Saturday, 7 December 2013

Adoration of the Magi it is not.

Adoration of the Magi it is not.

Wandering aimlessly around the supermarket being subjected to an infernal racket that was masquerading as music we paused at the Pasta section where I offered to physically elevate my wife who on being small in stature was unable to reach the top shelf to retrieve two tins of discounted spaghetti, discounted due to their being past their use by date. I could not help noticing a young lady scavenging at my feet like a Beaver laying the foundations of his/her dam (observing inclusivity compliance).

She was wearing a backless dress wearing a tattoo....., hang on that doesn't sound right…. with a tattoo on her back.
 As I was In charge of the shopping trolley I had time to ruminate over this. 

As we moved on and headed for the brown sugar section I put it to my wife in this world of Apps if say a prostitute were to have a bar-code tattooed on her arm and one was to download a special Apps on their mobile phone then all a prospective client need do is to swipe the ladies arm with a mobile phone to get a price on her favours, he had no need even speak to her. My wife’s brow furrowed as she inquired “what is your point?”

“Well think about it for heaven’s sake” I replied “it’s a win win thing, it saves unnecessary pointless, time wasting, meaningless, patronising dialogue which in turn would cut into a client’s valuable time to indulge in a productive endless variety of recreational sexual activities”. I paused and looked at my wife.

I admit I was certainly not expecting a massive reaction like an British/International Premier League footballer might expect on scoring a goal, 
Extending his arms like a pelican on take-off and sliding on his knees, arms outstretched like the statue of Jesus atop the mountain of Corcovado pleading for deity-like adoration from a hysterical manic crowd, resplendent in their woolly hats and scarves emblazoned in their teams colours, waving little buntings, writhing and rolling like disturbed breaking waves on a deserted beach. ……..iss good innit.

At this point some of you might ask what’s has this got to do with Nationalism. Well frankly nothing but IF when putting the tins of spaghetti into the trolley my wife and I were to discuss the subjugation of the European people, Burlosconi’s latest girl friend or friends, the illuminati the Bilderbergers or the worlds looming food shortage it would have brought me seamlessly to the subject of culling the world’s population. Stay with me on this one!

Google tells me that the World Population in 1900 was 1,650,000,000. In the year 2000 it was 6,122,770,000 and by the year 2100 it will be 10,124 926,000. For Europe, and I do not think the Islamic population is factored in here in 1900 the population was 408,000,000 in 2000 it was 726,777,000 in 2100 674,796,000.

You may notice as the world population increases alarmingly the population of Europe, and I mean Europeans not including French/Congolese or Swedish/Pakistanis decreases. This should ring alarm bells but perhaps Europeans like cattle in an abattoir queuing up to be stunned know their end is in sight so why fight it. Who knows?

But it is inclusivity I am writing about here. We are ALL going together. Yes I know we can log another 10 million hectares of forests and plant more crops, and then when the population doubles again and again we can log another 50 million hectares and so on. It does not work like that.

I remember not that long ago there was a world-wide shortage of paper; it may have been possibly contrived I cannot be certain. At my place of employment we were ordered to use both sides of a sheet of paper and in the Orient the Japanese were panic-buying toilet paper. I thought at the time this would not have been a problem for our Middle Eastern friends as they do not use toilet paper but use their fingers instead, but only on one hand…… it’s a cultural thing. The trick here is to remember not to lick one’s fingers after consuming a meal. That’s a relief I hear you say!

A spectacular financial melt-down might finesse a world famine when the world realises they have been using monopoly money that has no real value, currency notes could just as well be Mr Men playing cards. When you run out of cards more are printed. I would like to write more but in depth on these subjects but it’s all on Google.