Friday, 5 June 2015

The Atlantic Philanthropists

The Atlantic Philanthropists.

It is always wise advice to pay attention to the old adage ‘Follow the Money’.

The comment was, “The referendum in Ireland passed because an American pro-Gay Lobby’s donation from Atlantic Philanthropists massively funded a sophisticated pro-gay campaign spanning more than a decade”

I cannot vouch for the accusation of this organisation being Pro Gay. Let us accept they are a genuine American philanthropic organization, a very applaudable quality in our society and to paraphrase their aims “the work that Atlantic Philanthropies has done to tackle division and SOCIAL EXCLUSION has done much to further our efforts to create an equal and fair society in Northern Ireland.

“Social exclusion” was the trigger.

Social Inclusion can mean different things to different people including people whose standards of accepted human behaviour up until now was at odds with many others who regard the standards of behaviour of these non-inclusive people as abnormal in a civilised society.

Who gets to choose who to include in this Social Inclusion but more importantly what is the sinister end purpose of this sudden change in deciding which group of social pariahs skirting the fringes of society to include?

Social inclusion also means cultures being forced to live together whether culturally similar or not. In many countries in Europe the people have no voice on forced Multiculturism, they are required to include anyone in their culture whether culturally similar or not. Imagine if you will Hindus being forced to live with Moslems or a Shia being forced to integrate with Baathists. Simply put, Eastern Cultures are not forced to culturally mix but European nations are.

The Rohingya people have been described as among the world’s least wanted. They have been denied Burmese citizenship since the Burmese nationality law was enacted. Imagine the resentment of the Burmese people if their government forced the people to culturally mix with the Rohingya. Culturally the Rohingya people are BanglaDeshis who are Moslem. The Burmese are Theravada Buddhist. They are not FORCED to be culturally inclusive as are the European nations who are forced to integrate with Eastern cultures.

A typical Rohingya family has four or five surviving children but the numbers up to TWENTY EIGHT have been recorded in rare cases, sound at all familiar?

I assume prior to the Homosexual Referendum it was not a fair and equal society in Eire. The question that goes begging is why would the American Atlantic Philanthropies fund the Homosexual lobby in Eire? 

Has it only been the plight of Homosexuals who until recently been the victims of social exclusion, why haven’t the plight of say BBC employed Necrophiliacs and/or religious Paedophiles and child rapists who have been pushed out to the margins of our society whose lack of inclusion has not been taken into account.

Who are “Atlantic philanthropies”? It was founded by Ex-billionaire Chuck Feeney who gave the last of his fortune to Northern Ireland.  

In Eire’s referendum it was the church that was crucified…where was GOD?

Now if I were to give $60 Million to an organisation I would like something in return. If I were following the Frankfurt School of critical thinking and one of its aims is the break-up of the family unit, funding a Homosexual agenda would be $60 Million well spent.

The Frankfurt School was associated in part with the Institute for Social Research at the Goethe University. As an aside most of its “Critical Thinkers” were Marxists Jewish intellectuals.

Mr Feeney’s “giving while living” philosophy is believed to be the brainchild behind Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates’s charitable organisations. Those two names ~immediately set alarm bells instantly ringing. What charities do they fund?

I connect those above names to the shadowy Bilderberger group. I have read that the Bilderberg meeting has become too main-stream for some of the world’s richest elite. From Warren Buffet and Monsanto-linked Bill Gates to Oprah and Jeb Bush, the local media has begun reporting on a closed doors meeting between billionaires and politicians. I am led to believe the main items on the Bilderberger agenda is Globalisation followed closely by overpopulation.

Social Cohesion and Globalisation are bedfellows. They are the fish that goes with the chips, the Bacon that goes with the Egg. Social inclusion and the rapid change of European demographics cannot be discussed in isolation; Social inclusion is used as a weapon to forcibly marginalise specific European groups by importing millions of Third World, poverty ridden people at the same time enacting laws that forbid the colonized protesting at their own fragmentation, Race or ethnicity is being surgically destroyed. 

Those that oppose inclusivity in European society are considered Racists and that accusation frightens the life out of most people.

It was his unfamiliarity or deliberate ignoring of ‘Social Inclusivity’ that found Brian True-May ITV producer of ‘Midsomer Murders’ join the ranks of the millions of unemployed when he chose to ignore the ratio of 4:1 of Blackamores to indigenous natives required in all BBC and CH4 TV Drama.

Again it is ‘Social Inclusion’ that no doubt prompted a Mr Sarkozy of France to suggest that French women should to marry Africans but he chose to marry a Gallic female bombshell that graced the Model Catwalks of Paris. It was a Mr Gary Dyke an EX Director of the BBC who to his horror noted the lack of inclusivity that prompted him the refer to his BBC work-mates as being ‘Hideously White’ It is inclusivity that is shaping Great Britain’s future which is its demise in slow motion as a homogenous Caucasian nation.

If you find aspects of Social Inclusivity negative you could qualify as a Racist, Homophobic, Islamaphobic and many other phobias attributable to doubters or deniers.

The news item read Ex-billionaire Chuck Feeney gives last of fortune to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness made the announcement in Belfast, announcing that it would more than match the donation — providing $60 million towards the programs outlined.

The only outline I have seen so far is make “Gayness” a way of life in Eire and marginalise heterosexuality and the sanctity of marriage which to aggressive feminists was only a social construct anyway. The people voted not for same sex ‘marriage’ but for total separation of the sacredness of Marriage and the church. 

So Atlantic Philanthropies may well have a Globalist agenda and the destruction of religion. Religion might be fakery and superstition but it binds a nation together.

A speaker at a Sex Education Symposium in Liverpool outlined tactics of sex education saying: 'if we do not get into sex education, children will simply follow the mores of their parents'. The fact that sex education was to be the vehicle for peddlers of secular humanism soon became apparent. I take it the ‘mores’ of the parents is the sanctity of marriage and heterosexuality.

It is also interesting to note that corporate Australia took out a full page newspaper ad championing a similar Homosexual referendum in Australia soon after the stunning victory of men ‘marrying’ men and women ‘marrying’ women in Eire. 

They include Westpac banks. ANZ Banking. Foxtel. Google. OPTUS, P&O, QANTAS, Slater and Gordon Solicitors. David Jones Stores, Carnival Lines and many others. Does it come as any surprise the Australian opposition labour leader and the Greens are aggressively pushing the Homosexual agenda?

Incidentally Sydney, Australia has the highest number of Rainbow people after San Francisco and once a year hold a massive festival to celebrate Homosexuality called Gay Pride Week with many coloured floats reminiscent of South American festivals. So a referendum in Australia I suspect will vote yes for same sex marriages.

It is non debatable, same sex marriages and the adoption of children is akin to introducing crocodiles to a swimming pool.

Now I realise it is grossly unfair to use Sweden as a yardstick to gauge anything that makes any sense at all. but true to this statement the use of the gender-neutral pronoun came to international attention when the teachers at a Stockholm preschool decided to voluntarily stop using gender specific terms when addressing their pupils, and instead use the word ‘hen’ and ‘Hon’ in order to promote equality amongst their kids. Why not try Mickey and Mouse?

The unexpected spin off of the Irish referendum is that Sodomy even though not illegal prior to the referendum now through overwhelming popular vote is now accepted as normal a life choice even for non- rainbow people, as canoeing and/or breeding rabbits. We as humans have come a long way.