Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rotherham, City of Dreams

Before Colonization.

Rotherham; City of Dreams.

The BBC has not yet chosen to televise another programme in the series of ‘City of Dreams’ so I thought I would pre-empt their transmission of “Rotherham, City of Dreams”. Like “Bradford, City of Dreams” which the BBC did televise was centred around poor immigrant people from the Third World that realised their dreams in Bradford in Kebab shops, Curry Houses and cab driving and whose numbers are so great they are now displacing the indigenous people on a Tibetan scale. This is forced diversity the BBC might say is on a ‘Grand Scale’.

The politically motivated events that were finally uncovered in the northern City of Rotherham was a disgusting betrayal of its own children to hide the sexual abuse and rape of over 1400 children by immigrant Pakistani sexual predators to assure the council  of the Moslem vote for the Rotherham dominated Labour party, events that were deliberately covered up by the police and Children’s services to avoid racial tension prior to an election.

In Rotherham unemployment is high and many residents are long-term sick or disabled, according to the 2011 Census. Nearly a third of the work-force has no qualifications. There are a large percentage of council homes. It is however a magnet for the poor of the world to achieve their Dreams.

Briefly, in the early Industrial Revolution major uses of iron demanded good local ore and established processing skills for iron strength, qualities found in Rotherham's smelting plants and foundries. Iron, and later steel, became the principal industry in Rotherham, surviving into the 20th century. Milling grain into flour was a traditional industry in Rotherham, formerly in the Millmoor area; hence Rotherham United F.C.'s nickname "The Millers".

Because of Rotherham’s current claim to fame the BBC might be understandingly reluctant to highlight the rich Multicultural tapestry brought to the town by the unfulfilled dreams of poor people from rural Tribal areas of Northern Pakistan who fled poverty and privation hoping to find safety and succour in this northern English town of Rotherham and as an unexpected added bonus by the authorities turning a blind eye allowing them to sexually sate themselves on the last count, on the bodies of over Fourteen hundred young underage English girls.

The effect still ripples today as the Police, the ones who were NOT complicit or who were NOT stood down, are uncovering more and more cases of child sex grooming and rape by immigrants whose accepted standards of behaviour are so primitive and alien to our own.

But the worst is yet to come. These children’s bodies were sacrificed solely to protect the results of a coming election, a seat the Labour Party hoped retain. Let us just dissect the systematic sexual grooming and deflowering of over a thousand four hundred children by these Pakistani dreamers.

The report went ‘Police withheld bombshell report revealing how gangs of Muslim men were grooming schoolgirls as young as 13 in case it inflamed racial tensions ahead of General Election’. And ’Police and social workers in the South Yorkshire town were accused of being too concerned about being labelled racist to speak out about the crimes involving 1,400 children’

Children’s Services concurred. Their sole purpose is to protect vulnerable children but decided to keep quiet about them being mass raped. The council's director of children's services, Joyce Thacker left the authority by mutual agreement.

Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Yorkshire from 2012, was the Labour councillor in charge of child safety at the council for five years from 2005-10. He initially refused demands to resign as PCC from the Home Secretary.

The former Chief Constable, Meredydd Hughes, who served from 2004 to 2011 and who had unsuccessfully stood for the Labour Party nomination in the Police Crime Commissioner elections, was told by Labour MP Keith Vaz that he had 'failed' abuse victims.

Following the report's publication, the Council Leader, Roger Stone of the Labour Party, resigned.

Labour Councillors Gwendoline Russell, Shaukat Ali and former Council Leader Roger Stone were suspended from the Labour Party, as was former Deputy Council Leader Jahangir Akhtar and further allegations of a cover-up, including the theft of documents from a council researcher's office.

In July 2014 the town's mayor Barry Dodson quit over separate claims he sexually abused a 13-year-old girl in 1987. He did not comment on the claims

It emerged that the massive inquiry into the Rotherham sex abuse scandal could run until at least 2018 and has so far identified 300 suspects. Investigators say the number of possible offenders is changing on a ‘daily basis’ and they suspect ‘thousands of offences’ have been committed. The team has seized 92 boxes containing several thousand files and identified more than 3,300 lines of inquiry. The figures of child rape could be in the numbers of five figures.

The suspects are ‘predominantly’ Asian men from the South Yorkshire town and include two who have worked for the council. Their victims are mainly white, British, underage and ‘vulnerable’ girls. Operation Stovewood is currently costing up to £5million every year, and is still likely to be ongoing in three years’ time – putting the total bill for the inquiry at around £15million. So far the inquiry has backed an original estimate that 1,400 girls were abused in Rotherham during a 16-year period from 1997 to 2013.

Half of all victims, who were from Birmingham, Dudley and Walsall, lived with their parents, while 41 per cent were in care. Police pin-pointed 75 grooming suspects most with a history of sexual violence with most being from a Muslim background from Birmingham. The report stated: 'the vast majority of identified suspects (79 per cent) are Asian (59 of 75), five per cent are African Caribbean. 62 per cent of Asian suspects are of Pakistani origin. 'Pakistani males account for half of all identified suspects in the force (37 of 75).

'There is strong evidence in the vast majority of all cases that the victims are enticed, stupefied or controlled by alcohol and a mixture of controlled drugs. 'The victims are already suffering from health conditions relating to their chaotic lifestyle and exploitation (Pregnancy, termination, STDs, neglect, and physical and psychological problems).'Bear in mind we are talking about children here.

The child rape cover-up was supposed to protect the poll results that were was held on May 7. 2015 it was nothing more than a replay of the vendetta against Nick Griffin when he was arrested at his home in Wales on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred, over remarks he made about Islam in an undercover BBC documentary titled The Secret Agent. He was questioned at a police station in Halifax, West Yorkshire, before being freed on police bail.

He said that the arrest was "an electoral scam to get the Muslim block vote back to the Labour party and that the Labour government was attempting to influence the results of the following year's general election” Sound familiar?

This is the disgusting state of British Politics today, the sacrifice of 1400 children’s bodies in exchange for the Moslem vote.

Let us not dismiss the Paedophilia at the highest level within government with the bulk of the offenders’ members of the Labour party. Please google… Labour25 the dreadful disclosures that the incumbent party in power, the Labour Party obscured this mass rape purely to win an election defies belief. So how did this affect the result of the 2015 Election after this mind-blowing disclosure?

Labour Candidate …….19, 800 votes
Jane Collins ……………….11, 414 votes
Sebastian Lowe ………… 4,656 votes

Labour easily holds the seat of Rotherham.

The Stockholm syndrome or capture bonding is a psychological phenomenon in which Hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual's response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.

Were the people of Rotherham victims suffering from this phenomenon? Why vote for a Political Party that allowed Paedophilia to flourish just to massage the numbers in a Political election, what madness were the authorities and the Police suffering from to close their eyes to mass rape of Rotherham’s own children. This is the dark side of diversity for diversities sake.

The indigenous people also have a lot to answer for voting the Labour Party back in power by voting for more of the same for their children.

I pray this article gives a truer picture than the one the controlled MSM portray of the Rotherham mass rape and that it remains on an Internet data base for reference for future scholars when researching Great Britain’s descent from days of Empire into something resembling a politically and demographically third world country look-a-like.


  1. Crazy Englishman:
    Always a pleasure reading your articles. Thank you

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Crazy Englishman. I cannot understand why the BBC did not do a follow-up with 'Rotherham City OF Dreams' as the dreamers are still rampaging through our cities one by one and what with inclusivity the order of the day Rotherham deserves a mention if only for future historians.