Friday, 5 July 2013

Islamification of Great Britain.

Britain may be an Islamic nation within 20 years

It has been pointed out that Espionage is the act of PASSING SECRETS TO THE ENEMY. So the American Government's Jihad against Snowden for blowing the whistle on the wholesale spying on its own people does not make any sense................ or does it?

Does it imply that this accusation of espionage was the result of Edward Snowden alerting the American public to the blanket covert surveillance by its Intelligence Services on its own people? If so it must follow then that the American Government must regard its own people as the enemy?

Let us carry this madness a little further. If a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was a practising Paedophile, as opposed to a Practising Homosexual, as an aside why they need to practise is beyond me, and the revelation of this disturbing aberration was covered up and never saw the light of day then it follows that there is no way the identity of current American President who many people are not sure who he is and exactly where he came from except his Grandmother who said he was born in Kenya, has yet been revealed, thus he must have been shoe-horned into that position by extremely powerful people--for a reason.

His madness manifested itself when he recently gave the heads-up for 6 million poor Mexicans many residing illegally to call America home. I must admit I cannot say this is clear or rational thinking on his part, but it is not his decision but a decision by the face-less people who shoe-horned him into this position in the first place not to govern America but to continue an agenda.

Now the USA has sent back close to 410,000 Mexican individuals from the United States in the 2012 fiscal year, almost 55% of them 225,390 people were convicted criminal aliens, so why would Obama give an amnesty to millions of these dangerous people. Once they cross the border they do not automatically become the pillars of respectable and lawful society.

It is the same misunderstanding a Pakistani Muslim male might experience on arriving at Heathrow Airport suddenly and without comprehension regard himslf as British and win the freedom of pursuing under-age English school-children as prey to sate his sexual appetite and to share this sexual enthusiasm with this aging brothers.

Taking this further the current British Prime Minister a Mr Cameron would like to duplicate Mr Obama’s foolhardiness and allow the relocation of potentially 75 million Turks into the UK providing them with homes, jobs, monetary benefits and an infrastructure to cater for any needs they might have as a result of being a minority grouping.

This might cause some people to worry insomuch it will bring the ratio of Muslims to Christians in this country ever closer to equilibrium and furthermore create an unforseen obstacle putting pressure for suitable land being made available to build many more Mosques, Madrassas and Islamic Cultural Centres and Libraries.

Unforseen spin offs would be seen at your local swimming pool, due to the large influx of followers of Islam as they would insist on sole use of the said pool due to their increasing numbers and for the appreciation of the need of a little decorum for the ladies in Burkas, three days a week and not two

But I am pleased to say with the disturbing news comes good news. The British government has published a study with data that shows Islam will not become the dominant religion in these islands for about 20 years so meanwhile the English people will continue to be the majority ethnic grouping in the UK. So that is a relief.

To sum up what is happening here and America is being duplicated at the same time in Europe. The demographics are being deliberately shifted and what we are seeing in Europe including the UK is the deliberate break-up of nation states and it has taken an agonising 60 years to get this far. It was actually explained by the Kenyan born Obama when he said if I want to speak to a European representative I want to speak to one person not to the heads of 44 or so European countries.

Europe is already one country, it has one Government, it has one currency with 10 million disciples of Islam plus refugees from the poorer eastern European countries and representatives of all the tribes of Africa it has already ceased to be a land mass peopled by European races and that is precisely the aim but I do not think it is the ultimate aim.

It would take many words to explain my theory but I suspect the final aim of the “Masters of the Planet” is a massive cull. The immediate danger facing mankind is not global weather change but overpopulation. The earth’s resources are finite. Every year there are more mouths to feed. There is already a huge shift of populations from the poorer countries to the richer countries, Mexico to America, Africa to Europe.

It does not solve the problem it just shifts it and the complications become social, cultural and overcrowding problems. There will be catastrophic consequences if something is not done very quickly. If global change vectors in at the same time the problems will be hugely exacerbated.

A nation cannot be culled that is genocide but a nondescript people can.