Friday, 2 November 2012

The Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm Syndrome

Or being shafted without your knowledge

It amazes me that the native people of the UK apathetically and with apparent disinterest watch their county being slowly changed beyond recognition without a voice being raised in dissent or anger. The social changes to this country since WW2 have been mind-bending and catastrophic.

Only during daylight hours one can feel reasonably safe to visit many parts of our towns and cities. Witness the Mosques, the strangely dressed natives, burkah clad females and wonder what part of the world you have found yourself in. This is England a once Christian country.

We as loyal patriots can see the obvious impending social turmoil, why can’t they. Surely it is self-inflicted; it does not have to be.

Could we liken it to being placed in a bath of cold water and the temperature imperceptibly raised to a point where we are boiled alive, or placed in a room the oxygen slowly removed until too late we realize that we are having trouble breathing when we lapse into unconsciousness and die, or continually being abused, so much so we find empathy and security with our abusers? The connection is there.

As a tasteless analogy, it is similar to being peed on for 60 years, after the first 10 years you don’t notice it and after the next 50 years you don’t care any more.

Now think about that. I wonder if there is not some almost bizarre but intangible undiscovered connection with what is known as The Stockholm syndrome. Basically it is loyalty to a more powerful abuser.

The Stockholm syndrome comes into play when a captive cannot escape and is isolated and shown token acts of kindness by the captor. The captor here is the system, the treasonous government, the racially discriminate and politicized Police and the PC establishment and far left socialist run councils who keep the peasants sedated by lies and misinformation also spread by the government’s BBC propaganda unit.

Stockholm syndrome is a survival mechanism. The men and women who suffer from it are not lunatics. They are fighting for their very unique racial existence, in our case we are looking for protection from a terrorist threat, in the future that threat WILL come from within.

It is a threat that WOULD NOT EXIST if it were not for successive governments suicidal immigration policies. “Home Grown Terrorist” what a truly disgusting situation has caused this festering disease in a once civilized society.

We are being threatened by the very people who have been allowed into our country and who are now affecting OUR way of life and altering the face of many of our English towns and cities. We are now subjected to cruel and ruthless legislation by our captors threatening anyone with incarceration who objects to their reckless and suicidal immigration policies.

Stockholm Syndrome in the past has been experienced by concentration camp prisoners, cult members, political prisoners in Chinese Communist prisons, pimp-procured prostitutes, incest victims, physically and/or emotionally abused children, battered women, prisoners of war, victims of hijackings, and of course, hostages.

Virtually anyone can suffer the Stockholm syndrome if the following conditions are met:

1) Perceived threat to survival and the belief that one’s captor is willing to act on that threat; perceived or real terrorist threat.

2) The captive’s perception of small kindnesses from the captor. (Lies and positive biased ‘feel good’ misinformation but not about the real problems facing this country, and the absurd, baseless threat of isolation for our not being ‘With Europe’

3) Isolation from perspectives other than those of the captors perceived inability to escape. IE escape to where?

The last time these set of circumstances arose was just prior to the rise of Nazi Germany. Bliar, Brown, Straw and ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone and the rest of the traitorous henchmen should be shot for instituting the slow and violent destruction of a once proud society.

The country waits patiently for a loyal leader who genuinely cares for this country, its own people and its future, but I very much doubt he will come from within as the Stockholm syndrome seems to have affected most of the population.

Their social conditioning over the last 60 has been a resounding success; threats of incarceration for speaking out have silenced most of the population.

The Truth is no Defence, a man of the law said so.

If these “home grown” traitors tell the people, who through years of conditioning and who now unwittingly suffer from this syndrome and through preconscious indoctrination that the British National Party is a threat, then so be it.

The British National Party is NOT a threat. The very idea that the BNP just might be their only salvation is unthinkable faced with this relentless and continual Orwellian preconscious mind conditioning and villainous slander.

In closing I would like to remind you that in the past very generous donors to the NuLabour election funds don’t receive a birthday card on their birthday, they receive a Knighthood. The fraud and corruption leave me breathless.