Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sharia4 Franchises for Sale

Sharia4 Franchises for Sale

Sharia Enterprises and Merchandising Inc .A Saudi Arabian registered company would like to take this opportunity to offer astute investors the opportunity of joining our parent company Sharia Enterprises (S.A) by taking advantage of the offer of a further release of Sharia4 Franchises. There has been a massive take-up of these Sharia Franchises after the initial float of our first Franchise Sharia4UK, with valuable options quickly snapped up for Sharia4Belgium, Sharia4Holland, Sharia4Sweden and of course Sharia4France. Our first float which attracted international attention was of course Sharia4UK.

It was the free publicity given to us by the media during the demonstrations in London following a protest march outside the Danish Embassy in London on 3 February 2006, held in response to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.

We have recently had further interest in Sharia4Norway, tentative inquiries for Sharia4Ukraine and ongoing discussions for Sharia4Denmark.

A Mr Ajem Choudary is at present the spokesman for Islam4UK. His credentials are impeccable. With Omar Bakri Muhammad, he helped form an Islamist organisation, AL-Mushroom. The group organised several anti-Western demonstrations, including a banned protest march in London for which Choudary was summonsed to appear in court. Unfortunately Al-Mushroom was disbanded following the UK government's decision to ban the organization.

We are intensely passionate about Sharia, are you? Then do not hesitate in joining what can only be described as the fastest growing enterprise in Europe and the UK. It is a rock-solid investment that will dwarf all other franchises. It is a complete system that has built an enviable reputation over many decades and has now commenced a long awaited expansion across the whole of Europe. It has always been the preferred ideology throughout Africa and the Middle East and already we are seeing many Christians particularly in African countries many who were initially nervous or reluctant to forsake Christianity for Islam with little persuasion now converting in droves to Islam.

Although at first there was some apprehension about the possibility of social unrest or violence after the float of Sharia4UK, the British police gave us little or no attention, this has given the impetus for interest in the sale of other European Sharia4 franchises.

We would like to emphasise these Franchises are experimental that in essence they are not full-blown Sharia. There is no limb removal or compulsory FGM, lashings, stoning for unbelievers or the hanging of Homosexual Rainbow People at this present time but once Islam is firmly established as the predominate ideology in Europe full Sharia will be implemented.

The work-experience Imam of Sharia4Newham told our reporter they fully expect the Moslem community in the UK to exceed the numbers of Christian believers by 2030. The British Governments own demographers have confirmed it is inevitable due to the unstoppable immigration by people of the Islamic faith combined with the traditional legendary breeding rates of these people. It was pointed out that the timetable of 2030 might appear to be a little overly pessimistic........ or optimistic depending on one's point of view.

We would like to refer you to this interview here:

There are many smaller Regional franchises still available such as Sharia4Devon, home of a little known British singer Mr Billy Blogg, and Sharia4IsleofWight. His initial interest was for Sharia4Barking but unfortunately many of these smaller Sharia enterprises have already been purchased such as Sharia4Oldham, Sharia4Towerhamlets, Sharia4Dewsbury and of course Sharia4Bradford. Once Islam is in the majority in each of these European countries and the UK the smaller Sharia will be combined and incorporated in the Sharia4EuropeInternational.

Our ever increasing popularity can be seen every day by the mushrooming of Mosques throughout the whole of Europe and plans are already in place to build the largest Mosque in the UK outside of Saudi Arabia which will hopefully seat over 20,000 thousand disciples of Allah. Even in one relatively small English City of Bolton, Islam can boast over 21 mosques with plans for many more aided by the valuable assistance of the local Labour council. Muslim cultural centres, Muslim schools, Mad rassers are also in the planning for villages throughout the Brecon Hills and Anglesea.

We did expect that there would be some resistance by the indigenous Britons but there has been little or no opposition to the suggestion of the introduction of Sharia Law throughout the UK. We suggest you to avoid wasting your hard earned capital on earthly Franchises such as McDonalds, Hungry Jacks or Seven Eleven; they might attract immediate monetary profits but not people’s souls.

We hope in the fullness of time the influence of Islam and its traditional home will move to Europe and its importance rival that of Mecca.

For further information a prospectus will be sent on request.

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