Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Question is, are we for Real?

The Question is, are we for Real?

From the moment you stick your nose out of your mother's womb THAT is reality, BUT IS IT?

The premise is that in our case our apparent reality could be caused by interference by a ‘Matrix’ that gives us APPARENT solidity and SUPPOSED purpose and it is the controllers of a ‘Matrix’ for the want of a better description that projects a Hologram and who determine the narrative. Are we in reality pure invisible energy or a singular consciousness, a single awareness that exists throughout the Cosmos unlike man-made electromagnetic energy like Radio and TV signals? Perhaps we are of this universal singular consciousness but trapped in some-ones else’s game?

The bible talks at length of spirits and souls, never of a singular consciousness or cosmic awareness. No-one is sure what our purpose is assuming we have a purpose at all. Sceptics will say we serve no purpose other than to be born, live and die; that is an even bigger ask. There has to be more, so they will never question who controls the Matrix if there is such a thing, Non-sceptics might ask is it a civilization that is so far advanced than ours that projects on its inhabitants a bogus reality, but more importantly is it possible to escape this Matrix?

There are Professors, Astrophysicists and Academics that theorise that what we experience as reality is not so. Could it be possible, as they suspect we are participants in a hologram; players in a game, not unlike the Computer Game Second Life except we do not get to choose our role, it has been chosen for us. If this ‘game’ has been played out since time began for humans we will accept this as reality without question.

It is difficult or impossible to comprehend this line of reasoning that I propose that what we are experiencing is NOT true reality.

Of course this is all speculative and can be easily dismissed but impossible to prove, as are many of our traditional beliefs. One could ask the question why the huge contradictions between intelligence of man the architect and engineer and the stupidity and the huge contradictions of his systems of beliefs, they are myths and traditional stories, especially ones concerning the early history of a people and social phenomenon’s typically involving paranormal and/or supernatural beings or events or a widely held but false beliefs. We send probes to Pluto and hope to send people on a one way trip the Mars. We have come a long way, we have ceased worshiping Idols but still worship; well take your pick.

If there were to be a way out of this Hologram we might call it death, although we cease to be a player in the game we are still of interstellar origin, we would have been released but we are still pure energy and we return from whence we came as a Singular Cosmic consciousness. I also ask the question do our inter-stellar visitors who flit between universes even dimensions instantly hope to be received in a heaven on death ….that is if they are true believers.

Things have changed. I was taught that an Atom was the smallest particle of matter that can exist, but Sub Atomic particles and the concept of string theory have been discovered that surpass this smallest particle of matter that can exist. Here we step into the realm of Quantum Physics and here it starts to get difficult. So what else have we to learn?

Mr Einstein as clever as he was explained in his formula that E = MC 2. It is mass that dictates the speed of light. It does hold true in this part of the universe. In another universe where does it leave his speed of light if mass is not factored in as it may not even exist?

Briefly I would like to put our position in our Galaxy into perspective. Proxima Centauri is 4.24 light years away from Earth. The furthest humans have ever travelled is a loop around the moon: a tiny .00000007 light years away. Voyager 1 our furthest and currently fastest travelling space craft—would still take about 75,000 years to reach this system, our closest neighbour (and it's not pointed in the right direction). I suppose we refer to slingshots here to speed up our trip.

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