can be sated with Catholicism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Adventism although I am not sure where Adventism fits into all this. Are these escape modules nothing more than religious clubs like book clubs or table tennis clubs; do we as humans desperately need to belong? Personally I believe just saying I believe in a higher being is just paying lip service to this higher being but is nothing more than having two bob each way on the direction one might take on the way out.

Back to reality; I realise we need order but we had a tried and trusted Old Order and someone, again on your and my behalf decided we should change to a New Order WHY! Who decided on my behalf that my country should be multi-hued, multi-coloured, multi-raced, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, oh and vibrantly culturally enriched? I do not remember having a say in this, and it IS my home.

Democracy “All eligible citizens have direct and active participation” Stop sniggering…I will come back to that piece of whimsy later.

How would a tribe, say in Namibia feel if 4 million people from Droitwich or 100,000 people from Putney suddenly turned up with all their belongings and settled in their neighbourhood and their elders enacted laws to stop them complaining about it and accused them of being racist if they did, doesn’t seem right. I sometimes feel our government is not telling me the whole story.

I am sure these Namibian natives I refer to would be kept fully informed of the purpose of why these strange white people are swarming everywhere and buying up their huts, fruit trees and wells and things, demanding this and that and furthermore I would suggest they would have a democratic choice about it and would be asked if they were happy with this unsought invasion?

Democracy, there’s that word again. What does it mean exactly? Hang on I will Google it………….………… I’m back!

Well I have found out that several variants of democracy exist, but there are two basic forms, “both of which concern how the whole body of all eligible citizens executes its will. One form of democracy is which all eligible citizens have direct and active participation” The other form of Democracy, the one which we enjoy is where they don’t, but it is still called democracy; it is a variant whatever that means. Either it is or it isn’t. So if it is not true democracy what is it? It does not fit any of the Isms.

I ask myself, and leaving colour out of the equation why should I be forced to house a family of Gypsies, Tinkers or Charcoal burners in my spare bedroom if I don’t want to? Or bringing colour into it, show good faith and take in a platoon of Sudanese boy soldiers, my grandparents were never faced with this decision. Just what sort of government have we got here, what I do know it is NOT a democratic style of Government and I have to say it does not appear to have the welfare of its own citizens paramount?

Who is trying to destroy my tribe, my people, my traditions, and my culture and finally steal my country to share with the rest of the world, WHY? Once more say after me, Democracy is “All eligible citizens have direct and active participation”

A small cry from the rear of the audience “I also want out of the EU and I want further immigration stopped”……… Democracy? don’t make me laugh!

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