Friday, 5 July 2013

Democracy and Socialism

Democracy, the road to Socialism (Karl Marx)

When faced with a rigged Ballot Box what alternatives can a people put into place to force a change of Government? At present our only “Democratic” choice, if it is a choice at all is an opportunity to vote for the Single Party State. Our government does not govern to the wishes of the people who voted for them but is causing untold, possibly irreversible damage to its own country and legislating so-called ‘Race’ laws that are not laws at all, but specifically and skilfully contrived legislation constructed to intimidate and thwart freedom of speech which will eventually destroy the patriotic homogeneity of our people.

What is being inflicted on this country is socially and politically suicidal. Its people are suffering under extreme duress. Its people being the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish, its people do NOT originate from the Sub Sahara, the Coconut Islands of the Caribbean or from the tribal homelands of the Mountains of Peshawar.

Democracy as we know it does not work and I don’t know of any other form of political process that does. Is democracy a yes vote by 51% of the people combined with a no vote by the rest? Perhaps Democracy was the yes vote offered by just 27% of the people that enabled Bliar to democratically to take government, why because the rest of the disillusioned people could not be bothered to vote

What we are seeing in Egypt is a microcosm that is facing many parts of Europe and the UK. Between one or two decades there could be two ‘religious’ factions vying for political control in this country instead of the present system of one single political party masquerading as three and our future democracy could be an “Egyptian democracy”

There is no reason why our future will not be decided along religious lines. At present Egypt has seen the light and closed the Muslim Brotherhood down, regardless of the fact that the Brotherhood won a ‘Democratic election’.

Our government have not yet seen the light but we are going to be faced with the same problem if we do not do something about it now. The Muslim Council of Great Britain can quite easily morph into the Muslim Brotherhood once the numbers to gain government is attained. Once that happens as it did in Egypt following a “democratic election” we could see Sharia Law nationally introduced into this country? The ayes will have it. Maybe it is Democracy that has become corrupted.

There have been many quotations about democracy: “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people and it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote “The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Neither does Capitalism, Socialism or Communism work so we grudgingly accept the lesser of the evils, we go with Capitalism we are safe with that, it is an old friend. As Lenin said “Freedom in a capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.” Perhaps he is implying it is a class struggle which I strongly suspect it is. Orwell got it right we ARE the Proles but sadly we don’t realise it yet.

So the sixty four thousand dollar question is how do you change the system, how do the people remove the financially, self-indulgent despots when millions of pounds are invested to secure a vote for the Capitalists, Industrialists and World shapers? It can only be done by educating the masses as to the big fraud being perpetrated against them but we do not have time for that, perhaps a European Spring? That will not work either.

I certainly do not advocate a communist collective society either. The psyche or temperament of the European particularly the “Real British” is not the same as that of people from the emerging or Third World. We have been civilised for far too long and accepted there is no other true way to govern or be governed other than a ‘Democratic’ way. But no choice at the Ballot box is not the ‘Democratic way’

Referendums if democratically held can also be stacked by the injection of thousands of Euros which the Irish found out much to their horror after voting for the second time for the acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty or European constitution which I am sure most voters were initially unaware took precedence over their own constitution. Millions of Euros were invested in a yes vote at the second referendum before the Irish finally came up with an acceptable result which delighted the Central Presidium in Brussels who breathed a concerted sigh of relief when a positive result was announced and confirmation that they had retained control of a renegade occupied satellite country and much to the satisfaction of the Ryanair shareholders meanwhile Ireland plunges into another recession.

So I ask again is there an answer? Maybe the Swiss idea is a starting point. All important national changes are put to referendums. But in any case before any changes can take place the corrupt system has to be dismantled and the political party system that has been causing untold damage has to be removed democratically or non-Democratically.

I have written before a concerted effort by determined people must be made by bringing together all the thousands of pressure groups, EU sceptic groups, more political articles by Bloggers, Patriotic movements and associations that have been threatened, intimidated and silenced by the Statist, authoritarian government. Initially the movement should not be a political movement until it can see that it has commanded a popular following that seriously threatens the Government.

It must be ongoing, relentless and unremitting because it is also our children’s future at stake here. It requires a think tank of very dedicated, intelligent and passionate people. We do not have unlimited time to make the change,
or you will awaken to discover about 3 million plus disciples of Mohammed residing in the country aided and abetted by successive British Governments many calling for Sharia4UK.

I would have liked to have directed this warning to the British Government but seeing they are directly responsible for the dreadful effects of a failed Multicultural experiment I will direct it to the people. If you want to forsee your future by the middle of this century and the future  battle with the Islamists in the UK whose numbers would have by then tripled, then keep your eyes on events in Egypt.
It was Abraham Lincoln who said “Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” The sad fact is many of our people are so disheartened, frightened and cowed by the corrupt system because there is no Democratic choice so they cannot even be bothered to vote.

I will finish by allowing Churchill the last word. He perceived “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” I cannot even begin to criticise that perception; it is a sad fact of life and is a sardonic but true criticism of the political intelligence of the average voter


  1. maybe the answer is to change the voting system?
    exclude mass media middle man from the voting.
    make it one representative per roughly 5-10 thousand people region. preferrably natural region like village with surrounding countryside areas, or similar, so people allready know personally eachother well and thus who they vote fur. government could be pretty bulky like that, but atleast it will actually represent the interests of people. you could also divide uk in something similar to states like in usa so the final numbers wouldnt be so big. you could also get rid of parties totally, so representatives answer directly to their region not their parties. this would also get rid of 4 year limit, that is so problematic, when people have to wait all this time and watch as their current ''representatives'' ruin their country, because now you could just replace every single representative individually whenever it is needed, and do it virtually instantly, while the rest of the government continues working. and if there is no need for mass media middle man, then there are also no voting campaigns, and then there wouldnt be need for big money, that sponsors them. so again - representatives would answer to their voters not their sponsors.

  2. You are right, but would the dealer WANT to change the marked cards that have traditionally worked so well in his favour for so long?

  3. Probably not. However I think we have to agree on one thing - if we Europeans want to survive, we will have to do something real sooner or later anyway. We just have to figure out the best options. Otherwise all this complaining about current situation we do on internet without solutions is kind of pointless.

    I think that change of voting system would be a very optimal option, because not only it would be very influential, almost just as much as taking monetary system out of globalists hands, but it also would be very easy in terms of propaganda, because what i essentially said is that we need a democracy that works. And globalists have actually shot themselves in the leg with this one, by constantly propagandizing this word - democracy. How good it is etc. I say ok lets have a democracy. But one without mass media middle man, parties and 4 year limit. Also as i see it, there is a great potential for support from common man, because although they are kind of apathetic, they still also are concerned about a lot of things similarly to us. And its very easy to explain this system to people too. And what are the globalists gonna argue against this system, when we challenge them publicly? No you wont have democracy that works? I think their arguments will be very weak, probably something like, ahh it just wont work, it will be chaos etc. Very easy to argue against. And thats how we could gain mass support. And then just make an actual project for change of all the laws required, or whatever its called, then make a referendum and there you have it.