Thursday, 21 June 2018

Whither Thou Goest

Whither Thou Goest  

Let me explain what is going on here. Nothing is as it appears. Indirectly Kriss Donald was just one victim among thousands of males and underage Girls of the Rape of The UK and Europe. If the desire of the faceless Planet shapers was to achieve a single Europe this was initially destroyed by the EU referendum but a plan that has been in the making for decades was never meant to fail.

The Holy Grail of the Planet Shapers is the destruction of this archaic idea of peoples with National Identities, History, culture and National borders which is achieved by inexorable and relentless immigration by different cultures. This is slowly being achieved and confirmed by large sections of many English and European towns now being ceded to Islam.

I firmly believe this is to deliberately change the face of the continent of Europe. Meanwhile the UK accepts another million third world stragglers across their porous borders. It matters not if the influx is by Islam’s disciples or any other culture.

A Single Europe will be a Corporatocracy. It is a self-interest club for Multi-Corporations, big business and huge Monopolies. NATIONALISM HAS NO PLACE IN A CORPORATOCRACY; it is not even factored in the equation. It follows a total Multi-culture European society would achieve the aim of a one Europe.

Our government and the Home Office and institutions like Academia and the MSM who are ordered to preach a Socialist and liberal Ideology I believe are complicit. It could explain why Brexit may not fully happen and the UK will remain tied to Europe.

A One World was never going to happen that is why the Third World was NEVER targeted for rampant colonization, the people native to those lands keep it fiercely segregated to ensure that does not happen. Myanmar removes the Rohingya Muslims; India segregates Muslims into Pakistan and Bangladesh.

China sent many Tibetans’ into exile and resettled their own people in large numbers meanwhile Mexico channels thousands of non-Mexicans to the American Border.

It is the West that is being targeted by colonization and immigration is a weapon and a tool to achieve this. I will not even comment on Japan’s stance on colonization.

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