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Camp of the Saints.From Prophesy to Reality.

Camp of the Saints
From Prophesy to Reality

It was 1974 the biblical exodus had not yet begun when Jean Raspail wrote his best seller ‘The Camp of the Saints’. Following the withdrawal of French forces after its defeat at Dien Bien Phu in May 1954 was the US defeat in 1964 and it was only after the US withdrawal from Vietnam that refugees were repatriated in an orderly fashion to places like the USA and Australia, the two Western countries involved in that war.

Despite overwhelming US superiority the Vietnamese Liberation forces won because they had support of the people. The America resolve wavered because they LOST the support of their people, that mistake was not going to be made twice. The American Government learnt that lesson very quickly.

The invasion of Iraq and the reshaping of the Middle East would not have had the backing of the American people if not for an event like 9/11 which gives reasonable food for speculation as to the Governments version of events.

One could ask why Iraq was invaded. Iraq had no involvement in 9/11 or Bin Laden’s Taliban all the Bombers were Saudis; America allies. So was the invasion of Iraq purely a ploy for the reshaping of the Middle East?

Doctor Luther King Jnr called the United State “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” he went on to say “that it is a nation that year after year to spends more money on Military defence than on programmes on social uplift is approaching spiritual death”.

We are discussing refugees here; this is not a synopsis on the moral rights and wrongs of the military machine of the USA. The conflicts that erupted across the Middle East, Israel, Egypt and Palestine after the six day war did not produce a flood of refugees. The Indians that flooded the UK after their banishment by Idi Amin of Uganda were not refugees but displaced persons.

It has always been traditionally accepted it is the Colonist that is required to take the refugee and immigrant overburden in times of crisis as France found with Moroccan displaced persons as did Belgium, Spain and Dutch with their mini colonies and the UK’s Flotsam and Jetsam from their huge empire. But the game plan has changed.

Jean Raspail’s cataclysmic, devastating prophesy that caused the movement of hundreds of thousands of what he termed ‘Ganges Indians’ sailing for Europe in a fleet of boats was the prophesy of what we are seeing as the start of a full-on invasion of monumental proportions.

At present Europe and the UK are experiencing a trickle, a small leak in the dam, even the swamping of Lampedusa and the hundreds of thousands of people looking for a better life and safety marking time in Greece and Hungary are not as the Newspapers say emigrants or asylum seekers but poor displaced people ready to make their way to the richer European countries but by-passing Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Albania, Bulgaria and Hungary for Germany, France and the UK.

As a rule Asylum seekers do not pick and choose their country of asylum. It is the first country of safety but these rules do not exist anymore.

At the moment it is NOT following the plot in the Book Camp of the Saints but it will. In the book over a million people from the Indian subcontinent in a flotilla of boats headed for Europe after being moved on by the Egyptians. At present we are only seeing hundreds of thousands……… that will change.

The EU the UN, the world council of churches the Unions, Human Rights activists, Amnesty International, the controlled media all call for compassion and human understanding for these millions of starving and displaced people having no idea what was about to overtake their generosity. We are not facing this situation just yet and I will not spoil the book by divulging any more of the plot. I did read a disturbing possibility into Raspail’s story of how the numbers of people desperately forcing their way in Europe might be TRIPLED.

I did put this scenario to a discussion once. ‘’What if ‘’ a Steamer filled to the gunwales with human misery suddenly appears off the South Coast of the UK with initially 30 thousand poor “North Africans” looking to share in the riches of the West, Like in Raspail’s book the UK government are aware of the movement of the ship and the flotilla that will follow but cannot turn them back until they arrive on British shores.

When the steamer arrives because of its poor condition it is not capable of returning them home anyway. The thousands of invaders from failed Africa countries are not going anywhere.

True to form the European Union reminds its occupied countries as well as the UK of their duty to show human compassion and understanding as did The UNHCR the United Nations Refugee Council, appealing to the western world only which also includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand but which does not include China or Japan or rich oil nations to accept as many fleeing people as possible on humanitarian grounds.

Passing through the Bay of Bengal there are another dozen ships joining the flotilla weighed down with a million Africans looking for a better life after receiving news the boats are not being turned back. The EU pressurizes its occupied countries to share in the resettlement of the fleeing people.

When one Million plus desperate people turn up on a county’s shores how do you drive them away? They cannot be turned away. Read Raspail’s ‘Camp of the Saints’ it could be a glimpse into our future. This is not an impossible scenario.

Germany who was quick to criticize countries within the EU for closing their borders to the rush of immigrants not realizing the scale of this human exodus have now closed theirs. There is no world-wide reaction to Israel putting up a wall to protect itself.

We must understand this huge exodus was caused initially by the invasion of Iraq by the “Coalition of the Willing” and like a domino took out Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria and killed and displaced millions of people.

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