Sunday, 1 December 2013

“I no longer recognize the city I live in”

“I no longer recognise the city I live in”

Multiculturism, a rich cultural diversity, a blending of a vibrant “cultural mosaic” or a “salad bowl” a melting pot of ethnic and religious groups all participating in a rich smorgasbord of friendly relationships characterised by tolerance and engagement, people from many countries speaking a multitude of tongues. A market full of colourful diversity, It almost sounds like a description taken from the Nottingham City Council Gazette.

Yes multiculti is a great economic boon to a Nation. I also read somewhere of a particular brand of cigarettes that doctors highly recommend.

Let us study this Multicultural jingoism a little further here are a few snippets from the press. A shell-shocked London was picking up the pieces, as were Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and many other English cities, apocalyptic images that had dominated the news for four nights. We have read in the past of the Handsworth riots, Birmingham riots, the Toxteth riots, the Brixton Riots, Tottenham riots, Bristol and Leeds riots all brought to you by courtesy of a much embraced inter- tribal cross cultural affection-or do I mean terminal affliction. It is going to spell death to ethnic cohesion that has worked so well for centuries on this planet.

I write of a BBC TV programme called ‘Escape to the Country’. In truth its title is a little conflicting as in reality it is a portrayal of the phenomenon of what is known as ‘White Flight’ They asked the young couple why they wanted to leave their London home, the young lady replied London is getting too crowded, the pace is too fast. I suspect she was being deliberately evasive.

What she would have liked to have said as would have many other couples that have taken the same escape route is “I no longer recognise the city I live in” but that is a chargeable offence in the UK today, making a public comment like that would assure her of not making a quick ‘escape to the country’ but would ensure her arms being yanked up tight behind her back, cuffed and unceremoniously removed to the nearest police station by a contingent of the British Race Police in full riot gear.

The interesting point about this programme answers a question that has bothered me for a long while, why do our people fail to understand that this country is being surgically taken apart as an element of a Marxist experiment, when they have the power to remove the people responsible.

So back to the young couple. They had £800,000 to spend on a ‘place in the country’ and I emphasise not an insignificant amount of money tied up in one’s home and this young couple were able to pay cash. The young male was ‘in I.T’ as many of them are. The couple were not married and I suspect the lady had sold her house as well to help finance this escape. Many of these White Escapees also had similar generous assets all looking for a place in the countryside of Hants, Shrops, Bucks Worcs, Berks, Wilts, Somerset and Hamps and further West to Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

I stress most if not all of these couples were young. The villages they were shown around were completely and utterly devoid of cultural Enrichers, even curry houses, kebab shops and the like were markedly noticeable by their absence. It was blindingly apparent that all the villages which were also bereft of Africans, Arabs, Islamists and poor immigrants from the Caribbean. I asked myself why is that. Well these lucky people had the good fortune and where-with-all to escape a Third World look-a-like.

I will get to the point shortly.

These English and Welsh villages I write of have remained free of this effervescent Enrichment for decades and the people living there would have taken up resident as one would retreat behind an impenetrable stockade. They have no contact with the NO GO area; they would not be in a possible Sharia Law area and the Conservative village council would not have earmarked the Nell Gwynne tea shop or Country Women’s meeting hall for a future Mosque or Islamic Cultural Centre.

There are many more of these little English Villages and small market towns that are socially immune from the terminal disease affecting the UK and indeed the whole of Europe. Come election time these people will not be voting Labour, they will not vote for any party that resembles any National Party, who if it were to take power would immediately place a defibrillator on Great Britain’s wounded heart and attempt to kick-start the healing process.

Many of these escapees would not even be aware there is any serious social problems once they are immune from it.

Like noblemen and royalty these people I write of are too far removed from reality to see this country is in deep trouble, there will be more riots once inter-tribal rioting kicks off among our exciting diverse society and when the National Debt kicks in it will affect them as much as the peasants who cannot ”Escape to the Country”.