Monday, 15 September 2014

I am not a Racist but…

       I am not a Racist but…….
Racist is the buzzword for the enemies of Globalisation, it is the title given to patriotic opponents who do not embrace the Race and Nation destroying evil of Multiculturism. If God exists then I rank the deliberate fragmentation and destruction of cultures as against God and his creation. Islam meanwhile like Carrion will feast on the spoils of Muticulturism but never embrace it.

“There is only one God but Allah. Peace be upon him عليه السلام”. It is a mocking conundrum; Islam knows no peace. Never will a disciple of Allah or an Oriental person preface a debate on the destruction of their nationhood and common culture by lamely excusing themselves by first looking around furtively, lowering their head and whispering ‘I am not a racist but’; it appears to be the sole reserve and terrible weakness of the Caucasian races.

We are told by the government controlled Media we have been blessed and enriched beyond our wildest dreams with a plethora of ‘rich, vibrant, exciting and diverse’ communities. A Mr Rigby would violently disagree, as would the mothers of over a thousand underage girls raped by these same people, as would the family of the decapitated 80 year old woman. Without this enrichment there would be no visible Ethnic Clusters, diversity causes fragmentation that is precisely why Tower Hamlets exists at all.

These desert and hill tribes-people each with their own religion, strange tribal superstitions, traditions, and biblical customs display standards of behaviour so very different and alien to our own. Alongside we have shrinking Diasporas of indigenous people who are not OF communities but to whom this land, this ‘sceptred isle’ belongs, it is their Ancestral Homeland.

While this homeland is being taken away by their own leaders and shared with the rest of the world the cowardly aggrieved person voicing resentment of the confiscation of the land of his ancestors apologetically stutters “I am not a racist but….”

It is understandable, unless he is extremely careful his next comment explaining why he is not a Racist could land him in Jail as quickly as brave Emma West found to her horror. He is cowed and terrified, and that has always been the plan, Emma was an example of what will happen if you object vocally to your country being ‘up for grabs’ If the history books are not rewritten, edited or parts deleted as in Orwell 1984 then brave Emma West’s name will at least remain forever in our history books as a patriot alongside Briton’s warrior Queen Boadicea who fought the Romans.

300 years ago the peasantry would have risen up, what happened to the brave people of Great Britain, is it difficult watching your country being given away?

If it is of any comfort we are not alone. All European people are also going through these same agonies in varying degrees as their leaders invite the Third World in for succour and sanctuary in suicidal numbers. Sweden particularly is an Ebola-like festering spore in a decaying Europe; it is not being conquered by force of arms but by the screaming, criminally insane policies of a rabid traitorous Socialist government who’s Press and Minister of Diversity will not tell the people of the seriousness of the rape epidemic and who is 100% responsible.

This year, Sweden expects up to 80,000 asylum-seekers from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries — the highest number since 1992. With thousands of Syrian immigrants who live in Sweden and are unable to speak Swedish, I liken it to death by a thousand cuts; let us not forget last year's riots in the suburbs of Malmö and Stockholm.

But there is hope for Sweden with an election due and likely to be won by a party that wants some sanity exercised on the degree of immigration.

The Federal Socialist States of Europe exhibit as much loyalty to their people as does the government of Great Britain, we are all just part of this embryo that is the New Order and that New Order is Globalist in nature and structure, a world totalitarian system of government. The only way to achieve this is to destroy the nations of Europe by firstly over time diluting the indigenous population then replacing them as did China with Tibet, as did Britain did using the Indians to replace the Fijians.

The British government is NOT loyal to its people but is quite prepared to sacrifice the lives of its young people to fight its foreign wars which are none of our business.

In the scheme of things we are all quite dispensable. If 9/11 was NOT a conspiracy then 3,000 innocent people died to provide a government an excuse to invade another country. The people who choose and control presidents and Prime ministers are almost God-like in their absolute power. A One Order will happen.

We have no idea how insignificant we the people really are in the scheme of things. What they play is a game so huge and encompassing that is totally beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals, if they say we are overpopulated and 6 Billion people need to be culled then 6 Billion people WILL be culled. If China or Russia needs to be neutralised then they will be. It is the powerful that will decide what order this NEW ORDER will take.

If there is to be a One World Government, a One World Army and a One People it will be so. It will only happen because the people think it will not happen, and that is precisely the state of the dumbed-down minds of the uneducated Prols.

The US secretary of Defence stated in an interview recently ’’we are seeing built in the 21st century a NEW ORDER, the U.S has some responsibility to help lead that but we can’t help dictate that order but we can shape it ’’ It is just as well we do not know where the people fit into this New Order.

Come election time changing the Government achieves absolutely nothing, it is rigged by the very design of a flawed democracy; you have no choice. Choice is an illusion; it will be a replay of the last election, same policies different leaders all disloyal to their own people.

This country has always been Class ridden and Class governed and it is now sacrificing its people to achieve a global society. It is a Class war, the Elite Class versus the people.

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