Friday, 2 November 2012

Portrait of a Modern day British Politician

Portrait of a Modern day British Politician

It’s with some trepidation I read of the daily continual lawlessness in our country, so much so I am becoming numbed by it. As with Sodom and Gomorrah and the destruction that was the glory of the Holy Roman Empire, are we unknowingly witnessing the end times in the Western world? Strange events and happenings are occurring and we appear to be taking it all for granted. For instance many people who are sedated and consumed by political correctness see nothing wrong with same sex marriages, or couples of the same sex given custody of children.

A women bystander at Elton John’s homosexual wedding said gushingly to the reporter that, quote “The couple looked radiant” I would have like to remind this mindless, air headed female that this couple were two men, not a man and a woman who were about to be joined together as one on the most important day of their lives and hopefully one of the fruits of their union will be children, not two men whose union is solely for ‘on demand sex’ with a high certainly of passing Aids, Gonorrhea or Syphilis to each other!

A man goes to Russia to demonstrate for homosexual rights. It is this man who has pushed for the age of sexual consent for young boys to be dropped to 14. He is then outraged because he is manhandled and given short shrift by the authorities. The homosexual movement does not refer to him as a practicing Pedophile which he is, but as a human rights activist for minority groups.

I read a hotel in Melbourne Australia has banned any heterosexual patrons from using the hotel. The homosexual bar was also a highlight on Hens parties tours, they too have been banned. The commentator reassures us that this is not controversial as there has been a male only ‘bath house’ up the road for years. So what we have here is not so much a hotel as a running open sewer.

It is a well known fact that if you play in drains you will catch some very nasty infectious diseases. The farce is when a homosexual man witnesses the slow death of his gaunt, hollow eyed partner who he has helped to shorten his days on Gods earth, he then blames the government for not spending more money on finding a cure for his disgusting, unnatural pleasures of the flesh.

Now for something completely different! I power up my Pee Cee to check my mail and I am greeted by daily offers to increase my sexual potency or even increase the measurements of my said member. After deleting all these once in a lifetime offers, I then read of an offer by a Mr. Somboko, a Nigerian government minister who has singled me out of all the people in the world to help him discretely move 15 million pounds in gold and American currency out of his country. I am sure Mr. Somboko will be devastated when I ignore his generous offer and bounce his e-mail back to him. There are other great offers, like how I can make a killing on the Stock Exchange, or by clicking on this link I can update my bank account details with a bank I have never heard of.

I sometimes wonder if technology that has made the world smaller and brought us closer together, is not actually hastening its demise.     Another British Politician


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