Thursday, 23 July 2015

Of Mice and Polar Bears.

Of Mice and Polar Bears

The MV Windrush docked at Tilbury on June 22 1948 and 493 West Indians disgorged themselves supposedly to help replace the hundreds and thousands if not millions of our own people that sacrificed their lives in WW2 to make this country....wait for it, er ... a ‘Country fit for Heroes’. I had to add that bit of nonsense for no other reason than to add black humour to this article. It was a ploy our Government used to entice our young men and women to sacrifice their lives for their country.

Now the replacements COULD have been Mongolians, Hottentots, Kalahari Bushmen or even Pygmies, but they weren’t……….. No, but they COULD have been couldn’t they?

Now it does not take an Einstein to understand that 493 West Indians are going to have their work cut our replacing millions of Britons so the replacement was going to take years and years, was England eventually going to be the first West Indian country situated in Europe if not where were the other replacements coming from, were they going to be displaced Europeans?

I was reminded of the time our two year old daughter was passing through the Hamster stage of her life; I think it was a fox that cruelly took them from her. She decided the logical progression was to replace them with Mice.

The pet shop owner assured us the two Mice we were about to purchase were Girls; they were not because shortly after they surprised us with about a dozen baby mice. The boys were biting the tails off the Girls or vicky verky. We spent a half hour turning them upside down and with helpful advice from my wife scrutinizing their nether regions separated the boys from the girls into separate laundry tubs.

We took them to the pet shop. I pointed out my wife was extremely cross and it was also devastating for our two year old. Here was absolute and undeniable proof they were not all girls and it was NOT our job to determine the sex of our purchase, we were not the professionals here. The proprietor happily agreed to take the lot. I think he had profits in mind. What has this got to do with the MV Windrush you ask?

By the mouse analogy I am going to try and explain the replacement of our people by default. As my wife pointed out it is important, no it is imperative to take into account the breeding rates of the invitees and she knows what she is talking about. On reflection it could go a long way to vindicate her apparent reluctance or disinterest to partake of the fruits of….… doesn’t matter. Perhaps to put it another way it could go part way to explain why we only have only two children and not two hundred.

Since the Windrush graced our shores at Tilbury we have invited many more Third World young breeding pairs to join us without due care and attention to their breeding rates. It is possible we were na├»ve and assumed every race’s replacement rates were similar to ours. Our government should have twigged this anomaly of different breeding rates with China’s population sitting around 1.3 Billion, mind you that was last Tuesday and ours approx. 64 Million aided by an added boost by Third World invitees.

Right, that has set the scene. Now 60 Million people died during WW2, as an aside that is close to the population of Great Britain. This figure could change alarmingly this time next year when a new batch of Dhoti wearing bearded strangers, wearing Turbans and clutching British Passports arrive at Heathrow, totally disorientated and wondering on what planet in the Solar system they have arrived.

So what is worrying about falling birth rates and who attends to replacement rates, how best to clarify this?

If my daughter had say 12 Mice of various sexes, at the end of 20 years and assuming she was still unmarried and living at home we could have roughly 52,000 mice in the house maybe more, and that would give us real cause for concern, but by the same token we would also have cause to worry through lack of replacements rates if we had a pair of Polar Bears living in the spare bedroom  and only one offspring in 20 years; still with me?

I know what you are thinking why we would have a pair of Polar bears in the house. Its immaterial they could be Panda’s or Brown Bears, it really doesn't matter. By the same token why would we have 52,000 mice in the house, makes little difference the breeding pair of Mice started it all. Bear with me….bear with me, that’s a pun! I am trying to explain replacements numbers here using everyday understandable explanations.

The Internet abounds with horror stories of low replacement rates, mainly ours. It is very much like the story of the Mice and the Polar bears. We the indigenous people are the Polar bears, the replacements are the Mice. I cannot make it plainer than that.

Now if our leaders have Globalization in mind for us all what has replacement numbers got to do with anything we will all be the same, we are all just humans, tribalism and identity will cease to exist, replacements could be anything and anyone, we will just be a Multi-coloured Alphabet soup of consumers, our purpose is to obey and In time our collective sub group, presently White British will have no meaning.

I am not absolutely sure what is the correlation between British and English, I used to know. A “British”politician said the English as a race should not exist which I thought rather strange as they were the bulk of the people I thought were going to inherit this “land fit for heroes”

Globalization means conformity, uniformity, no ethnic distinction that is the Wests future, that is the aim the Wests Governments are working towards, Obama said so, so did Mr Bliar, Mr Brown, Mr Clinton, Mr Cameron and that horrible Clinton woman and most if not all the unelected kommissars of the European Union.

The strategy is the Pawns first move is to D4 that's a Multicultural society that has been achieved. Checkmate will cement the world into a Globalised society.

There is no point in going into any depth of falling birth rates especially in Europe but it is interesting to note The United States is the ONLY developed country with a healthy fertility rate. Why is that you ask. Well since 1990 60% of U.S population growth has come from immigrants and their children. That is the reason the US is the ONLY developed country with a healthy fertility rate. Surely that would apply to the UK, well it is rapidly moving that way. Replacement rates are outstripping falling birth rates but by persons of colour. I did not figure this out the Government demographers did.

This is the disturbing part, that figure of 80% of the population growth in Europe has also come from migrants, mainly disciples of Allah which means although the replacement figure for European countries is dropping the residual slack is being taken up by immigrants with devil-may-care attitude to family planning from countries with high birth rates. In 12 EU countries the fertility rate is below Replacement Level.

Within a generation this situation will unfold throughout Europe. So what is staring Europe in the face is a total demographic change before the middle of this century and many of these European counties are below replacement level.

An interesting comment to surprise and amaze your guests at your next dinner party is there are more pets, especially dogs, than children in Japan. In Latvia there are more deaths than births 1989 – 2002 a 13% population decrease. Within a generation this situation will continue to unfold throughout Europe and as forecast its rich cultures will disappear. Our leaders were never about to make this country a place ”fit for heroes” that was a ploy, they were always planning to change Europe beyond recognition by destroying National and ethnic identity forever, a tribute to our fallen no doubt.

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