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This is the BBC News

This is the BBC News

It is hard to pinpoint an exact moment in time when the BBC ceased to be the world flagship for the dissemination of true, balanced and unbiased news reporting on local and world events as the subtle changes in its presentation of programmes did not occur overnight but slowly over maybe a number of decades but it might have coincided with the government using its National broadcaster as a conduit for a post war ideology, that being Multi-Culturism using much of its programming as the conduit using subliminal indoctrination throughout its programming of ‘soaps’ to Children’s broadcasting, particularly News, Talks and Current Affairs using non indigenous presenters in abundance, out of proportion to the English population. It became a tool to perpetuate an ideology. It was the magicians three ball and cup trick.

One might ask the question why did this event not just take place in the UK but has been blindingly apparent throughout the whole of Europe. One has to assume that this order for political and social change came from a Central Committee, and so it did, Brussels the seat of the emerging federation of European nation states, has caused the most momentous change in the demography of the land mass of Europe triggering the social unease throughout most of Europe. In truth it was neither a Federation nor a Union but the formation of an oligarchic illegal government by stealth.

In 1939 when war was declared the BBC closed all regional radio stations and replaced them with one channel, The Home Service. The reason for this was to prevent the Germans from using local radio stations for direction finding.

Most of the transmissions were endless record programmes. Indeed it was so boring that early wartime programming was criticised as being old fashioned, staid and boring; with a seemingly endless cycle of gramophone records, variety on gramophone records, Sandy Macpherson on the BBC organ, and first aid instructions. Indeed it was so dull that it was blamed by the Government for driving audiences to Lord Haw-aw on Radio Hamburg! The wartime BBC was given a completely new task of moral boosting.

To combat this criticism the Home Service was supplemented by a special programmes ‘For the Forces’ on existing Medium wavelengths in a more informal programmes the weekly fare being Workers playtime. Round the Horne, ITMA, Desert Island Discs, Hi Gang, Radio Doctor, Vera Lynn’s Sincerely Yours, and Band Wagon and in the 50’s and 60’s, Paul Temple, Dick Barton Special Agent, Mrs Dales Diary, The Archers, Adventures of PC 49 and Journey into space

Blackamoors were starkly noticeable by their absence as the race to build a single European nation had yet to have taken any effect. The presenters had no regional accents but spoke with what was referred to as an Oxbridge or boarding school accent. Apart from the daily programming for the workers the impression was given that the BBC was still an elitist organization and apart from the daily fare for the masses, much of the programming was for the well educated. During the war its propaganda department was the Ministry Of Information. Its presentation changed rapidly after the emergence of a number of Pirate Radio stations which saw the wholesale disaffection of their younger listeners. They attempted to close these stations down by threat of legal action, bullying and outright intimidation.

This was the defining moment when this monopolistic entity saw its stranglehold on Broadcasting about to be taken away. No-one saw it coming. It had always been the arm of government as is the purpose of all National radio and TV stations worldwide. At that time Great Britain as a nation could have been viewed as fiercely Nationalistic and its Empire was its crown and sceptre. Britons were totally ignorant that its eventual incorporation into European federation by the Neo Marxists was the prize. And the BBC was just another tool to achieve this.

Sixty years on and its programme output is unrecognizable to those born before the war. Gratuitous sex and violence for adults and children, token dusky presenters from all parts of the third world employed wholly and solely to visually celebrate this nation destroying Marxist ideology.

What happened? Frankly it was because blatant political appointments were being made within critical BBC senior management positions rather than employing people with experience of theatre and stage, political appointees chosen to slavishly follow the government all encompassing blind obsession with the ‘Cultural Mix’ boasting equality for all but in reality equality for none. By now the Jewish entertainment entrepreneurs like Bernard Delfont, Lew and Leslie Grade disappeared from the scene.

Much of the BBC’s output today appears to cater to the lowest common denominator and most importantly is even more mindful of the ‘Racial Mix’, its purpose is to continually remind you as a Briton you cannot lay claim to this country anymore its open to all and is why we have a preponderance of Negro or mixed race presenters, reporters and actors even if the dusky actors presence has no relevance to the story whatsoever. Typical was Brian True May’s run in with the BBC’s political watchdogs placed in various departments similar to the Soviets within Sports, universities, Broadcasting etc. Not an isolated incident but did benefit from the glare of publicity.

Times have changed we have broadcasters that are predominantly based around an easily defined racial community such as Asian Star FM in Slough celebrating our Multi-Culti hell-hole while the riot ridden streets burn as if to celebrate our close connection with the Third World Sub Saharans and second generation young resentful Caribbean’s mixed with ‘Half Castes’ or Cross breeds and Wiggers, not quite untouchables but youths with no identity no hope and in many cases no father; they are the Multi Cultural collateral damage that has been done to this country for the sake of a Marxist political ideology and the whole of Europe is paying the same price while a silk suited grinning Barrossa pontificates in the Presidium with edicts that will affect all our futures.

Subterfuge by disempowerment of self rule by the nation states of Europe and Great Britain’s by Socialist leaders signing illegal ‘Treaties’ one after another, in our case adding more misery to woe being co-signed by our ‘Ruling Monarch’. Each “Treaty” removing all vestiges of Nationality that make a county a nation state, currency, constitutions, borders, etc. The Marxist plan for a Grand Design for Europe will be styled on the old Soviet regime and in time will be known as the European Union of Socialist States and Regions or EUSSR.

Why ‘ello, ‘ello who is this new member about to decide on England’s future? Why dear me if it’s not Croatia or is it Georgia? Will you be sitting next to Malta, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland or Romania? How many of your people would like to reside in the UK? We have a wonderful system of monetary benefits, health care, housing, employment and a fine infrastructure that discriminates positively in favour of new arrivals like yourselves and will hopefully guarantee you permanent residence in our little overcrowded island. What we cannot guarantee though is a fair day’s pay for a fair days work but on the upside we do discriminate in favour of new arrivals like yourself by displacing an English worker to accommodate you. Your little country is going broke? Worry not; our tax payers can bail you out for the sake of the continuing cohesiveness of the European Socialist State.

I have tried to make sense of this nonsense and have had to search my nightmares for inspiration. Proof of breaching its charter to entertain inform with a balanced, unbiased journalism can be seen daily in the farcical storyline situations in its programming using non English actors, again out of all proportion to the population numbers, you will note I do not use the word ‘British’ although that collective name could be used to describe the black population residing in Great Britain, as that word cannot be used to describe an ethnic grouping, it has no meaning. Some might even say the BBC’s subterfuge is on par with the now defunct News of the World

I am convinced the BBC is an enemy of Great Britain and laws made in Brussels also prevent all the other Radio stations from speaking the truth of the damage being done to our people, our country and thus our children’s future. For example here is a letter by a reader to the BBC

A ‘British’ reader named Reza V believes the BBC has breached its charter by broadcasting such biased propaganda, and wrote this letter to the organization to complain:
I was shocked by the dishonesty, one-sidedness and far-left political bias of your programme: Geert Wilders: Europe’s Most Dangerous Man? BBC Two, 7:00PM Mon, 14 Feb 2011

The bile dripping BBC Banshees declared Geert Wilders, through unqualified third-party accusations, conspiracy theory and without any evidence whatsoever insinuated at various points throughout the programme that Mr Wilders was:......

A Fascist, a Nazi, a Zionist extremist, an Israeli spy, a conspiracy theorist, a convicted criminal, guilty of a hate speech, mentally unbalanced, a control freak, dubiously dishonest with something to hide, Europe’s most dangerous man and Far Right,

Your program made regular use of sinister background music to drive home your intended message.

I would like to add this case was an exception, but it is not. Nick Griffins ruthless inquisition on BBC Question Time was a “Witch hunt” pure and simple. The cry from the ‘correct cultural mix’ rabble was baying for blood!

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