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European Union; what is the End Game?

European Union, what exactly is the End Game?

Its formation had nothing to do with the unifying of European nations; on the contrary it was all to do with the destruction of the homogeneity of the European People.

The sole purpose of deliberately inviting an overwhelming multitude of foreign cultures and people of non-European ethnicity to populate Europe and the UK was to over time create a perception there is no discernible native ethnic grouping. This is already apparent in many areas of European and UK cities and towns. The facts in this essay are true and non-debatable.

Its target is The West. It is also apparent even in places like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However being a comparatively small country its effects on the UK are particularly nightmarish and fragmenting. England now consists of large groups of Minority Ethnic Clusters, BME’S, foreign community groups and ghettos. It is being meticulously planned and deliberate. It is without doubt Globalist in design working to an agenda; there is no subtlety here it is thinly veiled.

Stop the music; turn off the spotlights, remove the Tits and Feathers, peel back the gold Tulle and turn off the coloured footlights and you will expose this nation wrecking monster of an excuse for a ‘Union’ for what it is, a staging post in a One World Order.

Don’t look at the carefully placed side dishes, like promoting closer economic and social ties; look at loss of Sovereignty and loss of Governance and  blurring of borders. I emphasise most strongly its purpose No, its only purpose is to destroy once and for all European National Identity and unity. Do people understand what National Identity means? Its trigger was the horrors of WW1 combined with WW2. With Europe in chaos after WW2 there was no better time to finally stop all forms of Nationalism dead in its tracks? It would be the last opportunity.

Nationalism has nothing to do with superiority of race but being able to identify with an ethnic group as do the Japanese, Papuans, Chinese and many other peoples, but they are not the ones being targeted.

The mistakes of post WW1 which allowed Nationalism and National Socialism to flourish and for Hitler to come to power were never going to be repeated. Auschwitz and Treblinka was the trigger. In time this evil monster will threaten the borders of Russia, its last frontier. Its influence extends from the West coast of Ireland north to the Arctic Circle east to the borders of Russia and south? …..Well could the Empire eventually encompass turkey and beyond?

The gauze of respectability hides its evil purpose. Their enemy is the people; their histories, cultures, national currencies, national borders, and national flags. These must be removed. Like race it is these elements that give a people a sense of identity and being, and with the help of unsustainable immigration this change is being accelerated. Very conservatively Eight million people, or 14 per cent of the UK population, are now from ethnic minorities and call England home.

A French politician even suggested removing the word Race from their constitution, Nicolas Sarkozy said that French citizens should inter-marry with non-Whites for the good of France but he chose not to, and a Dutch politician even suggested banning flags at football matches. It was the British Prime Minister Mr Cameron that said “It is mainstream Britain that needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life and not the other way round”

These are comments made by treacherous UK and European leaders.

The above identifiable national traits are the real tangibles of Nationalism, the enemy of Marxism/ Communism/ Socialism. I will avoid discussing treaties, Human rights, Race laws, Thought Crimes and laws to Combat Fear and Alarm, they are purely adjuncts to cement this unholy union together, frighten the people and viciously crush any resentment to this undemocratic take-over.

So where does Anti-fa fit in here. People’s political naivety is understandable; there are much more important issues in life like personal survival. ANTIFA.EU. Inc is nothing more than a club for like-minded mindless Yobboes, any correlation to politics is purely coincidental. They are the Communist ground shock troops with only violence in mind.

The European banks lend heavily to the poorer occupied territories, loans they cannot repay without severe austerity measures, and who dictates the fiscal policies of these countries? Why it is the IMF and the European banks. Taking control of country fiscal policies is the Holy Grail to enable these cabals to take over governance of an occupied territory. A number of poorer European countries are already beholden to these banks.

The saying is ‘I come bearing gifts’ but I am not going to refer to the Hadron collider, Telescopes, European Space programme all funded by the richer satellite countries all give pseudo credibility to the ‘Union’ which is not a true self- governing political bloc at all but is striving to become one, a conqueror who comes by stealth, and are jig sawing into place the first piece of a Unified one World Government. There have been science fiction books and Movies depicting this frightening future world.

Part Two

I have tried to remove most of the window dressing that disguises its true purpose and by doing so concentrate on its intentions. I realise this article is very simplistic but I am trying to reduce it to its bare bones. It is impossible to guess where this road is taking us.

A while ago a referendum was held in the north of the UK to gauge the people response for cutting the county into regions. It was rejected but the government went ahead anyway and regions now exist in the UK it is called democracy.

Regions also exist within the occupied European Union Satellite countries purely for ease of governance, but it will be a while before the description of Euro Regions are fully accepted in place of Countries. The United Nations name will change with changing events, they will have the task of world government as INSCOG did in Orwell’s book 1984.

The bottom layers of the triangle to unify the world are the United Nations, the UNHCR, Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs, European Court of Justice, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group and the Council for Foreign Relations. Fact, it is Zionist driven.

 A very small influential group of people forging this are from America and the financial heart of London they have a huge input into this New World organization; it is where the machine that is driving this monster actually resides. They are the King Makers, Jewish bankers, and industrialists that desire a New Order. National identity means nothing in this brave New World.

NATO, IMF, World Bank Group, European Banks, EU, G20. United Nations are all part of the structure of an eventual fully Globalised system, It cannot fully move forward until National Awareness and National Identity is fully dismantled. At this moment Russia has declined to be a player in this One World nightmare and the architects are not happy about this which explains the Anti-Russian rhetoric by all the worlds press owned by a handful of people. To incorporate the huge landmass of Russia into Europia surely would have put the icing on the cake.

In the pursuit of a One World Agenda the very idea of Colonies and Empires were repugnant. It was seen as Nationalism in its most virulent form. The Roosevelt government requested Great Britain to divest itself of its Empire in return for loans for their shattered economy. The loan was negotiated by a John Maynard Keynes. The loan was for $3.75 Billion, todays figure (US$57 billion in 2015) Great Britain duly complied.

The greatest crime and danger in this New World is ‘racism’ this impedes a smooth transition to a one identity-less, nation-less Prole-like people. It is referred to as a ‘sickening crime’ when a person rants to a cuckoo or indigenous person comments “Why don’t you go back to where you came from” but there is hastily closed ranks by the Senior Police, Children’s services and councils to cover up rape of epidemic proportions of English Children in the UK, which appears not to be a sickening crime to the extent they wilfully covered it up.

A Mr Griffin, the Leader of the British National Party alerted the authorities of the rampant epidemic of child rape by immigrant Pakistani in Rotherham a town in the North of England, he was promptly arrested on charges of racism. The headlines read “British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been charged with four race hate offences.” He will appear at Leeds Magistrates' accused of using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred.” What were the Race Hate words he used you ask? “They were Pakistani child rapists.”

The Wordsmiths in Brussels closely monitor public utterances that might hinder the smooth passage to Orwell’s World, utterances that hint that races exist.

When a government starts to populate the country with non-ethnic people racism becomes a serious problem and it is paramount to make this the number one issue to combat, as Mr Griffin found out to his dismay. Do you wonder why disciples of Allah sit in the British Parliament but Christian Believers do not sit in the Pakistan parliament?

RACISM; there’s that word again. The British judiciary decided the sexual abuse of pre-pubescent English children by Pakistani predators was not an issue. A woman who saw only strange foreign people surrounding her on a Croydon tram cried out in anguish and frustration. The Police went into manic overdrive to find this woman accused of this ‘sickening’ crime, which they did and put her and her baby in jail. It was NOT a sickening crime that she and her race are being displaced. 

I hope this article explains in a small way why racism is such a threat to the emerging New Order but child rape of our children is a non-issue.

At election time Snake Oil salesmen promise a cornucopia of good times a plenty but true freedom and freedom of expression is never mentioned, a promise they can never deliver. The good times they speak of are reserved for them. 

The King Makers really do see humans as a sub-species whose purpose is to just breed, consume and obey and vote for the status quo to enable these King Makers to continue to sate themselves with good times. There will come a time when voting will not be a choice.

The controlled Media always equate Racism with Nationalism; it is Nationalism that is the bond to one’s ethnic identity. I ask why at this time in the list of British Demography and Ethnic Backgrounds are there White Irish but no White English. Perhaps the English are completely unaware they have already lost their National identity.

There is a surprisingly few people that decide what we do, how we think and what we say. Get off your knees people.

“If at the next election you again vote for the lesser of three evils, and there is only three evils to choose from, you are still voting for an evil nothing changes”. Albion

What the hell are Shi’a, Sunni, Wahabbis, Abul A’ala Maudoodi, Salafi, Bareilvi Masjids and 'Maudoodi' Masjids doing in a Christian country?

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