Friday, 13 April 2018

While You Slept London 2011

           While you slept. London 2011 Whitechapel

If the intention is to change or reshape a society for whatever purpose you will need the help of the educators, Clergy, radio, TV Broadcast and print media, they shape the peoples minds. With the ongoing criminal revelations of telephone hacking by The News of the World it brings home the incestuous relationship between the press, politicians and Police. If telephone hacking was not enough we now understand how easy it is for newspapers to destroy a persons reputation or to crucify any opposition to its ordered political agenda.

Upset the press and you kiss goodbye to your reputation, whether an individual or a political party. One might criticise Nigeria as being the world capital for third world fraudsters, criminal activity being their second biggest export after oil, but the First World have also mastered the art of criminality of a more subtle kind.

With regards to newspapers, profits are achieved or lost by readership numbers which in turn attract or lose advertisers so spying on people to find dirt where none might exist whether they are B grade celebrities or politicians then one can understand the British press resorting to criminal activity to boost readership numbers and thus why it is referred to as the ‘British Gutter Press’. The Police meanwhile turn a blind eye to this invasion of people’s privacy in return for good press exposure.

Personally I could not give a toss if that disgusting Peter Tatchel has a new homosexual boy friend or whether a vivacious Swedish sex starlet has found she is pregnant with a love child by a vicar, but the viewers of the X Factor and Coronation Street obviously do and those people who have been already been X factored also need their diet of trivia and papers like the News of the world fulfils that need.

It is only when the ‘Murdoch Affair’ surfaced of the cosy arrangement the British government of the day have had with the press and TV to keep a cap on the widespread sexual grooming of young English girls by Pakistani pedo’s for the sake of Social Cohesiveness. Multiculturism, in itself a terrifying destructive social and moral construct created by Socialists politicians and aided by the police hierarchy who are ordered to keep this paedophilia activities by a distinct section of our society under wraps, this poison even spreading to the judiciary when the judge who presided in a Leeds magistrates court over the case of the British National Party who brought this revolting practise on our young children by people of a primitive eastern culture who are so blindingly different to ours to the public’s attention, acknowledged it to be the truth but said the ‘truth is no defence’ pointing out that the truth was likely to incite racial hatred.

As tin pot African dictators have found you cannot control people who retain tribal loyalties. Nationalists are the Patriots, they are the ‘Knights in Shining Armour’ slaying dragons and rescuing Maidens, the cavalry protecting the wagon trains from the marauding Indians, the doctor saving the patient, the ordinary indigenous Briton of Old England repelling the invader, ordinary English men and women who have shown in two world wars unreserved loyalty to their people their country, heritage and their Queen, it is just a pity she does not appear to reciprocate that loyalty to her subjects and seems to be in cahoots with the Marxists intent on shaping an evil future for us all. Meanwhile the Socialist press vilify anyone opposed to the status Quo.

One can dismiss the BBC as being full of Reds, Marxists, Communist and Fabianists and up to a point that accusation is true but we must appreciate that the BBC apart from its world renowned unbalanced and biased News Service does transmits some magnificent programmes whether they be Period Drama, Nature or Comedy. 

It is not the planners, writers, directors or technicians of these shows that are behind the reshaping of the minds but it is the BBC hierarchy, the Dykes and Marrs, indoctrinated Political Interviewers, Senior Programmes Directors, BBC board members and many more. Read their bio, research where they were educated read of their associations.

We know all new programmes have to be vetted by a Negroid run diversity committee to ensure that the cultural mix meets the criteria of a ratio of black to white indigenous actors. It is as important if not more so than the programme itself. It uses the taxpayer funded broadcaster as a vehicle to aid the indoctrination of our people. Many BBC programmes are nothing more than vehicles to propagate a Marxist philosophy. 

The decisions makers at the BBC are politically influenced, for them it is not about programme making it is aiding the painstaking long road to a New Order and no better a vehicle than TV ‘soapies’

You may remember quite recently a producer was actually sacked because for sake of authenticity he ‘neglected’ to employ black actors in the programme ‘Midsomer Murders’ These are NOT programmes decisions but government political decisions. If the truth be known I would not be surprised to find it was the same Negro immigrant that influenced the decision to sack the ‘Midsomer’ producer. 

You will find within the BBC, as in Hitler’s regime and Stalin’s Soviet Russia, in China and Iran, lackeys or political spies are placed in critical positions to ensure that political and ideological propaganda were being followed. The BBC is no different.

The storyline of the programme is secondary; it is the subliminal political message that is of critical importance. The agenda it has to meet is regulated by acts agreed to by our proxy government in Brussels, the Coup de Gras being the hated Gestapo-like 1948 Race relations Act that first spawned political correctness and clamped down on freedom of expression and speech in this country. As there is a financial budget placed on the making of a programme so it has to meet the important diversity model.

For the life of me I cannot even begin to understand how a Congolese Asylum seeker or a Yemeni or Bangladeshi economic migrant would appreciate the subtleties of the very English ‘Last of the Summer Wine or Midsomer Murders, even with black extras. I will not be surprised to see the sudden appearance of a mixed race illegitimate child suddenly appear at Downton Abbey 9 months after an indiscretion by Lady Mary with a visiting Turkish diplomat.

They have to squeeze the hated diversity in somehow if they are to meet the Multiculti guidelines regardless of the storyline. What it does highlight is that due to the people’s criminal apathy this is the England they have chosen to live in and bring their children into. The picture says it all, is it a street scene from Karachi or Mogadishu? No its London, our capital city.

The TV episode when I see a Coloniser carefully positioned in front of camera in the village of Midsomer is the last time I watch Midsomer Murders. My imagination would have been totally shattered, they might just have well have introduced Shrek emerging from a spacecraft after landing on the village green.

I will leave the dear unenlightened readers to return to their normal state of numbing apathy.

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