Sunday, 15 December 2013

E.U. for Dummies

EU for Dummies

Simply put, the fundamental criteria for the establishment of a ‘European Union’ was to destroy European Nationalism for ever. Wars had ravaged Europe for centuries, Nationalism was to blame. It was a small price to pay to purge Nationalism from Europe forever by destroying the ethnic and national homogeneity of the European people. This will give an indication of the huge opposition which that is ranged against you as a Nationalist.

I will try and explain as simply as possible the driving force behind the deeply troubling and disturbing social changes taking place in Europe and the United Kingdom. I am the boy depicted in the story of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” who during the Kings procession through the streets observed that the King was wearing no clothes and cries out "But he isn't wearing anything at all". The rest of the populace can also see the King is naked but are too afraid to voice an opinion for fear of being ridiculed.

I will try and explain why many of Europe’s cities and towns resemble places one would perhaps imagine portrayed in a Sci-Fi movie. A tale set on a violent alien outpost on one of Jupiter’s moons. A place populated by nondescript inhabitants, travellers with no allegiances, humanoids of varying hues and colours, many with differing physical characteristics with no common uniformity, culture, ethnicity, common descent and history.

Strange apparitions with human characteristics some apparently gender-less totally swathed in black with a tiny slits for navigation whose home planet circles the constellation of Epsilon Bootes. Humanoids, some who it is said it is culturally acceptable to marry within their family and is common for the females to bear four children during birthing. Ebon travellers wearing rag hats and long nightshirts others are wearing headwear reminiscent of Tea Cosies. Welcome to Europe, Planet Earth.

Deception has been played out in one way or another down through the centuries but a mammoth deception of this magnitude has never been played out in the world’s history. So what triggered it? What momentous event or events happened during WW2 that put into effect a plan by on-going trickery to dupe all the nations of Europe and the UK to sacrifice their National Pride and Birthright?

This Satanist conception must have been born during a dark, critical period in recent history sparked by an event allegedly deemed so terrible as to convince a land mass of people to willingly sacrifice their sovereignty and Nationhood? To fool all the nations of Europe was not going to happen overnight and something of this enormity could take a century to implement and it still on-going after 70 years and it has now gained a seemingly unstoppable momentum of its own.

Two questions that need to be asked what was the purpose of the reshaping Europe and who are the faceless planners? Go behind the smoke and mirrors and look past the pompous, orating, snake-oil spruiking silk suited European Kommissars mouthing meaningless phrases I.E “to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital enact legislation in justice and home affairs, and maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries, and regional development, and abolishing borders and passport controls”

That was not the purpose, its ultimate purpose was a destroy all forms Nationalism and for Europe to be peopled by all the worlds races.

Of course the infrastructure above was bound to eventuate during the creation of the ’New Europe’. This creature is well past that stage now with its own flag, constitution, National anthem and Space programme.

By stealth the first tentative exploratory steps of the establishment of the EU was the founding of the European Iron and Steel Community (EISC), born in 1952 and proposed by Robert Schuman and Jean Monet for an eventual to a fully-fledged illegally, undemocratically formed government.

The idiom holds true, Great Oaks from little acorns grow. From an Iron and Steel community to a Government recognised by the United Nations, born with a very sinister purpose.

All treaties, accords, all legislation are nothing more than building blocks to achieve a Singular Europe; it never was going to remain a European UNION. It was putting into place the foundations to eventually achieve a singular European Authoritarian dictatorship not unlike the old USSR. On its completion, Fiscal policies, judicial authority, civil administration or Common Purpose as it is known in the UK will centralise. All Governance including law enforcement, criminal apprehensions, detentions, arrests, the seat of Law making, social structure including education and health will be also be under the control of one central authority.

It was realised this could not be achieved without strict anti-race, anti-hate or intolerance laws. These laws were wholly and solely enacted for no other purpose than to silence any resentment by the people whose lands and ethnic identity was going to be taken from them.

Their agents have infiltrated many influencial positions in the USA the UK and Europe. At the moment the world bankers are busy like cochroaches ready to inflict monetary pain and uncerainty on the Ukrainians as they have done to the countries of Europe.

Step by step, treaty by treaty, legislation by legislation, accord by accord reinforced by the criminal flooding of Europe by unknown millions of people from the Emerging and Third World which was going to ensure that a bland, singular non-ethnic land mass populated by nation-less humans would once and for all establish in perpetuity that Nationalism, regional and ethnic loyalties, borders and alliances will never be an issue in Europe again.

I repeat the sole purpose was none other than to once and for all time to destroy European Nationalism. The "Holocaust" ™ was the trigger.

The concentration camps have long passed into history but we are now witnessing the demise of a European mono-culture. A singular Europe needs no alliances. It was the ultimate pay back by the Jewish Marxist theorists for centuries of perceived discrimination by European governments.

But who would benefit by the destruction of European Nationalism certainly not the races that would be swallowed up. The eternally wandering Jew in their stolen land of Palestine were going to make sure Europe was to pay heavily for past injustices by forfeiting of their lands by wicked deceit to be shared by the rest of the world.

Due to the most inexplicable human behaviour the people of Europe would offer up their own countries without a murmur, but at the same time Super Jews were not about to share their own lands.

Part Two

Let me quote Jewish Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the European Jewish Association who said in a statement “It is revolting that the European Parliament, which was FOUNDED upon the ruins of Holocaust, is using taxpayers’ money to fund an event attended by a person who denies the Holocaust.” The Jews possess what they perceive rightly or wrongly as a victim mentality.

General Wesley Clark (a Jew), came from the Kohen family line who were immigrants from Belarus, his Jewish father was Benjamin Jacob Kanne. Wesley Kanne Clark, US presidential candidate, said to CNN during the illegal bombing of Serbia: "There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That is a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."……..AKA Multiculturism.

This victim mentality originates from to the time of Christ, the time of the eternally wandering Jew, the time of Cromwell and the Nazi concentration Camps. It is instilled into their young while at school and the indoctrination continues for the rest of their lives. They are fierce, proud Nationalists and an arrogant race-aware nation, an accolade denied to Europeans.

The Jewish deaths at Auschwitz Treblinka, Dachau, and Belsen was the final trigger to set in motion the creation of what was called initially the European Union but nothing was further from the truth, it was all to do with the eventual destruction of homogeneousness of the European people, and it is succeeding.

 It is a graphic understatement to comment it was a brilliant and bizarre strategy on the part of the Jewish leaders to finally come up with their own ‘’final solution” for Europe, by completely changing its demography destroying its cohesiveness and depriving its people of their lands by social fragmentation (white flight)and ghettoization, it is deliberate.

At the cessation of hostilities the judges presiding over the Nuremberg War Crimes with the collusion of the American War Machine were given free reign hanging the guilty and demanding reparations from the German people which to this day are still being extorted when those responsible for the atrocities are long dead, just one of many terrible events that happened almost a hundred years ago.

Unlike the purges of the Russian people by Stalin to the tune of 20 million deaths, Russian deaths have been long forgotten, rarely celebrated and there are no visits by schoolchildren to Museums dedicated to the memory of dead Russians or their deaths portrayed in story form on the silver screen, no they are noticeable by their absence which seems to imply one life might be more valuable than another.

It was after WW2 the monopoly and influences of the Super Jews in finance the written and spoken word the movie industry and the print media meant a fait accompli. The Jewish influence went into overtime it was total. Infiltration throughout American politics was critical and the movie industry ensured at least two movies were made per year depicting stories of the Holocaust coupled with regular outpourings on Television.

I have to admit the very conception of a plan for the death of European Nationalism was a masterstroke. To the Jewish leaders it was personal crusade.

The seat of the New Order will morph from what we recognise today as the United Nations but it will function under a different name. Nations will not be united but will be seamlessly merged to materialise as a one world order, much blood will be spilled to attempt to reverse this madness.

I hope people who research the internet for information on the European Union will read this and realise that the rape epidemic in Sweden, the Pakistani sexual grooming of young UK schoolgirls, FGM, Forced marriages, the torching of Paris the UK riots and calls for Sharia zones in many European cities and towns and NO GO areas for the indigenous people are all negative symptoms as a result of the hideous experiment of Multi-culturism.

Nationalism is the antonym of Multi-culturism. It is good against evil, God against Satan.

A world government is a world without borders, national sovereignty, constitutions, privacy, autonomy, individual liberties, and religious freedoms, private property the right to bear arms, the rights of marriage and family and a dramatic population reduction (two thirds). A world government establishes a slave/master environment wherein the state controls everything. That is the way we are heading.

In conclusion I might point out to the good people of the Ukraine who would dearly love to share in this rich, vibrant colourful diversity to be administered one day by a system of government which they of all people will instantly recognise must also must be prepared to exchange their currency, open their borders, agree to take immigrants from all over the world and graciously accept that in due course that their hospitals will be overcrowded by third world immigrants and their children will be in the majority in their schools.

Their females must also be prepared to run the increased risk of rape by immigrants as the Swedish Females are experiencing and be willing to embrace the paedophile behaviour of Pakistani sexual predators that UK school children have to suffer. As a bonus mixed race children will become the norm. Trust me you will not get a chance to taste it first.

Like the rest of Europe you must be prepared to re-write your children’s fairy stories and adapt your age old customs to conform to political correctness and not to complain when your cities resemble many parts of primitive Africa and not to complain when one day in the future find that YOU are the ethnic minority in many of parts of your own country.

You are staring off with a clean sheet, be patient it should not take longer than 50 years to really take effect. The experiment was a complete success in Western Europe although many of the ordinary people paid a heavy price in return, particularly the parents of the soldier beheaded in an English street or the parents of under-age young school girls groomed for sex by aging Muslims or the parents whose young son was snatched off an English street by a gang of Pakistanis driven around for hours before being tortured then set alight because he was white, or the young girl groomed for sex who disappeared in a Kebab shop and to this day has never been seen again, there was talk of cannibalism.

Ask why the majority of the aboriginal UK public desperately want a referendum to leave the European Union.


To the good people of the Ukraine be prepared for the Loss of many of your freedoms of association, loss of freedom of what you can or cannot say the deliberate blurring of your ethnic identity the sharing of your country with the rest of the world and much more. All are the casualties of the long term plan for the demise of Nationalism in Europe. Be prepared for the births of new sub groups or mixed races like Somali/Ukrainian or Pakistani/Ukrainian and Sudanese/Ukrainian also White Ukrainian and Black Ukrainian.