Saturday, 28 February 2015

Escape to the Country or White Flight.

Escape to the Country.
White Flight (Fright)
Or Cuckoo in the Nest Syndrome.

The BBCTV programme is called Escape to the Country. In truth it is a chronicle of ‘white flight’ a TV concept that documents and celebrates a modern day phenomena, the displacement, scattering and fragmentation of the indigenous English and Welsh people. Like birds whose nests have been colonized by Cuckoos they flee deep into the English and Welsh countryside hoping to purchase nests close to like-species.

It is a welcome release for those who can afford to look for safety with their own kind in these lovely little villages. One I saw with thatched roofed cottages, a village pond, and a local Church built as early as the 12 century with Gargoyles and  stained glass windows.

Diversity to the long term inhabitants of the village in its true sense would mean very little. If one was to ask mine host in the White Swan what was meant by diversity he would no doubt say it would be the diversity of pubs in the village.

I idly daydream; come election time Mr Damp the village schoolmaster who is standing for the Greens party has promised to lobby for long awaited funding for a public toilet in the village, to press for funding for a new village notice board and to pressurise the local police to seriously investigate and apprehend the miscreant who has been tying party helium balloons around the necks of the Swans on the village pond, a story the local paper the Cockshutt-cum-Petton Clarion has managed to milk on its front page for over two months now, the Yard have been notified.

If one were to ask Mr Damp what he thought of wholesale immigration into this country, his eyes would glaze over and he would shake his head and reply nonplussed “what Immigration?”

These people really are living on another planet, not Planet England. That is precisely why the situation in the UK will deteriorate until the point of irreversibility; the thinking it is fine as long as it is not in my backyard. 

These are the same people bereft of this vibrancy of rich diversity who vote for the status quo at election time suffering with the ‘cus that’s who my dad voted for’ syndrome not realising the England their dad voted at election time does not exist anymore, it disappeared with Gladstone and the Empire because of people like them. It does not hurt until it hurts you. These people are not hurting enough yet.

But of course forced diversity it is not everyone’s cup of tea is it, so escape is the only answer. It is only young chaps in I.T or Bank Manager retirees that can afford properties starting at a half million pounds and up being shown around heritage listed thatched roofed properties built with local stone, with 4 reception rooms, farmhouse kitchen, 4.1/2 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, a conservatory, a swimming pool nestling on 5 acres complete with horse paddock with breathtaking views overlooking the English countryside, oh and within walking distance of a pub.

It is only the poor white Caucasian that has the opportunity to experience and taste the heady fruits of Diversity. They can experience this within a handshake of their front door and gasp at a kaleidoscope of strangers from the Hindu Kush, poor Pakistani from the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. Bearded nightshirt wearing strangers walking 6 steps ahead of pram pushing burka clad females gracing the streets of many English towns and cities. 

The beauty of Multiculturism is that it places you within a train ride of Bradford, Birmingham, Oldham, Rotherham, Dewsbury, and a host of other English towns; or to take advantage of a cheap daily return to Tower Hamlets. You don’t need the Cotswolds.

Who could possibly dream up the concept of a lady Blackamoor from the Caribbean showing diversity escapees bolt holes in the country? Perhaps it was a gem by an elderly script writer for the Monty Python show found locked for years in a basement at the BBC. 

As an aside my wife said that while channel hopping, briefly pausing on The Biggest Loser she landed on a TV programme feast called Embarrassing Bodies where the viewers were treated to a close up of a gentleman’s private parts. I shivered is nothing sacred?

If we were to take these TV concepts to the next level how about the BBC doing a reality programme of the redevelopment of the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

Depending on one’s point of view, I am sure a miniscule number of people (Police-speak) would accuse me of commenting in bad taste but there is very little left that has not been televised that has not been in bad taste so why stop now? 

If the said camp is not restored it will soon be forgotten and just deteriorate into a run-down ugly building. The only people visiting Auschwitz these days are Jewish tourists, 120 year old ex-inmates and children’s tour groups.

Any BBC programme person looking for Kudos at a programme planning meeting might suggest a reality programme showing the redevelopment of Auschwitz into 2 bedroom luxury apartments, complete with community swimming pool and easy access by a branch rail to the city. A morning TV breakfast show could even have a competition for a name for the new development. Personally I would remove the jingoistic slogan of Arbeit Macht Frei over the entrance and maybe plump for Dun Roamin’ Villas, it is more welcoming.

Bad government, bad politics, bad taste; take yer pick but be careful who is listening and watching. It could mean 6 months in an Austrian political jail.