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Name,Rank and number or 2011 Census

Name, Rank and Number.

Or the 2011 Census
Written 2011
I read with some disquiet that Die Eurostat in Das Kapital will be given access to the British census figures. I would have liked to have written ‘the English census figures’ but since WW2 England has ceased to exist as a nation state due to its people’s criminal apathy and the treachery of its leaders in collusion with its Regal Representatives passing governance to an undemocratically illegally formed European pseudo Marxist government on the European mainland.

That said, in a full blown surveillance society, where the Prolls are watched around the clock by plus or minus 4.2 million CCTV cameras and subjected to ideological terrorism and the loss of personal freedoms that we have always taken for granted in the past, I am sure those of us that might be considered as activists, patriots or thinkers then our Emails no doubt are monitored along with all other means of communication. What a godsend for a census to arrive at this critical time in the birth of our Orwellian world.

On tracing my family’s history back quite a few generations I found they originated from Monmouth and Devizes in Wiltshire. I also noted that on the 1811 census forms the only information that was required was the names of the residents in the household on the night of the census, their relationship to one another, their ages and their sex and their occupations, type of dwelling and number of rooms. There were questions inquiring of those who were deaf, dumb, lunatics, imbeciles or feebleminded. 200 years later the information required might have changed but the purpose of a census has not; information gathering. What will be alarming in the coming census is the number of Mohammeds and Patel’s on the ‘English census’ and names that do not possess a vowel.

As a point of interest, in the 1911 census many females refused to take part and made sure they were ‘away’. Having been refused the right to vote they rightfully figured why take part in a census? Likewise how much respect the Government pay you as an ethnic Briton I feel suppose should mirror how much you feel your input is on the census form is going to improve your standing in YOUR country when due to their suicidal policies YOU ARE going to be a minority in YOUR Country anyway. Can one really be serious? Perhaps they would like to chronicle your demise for its historical records, to show the rapid social transformation this country is at present undergoing.

This is another world, one our grandparents would barely recognize. For instance the resident Head of the household and his wife could be both of the same sex and be legally married as well as the guardians of a number of children of varying colours and hues. The said children could be the illegitimate offspring of a number of fathers of a number of races who because of their delusional mental state call themselves British. If I might be allowed to indulge in a little crass crudity here I assume if the Homosexual couple “made love” in front of the children then that is quite legal too, as their human rights as de facto parents have be recognized and respected. It’s a liberal thing you see. God did I write this?

In response to a question asked by Lord Peer Stoddart of Swindon the government has confirmed from the Director General of National Statistics that the UK and all other member states (not countries you might observe) are required to make available to the Die Eurostat, the EU’S statistics department to be given information from the British 2011 national census. All satellites regions of the Collective Socialist Bloc will be required to make available to Das Kapital in Bruxelles a set of standardised statistical outputs from a census or comparable statistical sources relating to the year 2011.

Lord Stoddard believes that successive governments have been responsible for handing over statistical information about their citizens to an unelected foreign body. He said Census data can be used for a multitude of other reasons other than just to collect data. It can be used to single out one section of the population, look into people finances and look into people’s personal information. To put your mind at rest at present personal details will not be given to Die Eurostat but he did say he has NO confidence that Her Majesties government will not in the future cave in and agree that personal information about every British citizen can be given to other satellite members within the bloc and lodged in the archives of Das European Kommisariat.

Now when I was in the military we were told that if captured under the Geneva Convention all we need to divulge under interrogation was our name, rank and number. The Geneva Convention means different things to different regimes. Many third world cess pits would assume the Geneva Convention is a Swiss carnival and talkfest to exchange Cultural whimsies and to swap local food recipes.

A lot has changed since 1811 or even 1911. For instance in the interim we lost our constitution and are slowly losing our identity and have had to fight tooth and claw in court for recognition that we ARE the ethnic race indigenous to this country. As an aside, as once boasting the greatest navy in the world we do not even possess an Aircraft Carrier.

This census might be one the like we have never known before. The government have no idea how many illegal swarthy natives from the dark continents reside in OUR country. The census will not reveal this either. If say there are 20 illegal Somalis or Pakistanis living in one house when the census collector calls, the word will travel fast they will be through the attic trap door like rats up a drainpipe and like rodents sit deathly quiet, line abreast on the rafters, eyes glinting in the half light, not unlike Swallows sitting on a telephone wire before heading South to warmer climes.

In this census the Socialist regime might also like to know if English is your first language or one of 253 others. This information might give them some idea how many non-English people live in OUR country. In the 1811 and 1911 census a person’s religion was not asked for but they were asked if they spoke Welsh or Irish besides English.

Without dwelling on trivialities, they only need to ask the same questions asked in the 1811 and 1911 census. If ones religion is required, just write Pagan, or Moon worshipper. They have to prove you are not telling the truth, a difficult thing to do if they are not up all night and present when you are baying at the moon.

 If they want to know your first language tell them that in the UK as far as you are concerned there is only one first language and it is by co-incidence the second, third and fourth and it is ENGLISH you can add you cannot speak on behalf of all the millions of non-English invaders infesting our country and who are only residing temporarily in OUR country. 

So please remember when filing out your census form all you need to give is your name, your age, your sex and your relationship, occupation with the other people at the address. NOTHING ELSE!!!! Any other questions other than asked on the 1911 census treat with great suspicion.(written 2011)

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