Thursday, 1 November 2012

It is a Question of Numbers

It is a Question of Numbers

Droitwich’s population figures (where the hell is Droitwich?) in the 2001 census was 22,585 in 2012 we can conservatively and confidently round that figure up to 30,000 souls. Using the government yearly intake figures of 400.000 legal Sub-Saharan and Caribbean immigrants the numbers are not difficult to crunch. 400,000 divided by 30,000 that is 13.333333333….recurring Droitwich’s every year. Surely one Droitwich is enough, but not another 13.333 recurring is just too hard to comprehend.

What about Dorking? Indeed you may well ask “what about Dorking”. Dorking’s population at the 2001 census was 16,071, again lets conservatively round that up to 20,000, using the same intake numbers which I have no doubt, regardless what corrupt political party is in power, that figure will increase dramatically particularly if an Immigration Shop and passport exchange is opened in Khartoum or Kinshasa or if Turkey joins the EU, which means it will make a total mess of my calculations.

Nevertheless at today’s figures it means we receive a yearly intake of 20 Dorkings a year. It does not bear thinking about. Imagine if you will by the turn of the century the whole country covered in Dorkings. It is the stuff nightmares are made of! And if that were not enough to give you screaming nightmares all the Dorkings’ might be warring black Townships with tribal militiamen.

I do not want to dwell on this future scenario for the UK as it depresses me, but alternatively look on the bright side it could be a lot worse. Take Kabul if you will, with a population which changes dramatically from day to day even by the hour, its 2011 population estimate stands around 3.9 Million nervous residents. Now the three party coalition in Westminster have reached a bipartisan agreement that a cap on the UK population should be around 70,000,000 that is, wait for it…. only 17.9 Kabuls covering the length and breadth of the British Isles, something really to look forward to.

No same sex plots on TV, no gay parades by the Homosexual Police Association, every borough, town, city complete with a Moslem Mayor or Mayoress, no Jamaicans jumping into bed with young English ladies on TV Soapies.

In fact not much happening at all except Saturday mornings when crowds gather to watch transgressors being stoned hung or decapitated. Any young English lady silly enough to get raped by a dark skinned gentleman can find herself in the queue for a jolly good flogging for her carelessness.

Compas, Centre on Migration Policy and Society, I guess another useless expensive Quango boasts Newham is proud of having the largest proportion of non-white population in the country, close to 70% of its population is from a non-white ethnic group. Detroit, eat your heart out.

There are over 30 ethnic communities in the borough where more than 300 languages are spoken. God, that is indeed diversity, unfortunately of the third world, not the first. The flowery language of the planners state ‘’alongside its breathtaking plurality of ethnicities and language however Newham is known for its poverty, it is the eleventh most deprived local authority in England and Wales and the fourth most deprived in London’’ so what they are saying in so many words is Newham has gone from an English first world London Borough to a third world s**t-hole, ok I will drink to that.

This is interesting; it was partly the prospect of bringing regeneration to Newham’s diverse but ‘blighted population’, accent on the blighted that secured London its bid for the 2012 Olympics.

So what impression of England will welcome the overseas visitor or expat arriving for the Olympic Games? On landing at Heathrow the visitor can be forgiven thinking that she/he had indeed landed in Islamabad as did a Papal Legate who publicly said so. But the big surprise will be arriving in Newham.

Where are the Cockneys, where are the Pearly Kings, where have all the English people gone?

My guess is they left because they did not want to live among Pakistanis originating from Mirpir district in Kashmir, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, and Gujrat in the Punjab, they did not want to live with Bangladeshis from the Slyhet district and Dhaki, Chittagong Khulna, nor among approx. 7000 Indian Muslims Gujaratis, or from the East Punjab, Urdu speakers from North India and South India or even among 6000 African Muslims mostly Somali’s, Nigerians and Tazanians.

To be brutally honest nor would I, but it is MY country not a region of the Indian subcontinent and I knew not a soul who agreed to our leaders carving it up and giving it to third world tribes.

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